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									Dear All, Maggie & Rose loves: After a busy May holiday we are back into the swing of things for the rest of our summer term.. We hosted the first of our Maggie & Rose Art for Starlight workshops over the holidays and it was awesome! I had the privilege of working with Stephen Jones the amazing Milliner who currently has an exhibition at the V&A (for all those that haven’t been to see it, do so before if ends on 31st May). We designed and made hats with some brave and enigmatic young people on the oncology ward at a London Hospital and Stephen is now&creating loves:inspired by Maggie Rose a hat these kids for Emma Samms to wear to Derby next week. We will then auction it off at the Evening event in September, with the money raised going back to the ward for the kids to improve their play zone. Fabulously funky Daisy de Villeneuve joined us in the club to inspire our second batch of mini artists to create masterpieces for the walls of The Saatchi Gallery – great fun was had by all, great art was created and Daisy is an absolute angel! Don’t miss out joining in the fun in the remaining workshops! LOVE Maggie xx ps – Our Hush stuff arrived and it is seriously fabulous! If you didn’t take advantage of the discount last month, remember as M&R members you get 10% off permanently. (enter code MAGGIE at checkout) pps – you have been asking for it so the Summer Holidays programme is here!

MAGGIE & ROSE ART FOR STARLIGHT WORKSHOPS Saturday 13th June, 2-4pm – NATASHA LAW Natasha, a mother of 3 herself, is looking forward to helping kids discover their own style, sketching, tracing from light boxes on the wall and adding block colour to their compositions. Natasha’s illustrations evolve from simple line drawings in pen, with colour and detail added as layers, producing her own distinctive style. Saturday 20th June, 2-4pm – ZEBEDEE HELM Zebedee (aka Mr Z) works with ink, watercolours and paint, sometimes on paper and sometimes on glass. Not messing about with pencil but painting directly onto the paper, thereby incurring mistakes or happy accidents as they are now called. Zebedee is excited to be working with our mini artists to create masterpieces on glass using real 24 carat gold! Saturday 27th June, 2-4pm – BOB & ROBERTA SMITH Bob & Roberta Smith will be working with our budding artists to show them sign writing techniques and help them to create their own slogan art. He paints slogans in uniquely bright coloured lettering style onto discarded boards of wood and then exhibits them in galleries around the world. The slogans are usually funny, musing on popular culture, art and politics. Bob & Roberta Smith was short listed for this years Fourth Plinth at Trafalgar Square. For further information and for ticket details - contact Anna on 020 7371 2200 /

SWINE FLU You may have noticed that the club has been decorated with antibacterial products to keep all mini and mature members healthy and happy. In the interest of our members, if your school or nursery has been closed due to swine flu, please refrain from visiting the club until fully cleared.

Maggie & Rose loves....... Fun Pods – You may have noticed our fabulous new high chairs in the café. Would you believe they are actually 4 things in 1! The FunPod HighChair can be used when baby starts to wean and can be used as both a high chair and a low chair with tray. Taking away the tray is really easy and it gives you the extra benefits of a tray less highchair and low everyday chair. When baby becomes a toddler you can quickly transform it back into the original FunPod safety device for use at kitchen worktops for up to 5 years. The award-winning FunPod can be used between the ages of 1 -6 and provides a safe environment to get your toddlers up to the worktop on their own safely constructed platform to help, interact, learn and play. Get them involved and see how much they love it. If you are curious at all, come in to our café and give it a try!

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