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All audio, video, and digital material is checked out to teachers in the same way that books are checked out. NOTE: Some material is also useful for student research; however, we encourage students to use the media at school when possible. A few items ($150 videos, for example) will not be checked out to students, but students may view such material in the library. The teacher must request that a student be allowed to check out any video, audio, or digital reference material. Videos, DVDs, and CD-ROMS are arranged in the file drawers alphabetically by subject. The three letters underlined in each title/annotation below represent where the video is located within its subject area. The top drawer of the black file cabinet next to the video file cabinet contains teacher guides for many of our videos. The guides are arranged alphabetically by title and are bar coded for check-out. Last updated 09-29-06 Newest Additions to the Catalog


AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE THE CONTINUING FOREST: MANAGING THE FORESTS OF OUR NATIONAL FORESTS (28 min.) GREAT CONTEMPORARY ENGLISH GARDENERS: THE VICTORY GARDEN (90 min.) 1988 Episodes from the PBS horticultural series The Victory Garden. Travel across the country and around the world on a visit to exquisite, thriving gardens. MANAGING OUR NATIONAL FORESTS with study questions (20 min.)

ART THE LIFE OF LEONARDO DA VINCI 3 Volume Set color, 1990. Volume 1 (120 min.) covers 14521482. Volume 2 (140 min.) covers 1483-1500. Volume 3 (140 min.) ends with daVinci‘s death in 1519. Italian production depicting many historical events, examples of great Renaissance architecture, clothing, religious customs, battlegrounds, politics, etc. Discusses much of his art, the rivalry between daVinci and Michelangelo. THE LIFE AND TIMES OF FRIDA KAHLO (90 min.) 2005. The biography of a woman whose art and life covers ancient culture of Mexico, the Mexican Revolution, and life in Latin America during the 20‘s and 30‘s. A PBS and WETA production. (Includes Teacher Guide in the Teacher Guide Drawer)

BUSINESS THE AD AND THE EGO (57 min.) 1996. Shows how advertising not only shapes our buying habits, but our view of ourselves and our society. Combines clips from over 1200 familiar TV ads with insights from media critics to form a cultural psychoanalysis of late 20th Century America and its consumers. ADVERTISING TACTICS (25 min.) Learn to identify the different strategies, including bandwagon, testimonials, hard sell, soft sell, slogans, and many more. AUTO BUYER ALERT: YOU WON'T GET RIPPED OFF IN A CAR DEAL AGAIN! (33 min.) 1996. Takes you step by step through the car-buying process. Shows you what and what not to do. Covers car evaluation, best time to buy, book values, dealer scams, trade-ins, buy here-pay here deals, financing, and problem solvers. Consider using in conjunction with Consumer Reports magazine April car issue that covers similar car buying information each year. BUY ME THAT! (28 min.) 1990. Helps children learn the tricks of the advertising trade and develop a healthy skepticism toward commercials targeted at them. BUYING A NEW CAR (60 min.) 1998. Students learn how to spot tricky sales tactics and negotiate the best deal. Includes the dealer's formula for calculating car costs and a pocket guide featuring car-buying terms and a video outline. IS WAL-MART GOOD FOR AMERICA? (60 min.) 2004. Documentary examines the impact Wal-Mart has had on the U. S. economy. Highlights the changing relationship between manufacturers and the socalled ―big-box‖ retailers, exemplified by Wal-Mart, that has contributed to the bankruptcy of some American businesses and a growing unemployment rate. A PBS Frontline Production. (Includes Teacher Guide in the Teacher Guide Drawer) MONEY MANAGEMENT: BUDGETS AREN‘T FOR PUSHOVERS (14 min.) 1994. Covers budgeting, recordkeeping, fixed expenses, variable expenses, etc. 2

THE PERSUADERS (90 min.) 2004. Documentary that examines how changes in marketing practices are influencing U.S. culture and politics. Looks at how advertisers are trying to break through the clutter that they have created, looking for new ways to reach potential consumers and looks at how the new marketing techniques are being applied to politics. A PBS Frontline Production. (Includes Teacher Guide in Teacher Guide Drawer). THE SECRET HISTORY OF CREDIT CARDS (60 min.) 2004. Documentary that examines how the credit card industry has become so pervasive, so lucrative, and so politically powerful. Also invites students to consider who controls the costs and benefits of the plastic on which Americans have come to rely. A PBS Frontline Production. (Includes a Teacher Guide in Teacher Guide Drawer) SUPERMARKET SHOPPING (16 min.) 1999. Covers use of grocery lists and coupons, serving sizes and expiration dates, seasonal prices, store layout, and labeling. WARDROBE WISE by Meridian Education Corporation (15 min.) 1997 Illustrates how to make wise clothing choices, taking into consideration fashion, fads as well as functional clothing, and advertising pressure. EDUCATION ILLINOIS HISTORY FAIRS: TEACHER TO TEACHER (5:26 minutes) Explains the benefits of sponsoring a history fair in your school. TIPS FOR TOP EXHIBITS (21:36 min.) Illinois Historic Preservation Agency offers tips on how to develop an award-winning history fair exhibit. Valuable for any teacher creating a rubric for exhibit assignments; perfect for the student wanting an outstanding exhibit in any subject area. NATIONAL BOARD CERTIFICATION (12:45 min.) Illinois State Board of Education highlights the role of National Board Certified teachers in Illinois schools.

ENGLISH ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN by Mark Twain. (121 min.) c1985. Starring Jim Dale, Lillian Gish, Richard Kiley, and Geraldine Page. ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN (26 min.) 1997. Discovery Channel School Great Books Grapples with one of the most powerful themes in American History -- slavery. Tracing the roots of Mark Twain, this video travels from Twain's home in Hannibal, where the novel is set, to Hartford, CT, where Twain also lived, to the waters of the Mississippi. McAvoy Layne, an actor who specializes in recreating Mark Twain, uses Twain's own scathing critiques and satirical letters to paint a portrait of the author and his world.. (OVERSIZE VIDEOS DRAWER) ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell (91 min.) 1999. Kelsey Grammar, Patrick Stewart, and other stars provide the vocal talents for this production of George Orwell‘s classic novel brought to life by Jim Henson‘s Creature Shop. THE BRONTE SISTERS from The Famous Authors series (30 min.) 1996. Very interesting use of paintings, documents, photographs, and some video to present facts about the personal lives of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne -- facts that no doubt influenced their writings. Good supplementary teaching material for any Bronte novel. A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens (100 min.) 1995. George C. Scott as Scrooge. Filmed on location in the historic English town of Shrewsbury. (OVERSIZE VIDEOS DRAWER) THE DINING ROOM by A.R. Gurney, Jr. (86 min.) 1988. A DOLL‘S HOUSE by Henrik Ibsen (-- min.) 1972. Jane Fonda as Nora. THE ELIZABETHAN AGE (28 min.) 1990. See History section for description. 3

EXPLORING THE RENAISSANCE (21 min.) 1994. See History section for description. FAMOUS TALES OF SUSPENSE: MONKEY‘S PAW (15 min.) 1986. FAHRENHEIT 451 by Ray Bradbury (112 min.) 1966. Starring Julie Christie and Oskar Werner. Bradbury‘s best-selling masterpiece about a future without books. FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS by Ernest Hemingway (2 cassettes 2 hours 46 min.) 1943. Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman. Nominated for 9 Academy Awards . THE GLASS MENAGERIE by Tennessee Williams (134 min.) 1990. Joanne Woodward, John Malkovitch, and Karen Allen. Directed by Paul Newman. THE GRAPES OF WRATH by John Steinbeck (129 min.) 1946. Henry Fonda. THE GREAT GATSBY by F. Scott Fitzgerald (146 min.) 1974. Robert Redford and Mia Farrow.

