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Align your company with one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious charities with significant exposure to over 5,000 pet owners in NSW.

The RSPCA is Australia’s largest animal welfare organisation, caring for all creatures great and small. The RSPCA is a charity, not a Government agency, and we rely on donations from our supporters to continue our life-saving work. Donations to the RSPCA NSW help in several ways: • Assist in the treatment and care of sick or injured animals • Assist the operation of our animal Shelters • Support the work of our Inspectorate • Provide community education on animal welfare issues • Help bring about improvements in animal welfare legislation and standards A little donation can go a long way. It takes: • $6.80 to feed a dog for one day • $11.50 provides shelter for an animal for one day • $140 to desex a female cat • $250 keeps an RSPCA inspector on the road for one day • $2,000 repairs a dog’s broken leg • $4,000 pays the legal costs for one day to prosecute a cruelty offender • $15,000 would provide monitoring equipment for all four RSPCA clinics

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12 million Australians are associated with pets. 64% of the 7.5 million households in Australia own pets. Australia has one of the highest incidence of pet ownership in the world. Typically, the major carer of the pet is female, married with children, living in the suburbs and most likely employed. 91% of pet owners report feeling 'very close' to their pet, reinforcing that pets are an integral member of the family unit, however constituted. Pets were a normal part of childhood for more than 83% of Australians. Of the Australians who do not currently own a pet, 53% would like to do so in the future. The current population of pet dogs in NSW is approximated at 1,332,000. The pet care industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in Australia. In 2004, total consumer expenditure on pet care products was estimated at $4 billion, with NSW accounting for 33% of the national total.

Million Paws Walk 2008 - Sunday 18th May, Sydney Olympic Park

The Million Paws Walk is the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ (RSPCA) annual pet walk designed to raise funds and celebrate responsible pet ownership. Each year, over 40,000 pet owners and their families descend on parks around Australia to walk their furred, feathered and scaled friends. In NSW, walks are held in over 15 regional areas. Last year, the Sydney walk was relocated to Sydney Olympic Park and resulted in the best Million Paws Walk ever. In 2008, on Sunday, May 18, the Sydney Million Paws Walk will be reuniting the East and the West in a new location at Sydney Olympic Park – The Overflow. This is a joyous event where pet owners can mingle, chat and celebrate their attachment to their pets. It is also an important fundraising and educational event for the RSPCA. The funds raised through the walk go towards much needed projects and initiatives.

The Million Paws Walk is more than a day out for your favorite four-legged friend, it is a family fun day designed to entertain, inform and educate. Aside from the walk itself, activities, attractions and entertainment will be scheduled through out the day to entice families to stay and enjoy a stress-free day out with their pets. Key features of the day include: • 4 km structured walk with pet and people water stops • Pet expo featuring the latest pet products and services • Rides and activities for the kids • Food stalls, beverages and the licensed ‘Jungle Bar’ • Live entertainment • Celebrity guests • Agility canine courses and demonstrations • Competitions • Vet checks • Dog washing

Million Paws Walk 2008 - Sunday 18th May, Sydney Olympic Park

In 2007, 4020 people either attended the Sydney Million Paws Walk. 34% of attendees were surveyed to determine where the event’s audience comes from and whether relocating the event resulted in any drop off in numbers. The results indicate 23% come from the Western Suburbs, 18% from the Hills District, 18% from the Southern Suburbs, 17% from the Northern Suburbs, 15% from the Inner West, 6% from the Eastern Suburbs and 3% from the CBD. Overall, the turnout was record attendance in 2007.

CBD - Kings Cross, Potts Point, Surry Hills, Broadway 5% 13% 3% Eastern suburbs 6% Inner West – Newtown, Glebe, Leichhardt, Balmain 10% Inner West – Concord, Strathfield, Summer Hill 4% 11% 1% Gladesville Northern Suburbs / Northern Beaches Hills District – Carlingford, Epping, Lane cove 16% 9% 4% 8% 10% Hills District – Baulkam Hills, Castle Hill, Ryde Western Suburbs Western Suburbs Far west - Blue Mountains, Windsor, Penrith South – Sutherland Shire, Bankstown, Cronulla South West – Campbelltown

6% 10% Adult Child Family Team Concession

17% 60% 7%

Ticket sales result for 2007

Million Paws Walk 2008 - Sunday 18th May, Sydney Olympic Park

2008 VENUE

The Overflow

In 2008, the Million Paws Walk will commence in The Overflow at Sydney Olympic Park at 10:00 am on Sunday, 18 May. Walkers and their pets will then make their through the Bicentennial Parklands and surrounds. Walkers will return to The Overflow where an afternoon of festivities will be underway. They can enjoy lunch from the many food outlets, relax in the sun watching the stage entertainment, watch K9 agility demos and visit the expo stands. A series of competitions will also be running throughout the day.

Million Paws Walk 2008 - Sunday 18th May, Sydney Olympic Park

SUNDAY 18th MAY 2008 6:00am 8:00am 9:30am 10:00am 11:00am Exhibitor bump in commences Registration opens in The Overflow - RSPCA BBQ breakfast. Official Welcome speeches Walk begins. Walkers commence returning – stage entertainment begins, rides, demos, dog washing, Jungle bar and pet expo. Event concludes, pack down commences All exhibitors departed event site

2:00pm 3:30pm

We want this day to be more than a walk, we want it to be a celebration of responsible pet ownership. As part of this celebration, we will be supporting a pet expo, where pet suppliers and associated industries will have access to an estimated 5000 potential customers. The pet expo will run all day, before and after the walk for approximately 6 hours in total. We recognise the importance that companies place on their sales and marketing dollars. So, we have put together an exhibitor package that we believe offers good return on investment. In addition we would like to offer our 2007 exhibitors a discount for returning to the Million Paws Walk in 2008.

