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By far and away, this was humanity’s world. Created out of the blood shed by the death of the gods of Magic and Chaos, humanity’s potential is unmatched by any of the other races. Humanity is the first born of the races, and all too likely, they will be the last upon this world, long after everything else has died. There is no denying the force of destiny that lies upon the side of the humans, nor is there denying the achievements they have succeeded at in the past. Humanity has conquered the world once; it can do so again. Humanity, while lacking in racial advantages, benefits from an equal absence of racial weaknesses. Although they are capable of so much, humanity’s only weakness may lie in their shorter lifespans. Still, they are the most populous and most organized of all the races. Advantages: Versatility: All humans start with +5CP 5CP: Nobility Disadvantages: None Costuming and Roleplaying Notes: -Dress in appropriate garb for late medieval, early renaissance era -If you are a noble, have a coat of arms -Remember that there’s a lot more of you than there is of any other race, and the nobles are on your side

Gifted with knowledge and cunning, the canoi were once simple dog packs, traveling the arboreal woods in search of food. With the gift of the god of Fire upon them, they awakened to a world greater than their own. Speech developed quickly, followed by society and organization. They became better hunters, and better warriors. They devoted their lives to their packs, and loyalty above all else. When the humans came bearing war, the canoi fought back valiantly. They learned soon, however, that the humans saw all their kind as one giant pack. Rather than die, the canoi surrendered to the superior opponent. Now, they are the most common of animalkind amongst the remnants of human society. They have long since cast off the shackles of the slavery humanity placed upon them.

Advantages: 0CP: Short claws 2CP: Tracking 4CP: +2 called damage with claws Disadvantages: Poor: 3/4 starting gold as per class. Costuming and Roleplaying Notes: -Choose a particular breed of canid: fox, wolf, or dog; style your make-up after such; fake fur on the face and faux ears -The pack is mother, the pack is father; you feel you are nothing without your pack, whether that is your immediate relations, or simply your adventuring party

Enigmatic and reclusive, none truly can claim to understand the wisdom carried by the descendants of the swamp lizards. Some even claim to have the blood of the dragons flowing in their veins. Others are humble enough to ascribe themselves simply to lesser reptiles. Great monitor lizards and iguanas both have their kin in the dracoi, and the great swamps of the world were their undisputed domain. It is said that all the dracoi are born in water, and it is to water that they all must one day return. It is not known what the society of the dracoi is like. If there is one, none of the ones that travel speak of it. Most of the dracoi do not even know their parents. Elders of the species, however, speak of a calling to a place beneath the waves. Whether this is a dream of a lonely race, or the will of a higher force is unknown. Advantages: 0CP: Short claws 2CP: 1 less CP or XP cost on Water spells 4CP: Regenerate 1 Vitality per hour of rest Disadvantages: Poor: 1/4 starting gold. Costuming and Role-playing Notes: -Wear a swimcap; paint your face and cap in style of lizard-like scales; pick up theatrical horns, and color appropriately; don’t blink -Solitude is your only companion, and survival your highest goal; even other dracoi are strangers; trolls steal the eggs of your kind, and eat them; they are the enemy

At times gregarious and cheerful, at others cruel and aloof, the feloi were chosen by the goddess of Air for their beauty and grace, not for the steadiness of their tempers. Native to the great savannah and grasslands that gave rise to the largest human settlements, humanity and feloi have clashed time and again over things as simple as food and living space. There is only bad blood between them, and the feloi are not soon to forget, let alone forgive, the wars of genocide enacted upon them by humanity. Still structured around that of the pride, the formal society of the feloi leaves little room for advancement. Either one is a sheik of a pride, or one is either one of his harem or a rival to be cast out. Most male feloi live solitary lives, while most females specialize in fighting arts to protect their sheik. Advantages: 0CP: Short claws 2CP: Can refresh with 1 minute of rest, once per day 4CP: Can Dodge one attack; costs 1 Air Disadvantages: Poor: 1/2 starting gold. Costuming and Role-playing Notes: -Fake cat ears, and make up go a long way; loose, flowing clothes; Arabian style garb and weaponry -You don’t need anyone, and you are better than any human might ever dream to be; they owe you for that war, and you intend to pay them back

When the great War of Culling was started in earnest against animalkind, it was the ursoi that were the first to flee. They left the world inhabited by the warlike humans, and hid in their mountain villages. Based around the family unit, the ursoi turned their eyes away from the world they had abandoned, and contented themselves with the pursuits of knowledge and understanding. To the ursoi, however, the written word was a corruption created by humanity. Instead, father passed story to son, and mother passed song to daughter. In time, the empires of the humans crumbled, and the world was safe for the children of Earth once again. They departed their havens in the mountain, and traveled out amongst the shattered world, learning the stories of what had come to pass. Advantages: 0CP: Short claws 2CP: Long claws 4CP: +2 Vitality Disadvantages: Illiterate: Cannot read or write. Costuming and Role-playing Notes: -Choose grizzly, panda, polar, or the like; go with fur, and no ears; consider extra layers to suggest girth -Everything comes in time; haste is for the races that do not understand this; do not waste your time with frivolous chatter; it is a waste of knowledge

Chosen of Air, these elementalkin were mercurial in nature, and vicious in style. The apple, it would seem, does not fall far from the tree. As the race to benefit the most from their return to the lands of the mortal world, the elves quickly associated themselves with the nobility of the Great Houses. Within a few generations, most of the race had become lords and ladies. Courtly and graceful, the alvid, as they refer to themselves, made natural diplomats and beautiful token brides. What their eventual goal is unknown for now. Advantages: 2CP: +2 damage with bows 2CP: +1 to Dex-Armor 2CP: 1 free resist mind-affecting spell once per refresh 5CP: Nobility Disadvantages: Frail: -1 Vitality Costuming and Role-playing Notes: -Pointed ears and courtly garb are a must; bring out the eyes with exotic colors and bring out your hair with feathers; fanciful clothes -You are a creature of sophistication and civilization, whether hunting or holding court; you are unflappable and so thoroughly above the peons that surround you

