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Montreal International Movers by CrishMart


Empire Moving is a local moving service that provides ling distance and international moving services. Whether you are moving to Canada or just looking for a professional moving company with great rates, Empire Moving can help.

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  Welcome to Montreal Movers – Empire Moving!

                                          Empire Moving is a moving service provider that provides local,
                                          long distance and International moves for both residential and            CALL US:
                                          commercial clientele. Our personalized moving coordinators w ork
                                          w ith you to manage your entire moving process. Since the
                                                                                                                Some of Empire Moving's other services
                                          company’s establishment back in 1998, w e have alw ays put
                                                                                                                include free, no obligation estimates,
                                          customer satisfaction at the top of our priority list.
                                                                                                                transportation to, from and w ithin USA’s
                                         Everything from discussing the unique requirements of your             and Canada’s most popular moving
                                         move, to arranging every aspect of your move, our moving               destinations, and a performance promise
                                         coordinators develop the best possible combination of service          for delivery commitment.
                                         providers for your move – at no cost to you. Empire Moving             International Moving
                                         provides a quality specialized transportation services for the         Our dedicated International Division is
  various household goods of its customers in the United States as w ell as clients moving in Canada.           expert in helping clients move throughout
                                                                                                                the w orld. We have a specialist team w ith
  W hether you are moving in Canada, looking for an international mover, let us help you take the stress        deep know ledge of common destinations
  aw ay. Our job is to make even the most difficult moves simple and as economical as possible. Our sales       and far corners. That’s w hy hundreds of
  representatives are friendly, helpful, informative and understanding. Our movers are professional,            people each year turn to us to help them
  efficient, responsible and diligent.                                                                          move overseas.

  Moving Services
  As one of the Premium Moving Companies in Montreal, Empire Moving has the expertise to manage
  household goods and other commodities that require specialized handling. The transportation of
  household goods and personal possessions, for both local moves and if you are an international mover,
  takes a coordinated effort and the experience of trained professionals. For that reason, Empire Moving
  continually strives to exceed our customers’ expectations. Empire Moving offers various services and
  resources to make your move easy and peaceful. We try to be a cheap moving company that offers
  quality service.

  Cross Border Moving
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  Moving to The United States

  Necessary documentation for moving from Canada to USA,for Canadian Citizens, moving in Canada

     Copy of your visa (w ork or study)

                                                                                                                                  converted by
   Copy of ’offer of employment letter’
   Copy of front page from your passport clearly show ing your photograph
   Other photo identification if you do not have a passport (i.e. driver’s license)
   Declaration for free entry of unaccompanied articles form# 3299 of the United States.
   For returning U.S. Citizens w ho resided in Canada, the follow ing documents are required for moving
   to the USA;
   Copy of American passport / Birth Certificate
   Declaration for free entry of unaccompanied articles form#3299 of the United States.

All the personal household goods are permitted to enter duty-free by declaring that they have been
used for at least one year. Further information can be provided for visitors, non residents and returning
U.S. residents , by visiting US Customs here.

Moving to Canada

According to Canada Customs regulations the customer must , clear the goods in person as an
ow ner. No other third party but the ow ner must appear at the customs to clear the goods. As soon as
your goods arrive in Canada, one of our representatives w ill contact you to arrange a meeting at the
manifested customs office to make the customs declaration.The follow ing documents are required to
present to the

Customs Office:

   Work Visa
   Employer Letter of Intent
   Passport or Birth Certificate
   Photo Identification
   Marriage Certificate if spouse has different name.

For more information, you can visit either the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Website at or Canada
Customs and Revenue Agency.

At Empire Moving, w e go above and beyond to make your move – Stress Free. Our goal is to offer you
an excellent service at a cheap moving company price. Get quotes moving by contacting us or filling
out the form at the top of the page or calling us 1-877-345-1555

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