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July_ Aug_ Sept 2011 - Saints Sahag and Mesrob Armenian Church

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									               81st Annual Bazaar                                                                    In This Issue
    Harvest season is now upon us and with that we look forward       81st Annual Bazaar…………………………………...…………………….                                      1
to hosting another successful bazaar for our Church community.        Holy Etchmiadzin News.……………………..…………………………..                                     2
We are always looking for ways to improve upon our success, and       60th Birthday of the Catholicos of All Armenians……………………                         2
                                                                      Catholicos Receives Crew of “Armenia”………………………………                                2
this year is no different. We are making a couple changes that we     The Ship “Armenia”……………………………………………………….                                         2
want to make you aware of. First off, in efforts to streamline our    “Ministry of the Faithful” Archbishop Khajag Barsamian………….                      3
requests for support, we are dispensing with the Cash Raffle. We      Ten Years After Sept. 11, 2001…………………………………………..                                 3
will still have the daily raffles throughout the bazaar but we will   Publishing Information….………………………………………………..                                     4
                                                                      Parish Council Corner…………………………………………………....                                     4
not be mailing out tickets for a cash raffle. Our hope is that the    Food Drive……………..……………………………………………………                                            4
support derived from the raffle will be channeled to support two      Our Pastor's Perspectives….…………………………………....….…...                               5
key contributors to our bazaar success, namely our Wish List          Church Name Day…………...……………………………………………..                                        5
(Paros p.9) and our Sponsor Book (Paros p.14). Included in the        Salute to Armenia……..…………………………………....…..………….                                   6
                                                                      Church Etiquette…………………………………………………………..                                         7
mailing is information about how you can support these two            Dear Armenian Community of Rhode Island .....…...……………….                         7
critical means of revenue.                                            Important Armenian Church Websites………………………………...                                7
    Under the directorship of Laurie Onanian, we are enhancing        81st Annual Food Fair & Bazaar…..……………………………………                                  8
our sponsor book so that it will serve as a resource book,            Bazaar Wish List…………………………………………………………..                                         9
                                                                      100th Anniversary Notice…………………………………………………                                      9
professionally printed and filled with important information about    Dues/Stewardship………………………………………………………….                                          9
our church, culture and community – in hopes of increasing its        100th Anniversary Stained Glass Window Project…………………..                          9
value as a reference book that you will find helpful throughout the   Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church Bazaar........................................    9
year.                                                                 Armenian School……………....………………….................................                10
                                                                      Bazaar Gift Certificates…..……………………………………………….                                  10
    With your support and sponsorship, our book will include          News From The Pews………..….………………………………………..                                      10
many key points of information about our church and its               2011 Annual Picnic..……………………………………………………….                                      11
traditions, including such items as the Five Major Feast Days of      Women's Guild Family Night ……………………………………………                                    12
the Armenian Church, a Brief History of our Patron Saints, our        17th Annual Children’s Talent Show…………………………………..                               12
                                                                      Listing of Clergymen 1945 – Present..………………...……………….                           13
Church Organizations, area Armenian organizations, Armenian           Bazaar Resource Book……………………………...……………….......                                 14
Recipes, along with business advertorials aimed to impart some        Call for Photos……………………………..……………………………....                                     14
helpful hints on a variety of topics. Included in this letter are     Fr. Shnork's Mission Statement………………………………………...                                14
some sponsorship examples, along with a sponsor request form.         ACYOA……………………………………………………………………….                                               15
                                                                      2011 Armenian Saints Softball Team……………………………….….                               15
We hope that you will support our bazaar in numerous ways,
                                                                      Origin of Der Shnork Souin's last name ……………………………...                           16
including donating to our Wish List and becoming a sponsor of         Armenian Sports ...…..…………………………………………………….                                     16
the Saints Sahag & Mesrob Armenian Church Resource Book, in           ACYOA Christmas With Onnik Danc…………………………………...                                 16
celebration of our 81st annual bazaar. With your help we will         Love Thy Neighbor – Outreach………………………………………….                                   16
                                                                      Junior Choir/ Nazeli Dance Group Block Ialand Trip…………….…                       17
surely reap a great harvest!
                                                                      Ladies Aid Trip…………….……………………………………………….                                        17
    God Bless you and your loved ones for all your participation      Baptisms, Marriages, Funerals, Thank You, Apologies!................            17
in the life of our Church.                                            Outreach Trudeau Center………………………………………………..                                     17
    Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church will be hosting its 81st           Membership / Stewardship……………………………………………….                                     18
Annual Bazaar on November 4th, 5th and 6th.                           Newsletter Committee………………..................................................    19
                                                                      Advertise in the Paros…………………………………………………….                                     19
Prayerfully, Reverend Father Shnork Souin                             Administrative Information……………………………………………….                                   19
                                                                      Calendar of Events………………………………………………………...                                      20
1                               January/February/March 2011                            “Paros” Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church
                                                  Holy Etchmiadzin News
    Pontifical Prayer on the Occasion of the 60th
    Birthday of the Catholicos of All Armenians