Cost (including GST) $550.00 - New exhibitor $475.00 - Repeat exhibitor

You will receive:
• • • • •

2.4 x 2.4 meter fete stall 2 x chairs Acknowledgement on program Stall placement on Million Paws Walk map 10 free passes to the Million Paws Walk

Million Paws Walk 2008 - Sunday 18th May, Sydney Olympic Park


Sample of the 2007 Million Paws Walk event program. As an exhibitor your company name and location of your stall will be included. Please note the floor plan and positioning of exhibition stalls yet to be determined within the new venue site for 2008.

Million Paws Walk 2008 - Sunday 18th May, Sydney Olympic Park

Exhibitors confirmed Collateral printed, distributed Registrations open Million Paws Walk March 2008 March 2008 13 April 2008 Sunday, 18 May, 2008

By being a part of the NSW Million Paws Walk, your business will enjoy the benefits of:
• Exposure to 5000 participants on the day • Access to a large, targeted audience • A vehicle to reinforce your brand name and drive sales • Association with an internationally recognised, highly visible and credible charity

Thank you for taking the time to read through this proposal. As you can see, the opportunities are of great benefit to you and your company. We would love to see you at the 2008 Million Paws Walk, so if you would like any further information about this event and how it can benefit your business, please contact: Britt Ruja Events Manager RSPCA NSW 02 8666 0109 0432 329 672

Million Paws Walk 2008 - Sunday 18th May, Sydney Olympic Park

To secure your stall at the 2008 Million Paws Walk in Sydney please complete and return this form to RSPCA Events Department NSW. Cost: New Exhibitor - $550.00 (inc GST) CONTACT DETAILS Contact Name Postal Address Suburb Phone Mobile STALL DETAILS You will be provided a single 2.4m x 2.4m white fete stall, which consists of three benches with which to display your products and is covered overhead. The stall will be fully erected upon your arrival and will be packed down by event staff after your departure. Stall Name Water and power is available at an additional charge. Please indicate below your requirements. No power required No water required Power required for Water required for State Postcode Repeat Exhibitor - $475.00 (inc GST)



Fax Email



It is the responsibility of each stall holder to supply all product and signage for their stall. All signage must be fixed to the stall with removable gaffer tape and all banners to be free standing. No stakes are to be driven into the turf to support signage. Details of products offered or for sale at stall

The exact positioning of your stall will be determined once all registered exhibitors are confirmed. You will be notified closer to the event of the exact location of your stall within the event (approx 1 week prior) STAFF DETAILS It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to staff their stalls for the duration of the event, including delivery and set up, pack down and departure. A maximum of four (4) staff per exhibitor has been allocated. Additional staff must be approved by RSPCA prior to the event. Within your information packs mailed to you approx a week prior to the event will be identification lanyards for each of your staff that must be worn to gain access to the site. Please indicated the names of the staff working on your stall.

1. 2. 3. 4.

DELIVERY DETAILS A final delivery schedule will be included in your information packs. At this time an allocation of 2 hours is in place for delivery and set up of exhibitor stalls, commencing at 6:00am on Sunday 18th May 2008. During this time slot perimeter fences will be parted to allow for direct access to the stalls from the surrounding roadways, a distance of approx 10m - 50m. Flat bed and upright trolleys are permitted to be used to transfer stock from cars to stalls but must be supplied by exhibitors. Parking is available at the P1 parking station directly opposite the Overflow Park at a flat rate of $15.00 for the day. Pack down will commence from 2:00pm when the event concludes and all exhibitors must exit the venue by 3:30pm. PAYMENT DETAILS New Exhibitor - $550.00 (inc GST) Please find enclosed payment in the amount of Cheque Repeat Exhibitor - $475.00 (inc GST)

Credit Card

Money Order

Please make cheque or money order out to: RSPCA MILLION PAWS WALK PO BOX 6993 SILVERWATER NSW 2128 Credit card number Visa Card holders name Expiry Amex MasterCard Diners



Attached is a current copy of my Public Liability Certificate of Insurance CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION
1. Exhibitors participate at the Million Paws Walk agree to do so at their own risk. 2. You agree not to hold the RSPCA , it’s employees, agents, sponsors and independent contractors liable in any way for any injury to you or your staff or loss or damage to your personal or third party property in connection with this event. This includes but is not limited to loss or damage caused by breaches of duties that would otherwise be imposed in tort or contract but for this clause. 3. You agree to indemnify the RSPCA for any claim brought against it, it’s employees, agents, sponsors and independent contractors by any third party for any loss or damage arising from any breach of duty by you. This includes but is not limited to loss or damage caused by breaches of duties that would otherwise be imposed in tort or contract but for this clause. 4. Participation fees are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled by the RSPCA. RSPCA reserves the right to cancel the event due to uncontrollable circumstances such as terrorist threat, force majeure and rain. 5. By signing this form, you signify that you have read, understand and agree to the terms.


Please return this competed form and supporting documentation to: Britt Ruja - Events Manager RSPCA NSW PO Box 6993 Silverwater NSW 2128 DL: 02 8666 0109 FAX: 02 8666 0175 EMAIL:

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