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High-confidence Transportation Cyber Physical Systems New


									Radha Poovendran Network Security Lab (NSL) University of Washington, Seattle, WA E-mail: Phone: (206) 221-6512

Workshop Objectives
 Bring together automotive, aviation and rail communities
 The transportation sector is vital to the national

economy and competitiveness  Rich and challenging high-confidence CPS domain

 Identify cross-cutting challenges and themes  Capture challenges, potential approaches and a longterm research roadmap that will benefit all 3 transportation sectors  Workshop was well represented by Government

agencies, Industry and Academia

Workshop Format
 Keynotes from academia, government and industry  Government agency perspectives  Brief presentations of position papers  5 Breakout Discussions: (Two days event)  Verification and Validation  Mixed-Criticality  Platform Challenges  Autonomy and Control  Infotronics/Infotainment  Attendees: 125

Community Report Components
 Grand Challenges

 Current State
 R&D Needs and Challenges  Commonality across Transportation Sectors

 Education Plan
 Roadmaps and Milestones  Breakout Group Reports

 Conclusions

Grand Challenge
 Balances the national economic and security needs

 Grand Challenge- Developing and delivering a transportation system that includes (a) allweather safety and security, (b) comfort and convenience , (c) efficiency performance, with a dramatic reduction in environmental footprint.
 Need to be sustainable by business and at an affordable

pricing for the user or operator.

 Takes a view that a vehicle is part of a network that is

as much connected as a personal mobile device

Grand Challenge
 Grand Challenge for National Security –

Persistent Surveillance: Missions requiring 24 hours per day / 7 days per week persistent surveillance drives new generations of intelligent autonomous systems and capabilities to simultaneously track and identify vast numbers of entitie

Grand Challenge
 Grand Challenge of National Security –

Responsive Strike: Global strike with near zero timelines and zero collateral damage requires highly precise, very long range, and very fast weapon systems.

R&D Needs
 Theoretical Foundations  Abstractions and unified frameworks for design  Model-Based Analysis  Co-design incorporating physical world constraints, with hardware-software behavior  Adaptation and Self-Healing  Ability of the vehicle to address the changes in environment as well as infrastructure  Human-Role  Modeling and incorporating the human profile  Engineering Practice  Balancing the research tools with learnt experience

R&D Challenges
 Integration  Developing composable systems that is sensitive to the cyber-physical interaction; Avoids unwanted emergent behaviors  Virtual Enterprise  Allowing components from different supplier can be used to build systems  Verification, Validation and Certification  Tools that can handle the scale that is expected to arise  Human Factors  Human-vehicle interaction profiles

R&D Challenges
 Security and privacy  Privacy – CPS is inherently a multiuser system  Security – Operating environment is untrusted  More details from

Workshop Sponsors
 National Coordination Office / Networked       

Information Technology Research & Development (NCO/NITRD) National Science Foundation Air Force Research Labs NASA NSA NTSB Boeing University of Washington

Organizing Committee
             

Radha Poovendran, Workshop Co-Chair Raj Rajkumar, Workshop Co-Chair David Corman, Boeing Frankie King, NCO/NITRD Chris Gill, WUSTL Helen Gill, NSF David Homan, AFRL Alan Kushner, NTSB Brad Martin, NSA Paul Miner, NASA Bill Milam, Ford Jim Paunicka, Boeing Jonathan Sprinkle, University of Arizona Russ Urzi, AFRL

 NSF, AFRL  Huge Thanks to The Boeing Company for hosting us at  Boeing DC office in November  Boeing St. Louis Office  Jim Paunicka, Dave Corman, Jim Barhorst, Douglas Stuart  Thanks to K. V. Prasad and Bill Milam from Ford and

Shige Wang from GM

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