                                                                   giving them his blessings and appreciation. His Holiness
                                                                   expressed his confidence that their accomplishments would be
                                                                   highly appreciated and praised by the Armenian nation.
                                                                      On behalf of the crew of the boat “Armenia”, Mr. Zori
                                                                   Balayan extended his appreciation to the Armenian Pontiff for
   On August 21, in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, His        the warm reception.
Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All          At the conclusion of the meeting the Catholicos of All
Armenians, presided over the celebration of Divine Liturgy,        Armenians blessed the voyagers, who were kneeled before the
with the participation of Diocesan Primates of Armenia and         Holy Altar of Descent in the Mother Cathedral, once again
Members of the Brotherhood of the Mother See. The celebrant        wishing them success in their future journeys.
of the Liturgy was His Grace Bishop Anushavan Jamkochian,
Dean of the Mother Cathedral of St. Gregory the Illuminator
and Dean of the Theological Faculty of Yerevan State U.
   Representing the members of the Brotherhood of Holy
Etchmiadzin and the faithful, Bishop Anushavan extended
congratulations with filial love and respect on the occasion of
the 60th birthday of the Armenian Pontiff, wishing him many
vibrant days of life and productive Pontifical service to
continue his Pastoral mission to lead the nation with success.
   Following the sermon, there was a Pontifical Prayer for His
Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All
Armenians, offered by His Eminence Archbishop Pargev
Martirosian, Primate of the Diocese of Artsakh. The clergies
and faithful raised their prayers to Almighty God asking Him                         The Ship “Armenia”
to keep the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin unshaken, and              The ship “Armenia” finished its round-the-world
protect her zealous and diligent Pontiff, granting him strength    voyage: 42,000 sea miles across the Atlantic, Pacific and
and power to implement the God-pleasing projects of Church-        Indian oceans.
building activities for the welfare of our Holy Church and the        The talismans during the voyage were two containers
wellbeing of our faithful nation.                                  with earth from Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh and a
   At the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy, the Members of         book with the names of 6,000 soldiers killed during the
the Brotherhood escorted His Holiness to the Pontifical            Nagorno-Karabakh war.
Residence, where they congratulated the Catholicos of All             One of the most remarkable adventures was the
Armenians and conveyed him their best wishes.                      erection of an Armenian cross at Cape Horn (Tierra del
      Catholicos Receives Crew of “Armenia”                        Fuego, Chile) in the memory of all innocent victims in
                                                                   the world. It was a dangerous undertaking as Cape Horn
   On September 6, in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin,
                                                                   is known for its stormy winds.
His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of
                                                                      The crew collected lots of interesting footage that will
All Armenians, received the crew of the sailing boat
                                                                   be compiled into a film.
“Armenia” led by the captain, writer and publicist, Mr. Zori
                                                                      There were sections of the trip when the ship was
                                                                   accompanied by military patrols as small ships are a
     His Holiness noted with joy that their trip was a success.
                                                                   good prey for pirates.
 “We are aware of the happiness which you generate by your
                                                                      The menu of the crew during the voyage was
visits to the Armenian communities, instilling a sense of pride
                                                                   sandwiches, rice, macaroni and fish they caught.
     to our offspring through your courageous acts. These             The voyage ended with a ceremony in Cyprus, that
 occasions inject new inspiration to the spirits of our sons and   was attended by Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan.
  daughters and gives them strength to continue their nation-
  preserving activities”, the Armenian Pontiff stated in part,         More news from the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin
                                                                        can be found at:
2                                     “Paros” Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church                 July/August/September 2011
                  Primate of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America
                                                      “Ministry of the Faithful”
                                                                          I feel that this ministry is being performed whenever and
                                                                      however you participate in church life. Perhaps you are a
                                                                      member of the choir, or a deacon on the altar, or a teacher in
                                                                      Sunday School or Armenian School. Perhaps you serve on the
                                                                      Women's Guild, or another parish organization.
                                                                          Or perhaps you are comforting a fellow parishioner in pain;
                                                                      reaching out to a human being in need; or lending moral or
                                                                      material support to others. Each of these is a service to our
                                                                      Lord-an opportunity to participate in the Ministry of the
                                                                          But in its broadest conception, the Ministry of the Faithful
                                                                      is not limited to the family, the parish, or even of the church as
                                                                      a whole. Indeed, your work as lay ministers of Christ can have
                                                                      profound consequences for the entire society we inhabit.
                        Follow Him                                        Still, it is in church, living and working side-by-side among
                                                                      our fellow Armenian Christians, that we receive the
   "Follow me," said our Lord Jesus Christ, "and I will make          inspiration and strength to carry this ministry forward.
you fishers of men" (Mt 4:19). He spoke these words to the                On Sunday, September 18, local parishes across our
simple fishermen whom he called to be his first disciples. But        Diocese inaugurated this year's theme: "The Call to Serve:
his call to "Follow me" also had a broader audience, as the           Ministry of the Faithful." I invite you to open yourselves to
evangelist Mark records:                                              the call of our Lord in your everyday lives. I hope that all of
                                                                      us, together, will come to a greater realization of the incredible
"Jesus called the people to him with his disciples, and said to       potential of lay ministry. And I have faith that our Diocese,
them: ‘Whoever would come after me, let him deny himself              and the Armenian Church overall, will grow stronger,
and take up his cross, and follow me'" (Mk 8:34).                     healthier, filled with greater creativity and inspiration, as we
                                                                      attend to Christ's call: "Follow me."
    Over and over again in the gospels, our Lord utters this call         May God bless all our people, and may He grant us many
to people from every station in life. "Follow me" is Christ's         occasions to serve Him, our society, and our fellow
invitation to join him, to become close to him, to walk in his        countrymen, under the radiant beauty of the Armenian
footsteps—and thus to know him more intimately.                       heritage.
    Life in the Armenian Church confirms the multi-faceted            With prayers,
nature of Christ's call. Certainly, in our church, one kind of
call is associated with the priesthood, and there is a unique         Archbishop Khajag Barsamian
ministry that goes with it.                                           Primate
    But Christ also calls in different ways to all his faithful
followers. Indeed, wearing the very name "Christian" means                         Ten Years After Sept. 11, 2001
that you are answering his call to "Follow me." It means that
                                                                          On Sunday, September 11, 2011, the faithful of the Eastern
you are striving to live in daily imitation of our Lord's
                                                                      Diocese of the Armenian Church of America joined our voices
example and spiritual message.
                                                                      with millions of our fellow Americans—and with people
    It means that, whether as a member of the clergy or the
                                                                      around the world—to offer prayers on the 10th anniversary of
laity of the church, you are performing Christ's ministry on
                                                                      the terrorist attacks on America.
                                                                          Like so many others, with the approach of this milestone I
    This idea of lay ministry—the "ministry of the faithful"—is
                                                                      have tried to recollect what it was like on that day a full
the theme of our Diocese this year. Throughout the coming
                                                                      decade ago. Americans of our generation have taken to
weeks and months, it will be the focus of our discussions and
                                                                      greeting every 11th of September in the same way - and I
activities-from the Diocesan level to our local parishes and
                                                                      imagine we will continue doing so for the remainder of our
individual families.
    Our theme is summed up in the title, "The Call to Serve:
                                                                         I vividly recall the spontaneous gathering in the sanctuary
Ministry of the Faithful," and through it, with our Lord's
                                                                      of St. Vartan Armenian Cathedral in New York City, on the
guidance, all of us as a Diocese will gain a deeper
                                                                      afternoon of September 11, 2001. I recall looking out from
understanding of lay ministry: where it begins, where it leads,
                                                                      the altar, and seeing all manner of people: familiar faces
and what it can mean for our church.
                                                                      alongside new ones from off the street. A number of people
    As ministers of our Lord, we are the lamp through which
                                                                      had narrowly escaped the disaster zone, and bore traces of dust
the light of Christ shines on others, illuminating them to the
                                                                      and debris from the collapsing Twin Towers. They had
presence of Christ in their lives. Through the power of the
                                                                      instinctively come to a place of peace and prayer, like so many
Holy Spirit, the people to whom we minister can themselves
                                                                      others in that great march northward through the city, which
become part of the Ministry of the Faithful.
                                                                      choked the streets around us with the refugees from southern