THE GREAT GATSBY Discovery Channel School: Great Books series (26 min.) Explores the uniquely American possibilities that allow individuals to remake themselves. Re-enactment footages intercut with scenes from the 1974 film starring Robert Redford, interviews with experts, and dramatic narrative work to unlock the complexity of this novel's characters. (OVERSIZE VIDEOS DRAWER) HAMLET by William Shakespeare (147 min.) 1948. Laurence Olivier, Eileen Horlie, Jean Simmons. Winner of four Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Actor. HAMLET by William Shakespeare (114 min.) 1964. Nicol Williamson, Marianne Faithfull, Anthony Hopkins. Directed by Tony Richardson. HAMLET, PRINCE OF DENMARK by William Shakespeare (2 cassettes 242 min.) 1996. Kenneth Branagh, Julie Christie, Billy Crystal, Charleston Heston, Derek Jacobi, Robin Williams, and Kate Winslet. Directed by Kenneth Branagh. HAMLET, PRINCE OF DENMARK by William Shakespeare (2 cassettes 222 min.) 1980. Derek Jacobi, Claire Bloom, Patrick Stewart. HAMLET, PRINCE OF DENMARK by William Shakespeare (135 min.) 1990. Mel Gibson, Glenn Close, Helena Bohnam Carter. Directed by Franco Zeffirelli. THE MAKING OF HAMLET (54 min.) 1990. Mel Gibson addresses students about the making of Zeffirelli's Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Includes many scenes from the movie and lots of background information about interpretation of scenes, seeking realistic sets, speaking Elizabethan English, etc. I REMEMBER MAMA (128 min.) 1987. Irene Dunne. IN THE STEPS OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE: LONDON 1992 IN THE STEPS OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE: STRATFORD 1992 INHERIT THE WIND by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee (127 min.) 1960. Spencer Tracy. JANE EYRE by Charlotte Bronte (96 min.) 1944. Orson Welles. THE JILTING OF GRANNY WEATHERALL by Katherine Ann Porter (57 min.) 1980. (OVERSIZE VIDEOS DRAWER) KING KONG (105 min.) Fay Wray, Bruce Cabot, and King Kong THE LITTLE FOXES by Lillian Hellman (116 min.) 1941. Bette Davis 4

LITTLE WOMEN by Louisa May Alcott (118 min.) 1994. Winona Ryder and Susan Saradon MACBETH by William Shakespeare (112 min.) 1948. Orson Wells and Jeanette Nolan. MACBETH by William Shakespeare (139 min.) 1971. Jon Finch and Francesca Annis. Directed by Roman Polanski. Some nudity in two scenes, but Lady Macbeth ‗s body is shielded by her long hair, and the witches are shown in a cave full of mist so the nudity is not easily seen. One scene of a porter urinating against a castle wall. MACBETH by William Shakespeare 110 min. 1988. Michael Jayston and Barbara Leigh MARK TWAIN: A MUSICAL BIOGRAPHY (88 min.) 1989. Well-done biography. Taped performance by community group near Twain homesite in Connecticut. MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET (97 min.) 1947. Maureen O‘Hara and Natalie Wood THE ODYSSEY by Homer (165 min.) 1997. Armand Assante THE ODYSSEY Discovery Channel School: Great Books series (26 min.) 1997. Experts, scolars and actors explore the timeless appeal of Homer's great story. (OVERSIZE VIDEOS DRAWER) OF MICE AND MEN by John Steinbeck (150 min.) 1981. Randy Quaid and Robert Blake (OVERSIZE VIDEOS DRAWER) OF MICE AND MEN by John Steinbeck (110 min.) 1992. John Malkovich and Gary Sinise. OLIVER TWIST by Charles Dickens (2 cassettes 133 min.) 1988. THE OPEN WINDOW & CHILD‘S PLAY by Saki (39 min.) From American Short Story Collection. OUR TOWN by Thorton Wilder (120 min.) 1986. Hal Holbrooke, Barbara Bel Geddes, and Bobby Benson. Video made of stage presentation. RAPPACINI‘S DAUGHTER by Nathaniel Hawthorne (57 min.) 1980. Hosted by Henry Fonda. (OVERSIZE VIDEOS DRAWER) THE RED BALLOON (30 min.)1956 and AN OCCURENCE AT OWL CREEK (30 min.) 1962 ROMEO AND JULIET by William Shakespeare (2 videocassettes 180 min.) 1988. Directed by Joan Kemp-Welch. ROMEO AND JULIET by William Shakespeare (138 min.) 1980. Directed by Franco Zeffirelli THE SCARLET LETTER by Nathaniel Hawthorne (2 cassettes 240 min) 1979. Meg Foster and John Heard. A SEPARATE PEACE by John Knowles (104 min.) 1972. Parker Stevenson and John Heyl. SHAKESPEARE AND THE GLOBE (31 min.) 1988 SHAKESPEARE IN THE CLASSROOM (46 min.) Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Affleck, Joseph Fiennes, Geoffrey Rush, Judi Dench. ―The reason for Shakespeare‘s popularity after four hundred years is vividly presented along with scenes from the motion picture Shakespeare in Love. Also give is a description of the Elizabethan stage and a discussion of Romeo and Juliet‖ – OCLC FirstSearch THE SHAKESPEARE MYSTERY: A FRONTLINE INVESTIGATION (58 min.) 1989 SHAKESPEARE: SOUL OF AN AGE (51 min.) 1962. Sir Ralph Richardson and Sir Michael Redgrave (OVERSIZE VIDEOS DRAWER) 5

