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									HIGH CHAIRS

FEATURES THAT MAY BE IMPORTANT TO YOU You may not find another baby product that you use more than your high chair. With multiple feedings a day, you want a high chair that makes life convenient for you and provides safety and comfort for your child. Here are some features to consider:

Whether you’re a first time parent or an old pro, you know that feeding time can be messy. Look for a high chair that will be easy to clean. A high chair designed with a lot of nooks and crannies can make cleaning difficult.

Dishwasher Safe Trays
Since you can’t put the whole high chair in the dishwasher, dishwasher safe trays are great ways to prepare and serve meals on a pristine surface.

Seat Recline
Multi-positional recline is perfect for feeding infants. The recline position should only be used with children under 20 lbs. The upright position should only be used with children under 50 lbs who can sit unassisted.

3-Point Restraint
The 3-point restraint buckle keeps baby safe, secure and comfortable inside the high chair.

Many Kolcraft high chairs offer mesh basket storage under the high chair, as well as a rear storage shelf behind the seat.

Built-in Snack Tray
Perfect for a quick snack that doesn’t require the large main tray.

Towel Holders
Built into the seat, towel holders provide quick access to unexpected spills.

If high chair mobility is important to you, then this feature is a must have. Casters lock to keep high chair stationary. Be sure to refer to your product instructions before assembling or using your products.

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