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					Diaper Du-Dee Diaper Service
Make Your Diapers Our Duty!

Why Use Cloth?
There are countless reasons to use cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers. Among them are health, developmental, environmental, economic, convenience, and practical reasons. Cloth diapering is a viable alternative to the short-sighted and wasteful practice of using disposable diapers. Additionally, the convenience of modern cloth diapering rivals the convenience of disposable diapers, particularly when a laundering service is used.

Benefits of Cloth Diapering
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Cotton is soft and breathable on baby’s skin No harmful chemicals near baby 90% less chance for diaper rash Greater testicular health for males due to a lower constant scrotal temperature Less time diapering due to potty-training completed 12-18 months sooner No landfill waste harming our environment Less natural resources consumed during production Hundreds of $$$ saved per child

Isn’t it inconvenient?
“The convenience of modern cloth diapering rivals the convenience of single-use diapers, particularly when a diaper laundering service is used.” -NADS Changing a diaper is not the most pleasant task, no matter what kind of diaper is used. Using a service gives parents the same luxury of throwing their diapers in a pail just like they would throw disposables in the trash. Then they take out the diapers once a week just like they would their garbage. It really is that simple!

How does a diaper service work?
• When service begins, families receive two weeks worth of diapers, a new customer packet, a diaper pail, and two diaper pail liners. • Parents use the first week’s worth of diapers and on their pickup day, set the liner full of dirty diapers at their front door for Diaper Du-Dee to pick up. • By the end of the second week parents will have a good idea of how many diapers their baby will be using per week and will leave the liner full of diapers at the door again. Only this time, they will be receiving fresh clean diapers for the start of their third week. • Every four weeks payment is due, and service continues until it is no longer needed. No contract to sign. • That is all there is to it!

How does it compare to doing the laundry myself?
• First, the convenience is a huge factor in deciding on using a service. Typically one will have to do a load of diapers every two days. That is a lot of extra laundry when you have a new baby! • Your water bill will most definitely increase when home laundering. • There is A LOT to learn about the proper technique and products to use when laundering at home. Detergents, fabric softener, bleach, and many other products cannot even be used on cloth diapers. Diaper Du-Dee has done the research for you to keep the diapers clean and absorbent without harming your baby or the environment in the process. • Diaper DuDee uses commercial grade equipment that is NSF certified to sanitize, which produces a much cleaner load of diapers than you can get at home. • There is no large initial investment, and no headache of what to do with all those diapers when your child is potty-trained

How does it compare to disposables in price?
• The average newborn uses 70 diapers per week. • The cost for a 70 diaper per week service is $16: To buy 70 disposable diapers from Babies R Us it would cost $21.87 • If your child is potty-trained by 24 months you save a MINIMUM of $157.04 • On average Diaper Du-Dee customers will save
• Because children potty train on average 12 months earlier you are saving $988.52 JUST IN DIAPERS; Plus, you have unlimited weekly savings by referring friends and taking advantage of payment options.


Do you service my neighborhood?
If you live within these communities you can receive service. If you live outside this area you may drop-off at Diaper DuDee or pay a mileage fee and receive your diapers at your door.

Can I purchase service as a gift?
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ABSOLUTELY!! Diaper Service is a great gift for any mom! Gift Registry is available; check to see if the parent(s) is/are registered with us! Anything you can purchase from Diaper DuDee’s Online Boutique may be purchased as a gift. Diaper DuDee also offers an adorable cloth diaper cake. It is a great way to present the gift or as a centerpiece for a baby shower.

• Weekly Service Pricing starts at $16 per week for 70 diapers. For every additional 10 diapers the price increases $1.00

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Ex: 90 diapers per week would cost $18/wk or 150 per week (two kids in diapers) would cost $24/wk
One-time Set-up fee: $30 Includes the cost of the diaper pail, new customer packet and pail liners. Optional Products Extra Diaper Pail (for multiple children): $15 Essential Oil for Diaper Pail Fabric Patch: $10 Diaper Covers: $12 Cloth Wipes: $10.50 Many more at

WOW, how do I start?
There are 3 ways to get started: 1. Order service online at 2. Email Andrea and set up service at 3. Call Andrea and set up service at 515.440.3690 Want to register? Email us to get set-up!!


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