July/August/September 2011                             “Paros” Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church                                       3
    Although we did not know it at the time, three hours                              Parish Council Corner
earlier, in the very midst of the terrorist attacks, others had
followed the same instinct. On Flight 93, a young man facing         Dear Fellow Parishioners,
what he knew to be the final minutes of his life, spoke on a             It's been almost six months since I was blessed by having
cell-phone to a telephone operator he had never met. He asked        been elected Chairman of the Parish Council. At that time, we
her to pray with him, and together they recited the 23rd Psalm.      hit the ground running with many projects. Some of these had
Having uttered these words, Todd Beamer and the brave                been discussed in the past, while others were new projects.
passengers on the doomed Flight 93 proceeded to take the                 First, I, along with the Parish Council would like to
plane back from the hijackers, de-railing the terrorists' plan, at   formally welcome Der Shnork Souin and his family to our
the cost of their own lives.                                         parish. We are pledged in supporting Der Hayr in his ministry,
    This was only one of the many stories—heart-breaking and         and wish Der Hayr and his family many years of success as
inspiring at the same time—which we learned in the aftermath         they embark on their new journey to our parish.
of 9/11. Ten years later, those stories have become a part of            When we were installed as the new council, it was brought
our national culture: a part of America's own story. Perhaps         to our attention that Shake's house was in need of immediate
for that reason, the personal, human toll of that day has            repairs. Within days of our election, we made the necessary
receded into the background: a part of history we all share, but     improvements to Shake's house and completed those repairs.
take for granted.                                                        In the last couple of years, it was discovered the chandelier
    But on this solemn, milestone anniversary let us promise         in the sanctuary needed, but, was beyond repair. Funds were
never to forget these stories, or the people who lived them. Let     budgeted in prior years to purchase a new chandelier, which
us never forget the families of those who lost loved ones in the     we have now purchase and expect to have installed by the end
9/11 attacks—among them, people from our own community.              of the year.
Our thoughts are with them, as with all who have suffered and            In the past, there had been discussion about having
sacrificed in the long aftermath of that day.                        defibrillators on site for emergencies and I am pleased to
    Let us vow that their examples, their sacrifices, have not       report that we have now purchased two units and expect to
been made in vain; that each of us, to the best of our ability,      complete training on their usage in the coming weeks.
will continue the struggle to preserve freedom, justice, and             For many years, there has been discussion about improving
true peace against those who do not hold life sacred. And we         the kitchen with upgrades to benefit all organizations. We
pray too that—should we ever face our own fateful hour—              have begun the process by approving a pantry remodel, which
God will summon from us the same courage He drew from our            we expect to happen after the holidays. This is will include
lost countrymen, on that terrible day ten years ago.                 new walls, shelving, utensils, cooking supplies, pots, pans and
    Above all, as I search these ten-year-old memories, the          more.
words of the 23rd Psalm impress themselves upon me, as they              We have sent out two Membership Letters and have
did so powerfully on that day:                                       already scheduled a third. We also have planned a
The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want.                           "membership call night", scheduled in November, for Parish
He makes me lie down in green pastures.                              Council and Delegates making calls to those still unpaid.
He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul.                    We have not forgotten about our 100th anniversary, and
He leads me in the path of righteousness for his name's sake.        plans are underway to get re-started.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,            At the time of this writing, Der Hayr and the Parish
I fear no evil; for you are with me. Your rod and your staff, they   Council have also had opened discussions on improving the
comfort me.                                                          facility; including Altar expansion, Sunday School classroom
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;         upgrades, floor repair in the Egavian Hall, building a proper
You anoint my head with oil. My cup overflows.                       storage facility for our tables and chairs, and building better
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.   storage for all church organizations.
And I shall dwell in the house of the LORD forever.                      I am honored to work with such a talented group of Parish
(Psalm 23)                                                           Council members, which is simply an extension of the talented
   May we all likewise dwell in our Lord's house, now and            parishioners we are blessed to have. Each council member
always. May He keep watch over the souls He drew to His              offers their Stewardship in the area they are best suited. I
kingdom on 9/11, and bestow His peace on their loved ones.           thank each for the overwhelming support they have given me.
May He grant guidance to our leaders, and strengthen the                 There is so much more to do and by working together we
resolve of those who stand in defense of our country. And may        will accomplish all our goals.
He always shed His shining grace on the United States of                 As always, feel free to contact me at anytime,
America.                                                   , or at 401-578-5816.
                                                                     Happy and Healthy Holidays to all-
Archbishop Khajag Barsamian
Primate                                                              Armen Janigian
                                                                     Parish Council Chairman
    Issued September 30th 2011
    Published 4 times a year                                                            FOOD DRIVE
    Saints Sahag and Mesrob Armenian Church                            Drop off bins are located in the Church foyer and
    70 Jefferson St, Providence, RI 02908-4923                                      at the elevator entrance
    Issue 11-03 - FREE

