; minutes of a regular meeting of the decatur - Decatur Park District
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minutes of a regular meeting of the decatur - Decatur Park District


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									                MINUTES OF A REGULAR MEETING OF THE
               AT 12:00 NOON ON THE 16th DAY OF MAY, 2012

The Board of Park Commissioners of Decatur Park District, Macon County, Illinois, met in
a regular session on Wednesday, the 16th day of May, 2012 at the hour of 12:00 Noon at
the Decatur Park District Administration Office, 620 E. Riverside Avenue, Decatur,
Illinois at which time and place there were present the following officers and members of
said Board:

                      Jack Kenny, Vice President
                      Bob Brilley, II, Commissioner
                      Cindy Deadrick-Wolfer, Commissioner
                      Don Luy, Commissioner

                      Absent: Chris Riley, President

A quorum of the members of the Board of Park Commissioners being present, Vice
President Kenny called the meeting to order and declared the Board to be in session for the
transaction of business.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States was recited.

NO. 15353 A motion to approve items 1-3 on the Consent Agenda was made by
Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer and seconded by Commissioner Luy. Upon call of the roll
all of the Commissioners voted aye. Motion passes.

       1. Minutes of the previous meeting
       2. Approval of the Purchase of a Replacement Rough Mower for Red Tail Run
          Golf Course (Capital Purchase)
       3. Bills for approval and checks issued in payment

NO. 15354 Park District Attorney Ed Booth explained that at the June 6th Board meeting
the time schedule was changed for FY12-13 to reflect the first meeting of the month being
held at 5:30 p.m. and the second meeting of the month remaining at 12:00 Noon. Prior to
this being passed, a Notice was publicized for a Public Hearing to be held at 12:00 Noon
on June 6th to adopt the Annual Budget and Appropriation Ordinance of the Decatur Park
District for FY 2012-2013. Therefore an amended schedule needed to be adopted showing
the first meeting of the month at 5:30 p.m. beginning with the first meeting in July.
Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer moved to adopt the amended schedule showing that both
meetings in June will be held at 12:00 Noon. The motion was seconded by Commissioner
Luy. All voted aye upon call of the roll.
NO. 15355 Bid requests were sent to eight companies for asphalt replacement in Fairview
Park extending from the west end bridge to the top of the hill by the rose garden. Staff
recommended approval of the bid received from Dunn Company in the amount of $49,855.
This roadway work is in the capital budget. Commissioner Luy made and Commissioner
Brilley seconded a motion to approve the bid from Dunn Company. Upon call of the roll
all voted aye.

NO. 15356 Staff recommended approval of Resolution No. 2012-7 resolving the support
of the Park Board of Commissioners in Phase II of the Stevens Creek Bike Trail extension
through Cresthaven Park from Greendell Park and continuing to connect with the Village
of Forsyth. This Resolution is required for grant purposes. Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer
made a motion; seconded by Commissioner Kenny to approve Resolution No. 2012-7. All
voted aye upon call of the roll.

NO. 15357 Staff recommended approval of Resolution No. 2012-8 adopting the
Nelson/Chandler Parks Master Plan as an addendum to the Decatur Park District Master
Plan. This Resolution is required for OSLAD grant purposes. Commissioner Luy made a
motion seconded by Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer to approve Resolution No. 2012-8.
Upon call of the roll all voted aye.

FOUNDATION – President Judy Locke stated that the William T. Eichenauer Wolf Art
Exhibit was a successful event with over 100 people in attendance. Many nice comments
were heard on the exhibit. This marks the kickoff of the Zoo’s “Summer of the Wolf.”

Dorothy Morey is pleased with the work planned for the rose garden in Fairview Park. The
garden will include a variety of flowers in addition to roses.

Three new Foundation members include: Jim Schwarz (Dunn Company), Mindy Chadwick
(community volunteer) and Margo Rozelle (Kroger).

The next Zoo-rific Evening meeting will be held on May 30 at 12:00 noon at Robbie’s.

