RNC Spring Meeting Letter by MikeFlynn4


									April 8, 2012

Mr. Reince Priebus
Chairman, Republican National Committee
310 1st Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003

Dear Chairman Priebus,

On behalf of the millions of grassroots conservatives around the country that our organizations represent, we are
writing in support of the efforts of our friend and colleague Morton Blackwell, outlined in the letter he sent to
you last month. Your work to turn around the RNC financial situation has been commendable. Movement
conservative leaders and grassroots activists have supported much of it. We urge you not to betray that
goodwill and earned respect by failing to enact the positive reforms that would undo the rules power grab done
in Tampa last year.

Like you, we believe that the strength of the Conservative Movement and Republican Party lies in the strength
of our ideas and the millions of citizens who believe in them and work tirelessly through the political process on
behalf of our shared principles. Enacting rules changes that centrally consolidate power not only violates our
political principles, it will alienate the very people who have been the most loyal foot soldiers in support of
Republican candidates.

We also ask you to carefully consider any proposed changes recommended in the “Growth and Opportunity
Project.” Conservatism and the Reagan coalition that created the modern Republican Party represents the
fusion of economic conservatives, social conservatives, and national security conservatives. Rather than
allowing political consultants and other elite minorities to shed our principles in the name of political
expediency, we must reaffirm our commitment to these timeless American principles and the work that it will
take to again make them relevant to a majority of our citizens.

Thank you for your efforts and for your attention to these requests.


Edwin Meese III                         The Honorable David McIntosh             Stuart Epperson
General Chairman                        Former Member of Congress                President
Conservative Action Project             Indiana                                  Council for National Policy

The Honorable Ken Blackwell             Tony Perkins                             Mike Needham
President                               President                                CEO
Constitutional Congress, Inc.           Family Research Council                  Heritage Action for America

Colin Hanna                             Erick Erickson                           William L. Walton
President                               Editor                                   President
Let Freedom Ring                        RedState                                 Rappahannock Ventures

Marjorie Dannenfelser                   T. Kenneth Cribb                         Alfred S. Regnery
President                               Former Reagan Domestic                   Former Publisher
Susan B. Anthony List                   Advisor                                  American Spectator

Bob Reccord                             Becky Norton Dunlop                      Al Cardenas
Executive Director                      Arlington County, Virginia,              Former Chairman
Council for National Policy             Republican                               Republican Party of Florida
Herman Pirchner                  Grover Norquist                 Matt Kibbe
Washington, DC,                  President                       President and CEO
Republican                       Americans for Tax Reform        FreedomWorks

David Bossie                     Phyllis Sclafly                 Cleta Mitchell
President                        President                       Chairman, American
Citizens United                  Eagle Forum                     Conservative Union Foundation

Duane Parde                      C. Preston Noell                Angelo M. Codevilla
President                        President                       Professor Emeritus
National Taxpayers Union         Tradition, Family, Property     Boston University

Jim Martin                       Elaine Donnelly                 Gary Bauer
Chairman                         President                       President, Campaign for
60 Plus Association              Center for Military Readiness   Working Families

Gary Aldrich                     David Bozell                    Eli Lehrer
Chairman, Council for National   Executive Director              President
Policy Action, Inc.              ForAmerica                      R Street Institute

Richard Viguerie                 Dan Bongino                     Joe Miller
President                        2012 Republican Nominee for     Chairman
ConservativeHQ.com               U.S. Senate, Maryland           Restoring Liberty

Brian Brown                      Catherine Engelbrecht           Richard and Susan Faulkner
President, National              President                       Publishers
Organization for Marriage        True the Vote Now               Blue Ridge Forum

Frank Cannon                     Susan Carleson                  Larry Cirignano
President                        President                       President
American Principles Project      American Civil Rights Union     Faithful Catholic Citizens

Gary Marx                        Seton Motley                    Mat Staver
Executive Director               President                       Chairman
Faith and Freedom Coalition      Less Government                 Liberty Counsel Action

Jeff Frazee                      Ralph Benko                     George Landrith
Executive Director               Senior Advisor                  President
Young Americans for Liberty      American Principles in Action   Frontiers of Freedom

Kristan Hawkins                  Andresen Blom                   Jim Backlin
President                        Senior Strategist               Vice President
Students for Life of America     Center for Civic Virtue         Christian Coalition of America

Craig Shirley                    Jenny Beth Martin               Austin Ruse
Biographer of President Ronald   Co-Founder                      President, Catholic Family and
Reagan                           Tea Party Patriots              Human Rights Institute

Lew Uhler                        Donald Devine                   Matt Smith
President, National Tax          Editor                          President
Limitation Committee             Conservative Battleline         Catholic Advocate
Dr. William Greene          Donna Hearne                     Alex St. James
President                   President                        Executive Special Assistant
RightMarch.com              The Constitutional Coalition     Republican National Policy
Jeffrey B. Gayner           Peter J. Thomas
Chairman                    Chairman                         Diana Bannister
Americans for Sovereignty   The Conservative Caucus, Inc.    Vice President, Shirley &
                                                             Bannister Public Affairs
Lee Beaman                  Mark Fitzgibbons                 Secretary, Republican Party of
Nashville, Tennessee,       President of Corporate Affairs   Virginia State Central
Republican                  American Target Advertising      Committee

Robert K. Fischer           Dee Hodges
President                   President, Maryland Taxpayers
Fischer Furniture, Inc.     Association


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