4                                       “Paros” Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church                   July/August/September 2011
                                                  Our Pastor's Perspectives
              The Ministry of the Faithful                           pleasing and never to be done for the purpose of personal
                       Fr. Shnork Souin                              pride, glory or ego. One must never do God’s bidding in
 But far be it from me to glory except in the cross of our Lord      expectation of nor for a desire of recognition from man but out
                          Jesus Christ.                              of love and service to God and His people. As Jesus so
                       Galatians 6:14-18                             lovingly offered His very best upon the Cross, so too are we,
                                                                     out of the same selfless love for Him and His Church, called to
                                                                     offer our best to God.
                                                                         The prophets and apostles speak of sacrifice and even
                                                                     calling us to be a living sacrifice, offering ourselves to God.
                                                                     This means that in the life of Christ and living under His
                                                                     protection, love and nourishment, all that we are all that we do
                                                                     is of Him, from Him and for Him. As He is eternally both
                                                                     High Priest and Sacrifice, the One offering and the One
                                                                     offered, then naturally we as His “spiritual” offspring and
                                                                     heirs, are to be in some way also both “priest” and “sacrifice”.
                                                                         Jesus is the fulfillment of the prophets, offering perfectly
                                                                     what His predecessors gave in preparation of His perfect
                                                                     Sacrifice. He valued the work of His forerunners and blessed
                                                                     them. The lesson is that we too who do the work of God
                                                                     according to our calling, regardless of where and how we
                                                                     serve in the body of Christ, must be appreciative for all the
                                                                     sacrifices of others and to value the work of our predecessors
                                                                     always seeking to build upon the foundation of the past.
                                                                         Every worker in the church is participating in Christ’s work
                                                                     and he or she is a “lay minister”. The work is a spiritual
                                                                     sacrifice and an offering to God on behalf of His church.
    The theme for the year 2011, for the Armenian Church-            Everything that we do in the church ought to be seen as self-
Eastern Diocese has been christened The Ministry of the              sacrificial and to the glory of God. Any work done for self or
Faithful by our Primate Abp. Khajag Barsamian. The ministry          for the glory of self or for anything other than to the Glory of
of the faithful is a call to all the children of the church to not   God is vainglory and not pleasing to God.
only recognize but enact their “priestly” calling to serve the           Whether you serve on the Altar, sing in the choir, serve on
Lord in all that they think, speak and do. By baptism, we are        Parish Council, a subcommittee or help at the bazaar, serve at
after all, “a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a      the soup kitchen, make monetary donations or prepare food
people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the             you are ministering to the church, you are exercising your
excellencies of Him who called you out of darkness into his          membership in the royal priesthood and demonstrating your
marvelous light” (1Peter 2:9). This means that everyone born         love for Christ and offering “glory” to Him.
of the font of Baptism is without exception “ordained” to                When St Paul says that “I Glory in nothing except in the
serve the church and as such has their ministry. This is what        cross of our Lord Jesus Christ,” he is remembering that Christ
calling means, not just for the Priests at the Holy Altar but for    is the life, hope and resurrection of the faithful. The Cross is
all the faithful. It is for this reason that we must understand      the Beacon of Christ’s eternal Sacrifice and the light that
our calling and from whence it derives.                              illuminates the Ministry of the Faithful.
    As children of the church we quickly and easily recognize
that our pastor is the priest and that it is his “job” to do the
“priestly” things in the church, but we are not always too keen
on recognizing that each of us has likewise been called and
“ordained” in baptism to serve God and to do the work of
Christ in our lives. In his letter to the Romans, St. Paul
teaches that the church is composed of many parts, yet
comprising ONE body and that “as in one body we have many
members, and the members do not all have the same function,
so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually
members one of another. Having gifts that differ according to
the grace given to us, let us use them:.” (12:4-6)
    Our calling is an invitation from God to participate in His
work and to offer ourselves to Him and His church in all
things according to our gifts. All that we have is not only
from God but belongs to Him and is therefore to be offered
back to Him in sacrifice. The ministry and service of the
faithful including both clergy and laity is therefore God
July/August/September 2011                              “Paros” Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church                                   5
                                              Salute to Armenia
                                                September 10th, 2011

              Armenia’s Birthday Cake                                             David Ayriyan

    Maestro Konstantin Petrossian, David Alexander                               Garen Nazarian
                   Ara Boghigian                                          Armenian Ambassador to the UN

           David Griego     Kate Norigian                              Mher Saribekyan     David Gevorkian