Director Anderson added that the Zoo Open is Friday with lunch at 11:30 and the
welcoming ceremony at 12:00 noon. On-course activities will include Break the Glass,
Chip ‘n for Critters, Longest Drive with Mick Yelovich and Park District pros on the par

AIRPORT – Airport Director Joe Attwood stated that construction will begin soon on two
projects: fencing and pavement replacement. The fence replacement is a government
requirement and largely funded by federal money.

The Airport roofing project is completely finished.

Craig Coil (EDC) is helping find an establishment to fill the UPS building.
OPERATIONS – Director of Operations Jim Kiefer shared that many people have voiced
concerns over the emerald ash borer which slowly kills the tree from the top down.
Individuals have expressed an interest in donating replacement trees, but trees of a
different variety are preferred. Treating the insect would take a $1,500 application two-
times per year.

Staff has been receiving calls in regards to garbage in the parks. Recent vandalism has
included theft of the big garbage barrels to turn in to scrap metal. When the barrels are
replaced with plastic ones, however, vandals set them on fire.

The Fairview Park west end bridge will be passable on Friday.

The Nelson Dog Park parking lot should be ready by the middle of next week with the
concrete slabs being poured.

Greenhouse staff has been busy throughout the District planting annuals and perennials
which were grown in the greenhouse all winter.

GOLF – Director Rick Anderson shared that on May 10, LPGA pro Jennifer Song
presented the Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and our LPGA Junior Girls
Golf Club with a donation from her 2012 winnings similar to her previous donation from
her Ladies Pro Golf Association (LPGA) winnings. Song is a great role model for youth
and a strong supporter of the game of golf. The Tate & Lyle Players Championship is the
4th longest running women’s golf tour in the world. Ms. Song’s appearance in Decatur was
great recognition for the tournament and the Decatur community.

RECREATION & FACILITIES – Director Becky Newton stated that the ribbon cutting
for the Scovill Zoo’s new entryway, concession stand and restrooms is on Friday at 9:30
a.m. This will take place under the new archway near the new wolf window viewing area.

The yellow bus season has proved to be a very busy time for the Zoo with 900 school
students there earlier this week. As the end of the school year nears there will be as many
as 1,600 kids at the Zoo in a day.

Staff is getting ready for the opening of Fairview Aquatics Center and Fairview Tennis
Complex. Youth baseball and softball opened last weekend at Rotary Park with Red Bird
Rookies opening day scheduled for June 2nd. Cookin’ with the Chorale will be held the
weekend of June 2-3.

Representatives from the Bass Masters Tour were at Nelson Park this morning to view the
grounds and area around the Lake. They were impressed with the plans for the festival and
the amenities that we can offer.

Director Newton reminded everyone that the District offers a sponsorship program for kids
who would like to be involved in any Park District activities or programs.
CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER BUHR stated that administration staff are preparing for
the first visit by the auditors which will take place in mid-June.

Due to paying off the early retirement plan in two years instead of the projected seven
years, the District saved $150,000. This is a $300,000 savings over the budgeted amount.

Ryan Raleigh introduced new full time employee Kristi Orrick as the Human Resources

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR CLEVENGER responded to an article which appeared in the
local newspaper regarding the elimination of replacement taxes. There is the possibility
that the District could lose approximately $600,000 if this occurs. Losing that revenue
stream would have a dire impact to the Park District. IAPD representatives will keep staff
apprised. Executive Director Clevenger has called the District’s Legislators and
encouraged the Commissioners to do the same. Ms. Childress will supply contact
information to Commissioners this afternoon.

Commissioner Brilley stated that sponsorships for the Richie Hammel Four on the Floor
Car Show total $2,000 presently. The goal is to raise $10,000 with proceeds benefiting the
First Tee program.

Positive comments have been heard from the community in regards to the Lakefront
Development project. Commissioner Brilley has also received many compliments on the
condition of the ball fields. People are excited that the concession stands will be opening as

Commissioner Kenny stated that it is good to know that City Council members are on
board with the Lakefront Development.

Commissioner Brilley made and Commissioner Luy seconded a motion that the meeting
adjourn. All of the Commissioners voted aye and the meeting adjourned at approximately
12:50 p.m.

                                              President, Board of Park Commissioners

Secretary, Board of Park Commissioners

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