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									The main streets in the Central City feature highly interactive ground floor frontages with wide pathways, street trees, extensive runs of verandahs, and pedestrian-oriented public and shopfront lighting. The streetscape is characterised mainly by buildings at least three storeys high or greater, so layers of activity are present above the street level. The combination of these elements provides an attractive and interesting environment for pedestrian traffic and other street activity. Outdoor cafés contribute significantly to street life by providing a space to sit and relax, to observe activity in the street or to meet and socialise.

Access and public place
Outdoor cafés should be integrated into the street in a way that does not compromise existing street activities, circulation requirements and pedestrian and traffic safety through maintaining adequate clearances. Well designed and maintained urban environments are essential for improved community safety and access. Improving the quality of the environment and promoting accessible and liveable places that encourage a feeling of safety and community participation is the key to safer places. This section deals with the specific conditions and exceptions that relate to these precincts and may affect the application.

Location of an outdoor café
+ Siting should be integrated with existing built canopies and/or street trees, where practical.

Pedestrian clearances
+ 4500mm minimum clearance for Swanston Street. + 3000mm minimum clearance for Collins Street and parts of Bourke Street. + 2000mm minimum clearance for parts of Bourke Street, Lonsdale Street, Queen Street, Elizabeth Street, Flinders Street and Russell Street.

Setback from street furniture
+ + 500mm from street furniture and tree plots. 1000mm from public seats, payphones, litterbins, bicycle hoops etc.

Setback from the street kerb
+ + + 800mm if the café is adjacent to normal parking restrictions. 900mm if the café is adjacent to Loading Zones. 1000mm if the café is adjacent to

No Stopping restrictions.
+ 1200mm if the café is adjacent to (90º, 60º, 45º) Angle Parking. + 1500mm if the café is adjacent to Disabled Parking. There must be an unobstructed path measuring 1500mm at both ends of the outdoor café to allow passing space for wheelchairs and access to the footpath. + Outdoor cafés are not permitted to operate adjacent to Construction Zones.

Clearway zones
+ For the safety of outdoor café patrons, all furniture must be removed from the footpath during clearway times.

Tram, bus and platform stop zones
+ At tram stop zones the minimum distance between the face of the kerb and the outdoor café must be 1000mm. At outdoor cafés located next to bus stop and platform stop zones, the minimum distance between the face of the kerb and the outdoor café must be 1500mm.

Property boundary clearance
+ 250mm minimum. In all cases affecting circulation, the City of Melbourne may require a greater setback depending on pedestrian and vehicular traffic conditions.

Design and heritage
Outdoor cafés should complement and enhance the streetscape and other significant street elements such as trees, public art and city decorations. These, and elements such as heritage pavements, should not be removed, relocated or modified as a result of an outdoor café installation and operation. Outdoor cafés should be unobtrusive in style, appearance, materials, finishes and colours. Suitable styles and colours must not detract from the integrity and character of significant buildings, landscape features and structures in the street. Furniture such as umbrellas and screens should not obstruct views of main areas of street activity and significant sight lines to important landmarks. Design of café furniture is to be of a high standard in appearance and style, made of quality materials, with finishes that are attractive and durable. In all circumstances, furniture must be approved by the City of Melbourne before use. + Contemporary and brightly-coloured furniture may be appropriate for a predominantly modern street. + Outdoor cafés proposed in heritage streetscapes should have high quality furniture with more traditional materials and simple colours such as Brunswick Green, Hawthorn Red, black, grey or metallic and with natural finishes such as timber, metal and stone. Collins Street should be given recognition where high-profile shops and businesses and historic Victorian architecture are present. + Furniture should be portable yet sturdy and windproof (ie. metal and timber or metal frame with plastic tabletop and chair back/seat). + 1000-1500mm-high glass café screens may be used in Central City main streets. + 900mm high-canvas screens may be used in Central City main streets with the exception of Swanston Street. + Planter boxes may be considered on a case-by-case basis and judged according to available space, urban character, street activities and traffic conditions.

+ Umbrellas may be used in Central City main streets where there are no built or tree canopies to provide adequate shelter. – Umbrellas are not permitted where canopies exist at typical ground floor height (28003800mm from the ground) and cover most of the footpath to 1000mm setback behind the kerbline. – Umbrellas must be semi-fixed to the footpath, using a socket and sleeve system, subject to the City of Melbourne’s specifications and approval. + Freestanding awnings may be used only in Central City main streets and where there are no built or tree canopies to provide adequate shelter. They are not permitted where building canopies exist at typical ground floor height (2800-3800mm from the ground) and cover most of the footpath to 1000mm setback behind the kerbline. + Advertising may be displayed on every alternative panel of café screens and umbrellas. The size of the café name, logo or commercial advertising should cover no more than 33 per cent of the panel surface. The City of Melbourne will consider unique designs and variances to recommended colours on a case-by-case basis.

Please refer to the Outdoor Café Guide Please contact City of Melbourne, Street Trading Unit. Email: enquiries@melbourne.vic.gov.au Website: www.melbourne.vic.gov.au Phone: (03) 9658 9658 Post: GPO Box 1603 Melbourne 3001 Street address: Level 4, 200 Little Collins Street, Melbourne 3000

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