6                               “Paros” Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church               July/August/September 2011
    In the Church, With the Church, After the                             Dear Armenian Community of Rhode Island
           Church ... ~ Church Etiquette
                                                                           On Saturday September 10th, 2011, nearly 1000 people
1. When you are attending the church service, let your apparel         packed the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul
be appropriate and modest. Abstain from adornments and                 in celebration of Armenia’s 20th Anniversary of
flashy clothing which are not suitable in a church atmosphere,         Independence. The event was titled Salute to Armenia in
where a spirit of concentration and meditation is required as a        cooperation and with the support of the entire Armenian
precondition to participate in a communal prayer.                      Community of Rhode Island. The event was also made
  2. As you enter the church, it is appropriate to cross yourself      possible through the generosity of the Roman Catholic
. It is also an age long Armenian tradition, just as it is             Diocese of Rhode Island and Bishop Tobin.
customary in Eastern Orthodox and Catholic churches too, to                The event was an outstanding tribute and a glorious
light a candle as a way of placing yourself in a contemplative         program of musical selections comprised of a talented array of
mood. The lighting of the candle is also a symbol of the               performers from our Armenian community and guests of
sacrifice of the self and the radiance of Christian's love . Just      international acclaim. The accompaniment of the Armenian
as the - candle burns and is consumed to spread light , so must        Chorales of Rhode Island, comprised of members of the three
every Christian man and woman live to radiate love , light and         area churches, and Greater Worcester shone more brilliantly
warmth . It is a genuine Armenian custom of piety to light the         than the stars on the clear Saturday evening! The hard work
candle in front of an anointed picture of a Saint, to pose for a       of the organizing committee, the co-chairs Maestro Konstantin
moment and breathe a prayer of self-dedication and to prepare          Petrossian, Ara Boghigian and Aram G. Garabedian, the many
oneself spiritually to participate in the church service.              sponsors of the event, Armenian community members and
  3. All movements in the church, such as sitting, rising ,            organizations of Rhode Island as well as the hosts and
kneeling, bowing and walking should be done quietly and                sponsors of the receptions, made this evening truly a proud
gracefully , with a thoughtful attitude . To talk, to attract          and unforgettable Salute to Armenia.
others ' attention, to disturb the concentration of fellow                 The words of the Senator Whitehouse who strongly
worshippers with unnecessary motions are not permitted.                supports the acknowledgments of the Genocide of 1.5 million
When in the church, we should feel and make others feel that           Armenians at the hands of Turkey, the inspiring words of the
we are not in a common meeting hall, but in an environment             Permanent Representative to the United Nations of the
which is sanctified by the presence of God. The church is a            Republic of Armenia, His Excellency Garen Nazarian and the
house of prayer, a place of dwelling for God and a place of            Mayors of the towns of Cranston and Warwick served a
penitence for men; in a word, it is a place of spiritual               reminder that we not only survive, but that we will thrive not
purification. Our Lord said: “My house shall be called a house         only here in Rhode Island but throughout the world. This
of prayer. " (Matt. 21:33.)                                            event only makes us stronger and more determined as a
  4. The congregation must participate softly in the singing of        community and as a people.
those parts of the Divine Liturgy sung by the choir . They                 The enemies of Armenia and the Armenians have tried
should join in particularly when some of the more frequent             over and over to conquer us, eliminate us, destroy our soul,
hymns (sharagans) are sung, without , however, disturbing the          deny our destiny but our determination and faith has not only
musical harmony which, by itself, induces an elevating                 kept us but empowered us to strive to not only preserve our
atmosphere in the ritual of our church . That solemn                   identity but thrive as a people and nation in Armenia and in
atmosphere conducive to prayer, spiritual renewal and                  diaspora.
introspection should be maintained at all times. The solo parts            What a great privilege that the event included the presence
of the Divine Liturgy should be listened to in perfect silence,        of so many important and distinguished dignitaries, artists,
using those moments for meditation and self-searching.                 composers and clergy. I am so proud of this community that I
  5. When the church service is over and the officiating priest        have been called to serve. Please accept my thanks for your
pronounces the benediction of dismissal in these words:                support, beneficence, presence and appreciation of such a
"Blessed be ye through the grace of the Holy Spirit and depart         magnificent event. It was truly a Ministry of the Faithful.
in peace, and may the Lord Jesus be with you all, Amen. " the              My final words of thanks and blessings are reserved for the
congregation should not rush out from their seats in disorder          one and only Maestro Konstantin Petrossian without whose
causing congestion. Each person should remain in place a               vision, outstanding work, organization, tireless efforts,
moment longer with concentrated thoughts , should cross                professionalism and incomparable standards of quality and
himself or herself once again and after whispering a prayer of         excellence this evening would in no way have been possible.
rededication should proceed out quietly, expressing the                Maestro, Bravo! Tserkerut talar. God grant you many years
internal peace and happiness of knowing God and His Church.            of tireless service to our community and church.

Fr. Shnork Souin                                                       Fr. Shnork Souin

                                 Important Armenian Church Websites You Should Visit
                                    – Holy Etchmiadzen
                        - Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem
                                   - Eastern Diocese
                               - Saint Nersess Armenian Seminary
                       - Armenian Church Youth Organization of America

July/August/September 2011                             “Paros” Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church                                     7
                                 Armenian Food & Delicacies
                        Shish Kabob  Tour shi  Cheese Boer eg
                        Kufta  Khema  Cheor eg  Yalanchi
                        Losh Kabab  Ar menian Pastr ies  Midia
                        Vosbov Kheyma  Piaz  Lahmajoon

                        Live Armenian Music
                        Daily Raffle  Silent Auction  Kids Games
                        Watch Football  Fr iday Family Night
                        Resource Book  Balloon Man  Santa Visit
                        Kids Movies  Ar ts & Cr afts  J ewelr y
                        Scratch Ticket Raffle

                        Friday Night: Family Night
                        Featuring Kheyma, Tavloo Tournament

                        For the younger population…
                        Activities for children of all ages

                        For the football fans…
                        A football game viewing room will be open
                        on Saturday and Sunday with wait service!

    Saints Sahag and Mesrob Armenian Church
    81st Annual Food Fair & Bazaar

                         November 4th, 5th & 6th
                         Friday, 5 pm – 10 pm
                         Saturday, 11:30 am – 10pm
                         Sunday, Noon – 6 pm
                         70 Jefferson St
                         Providence, RI 02908

           Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard,
           Discover and American Express Accepted
8       “Paros” Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church            July/August/September 2011
                                                           Bazaar Wish List
      The Bazaar Committee has established a ”Wish List” of Bazaar items. We are providing Parishioners with the opportunity to
  make a donation towards an item or items of your liking. Supporters will be recognized in our Bazaar resource book available over
  the weekend. Donations can be made toward specific items on a first come first serve basis. Please call the Church office @
  401.272.7712 to make a donation or fill out the form below and mail (70 Jefferson St. Providence, RI 02908) with your check or
  donate securely on-line @
                                    Price                                                                                                   
                                                                                                                 Price Per
  Items needed         Qty   Unit    Per       Total                     Items needed          Qty      Unit                    Total
Lamb Cubes             600   Lbs     $7.500    $4,500.00        Cucumbers                      2    Bushels        $30.00       $60.00    
Chicken                250   Lbs      $1.00      $250.00        Salad dressing                 2     Case          $30.00       $60.00    
Losh                   250   Lbs      $4.00    $1,000.00        Fine Noodles                  20     Bags           $5.00      $100.00    
Loleh kebab            250   Lbs     $4.00    $1,000.00         Oil                            8    Gallons         $7.00       $56.00    
Kheyma meat            150   Lbs      $5.00      $750.00        Muenster cheese               20      Lbs           $6.00      $120.00    
Butter                  10   Case    $50.00      $300.00        Ricotta cheese                15      Lbs           $6.00       $90.00    
Rice                   250   Lbs      $1.00      $250.00        Feta cheese                   10      Lbs           $6.00       $60.00    
Chicken broth           15   Case    $25.00      $375.00        Eggs                           3     Case          $50.00      $150.00    
Canned peppers          15   Case    $30.00      $450.00        Filo dough                     2     Case         $100.00      $200.00    
Tomato sauce             5   Case    $25.00      $125.00        Flour                        300      Lbs          $0.50       $150.00    
Tourshi ingredients    250   Jars     $3.00      $750.00        Paper goods                    1                $2,000.00    $2,000.00    
Salt                     2   Case    $15.00       $30.00        Advertising                    1                $1,500.00    $1,500.00    
Charcoal                25   Bags    $20.00      $500.00        Programmable Registers         3                $1,500.00    $4,500.00    
Diced onions           200   Lbs      $1.00      $200.00        Entertainment                  1                $1,000.00    $1,000.00    
Parsley                  3   Case    $40.00      $120.00        Children's activity            1                 $500.00      $500.00     
Dill                     1   Case    $40.00       $40.00        Ice                            1                 $250.00      $250.00     
Lemons                   1   Case    $40.00       $40.00        Menu and sign printing         1                 $250.00      $250.00     
Salad mix              250   Lbs      $2.00      $500.00        Ad/Resource book printing      1               $1,000.00    $1,000.00     
Cherry Tomatoes          5   Case    $20.00      $100.00                                                                                   

City:                                                             State                                ZIP
MC      VISA                 Credit Card Number                                                      Exp Date            /

                      100th Anniversary                                  100th Anniversary Stained Glass Window Project
   The Parish Council is extending an open invitation                  The Church has put together a committee to document the history
   to community members to serve on the Saints                         of the beautiful stained glass windows in our church. The
   Sahag and Mesrob Armenian Church Centennial                         committee is looking for any information parishioners may have on
   Committee. This unprecedented undertaking will                      any of the windows. This information can be in the form of actual
   require the help, support and talents of everyone.                  documents or word of mouth. Many of our families donated the
                                                                       windows to the church, in the middle of last century, and we are
   Please sign up for the committee by notifying the
                                                                       looking for any relatives that have any information on them or
   Church Office.                                                      parishioners that have any recollection of that time. The committee
                                                                       is also looking for translators to translate the Armenian to English
                                                                       found on each window and to translate Parish Council minutes and
     You can now pay Dues/Stewardship on-line at:                      Parish documents we have found in the archives. The committee
                                     has also taken it upon itself to organize the archives for use by
                                                                       future generations. Any and all volunteers are welcome. Please
      Just select Dues/Stewardship from the menu                       contact Martha Jamgochian at

                                       Save these dates, you don’t want to miss the…..
                               Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church Bazaar
                                    November 4th, 5th and 6 th

  July/August/September 2011                               “Paros” Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church                                       9
                    Armenian School                                                 News from the Pews
                      A Great Beginning
   The Saints Sahag and Mesrob Armenian School year began
with amazing enthusiasm by Students, their families, the
school faculty and their new Der Hayr on Tuesday, September
   The Armenian School classrooms and assembly area began
buzzing with activity at 5:30 as students arrived ready for a
new year of Armenian Studies. The Christian fellowship as the
students and faculty met with one another for the first time
since May was simply joyous.
    Der Shnork Souin began the opening of the school year
with a prayer for all the students and community, praying for
their Divine protection, the learning of their language and
heritage and the answering to their prayers.
    Der Hayr discussed how wonderful it is to learn the            Fr. Shnork Souin new pastor celebrates first Badarak 7/5/11
Armenian language.
Many students showed their enthusiasm for traveling to
Armenia one day and Der Hayr said what a great way it is to
prepare for such a journey by learning Armenian. Also, he
expressed, it is a great way to understand the Holy Badarak
celebrated each week on Sunday.
   The students were still visibly very proud of their
accomplishments from last year and were looking forward to
learning more in the year ahead. The Armenian School has
grown again this year adding one more children’s class and
another adult class. Classes are held on Tuesday evenings
from 6:00 – 7:45.
    During the school assembly time, Deacon Hagop
Ghajanian, the school’s superintendent talked about the five
major feast days of the Armenian Church and most notably the
Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross which was
celebrated on Sunday, September 11. The discussion of how
the cross is now the symbol of Christ’s victory over death and     Choir party hosted by Steven & Joanne Zaroogian on 8/13/11
the Armenian church tradition of blessing the four corners of
the world on Feast days was participated in by all the students.
A wonderful start to the new school year.
May God bless all our students and faculty!
……………………………………………..Lisa M. Surmeian
             November 4, 5, and 6, 2011
This year we are offering Gift Certificates that can be used at                  Seniors group with Der Shnork
                  the bazaar and food fair!
Quantity: _____________       Value: _______________
Your Name:________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________
Phone Number: ___________ Email ____________________
MC __ VISA__Credit Card Number___ ___ ___ ___ Exp
Date____ /____
   Please make checks payable to Saints Sahag & Mesrob
  Armenian Church. 70 Jefferson St., Providence, RI 02908
           You can also pay by credit card online
    @ or by phone @ 401-272-7712

                                                                     Der Souin visited Capital Ridge Assisted living where he
                                                                        conducted service and offered Holy Communion.