SHAKESPEARE‘S STRATFORD (17 min.) 1992. (OVERSIZE VIDEOS DRAWER) TAMING OF THE SHREW by William Shakespeare (122 min.) 1967. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton THE TEMPEST by William Shakespeare 1991. Videotaped live performance with former student, Doug Zschiegner, at University of Delaware THE TIME, LIFE, AND WORKS OF CHARLES DICKENS (19 min.) Explores the social conditions which influenced Charles Dickens and which are reflected in his writing. (Includes Teacher Guide in Teacher’s Guide Drawer) TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by Harper Lee (130 min.) 1962. Gregory Peck and Robert Duvall TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD: THEN AND NOW by Prince William Network Distance Learning Program in cooperation with NCTE 1997. Interviews with some of the actors of original film as well as footage of actual civil rights demonstrations. Parts are excellent for supplementary teaching of the novel. Gregory Peck appears on tape, but others are on a panel. 12 ANGRY MEN (92 min.) 1957. Henry Fonda. Eleven jurors are convinced that the defendant is guilty of murder. The twelfth has no doubt of his innocence. A WALT DISNEY CHRISTMAS (31 min.) 1981. Animated. (OVERSIZE VIDEOS DRAWER) WEST SIDE STORY (152 min.) 1961. Natalie Wood and Richard Beymer WUTHERING HEIGHTS by Emily Bronte (104 min.) 1939. Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon WUTHERING HEIGHTS by Emily Bronte (105 min.) 1970?. Timothy Dalton. WUTHERING HEIGHTS: A CRITICAL GUIDE TO THE NOVEL (50 min.) 1992. Filmed on location in the village of Haworth and the Yorkshire moors. GUIDANCE CAREER EXPLORATION ON THE INTERNET: A STUDENT‘S GUIDE TO MORE THAN 500 WEB SITES. (CD ROM) 2000. A CD guide to using the Internet to learn about careers, educational programs, finding a job, and considering and accepting a job offer. (CD/DVD Drawer) HEALTH THE ALTERNATIVE FIX (60 min.) 2003 Frontline examines the controversy over complementary and alternative medical treatments through interviews with staunch supporters, skeptical scientists and observers on both sides of the debate. These popular treatments are facing increased scrutiny as the first real studies of their effectiveness are published. Includes teacher guide in Teacher Guide drawer. …AND DOWN WILL COME BABY (17 min.) 1994 Promotes awareness among teenagers of fetal alcohol syndrome and the effects of drugs on the fetus. U. S. Department of Education. Includes teacher guide in the video case. (OVERSIZE DRAWER) ALCOHOL EDUCATION SET 1. Alcohol Trigger Films (8:56 mins.) 2. Just Another Friday Night (15:11 mins.) 3. Smokey Joe‘s Highride (13:50 mins.) 1993 ISBE Alcohol Education Series ATHLETES, ALCOHOL AND STEROIDS: WHAT‘S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? (23 min.) 2005 DVD Chapters cover an introduction, alcohol, negative effects of alcohol, steroids, negative effects of steroids, and a conclusion. In spite of campus and public messages, a 2001 Harvard study shows that athletes drink more and more often than any other students. The goal of this DVD and teacher guide is to try to change that attitude among high school athletes. DVD and 43-page teacher’s guide in binder (CD/DVD DRAWER) BULLIES, LONERS, AND VIOLENCE (Cross-referenced and annotated in Social Studies) 6

BURN PREVENTIONAL TIPS (6 min.) Produced by the International Association of Fire Fighters Burn Foundation. CALAMITY JAMIE (24 min.) 1995 ―Focuses on real-life situations and dramatized skits to help parents and teens resolve problems and settle differences‖ – OCLC FirstSearch Bureau for At-Risk Youth CLUB DRUGS (28 min.) 2002 DVD ―A new and dangerous menace known as club drugs offers a great threat to today‘s teens…. This [award-winning] video provides teens with the latest up-to-date information on the dangers of these drugs as well as information on evaluating their choices at parties where adult supervision may be lacking‖ – Human Relations Media DVD and 38- page teacher guide in binder (CD/DVD DRAWER) CONFRONTING DATE RAPE: THE GIRLS ROOM (-- min.) c1999 Girls role play ways to prevent or come to terms with date rape. Cambridge Educational Videos CONFRONTING DRUNK DRIVING (27 min.) 2003 DVD ―This [award-winning] video features the true story of Mike Poveromo, a young man who killed his two best friends in a drunk driving car crash when he was a teenager‖ --Human Relations Media. Includes interviews with police officers, ER personnel, parents, and family members who have had to deal with drunk driving deaths. DVD and 35-page teacher guide in binder (CD/DVD DRAWER) DATE RAPE: BEHIND CLOSED DOORS (39 min.) c2002 Learn specific actions to take to avoid becoming a victim of date rape or acquaintance rape; learn coping strategies should it happen to you or to someone you know. Cambridge Educational DEPRESSION: ON THE EDGE (30 min.) c1998. In the Mix series. Interviews with the musicians of Third Eye Blind, teens in Pierre, SD, and professionals concerning teen depression. Castle Works DRINKING APART: FAMILIES UNDER THE INFLUENCE (70 min.) c2002 "Millions of Americans wrestle with a drug or alcohol problem during their lives, usually without the aid of counseling. But at Ackerman Institute for the Family, teams of counselors help many to regain their freedom. This program tracks the progress of a husband and wife, a mother and teenage daughter, and a young couple over a threeyear period as they fight their way to recovery. Candidly filmed at Addicts Rehabilitation Center in New York, and even in the subjects' homes, the documentary provides valuable insights into both the devastating effects of drug and alcohol dependence on different types of relationships and the methods being used to assist in breaking addictions"--Container. An HBO Production. DYING TO BE THIN (60 min.) c2000. Introduces you to students, ballet dancers, fashion models, and other young women who are seeking recover or have conquered their disease. Learn how leading eating disorder specialists are making dramatic advances in the diagnosis and treatment of anorexia and bulemia. Nova FAILING JOHN (24 min.) 1995 ―This program is designed to help parents open effective communication with their teenager about substance abuse. It encourages parents to recognize and respond promptly to signs that their teen is using alcohol and/or drugs and is designed to make parents aware of their choices in dealing with this difficulty issue‖ –OCLC FirstSearch Bureau for At-Risk Youth THE FINISH LINE (96 min.) c1989 ―The story of a high school track star who wins to please his father. However, when he goes to college, he finds the competition fiercer and turns to steroids to help him win – with disastrous results‖ – OCLC FirstSearch. Cast: James Brolin and Josh Brolin. Turner Home Entertainment THE FORGETTING: A PORTRAIT OF ALZHEIMER‘S (90 min.) 2004 A two-part presentation devoted to Alzheimer‘s disease. Part one explores the disease, its toll on the victims and families, and the latest research. Part two features a panel of experts who discuss the disease and answer questions. PBS KEEP OFF THE GRASS: HIDDEN DANGERS OF MARIGUANA USE (27 min.) 1997 DVD ―Award winner dispels the myth that marijuana is harmless‖ Human Relations Media. DVD and 53-page teacher guide in binder. (CD/DVD DRAWER) 7

LIFE ON THE ROCKS (20 mins.) 1991 ―Surveys abuse of alcohol across a wide spectrum of users‖ – OCLC FirstSearch. MARIO‘S GANG (21 min.) 1995 ―Explores teen involvement in gangs and helps parents understand the attraction of gang membership to some teens, and what seps they can take to try to separate their child from the gang‖ –OCLC FirstSearch Bureau for At-Risk Youth. MASQUERADE: UNVEILING OUR DEADLY DANCE WITH DRUGS AND ALCOHOL (30 min.) 1996 ―Popular youth speaker Milton Creagh blows the cover off many popular myths, including the ‗casual user‘ lie, and exposes the hidden war with drug and alcohol addiction‖ --OCLC FirstSearch. Includes discussion pamphlet inside video case. NIGHTMARE ON DRUG STREET (35 min.) 1988 Stories of three ordinary kids who became victims of drug and alcohol abuse. Silver Medal winner at 1988 International Film and TV Festival of New York THE PRICE OF THE PARTY (22 min.) 1992 A CNN report deals alcohol abuse by teenagers – the reality, the addition, the consequences. RISKY BEHAVIOR: THE DARK SIDE OF BAD CHOICES (24 min.) ―Many teens are involved in risky behavior such as illegal drug use, promiscuity, carrying weapons and dangerous automobile use. This program looks at the nature of risk-taking, both good and bad‖ Human Relations Media. DVD and teacher guide in binder. (CD/DVD DRAWER) SUNBURST: DATING VIOLENCE AND ABUSE (27 mins.) 2000 Presents four scenarios about teenagers in abusive and violent relationships. Includes 3-ring binder with teachers’ guide, handouts, and scripts in Teacher Guides drawer. SUNBURST: LIVING WITH ADDICTION A FAMILY DISEASE (21 mins.) 2003 Designed to help educators work with teens to understand that addiction is a disease they did not cause, cannot control, and cannot cure. Addiction is progressive, and only the addict can decide to seek treatment. Also, this is designed to help teens understand their own risk of becoming a drug or alcohol abuser, and to develop healthy coping strategies instead. Includes 42-page teacher guide booklet in Teacher Guides drawer. SURVIVOR‘S PRIDE: BUILDING RESILIENCY WITH YOUTH AT RISK (7 videocassetes, 30 min. each) 1994 Series ―stresses the resiliency in the lives of children who have encountered brutal adversity while growing up. Shows how kids can learn to recognize their own inner strengths and take pride in rising above difficult circumstances‖ – OCLC FirstSearch. 2. Insight 3. Independence 4. Relationships 5. Initiative 6. Creativity 7. Humor 8. Morality (Introductory tape 1 is missing from collection) Includes 45-page discussion/teacher guide in Teacher Guides drawer. TEAM UP TO SAVE LIVES: WHAT YOUR SCHOOL SHOULD KNOW ABOUT PREVENTING YOUTH SUICIDE (CD ROM) 1996 Explores adolescent suicide: how students will react; how to prepare for a crisis; who is at risk; what the school and community should do; how to talk to a parent about a death in school. McDonald‘s Resource Center (CD/DVD DRAWER) TEENAGE SUICIDE: WHAT TO DO (27 mins.) 1997 WORKING WITH HOSTILE AND RESISTANT TEENS (2 videos, 45 min. each) 1993 Counselor Steve Campbell role plays with at risk kids. 1. Hostile Teens 2. Resistant Teens


THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION: ONE NATION‘S RISE TO INDEPENDENCE (5 DVDs w/ 100 min. each) This story of the American Revolution uses reenactments, commentaries by historical and military advisers and historical materials featuring the people, places, and events from 1773 to the end of the war. 8

Narrated by Kelsey Grammer and Michael Learned. History Channel. (Informational booklet included in DVD folder. All in CD/DVD Drawer.) AT THE JAZZ BAND BALL (CD) Original mono recordings from the 1924-1930 program. Includes musicians Bix Beiderbecke, Benny Goodman, Jimmy Dorsey, Tommy Dorsey. (CD/DVD DRAWER) AUSCHWITZ SURVIVOR: ROBERT LEROY (60 min.) 1997 Robert Leroy of Elgin, IL speaks to students about the horrors of this infamous concentration camp and the tragedies of the Holocaust. ISBE BALLADS & SONGS OF THE CIVIL WAR (CD) A collection of Civil War music played on historical instruments. (CD/DVD DRAWER) BEFORE WE RULED THE EARTH: HUNT OR BE HUNTED (DVD 49 min.) 2003 ―Using dramatic reenactments that integrate computer animations of species long extinct, this series tells the story of how hominids and early humans prevailed over both the elements and their competition‖—from the box. (CD/DVD DRAWER) BEFORE WE RULED THE EARTH: MASTERING THE BEASTS (DVD 50 min.) 2003 ―The story of how hominids and early humans prevailed over the elements and wild beasts is told using dramatic reenactments that integrate computer animations of species long extinct‖ – from the box. (CD/DVD DRAWER) BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: CITIZEN OF THE WORLD (50 min.) 1994 Biography of the American Renaissance man, inventor, civic leader, ambassador. (2 copies) BILLBOARD POP MEMORIES, THE 1920‘S (CD) Top music hits of the 1920‘s including music by Al Jolson, Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians, and Gene Austin. (CD/DVD DRAWER) COME AND TRIP IT: INSTRUMENTAL DANCE MUSIC, 1780s-1920s (CD) Music for dance from the time period. (CD/DVD DRAWER) KEN BURNS PRESENTS LEWIS & CLARK: THE JOURNEY OF THE CORPS OF DISCOVERY ( 2 cassettes 240 min.) c1997 This film tells the remarkable story of the entire Corps of Discovery – not just the two famous Captains, but the young army men, French-Canadian boatmen, Clark‘s African-American slave, and the Shoshone woman named Sacagawea, who brought along her infant son. CAVALCADE OF COMEDY (111 min.) Collection of classic shorts from the 20's and 30's, including work by Jack Benny, George Burns, and Gracie Allen. CHARLESTON (CD) Orchestra dance music for the most popular dance forms of the 20‘s. (CD/DVD DRAWER) THE ELIZABETHAN AGE (28 min.) 1990. Gives insight into the political, social, and cultural life of Elizabethan England. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE 20TH CENTURY: THE DAYS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD, 1900-1999 (5 DVDs, 8 hours) 2003 ―…documents the political turmoil, horrors of war, medical breakthroughs, scientific advancements, and social upheaval that made this century one of the most critical and turbulent periods in human history. Assembled from the archival vaults of Pathe and the BBC‖ – box EXPLORING THE RENAISSANCE: 1350-1650 A.D. (21 min.) 1994. Uses live-action footage from Italy and England, photos of museum materials, and dramatized segments to portray life in the Renaissance. Time spent in historical review of 1400 years before the Renaissance. (Includes Teacher's Guide with script, quiz, etc. in Teacher Guides drawer.) EYES ON THE PRIZE: AMERICA‘S CIVIL RIGHTS YEARS 1954-1965 (110 min.) c1991 This is a special two-hour school edition about America‘s civil rights struggle. The original six-hour film was broadcast on public television in 1987.


THE FABULOUS FIFTIES: VOLUME 1 1950-54 AND VOLUME 2 1955-59. (142 min. each) c1986 Part of the series Lowell Thomas Remembers. The Golden Age of Newsreels draws to a close as television becomes the major news media. Narrated by Lowell Thomas, the videos present news coverage of all the major events in this decade. FDR: THE WAR YEARS (50 min.) c1994. Documents the life of the statesman who guided America through the darkest years in modern world history. Begins with his unprecedented third term and follows through the Yalta Conference. A&E Television 500 NATIONS: CLASH OF CULTURES (49 min.) c1995 Volume 3 of the 8 volume 500 NATIONS miniseries. Native peoples confront Spanish expeditions into the Caribbean and the southeastern U.S. in the late 1400‘s. Their overtures of friendship and commerce run aground against the outsider‘s belief that wealth belongs to those strong enough to take it. FROM GERSHWIN‘S TIME: THE ORIGINAL SOUNDS OF GEORGE GERSHWIN, 1920-1945 (2 CDs) Includes 55-page booklet with information on the recordings and notes by Paul Moor. (CD/DVD DRAWER) THE GLORY OF THE MIDDLE AGES: CASTLES (18 min.) 1993 THE GLORY OF THE MIDDLE AGES: CATHEDRALS (16 min.) 1993 THE GLORY OF THE MIDDLE AGES: STAINED GLASS (15 min.) 1993 THE GREAT DEBATE (CD ROM) A collection of photographs, graphics, video clips, and original essays concerning issues of debate in political and popular culture in the United States during the 1960s. Includes the 1960 Nixon-Kennedy ―great debates,‖ the 1960 campaign, Civil Rights, The Cold War, Space travel, television in 1960, 1960s pop culture. (CD/DVD DRAWER) HOW THE WEST WAS LOST 3 volume set; (100 min. each) 1993. Documentary of the epic struggle for the American West; tragic plight of five Native American nations with recollections from the Indians‘ descendants, spectacular videography, rare historical documents, and archival photographs. The Discovery Channel‘s Collector‘s Edition Vol. 1: A Clash of Cultures; I Will Fight No More Forever Vol. 2: Always the Enemy; The Only Good Indian Is a Dead Indian Vol. 3: A Good Day to Die; Kill the Indian, Save the Man HOW TO DANCE THROUGH TIME: DANCES OF THE RAGTIME ERA, 1910-1920 (50 min.) c1999 Provides 44 step combinations and instructions to help viewers learn to dance the most popular social dances of the early 20th century. Each dance segment is introduced by a brief presentation of historical information. INVITATION TO ROCK N‘ ROLL ANNIVERSARY (2 CDs/ 2DVDs ?? min.) c2005 Music and video of classic songs and performances from the 1950s. (CD/DVD DRAWER) JAZZ BAND BALL: EARLY HOT JAZZ, SONG, AND DANCE (60 min.) A collection of early film clips (1925-1933), featuring song, dance, and instrumental performances of some of the giants of the Jazz Age, including Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Paul Whiteman, the Dorsey Brothers, and Bill "Bojangles" Robinson. Features clips of Bessie Smith's only screen performance, Bix Beiderbecke's sole appearance in a sound film, and an early Lee DeForest sound film of Ben Bernie's orchestra in which Jack Pettis plays what is probably the first jazz solo on film. (CD/DVD DRAWER)

