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					     ABC Company
Selection Solutions Report
    General Manager
        John Smith
      January 17, 2008
                                             Selection Solutions Report

This executive feedback is provided by Lisk Associates. Based on demonstration of proven application experience, and successfully
completing written examinations of analysis and interpretation administered by Target Training International, Lisk Associates holds the
following credentials related to the analysis of the information included in this Selection Solutions personal Report.
- Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst
- Certified Professional Values Analyst
- Certified Attribute Index Analyst

This report provides feedback in four areas:

Recommendation – this section is Lisk Associate’s recommendation determining CAN this person work here based on the candidate’s
trimetrix assessment vs. the job benchmark. The recommendation is a simple green, yellow, or red light and why.

Behavioral Hierarchy – this section identifies HOW a person prefers to behave or get their needs met in the world. When the behavior
needed in the job matches a person’s preferred behavioral style, the potential for success increases and the potential for job stress

Workplace Motivators - this section identifies WHY a person does what they do. It measures the values/motivators of a person -- what he
or she is passionate about and what moves them to action. Motivators help people prioritize their decision-making. People who are
intrinsically motivated by their job feel more engaged in and personally rewarded by their work.

Personal Skills – this section encompasses the “soft skills” or emotional intelligence factors that are needed for success in organizations. It
is a picture of the intrinsic talents, capabilities, or attributes a person possesses. It is a measure of WHAT talents the candidate will bring to
a specific job.
                              Selection Recommendation – John Smith
The findings in this report should count for no more than 1/3 of the total hiring decision and all candidates in the same phase of the selection decision should
be given the opportunity to take this same assessment and be considered using the same job-focused criteria. All feedback in this report is job focused and
should be used only in that context, and in conjunction with all other job-related factors. The hiring decision is the responsibility of ABC Company. Lisk
Associates appreciates the opportunity to give this feedback and assist in this important decision.

 After a full reviewand analysis of John’s behaviors, motivators, and personal skills, Lisk Associates gives a RED LIGHT for the
        position of General Manager.

 •  Behaviors – yellow light, can stick to process? Follow-up interview questions.
 ORGANIZED WORKPLACE - The job’s success depends on systems and procedures, its successful performance is tied to
    careful organization of activities, tasks, and projects that require accuracy. Record keeping and planning are essential
    components of the job.

 1.     How systematic are you?
 2.     Tell me about how you organize activities, tasks, and projects. Explain your system for keeping organized.
 3.     How effective are you when you face repetitive tasks? Tell me about jobs you have had that required diligent record-
        keeping and systematic planning. Describe the job. Describe your level of satisfaction with that job. What was your level
        of success?

 •      Motivators – red light, not a good match for the job. These will override any green light areas.
 •      Personal Skills – green light, good natural talent for this job
                                                     Behavioral Hierarchy – HOW?
      A person’s observable behavioral style is a description of HOW he or she chooses to get his or her needs met in the world. A person’s observable behavior is a
      combination of all four of these factors. This assessment says nothing about a person’s intelligence, background, experience, or education. It is not a “personality”
      test. It is an accurate and valid test of behavior. The four factors are combined in various ways to create the eight job-related behaviors listed in the report.

       General Manager’s job benchmark has a natural behavioral style of an analyzer.
       John has a natural behavioral style of a relater. To move to a green light, he must show an ability to be more process oriented and
       maintain an organized workplace. See follow up behavioral questions on recommendation page.
                                                                                                               Efficient methodology, task
                                                                                                               oriented, analytical, creative and    Results oriented, firm, quick
                                                                 Analysis of facts and data,                   original thinker                      decisions expedites action,
                                                                 accurate safety and security,                                                       change agent bold, direct
                                                                 procedures to follow, high quality
                                                                 standards, attention to details
                              Job   John


                                                                                                                                                               results thru
60                                              56   54                Diplomatic, guidelines                                                                  people,
          48 51         49 52              48                          to follow, routine work,                                                                persuasive,
                                                          41           logical, Self-                                                                          enthusiastic,
40                                                                     Disciplined                                                                             optimistic,
                                                                                                                                                               Change agent

            D             I                 S         C
                                                                         Logical thinking
                                                                         Systematic routine
                                                                         Persistent and steady                                                            People contact,
                                                                         Relaxed pace                                                                     optimistic, trusting,
                                                                         Accommodating                                                                    “selling”
                                                                                                                  Team Player, Cooperative,               Self confident
                                                                                                                  Serves and supports others,
                                                                                                                  Assistance to customers
                      Workplace Motivators/Personal Interests – WHY?
Values are “hidden motivators,” the reasons WHY a person moves to action. A person will be most interested in and passionate about anything that engages his or
her top values. A person can be uninterested in or antagonistic to things that trigger his or her bottom values. When a job’s motivators overlap with the top values
of the person doing the job, that overlap creates an intrinsic motivation for the person to do excellent work.

John’s top 2 values are Individualistic and Social. IND is a good match for the job. However, this job does not reward the drive to
help others. The job’s top 2 motivators are UTI and TRA. In these two areas, Nick is below the national average and would not be a
good fit for this job.



                                                                                                                                Natl Avg



                                                0          2              4               6              8              10
                                 Personal Talents and Attributes – WHAT?
This is a ranking of 23 key job attributes or personal talents that are needed for success in today’s organizations. They tell us WHAT a person can do naturally
well. When a person can bring his or her natural talents to bear on the job at hand, he or she is more likely to be successful in that job and be intrinsically
motivated to excel. If a person does not have natural talent for a particular area it does not mean he or she cannot do that portion of the job. It does mean that
portion of the job will not seem particularly easy or “natural” for that person and they will tend to shy away from that part of the job.

   John’s personal talents are an above average match for the job. He is at or above average on 5 of the 7 attributes. If hired, he will
   need onboard coaching in the areas of accountability for others and goal achievement. These areas will not come as easy to him as
   other parts of the job.


                                        8                                                                                                 7.9
                                                     7.3                               7.5                              7.4
                                                                     7.2                                                                               7.2


                                        4                                                                                                                     Job
                                                                                                                                                              Natl Avg





                                                                                                                              Leading Others
                                                                                                            Self Management

                                                                                                                                                 Planning &
                                                                              For Others



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