10                     “Paros” Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church                              July/August/September 2011
                                                    2011 Annual Picnic

                   The Master Grill Team                                    Paul Kazarian Sr., Paul Kazarian Jr., Eddy Seropian

      Zita Butler, Ann Ayrassian, Nathalie Yaghoobian                                     The place was packed!

       Linda Grant, Martin Mahdesyan, Lindsay Grant                                           Happy Dancers
                                                In The Eye of The Storm
   With Hurricane Irene bearing down on the East Coast on Sunday, August 27th, Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church held its annual
picnic. With two days to go, the picnic committee canceled the tents, moved the picnic in-doors, changed the picnic to one day and
prayed for the best. Well it worked! The Parish had one of the most successful picnics in the Church’s history!
                                                   It is all thanks to YOU!
             The Picnic Committee wants to thank EVERYONE involved with the picnic for making it great successes.

                                              THANK YOU!
July/August/September 2011                           “Paros” Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church                                          11
     Women's Guild Family Night July 15, 2011                     17th Annual Children’s Talent Show
                                                             If you think “America’s Got Talent” then you should have
                                                          been in Providence, RI for the 17th Annual Children’s Talent
                                                          Show sponsored by the Cultural Committee of Sts. Sahag &
                                                          Mesrob Armenian Church on Saturday evening June 4th.
                                                          Maestro Konstantin Petrossian, Director of the Cultural
                                                          Committee has been the guiding force of the Talent Show,
                                                          with Irene Eranosian as Chairperson for seventeen years.
                                                          Plans are already underway for the 18th season.
                                                             Many of the more than forty performers are students in the
                                                          Cultural Committee’s Arts Education Program, which is open
                                                          to all youngsters in the Greater Providence area. It offers
                                                          classes in art, music, song, and dance. Janna Guegamian has
                                                          chaired this unique program since its inception 17 years ago.
                                                          Many of the students are multi-talented, performing on two or
            Joyce Avedisian welcomes Der Souin            more musical instruments as well as participating in song and
                                                             The appreciative audience listened to guitar solos and
                                                          ensemble, violin, flute, clarinet, piano and the Junior Choir
                                                          under the direction of Maestro. The Nazeli Dance Group,
                                                          both children’s and junior groups, dressed in beautiful colorful
                                                          costumes delighted the crowd with their authentic Armenian
                                                          dances, choreographed by the teachers Lusine Ovanesyan and
                                                          Narine Amroyan.
                                                             A stunning Art Exhibition of the talented students enrolled
                                                          in painting, drawing and sculpture was displayed in the
                                                          Egavian Cultural Center. Ann Ovanesyan is the teacher.
                                                             Other teachers in the Arts Education Program are Oxana
                                                          Izyumoff, Piano; Nana Gazaryan, Piano; Vahan Grigorian,
                                                          Guitar; Meghan O’Connor, Violin; David Griego, Flute; and
                                                          Apkar Lefian teaches Clarinet.
                                                             In addition to teachers in the Arts Education Program,
                                                          private teachers are also invited to have their students perform
                                                          in the Talent Show. Piano teachers Aurora Emdjian and
                                                          Rouzan Gevorkian had several students playing the piano
                                                             At the close of the evening the Rev. Fr. Gomidas
                                                          Baghsarian, of Sts. Vartanantz Armenian Church, Providence,
                                                          complimented Maestro Konstantin Petrossian, Janna
                                                          Guegamian and Irene Eranosian for another successful Talent
                                                          Show for and for giving the opportunity for our youngsters to
                                                          showcase their talents.
                                                             A reception was held in the Hanoian Hall hosted by the
                                                          members of the Cultural Committee.
                                                                                                  Marilyn J. Woloohojian
            Jack calling the numbers for BINGO

                                                                             The Nazeli Dance Group
       Der Souin with cake made by Cynthia Samoorian
12                    “Paros” Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church                        July/August/September 2011
          Sts Sahag and Mesrob Armenian Church Listing of Clergymen 1945 - Present
          Thanks to Deacon Allan Yeghia Jendian, Fresno, CA for his help with the information/photos used on this page.

                                                                              Very Reverend Krikor
                                                                                 Ordained 1939
                               1946-1947                 1947-1950             Left Clerical Order
         1945                                                                                              Reverend Shahe
                           Very Reverend Issahag    Reverend Vahan Jelalian
Very Reverend Ghevont                                                                                        Altounian
                                 Ghazarian              1891:Deceased
        Arabian                                                                                             1922:Retired
                                1918:1985               Ordained 1935
       1895:1958                                                                                           Ordained 1948
Left Clerical Order 1948      Ordained 1941

     1958-1980             Very Reverend Vazken                                    1985-1993                 1994-1997
                                                         1983-1985                                          Very Reverend
Reverend Haik Donikian          Keshishian           Very Reverend Shnork      Very Reverend Baret
      1919:2007                 1935:1990                                           Yeretzian             Ghevont Samoorian
                                                          Kasparian                                          1934:Retired
    Ordained 1957             Ordained 1959              1929:Retired             1946:Retired
                             Primate, Canadian                                   Ordained 1966              Ordained 1965
                                                        Ordained 1961
                            Diocese 1984-1990

                                                                                2004-Feb. 2009           Feb. 2009-Feb. 2010
     1998-1999                 1999-2001                 2001-2003                                         Interim Pastor
Reverend Haik Donikian        Reverend Tateos        Very Reverend Shnork     Very Reverend Simeon
                                                                                   Odabashian             Reverend Sahak M.
      1919:2007                  Abdalian                 Kasparian
                                                                                     1962:                    Kaishian
    Ordained 1957                  1947:                 1929:Retired
                                                                                 Ordained 1996                  1962:
                               Ordained 1984            Ordained 1961                                       Ordained 1993
                                                     Three of our native sons have been ordained to the priesthood