KNIGHTS AND ARMOR (100 min.) c1994 The life and times of knights come alive through interviews, recreation, and historical artwork. Captures the chivalry and grandeur of the legendary times of knights. Very engaging. LESSONS IN DESIGN: A GARDEN IS A WORK OF ART (23 min.) How the world was shaped by 16 th century gardens. 1994 10

THE LIFE OF LEONARDO DA VINCI (Cross-referenced and annotated in Art.) MIGHTY TIMES: THE CHILDREN‘S MARCH (40 min.) 2005. DVD tells the story of how the young people of Birmingham, Alabama, braved the fire hoses and police dogs in 1963 and brought segregation to its knees. Their heroism moved President Kennedy to introduce the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a key piece of federal legislation that transformed not just the South, but the entire nation. (Includes 30-page Teacher Guide in Teacher’s Guide Drawer) MIGHTY TIMES: THE LEGACY OF ROSA PARKS (40 min.) 2002 Examines not only a watershed moment in the Civil Rights Movement, but also an inspiring story of everyday people whose example can be followed by young activists who seek social change in their communities today. Witnesses and participants in the Montgomery Bus Boycott are joined by their sons, daughters, grandchildren, cousins, nieces, and nephews to tell the story for Mighty Times. Archival footage and dramatic reenactments recreate the energy, joy, pain, and triumph of that period. (Includes guide in Teacher Guides Drawer) THE NEW DEAL: THE THIRTIES: VOL.1 1930-35 and VOL. 2 1935-39 (142 min. each) c1986 Part of the series Lowell Thomas Remembers. Lowell Thomas narrates memorable clips from the archives of Fox Movietone News. (OVERSIZE VIDEOS DRAWER) ONE SURVIVOR REMEMBERS: A TEACHING KIT FOR GRADES 8 THROUGH 12 DVD (DVD 39 min.) 2005 In the winter of 1945, on the day of her liberation from six years of Nazi rule, Gerda Weissmann clung to life at the end of a 350-mile death march. She weighed 68 pounds, her hair had turned white, and she had not had a bath in three years. She survived with courage, grace, and dignity. Kurt Klein, the soldier who liberated her, became her husband. This is Gerda‘s story. Academy Award winner for Best Documentary Short Subject. (CD/DVD Drawer) (Includes guide, resource booklet, and primary sources in Teacher Guide Drawer.) THE ROARING TWENTIES: VOL. 1 1919-24 and VOL. 2 1925-29 (142 min. each) c1986 Part of the series Lowell Thomas Remembers. Lowell Thomas narrates memorable clips from the archives of Fox Movietone News. (OVERSIZE VIDEOS DRAWER) ROOTS OF RESISTANCE: A STORY OF THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD (60 min.) c1990 From the series: The American Experience. This program uses the narratives of escaped slaves to recount the little-known story of black America‘s secret railroad to freedom. SACRED GROUND (60 min.) 1991. The story of the American Indian and his relationship to the land. Host Cliff Robertson takes you on a remarkable trip to the spiritual places that hold the secrets of courageous warriors and the legacy of these proud people. Learn about the fascinating myths and legends behind such geological marvels as Devil‘s Tower and Bear Butte. Visit sacred sites from New York to Oregon. SCAMS, SCHEMES & SCOUNDRELS (100 min.) c1997. Documentary by A&E Television. This program presents the inner workings of some of history's most outrageous scams and the men behind them. Includes: Victor Lustig who schemed to sell the Eifel Tower in Paris; Albert Abrams, who devised and sold medical devices promising miracle diagnosis and cures; Hans von Meegeren, master forger at Vermeers; Jefferson Randolph "Soaps" Smith, a successful con artist in the West and Alaska during the Gold Rush; Joey Skaggs, media hoaxter who has fabricated many news stories. SEA TALES: THE DOOMED VOYAGE OF THE ST. LOUIS (50 min.) c1996 In May of 1939, the ship ST. LOUIS departed Germany for Cuba with 930 Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazi regime. In one of the darkest chapters in WWII, they were refused admittance first by Cuba, and then by various nations, including the U.S. They eventually had to return to the continent they tried to leave, and many ultimately perished in the Holocaust. SMITHSONIAN COLLECTION OF CLASSIC JAZZ, VOL. 2 (CD) (CD/DVD DRAWER) SURVIVING THE DUST BOWL (60 min.) c1998 Featuring poignant interviews with witnesses and remarkable archival film footage and photographs, Surviving the dust bowl tells the heart-wrenching story of people who endured a series of almost Biblical scourges, from drought and famine to a plague of jackrabbits. 11

TIME: IMAGES OF 1990 by Time Magazine (45min.) c1991 Recaptures some of the highlights of surprising 1990. THE VICTORIAN ERA (31 min.) Introduces the social, economic, and political changes in Britain during the reign of Queen Victoria. (Includes Teacher Guide in Teacher’s Guide Drawer) VIETNAM: THE TEN THOUSAND DAY WAR (49 min. each) c1985 Originally released as a film documentary in 1980; 13 videocassettes; color with b&w sequences; each discusses the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. Contents: v 1. America in Vietnam; v 2 Dien Bien Phu; v 3 Days of Decision; v 4 Uneasy Allies; v 5 Trail; v 6 Firepower; v 7 Siege; v 8 Frontline America; v 9 Soldiering on; v 10 The village war; v 11 Peace; v 12 Surrender; v 13 The unsung soldiers. (Volumes 5, 6, 7, 9, 12 are missing.) WAR LETTERS. An American Experience documentary. PBS. THE WAR YEARS: THE FORTIES VOL. 2 1945-49 (142 min.) c1986 From the series Lowell Thomas Remembers Lowell Thomas narrates memorable clips from the archives of Fox Movietone News. WORLD WAR II (CD ROM) A fully illustrated military history with over 1350 original press and military photographs. (CD/DVD DRAWER) WORLD WAR II, A NEWSREEL LIBRARY OF (90 min.) c1992 Presents 84 carefully edited, black-andwhite Hearst newsreels from combat footage. YANKEE DOODLE DANDY (126 min.) c1942 starring James Cagney. b & w Story of George M. Cohan. LOCAL INTEREST RED BUD FEATURED ON THE JIMMY BRESLIN SHOW (60 min.) Mid-1980‘s Jimmy Breslin decided that Red Bud was a great example of this area and its people, so he interviewed various citizens in the Red Bud Café, a bowling alley, a football game, a wedding, and other locations. He used this as a 60 minute segment on his show Jimmy Breslin‘s People. Mrs. Traser interviewed! RED BUD HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR VIDEO ‘98 A project of Mrs. Franklin‘s art classes; shows pictures of members of the class of 1998 during childhood, grade school, various RBHS school activities, and their senior pictures. RED BUD HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR VIDEO ‘99

