welcome by xiaoyounan


									Hello & Welcome!

My name is Sean Skipworth and I want to say just a few things here as part of the official orientation,
there will be more specific information and instructions within the course itself. The first thing you
should do when you log in to the course for the first time is to visit the “Read This First” tab located as
the top block of the course. There you can listen to a welcome audio message for the course, find a copy
of the course syllabus, and find a general question and answer forum for the class where you can ask
questions of other students or me.

You should read the syllabus very carefully and be familiar with all class policies.

I am looking forward to helping each of you learn more about our government and how it effects the
world you live in. If there is anything that is unclear or that you need assistance with you should not
hesitate to contact me. Good luck in the upcoming semester!


Sean Skipworth

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