Soffits _ Serpentine by xiaoyounan


									   Soffits & Serpentine Walls
      are easy to measure with ETemplate Photo™
Lasers can’t do it! Arms can’t do it! Strings can’t do it!
   Only ETemplate’s 3-D versatility and flexibility allows quick
and easy measurements for templating difficult jobs such as
this commercial project that involved measuring a soffit at
ceiling height to get an exact radius for building a matching
desk and countertop.
   If you are a commercial contractor, you know that this is very
common in today’s office designs. Not only do you have to
build to match soffits, but serpentine walls as well. Only
ETemplate Photo lets you measure and
    “Cut it Right the First Time”
      Project courtesy of Adams Brothers Cabinetry, Inc
                     Punta Gorda, Florida

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