MATHEMATICS DONALD IN MATHMAGIC LAND (27 min.) Walt Disney Educational Media Company (2 copies) MATH-WHO NEEDS IT?! (55 mins.) c1991 taped from PBS; A highly entertaining video on the importance of math and motivation in math courses, starring inspirational teacher, Jaime Escalente, and his students in Garfield High School of East Los Angeles. Cameos starring Bill Cosby, Joe Piscopo, Dizzy Gillespie, Terri Garr, etc. THE POWER OF ALGEBRA 1988 Interesting film using a combination of cartoon characters, interviews, workplace scenerios, etc. Various segments cover ―Order of Operation,‖ ―Basic Properties,‖ ―Positive and Negative Numbers,‖ ―Positive Exponents,‖ ―Polynominals‖, and ―Factoring.‖ Taped from WSIU Channel 8. POETRY POETRY SERIES: THE POWER OF THE WORD with Bill Moyers ANCESTRAL VOICES Garrett Hongo, Joy Harjo, and Mary Tallmountain, poets; DANCING ON THE EDGE OF THE ROAD Stanley Kunitz, poet; THE LIVING LANGUAGE James Autry and Quincy Troupe, poets; THE SIMPLE ACTS OF LIFE Robert Bly, Galway Kinnell, Sharon Olds, Octavio Paz, and William Stafford, poets; VOICES 12

OF MEMORY Li-Young Lee and Gerald Stern, poets; WHERE THE SOUL LIVES Robert Bly, Lucille Clifton, and W.S. Merwin, poets

SCIENCE ANTS: HUNTERS AND GARDENERS (10 min.) 1986 National Geographic video that reveals the intricate social structure and complex behavior patterns of army ants and leaf-cutting ants. AN ECOSYSTEM: A STRUGGLE FOR SURVIVAL (22 min.) 1975 National Geographic video that follows ecologist Dr. Stephen Berwick as he visits the tiny Indian forest call Gir. You will learn elements of the Gir Forest ecosystem, learn why the hunting habits of the Asiatic lion have changed, explore the lifestyle of the Maldharis, and examine possible solutions to the problems of the Gir Forest. FLOOD!: NOVA‘S PRESENTATION: Public Broadcasting System. Flood! was taped on 3/26/96 and includes segment on Prairie du Rocher and interviews with local citizens. Trying to find commercial version. FLOOD OF 1993: PRAIRIE DU ROCHER (7 min.) A segment from the television show HOW‘D THEY DO THAT? Includes interviews with local townspeople and graphs of how the flood was used to fight the flood. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: GORILLA (60 min.) c1981 American Sign Language. Meet Koko, the gorilla who ―speaks‖

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: LAND OF THE TIGER (60 min.) c1985 This film takes the viewer into the world of the exquisite jungle cat. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: SHARKS (60 min.) c1985 Get closer than ever before to nature‘s most fearsome predator. NATURE‘S FURY: A DECADE OF DISASTERS (60 min.) 1989 In the 1980‘s, the earth rebelled with earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, raging fires, and deadly cold that rocked all corners of the globe. Witness as disasters test man‘s courage and will to survive. NOVA‘S ADVENTURES IN SCIENCE SERIES: HURRICANE! (60 min.) 1989 Contains a data-gathering flight into the eye of Hurricane Gilbert in September 1988 and first-hand accounts of Hurricane Camille, the most devastating storm to hit the United States. A technical approach. KILLER QUAKE! (60 min.) 1994 Covers the 1994 Los Angeles earthquake, then takes viewers from urban trench sites to the top of California‘s Santa Susanna Mountains in search of clues as to where Nature will strike next. LIGHTNING! (60 min.) 1995 Scientists tempt nature by creating the world‘s tallest lightning rod and trigger lightning bolts a few hundred feet from observers; also visits some of lightning‘s tragic victims, and culminates with a dazzling lightning show set to music. POND-LIFE FOOD WEB (10 min.) 1986, 1976 National Geographic film that examines the microscopic world of a pond, identifying its inhabitants and their interrelationships, including the complex pattern of food chains within the pond. THE STORM THAT DROWNED A CITY and THE STORM (60 min. for each; both recorded on same cassette) 2005 In The Storm That Drowned a City, NOVA reconstructs Hurricane Katrina‘s development and destruction and investigates causes of the flooding in New Orleans. In The Storm, Frontline chronicles over 40 years of federal responses to Gulf Coast hurricanes and their effectiveness. Each includes a separate Teacher‘s Guide with discussion questions, lesson plans, student handouts, and bibliographical references. Each includes Teacher Guide in Teacher Guide drawer. A SWAMP ECOSYSTEM (25 min.) 1983 This National Geographic film takes a look at the largest freshwater swamp in North America, the Okefenokee. Visits the vast peat bogs that are rich in animal and 13

plant life and shows the change in the ecosystem from lake and open wetlands to eerie cypress groves. Also describes the positive contributions that drought and fire make to the cycle of life in the swamps. TORNADO VIDEO CLASSICS VOL. I (90 min.) 1994 Combines 71 of the most famous and spectacular tornadoes with a dozen research experiments and information packed narration. Includes the famous Kansas Turnpike underpass video. Internationally acclaimed video. TORNADO VIDEO CLASSICS VOL. II (90 min.) 1994 Uses 42 new close-encounter tornadoes and explains how to track down tornadoes with the best storm chasers. TOUCHING THE VOID: A TRUE STORY (90 min.) 2003 Tells the story of two young men whose desire to conquer a mountain became a mountaineering legend about human endurance and the will to survive. After three and one half days, one fell and broke his leg. They knew they had to get off the mountain quickly. The uninjured climber began to lower the other down the mountain 300 feet at a time. More disaster. Another fall. How could anyone survive? Highest grossing British documentary ever and one of top 10 non-fiction films of all time in the United States.

