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					The Never Ending Road
      By: Amelia Silverwood
                  Artistic statement
     In life I find that there is always a point when all you can
see is that long narrow road that you’re pressured to follow to
succeed in life, the road that never seems to end. But no
matter which road we take, there has to be an end at
sometime or another. It is never too late to explore what the
world has to offer. So follow the road that appeals to you the
most and take a chance. Why not take advantage of what’s at
hand and build upon it. My body of work puts these roads that
only exist in our minds into reality through never-ending roads
and canals, flower fields and trails.
Cold forest
Lonely Road
Secret Serenity
Blue of the Night
After Dusk
•   Amelia Silverwood was born April 1, 1991 in San Diego California. She grew up in San Diego where she became
    an efficient ballet dancer and came to love the arts. She decided to go to Canyon Crest academy for high school
    in order to follow her artistic abilities in dance. In her freshman year she came to find a new love in
    photography. The next year as a sophomore Amelia took her second and advanced class in photography where
    she expanded her mind on colors, focus, and balance in art.

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