Once the humans chosen by the god of Earth, with the blood of cooling magma in their veins and crystal in their bones, there are none more hardy than a stalwart dwarf. Dwelling upon and within the mountains of the realm of Tir, the open skies of their new home catch them always off guard, and their dealings with the other races have been reluctant at best. They have their jewels, and they have their mines. They have need of nothing else. Still, the humans are rather persistent, and a simple alliance was needed in order to further trade and to see that their gems got the proper respect throughout the world. Irregardless, the dwarves do not relish such dealings and avoid them whenever possible. The terrid, their name for themselves, do so through intermediaries, the gnomes. Advantages: 0CP: +1 Vitality 2CP: Ruthless - +1 to all called melee damage 4CP: 1 free resist to magic based damage per refresh 5CP: Nobility Disadvantages: Magically Inept - Cannot cast arcane scrolls or spells. Role-playing and Costuming Notes: -Nordic in style; favor browns and greys in colors; beards for mens -Typically gruff, surly, and monetarily devoted

Sharing the realm of Tir for millennia alongside their kin, the dwarves, gnomes found themselves more often than not the serfs and peasants under the dwarven lords. Far more magically adept than their counterparts, they often took up the role of wizards and tradesmen, falling naturally into the role of the emissaries of the dwarves. In the four hundred years since their races were deposited once more on the central plane, very little has changed for the urdrid, the proper name for the gnomes. Diminutive in stature, they pass often unnoticed in human society until they wish to be seen. When such happens, the stories of gnomes selling mothers their own children, and people the clothes on their own backs are not necessarily all that far fetched. Advantages: 0CP: -1 cost for Earth Attribute 5CP: -1 cost for spells 4CP: 1 free resist to magic based damage per refresh Disadvantages: Short – All weapon sizes increase by 1 size. Role-playing and Costuming Notes: -Dress conservatively, and sharply; favor browns, greys, and greens in colors; beards for men -Attention is good and bad, know when to tell the difference; make short jokes at your own expense, just to keep people off guard; be mischievous

Brutal, barbaric, and monstrous; these three words are used, quite aptly, to describe the race inflicted upon the world during the Great Breaking known primarily as the ogres. Referred to as sangrids, the ogres are the descendants of those that were taken into the realm of Saethu. They gifted by their capricious goddess with all that makes a warrior great and mighty. Unfortunately, this also stripped them of much of the potential that humanity once possessed. Now, they dwell in and around the volcanoes that dot the land, working either as bandits or mercenaries. Conflict has been, and always will be, their way of life. Anything else simply does not make sense to them. Advantages: 0CP: +2 to Vitality 3CP: Ferocity - +2 to all called melee damage 10CP: Bash - 5 successive 2 damage called attacks Disadvantages: Mentally Inept: All classes beyond the first class header cost double (8 CP instead of 4). Role-playing and Costuming Notes: -Be blunt, direct, and forceful; get confused at long, fanciful words; remember that the simple pleasures in life, like killing, eating, and shiny things, is what makes it all worthwhile -Dress in furs; use bone jewelry; small horns on the ridge of the forehead; use red and silver make-up

The very same traits that are often hurled at the ogres in fear and revulsion all too often find themselves as matters of pride within the bands of the orcs. The porcids united themselves into clans while still new to the realm of Saethu, and found themselves in constant war for their lady’s favor. Warfare is more than simply a necessity for the orcs. It is their sole purpose. It was the orcs who broke the Leylan Legion. It was the orcs that first began raiding the countryside after their arrival in the Great Breaking. It was, and is, an orc that sits highest of the elementalkin in the esteem of the human nobles. Though the elves may find favor for their beauty, the orcs hold their respect for warfare. Advantages: 0CP: Short Claws 2CP: Fire affinity - +1 to all Fire Damage 2CP: Ruthless - +1 to all called melee damage 5CP: Nobility Disadvantages: Water Inept: Orcs are unable to cast Water-related spells. Role-playing and Costuming Notes: -You are a civilized killer; everyone that is not your ally is your enemy, and to the victor goes the spoils; in all that you do, succeed, for failure is death -Stark colors, like black and red, make for the best impressions; use red and brown for highlights; use attachable vampire teeth on bottom eyeteeth for tusks

Rising from the depths of the darkest waters, the trolls came, washing over the seaside villages in a tide of blood and destroying the ships that they found. The humans attempted to repel the trolls as best as they could, only to discover their unsurpassed healing capability. Bordering on unkillable, the merrid, as they called themselves, sought dominion over all that their watery domain touched. The humans sought the aid of the orcs, even with the memory of the latter’s brutality still in mind, and soon, the trolls were driven back into the water. Now, they conduct their war upon the lands held by the dracoi. The enmity between the two races is rapidly becoming one of legend. It is no overstatement that the only constant between a troll and a dracoi seeing one another is bloodshed. Advantages: 0CP: +2 to Vitality 2CP: Ruthless - +1 to all called melee damage 10CP: Heal 1 Vitality every 10 seconds and automatically stabilize in five minutes Disadvantages: Mentally Inept: All classes beyond the first class header cost double (8 CP instead of 4). Slimy: Cannot wear armor. Role-playing and Costuming Notes: -Keep your hair wet if possible; use green and blue make-up; add horns -Do not speak often; growl and glare

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