SOCIAL STUDIES ARAB AND JEW: WOUNDED SPIRITS IN A PROMISED LAND PART I AND PART II (120 min.) c1989 PBS video This two hour special examines the tension between Arabs and Jews living within the lands under jurisdiction of the Israeli state, including the West Bank and the Gaza strip. ARE WE SCARING OURSELVES TO DEATH? (46 min.) c2002. Stossel in the Classroom series. A discussion of the things that Americans fear the most: crime, environmental pollution, food contamination, accidents, etc. and the way in which statistics and news reporting have made the situation seem worse than it is. Includes CD-ROM Teacher's Guide and Student Study Guide in Teacher Guides Drawer. BULLIES, LONERS, AND VIOLENCE (21 min.) c2002. Teen Files Flipped series. Kristin and her friends tease other students they consider nerds. Joey thrives on intimidation, pulling punches at other students to make them cringe. Kristin and Joey are "flipped" into a new school. Dressed like nerds, both are teased on the same day a nearby school shooting has happened. Other bullied students commiserate with them and mention thought of suicide or revenge. Students from Colombine and Santana high schools share their experiences, leading the students' decision to treat others fairly and do what they can to prevent school violence. Includes 28-page Teacher's Guide in Teacher Guides drawer. CULTUREGRAMS (CD ROM) 2002. The DVD version of the CultureGrams books which feature civilization, manners and customs, culture, and national characteristics of the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. (CD/DVD Drawer). DISCOVERING ENGLAND (86 min.) 1989 A comprehensive tour of enchanted England: London, Stonehenge, Cambridge and Oxford universities, Canterbury and Wells cathedrals, Windsor Castle, Stratford-upon-Avon, Tennyson‘s home, Sherwood Forest, etc. DISCOVERING GERMANY (86 min.) 1991 A journey through united Germany: medieval villages, the Black Forest, Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals, the baroque splendor of Wurzburg Castle Neuschwanstein which is ―Mad‖ King Ludwig II‘s vision of medieval splendor, the Berlin Wall, medieval Waitburg Castle rugged Saxonian Switzerland, etc. EYES ON THE PRIZE: AMERICA‘S CIVIL RIGHTS YEARS 1954-1965 (Cross-referenced and annotated in History) ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA COMPLETE HOME LIBRARY, 2003 (CD-ROM) (CD/DVD DRAWER) FREE LOADERS. VHS (48 min.) c2002. Stossel in the Classroom series. Depicts examples of freeloading such as celebrity freebies, pan handlers, "corporate welfare," how the poor, middle class and rich freeload using the government. Includes CD-ROM Teacher and Student Guides in Teacher Guides drawer. 14

GREED. VHS (41 min.) c2002. Stossel in the Classroom series. Explores how the profit motive has spurred civilization's accomplishments. Provides examples that show in order to get money from people, one must provide value for them in return; thus, everybody wins. Interviews profit-motivated people ranging from Ted Turner to small business owners to assembly-line workers. Shows how their self-interest becomes society's gain. Includes CD-ROM Teacher and Student Guides in Teacher Guides drawer. THE INSURGENCY (60 min.) c2006. PBS/FRONTLINE. Explores the battle for one Iraqi town and presents vivid testimony from civilians whose families were targeted by insurgents who continue to challenge the most highly trained and best-equipped military in the world. The film features special access to insurgent leaders and the commanders of Iraqi and U. S. military units battling for control of the country, and detailed analysis from journalists who have risked their lives to meet insurgent leaders and their foot soldiers. Will help students understand the nature of the insurgency and how it has metastisized since the U. S. invasion of March 2003. Includes Teacher’s Guide in Teacher Guides drawer. IS AMERICA #ONE? (42 min.) c2002. Stossel in the Classroom series. Looks at what makes the United States successful and its citizens prosperous as compared to other countries and peoples in the world. Includes CD-ROM Teacher's Guide and Student Study Guide in Teacher Guides drawer. JOHN STOSSEL GOES TO WASHINGTON (43 min.) c2002. Stossel in the Classroom series. ABC News correspondent John Stossel looks at government waste, abuse, spending and mismanagement and how it affects our lives and our pocketbooks. Includes CD-ROM Teacher and Student Guides in Teacher Guides drawer. KEY CONSTITUTIONAL CONCEPTS (60 min.) 2005. Annenberg Foundation Trust. The DVD features three 20-minute sessions that examine the origins of the Constitution, individual rights, and separation of powers. CD/DVD Drawer MANDATE: THE PRESIDENT AND THE PEOPLE (60 min.) 2005. Annenberg Foundation Trust. The DVD examines the long and complex relationship between the presidency and public opinion. CD/DVD Drawer THE NEW ASYLUMS (60 min.) c2005. PBS/FRONTLINE. Fewer than 55,000 Americans currently receive treatment in psychiatric hospitals. Meanwhile, almost 10 times that number, nearly 500,000, mentally ill men and women are serving time in U. S. jails and prisons. As sheriffs and prison wardens become the unexpected and often ill-equipped caretakers of this burgeoning populations, they raise a troubling new concern: Have America‘s jails and prisons become its new asylums? Includes additional resources in Teacher Guides drawer. OUR CONSTITUTION: A CONVERSATION (30 min.) 2005. Annenberg Foundation Trust. On the DVD Supreme Court Justices Sandra Day O‘Connor and Stephen Breyer talk about the Constitution with high school students and discuss why we have and need a constitution, what federalism is, how implicit and explicit rights are defined, and how separation of powers ensures that no one branch of government obtains too much power. CD/DVD Drawer A PLACE AT THE TABLE (40 min.) c2000. Southern Poverty Law Center. The video uses historical photos and archival and contemporary film footage to tell the story of our nation‘s struggle to ensure liberty and justice for all. Features the ―courageous efforts of unsung heroes who toppled barriers in education, voting, employment, housing and other areas in order to participate more fully in our democracy.‖ Eight teenagers narrate. Includes 144-page booklet and 29-page Teacher’s Guide in Teacher Guides drawer. PREJUDICE: THE MONSTER WITHIN (30 min.) c1996 Weaves interviews with middle and high school students, who discuss their own experiences and attitudes about prejudice, with background information on examples of prejudice from slavery to the crisis in Bosnia. Examines the reasons that prejudices have developed as well as how each of us can identify prejudice in ourselves and work to overcome it. Includes 21-page Teacher's Guide in Teacher Guides drawer. RACISM (21 min.) c2002. Teen Files Flipped series. Chris and Michael must confront their prejudices and reevaluate their feelings when they come face to face with the frightening consequences of hate. Includes 32-page Teacher's Guide in Teacher Guides Drawer. 15

SEPARATE BUT EQUAL (2 cassettes 193 min.) 1991. Sidney Poitier, Burt Lancaster, and Richard Kiley The detailed story of the Supreme Court's 1953 decision to abolish racial segregation in schools. THE SHADOW OF HATE: A HISTORY OF INTOLERANCE IN AMERICA (40 min.) 1995. Southern Poverty Law Center. Examines four centuries of United States history in order to understand the nation‘s record of intolerance. Includes documentary footage and eyewitness reports. Includes teacher’s guide and supplementary text in Teacher’s Guide Drawer. A TIME FOR JUSTICE (38 min.) 1992. Southern Poverty Law Center. Depicts the battle for civil rights, recalling the crises in Montgomery, Little Rock, Birmingham, and Selma, and reveals the heroism of the individuals involved. Includes Teacher’s Guide and supplementary text in Teacher Guides Drawer. TOLERANCE. (21 min.) c2001. Teen Files Flipped series. Explores the origins and characteristics of hate through the eyes of two typical American teenagers: one, intolerant of obesity, and the other, offended by homosexuality. Misled into believing that they were chosen as the two hosts of a new MTV show called "Rookies", the teenagers find themselves in bewildering situations that force them to come face-to-face with their own insecurities, bigotry and hatred -- on box. Includes 28-page Teacher's Guide in Teacher Guides drawer. THE U.S. CONGRESS AND YOU with Representative Jerry Costello (30 min.) 2002 Distributed by the Committee for Citizen Awareness, Washington D.C. Includes short Teacher’s Guide in Teacher Guides drawer. WELCOME TO THE WHITE HOUSE: WHITE HOUSE HISTORY ON THE WEB CD-Computer. 2004. The CD is a teacher‘s guide to the White House, organized into segments: Historical Tours; Timelines; Classroom; Music Educator‘s Kit; Online Shows; and more. Includes folded sheets and booklet. CD and teacher guide material is ALL available in the Teacher Guides Drawer.


AUDIO TAPES/CDs (Located on shelf between Fiction Room and Mrs. McCutcheon's office) These tapes are arranged alphabetically by the author's last name. Dramatizations involve a cast of readers and sound effects. Narrated tapes involve a single narrator. ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN by Mark Twain. (8 audiocassettes 11.75 hours) Narrated by Norman Dietz. Unabridged BENITO CERENO by Herman Melville. (1 cassette 58 min.) Dramatization. Finding a crippled Spanish slave ship, an American captain tries to figure out the dark mystery surrounding the ship‘s fate and that of her captain, Benito Cereno. (Includes read-along script) Abridged BEST-LOVED POEMS edited by Philip Smith. Read by Earl Hammond. (1 audiocassette 60 min.) Features 36 poems from the Renaissance through the 20th century. (Includes a 112-page booklet ―100 BestLoved Poems‖) THE BEST OF WILL ROGERS (2 audiocassettes, 60 min. each) Selections from Will Rogers‘ radio programs. A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR‘S COURT by Mark Twain. (In three parts: 1 cassette per part/60 min. per cassette) Dramatization. An inventive 19 th century Yankee makes himself ―The Boss‖ and sets out to modernize medieval England! (Includes read-along script) Abridged DAISY MILLER by Henry James. (1 Cassette 47 min.) Dramatization. The story is more about Frederick Winterbourne than it is about Daisy. In it we see the inner thoughts and conflicts of both. (Includes readalong script) Abridged DRACULA by Bram Stoker. (In two parts: 1 cassette per part/60 min. per cassette) Dramatization. (Includes read-along script) Abridged EDGAR ALLAN POE‘S THE RAVEN AND OTHER FAVORITE POEMS by Edgar Allan Poe. Read by Larry Keith. (1 audiocassette 75 min.) Includes 41 of Poe‘s poems including ―Annabel Lee.‖ Includes 64page booklet of the poems on the tape. FAHRENHEIT 451 by Ray Bradbury. Narrated by Alexander Spencer. (4 cassettes 5.5 hours) Unabridged FAR FROM THE MADDENING CROWD by Thomas Hardy. Narrated by Julie Christie. (2 cassettes) The story of beautiful and willful Bathsheba Everdene, mistress of Weatherbury Upper Farm, and the three men who love her. Abridged. 50 FAMOUS COMMERCIALS FROM YESTERYEAR (1 cassette, 30 min.) FRANKENSTEIN by Mary Shelley (In 2 parts: 1 Cassette per part/60 min. per cassette). Dramatization. (Includes read-along script) Abridged THE INVISIBLE MAN by H.G. Wells. (1 Cassette 60 min.) Dramatization. A young scientist‘s blind ambition leads him to rob his own father and prematurely experiment on his own body. (Includes read-along script) Abridged KINGS OF COMEDY: THE MOST FAMOUS COMEDIANS IN THE HISTORY OF RADIO (5 CDs 60 min. each) Ten original radio broadcasts from the golden age of radio. Featuring famous comedians in the history of radio: Abbot & Costello, Milton Berle, Amos ‗n‘ Andy, W.C. Fields, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby, Fred Allen, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Groucho Marx, Charlie McCarthy, Jackie Gleason, Red Skelton and Zero Mostel.


JANE EYRE by Charlotte Bronte. Narrated by Dame Wendy Hiller. (2 cassettes 180 minutes) The story of Jane Eyre, from her unhappy childhood as an orphan to her adult life and eventual happiness. (Includes read-along text.) Abridged. JULIUS CAESAR by Michael Grant. Narrated by Nelson Runger. (6 cassettes 9 hours) Using a broad collection of sources, historian Michael Grant reconstructs the career of Julius Caesar from his youthful priesthood serving the supreme Roman deity through his campaigns in Europe and Africa to the base of Pompey‘s statue where he met a treacherous end – from the cover. LINCOLN: A NOVEL by Gore Vidal. Narrated by Gore Vidal. (2 cassettes 180 min.) Vidal brings Lincoln to life richly and vividly in this magnificent novel. Abridged. MACBETH by William Shakespeare. (2 cassettes 150 min.) Full-cast performance by the Shakespeare Recording Society. Unabridged.

MEMORY MADE EASY (3 cassettes and one reference guide) How to Remember Names How to Remember Lists Special Types of Remembering NORTHANGER ABBEY by Jane Austen. Narrated by Joanna Lumley. (2 cassettes). Abridged. OLIVER TWIST by Charles Dickens. Narrated by Flo Gibson. (11 audiocassettes 16.5 hours). Unabridged THE PRAIRIE by James Fenimore Cooper. (In 3 parts: 1 cassette per part/60 min. per cassette). Dramatization. Natty Bumpo is an old trapper living on the boundless, unsettled prairie. The exciting conclusion to the Leatherstocking Tales. (Includes read-along script) Abridged RED BADGE OF COURAGE by Stephen Crane. (In 2 parts: 1 cassette per part/60 min. per cassette). Dramatization. (Includes read-along script) Abridged THE REDUCED SHAKESPEARE COMPANY RADIO SHOW performed by Adam Long, Reed Martin, and Austin Tichenor. (2 audiocassettes 3 hours). Humorous take on Shakespeare‘s plays. THE SCARLET LETTER by Nathaniel Hawthorne. (In 2 parts: 1 cassette per part/60 min. per cassette). Dramatization. (Includes read-along script) Abridged THE SKULL BENEATH THE SKIN by P.D. James. (2 cassettes 180 min.) Dramatization. P.D. James combines the classic ingredients of a murder mystery with the elements of a horror story. Abridged. SLAUGHTER HOUSE 5 by Kurt Vonnegut. Narrated by Jose Ferrer. (2 cassettes 130 min.) Abridged. SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET adapted by Bernard Mayes from Earl Victorian sources. (1 Cassette 60 min.) Dramatization. The famous Victorian horror story of Sweeney Todd, the barber, Lizzy Lovett, the baker, and their grisley business connection. (Includes read-along script) Abridged A TALE OF TWO CITIES by Charles Dickens. Narrated by Jack Sondericker. (12 audiocassettes 15.5 hours) Dickens‘ classic story of the French Revolution and the unremitting vengeance of both Mesdames Defarge and La Guillotine. Unabridged AN UNKINDNESS OF RAVENS by Ruth Rendell. Narrated by Davina Porter. (6 cassettes 9.25 hours) A murder mystery with rave reviews. Unabridged AN UNSUITABLE JOB FOR A WOMAN by P.D. James. (2 audiocassettes 120 min.) Full-cast dramatization for BBC Radio. One of P.D. James‘ most suspenseful murder mysteries.


WALT WHITMAN‘S SELECTED POEMS by Walt Whitman. (1 audiocassette 60 minutes) Read by Brian Murray. Some of Whitman‘s best including nine from Leaves of Grass. (Includes 128-page booklet of Whitman‘s poetry.) WUTHERING HEIGHTS by Emily Bronte. (8 audio cassettes 11 hours) Narrated by Flo Gibson. Powerful and passionate love story. Unabridged


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