Feb. 2010-Jan. 2011        July 2011-Present
                                                      Very Reverend Fr.          Reverend Fr.            Reverend Fr. Kapriel
Very Reverend Simeon       Reverend Shnork Souin
                                                      Houssig Bagdasian         Mardiros Chevian             Mouradjian
     Odabashian                    1961:
                                                          (1934-2004)             Ordained 1985              Ordained 2005
       1962:                  Ordained 1994                                   Named Dean of St. Vartan    Pastor, Church of the
                                                        Ordained 1959
   Ordained 1996                                       Ordained Bishop in        Cathedral in 1994         Holy Resurrection
 Appointed to Vicar                                     Armenia in 1992
July/August/September 2011                         “Paros” Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church                                     13
                                               WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!
                          SAINTS SAHAG & MESROB ARMENIAN CHURCH
                                 70 Jefferson St., Providence, RI 02908 (401-272-7712)

                        81st ANNUAL FOOD FAIR & BAZAAR
                        Egavian Cultural Center - November 4th, 5th, and 6th, 2011
                                             RESOURCE BOOK
                                                (Formerly the Sponsor Book)
   Under the directorship of Laurie Onanian, we are enhancing our sponsor book so that it will serve as a resource book,
professionally printed and filled with important information about our church, culture and community – in hopes of
increasing its value as a reference book that you will find helpful throughout the year.
   With your support and sponsorship, our book will include many key points of information about our church and its
traditions, including such items as the Five Major Feast Days of the Armenian Church, a Brief History of our Patron Saints,
our Church Organizations, area Armenian organizations, Armenian Recipes, along with business advertorials aimed to
impart some helpful hints on a variety of topics.
   The Resource Book is an important part of our success for the Bazaar. Please consider supporting the Bazaar by becoming
a sponsor. Kindly fill out and return the section below by October 17, 2011.

                                    Include me in the newly revamped Sponsor/Resource Book!
                                         My donation for the Resource Book (check one):

$250 Full Page Color Sponsor                       $125 Full Page B&W Spo
                                                                                                           $50 Silver Sponsor
$100 Gold Sponsor                                           $25   Bronze Sponsor                        $15 Supporter
Name to be listed (Please Print Clearly) Copy to read:
                                 For Business & Display ads please provide electronic artwork.
                           Should you have any questions, please call Laurie Onanian at 401-787-0493.
Your (Business) Name & Address: ______________________________________________________________________________
Email & Phone Number: ______________________________________________________________________________________
MC _____ VISA_____DISCOVER_____AE_____ Credit Card Number_____ _____ _____ _____ Exp Date_____ /______
                             Please make checks payable to Sts. Sahag & Mesrob Armenian Church.
                     You can also pay by credit card online @ or by phone @ 401-272-7712

                     Call for photos!
    The Parish is looking for old photos for the website and
 "Paros". Anything historical having to do with the Parish,
Church Building, original stained glass windows or Armenian
community in Providence.. We are especially in need of old
                   photos of the Sanctuary.
We are also looking for photos of the following past Clergy:
          Very Reverend Mesrob Maksoudian 1904
              Reverend Sahag Minassian 1904
             Reverend Avedis Shaghoian 1904
            Reverend Levont Bahlavouhni 1907
          Reverend Tavit der Avedisian 1907-1909
          Reverend Serovpe Nershabouh 1910-1911
          Reverend Tavit der Avedisian 1919-1921                                      Fr. Shnork's Mission Statement
           Reverend Zkon Charkoogian 1936-1938                                My mission is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ
           Very Reverend Krikor Voskanian 1950                             according to the holy apostolic teaching, practice and
 If you can help contact / 401-272-7712                doctrine of the Armenian Church in order to equip the
    Your photos will be scanned and immediately returned.                  parishioners of Saints Sahag and Mesrob Armenian Church
      Help us Celebrate the Parish 100 year anniversary!                   with faith, hope and love, to live and to serve as members of
                                                                           His Church in a wholesome Armenian Christian Family..

14                     “Paros” Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church                                     July/August/September 2011
                                                                The softball team of men from Sts. Sahag and Mesrob and
                                                           Sts. Vartanantz Armenian Churches had a great 2011 summer
                                                           season in the Christian Softball Association. The team is made
                                                           up of 16 Christian men -almost all are Armenian with a few
                                                           outreach players who are longtime friends of the Armenian
                                                                The team secured an 11-5 record after a 2-4 start. The
                                                           team earned a first round bye and was the #3 Seed in the
                                                           playoffs held on August 12, 13 and 15th. The team achieved
                                                           its highest win total in the CSA and matched its best finish in
                                                                The team opened up against Community Covenant
                                                           Church of Rehoboth and struggled early on. The game was
                                                           tied after 3 ½ innings at 6; but, the Saints exploded for 12 runs
        ACYOA Jrs Bowling with, Fr. Shnork Souin           in the bottom of the 4th and cruised to a 24-8 win.
                                                                The Saints then played Christian Hill Church of West
                                                           Warwick – a team the Saints had never beaten before this
                                                           year. The Saints beat Christian Hill earlier in the season 14-3,
                                                           but, this playoff game would be one for the ages. The Saints
                                                           blew the game open early on and led 20-11, but, CH chipped
                                                           away. The #2 seed in the season was 12-4 in the regular
                                                           season and led the league in offense. The Saints up 24-15
                                                           going in the last of the 7th, Christian Hill awoke and scored 5
                                                           runs with no one out. After the loading the bases with 1 out,
                                                           Christian Hill cut the lead to 2 runs with an RBI double and
                                                           now the tying run was on second. The Saints closed the door
                                                           with incredible defensive plays by Steve Markarian (basket
                                                           catch over his shoulder in fair territory over first base) and a
              The beach with the ACYOA!                    catch at the left center field fence by Rob Zorian finished over
                                                           a 2 hour marathon. The Saints won 24-22 and advanced to the
     2011 Armenian Saints Softball Team                    winners’ bracket finals against Praise Tabernacle of Cranston
                                                           (16-0 in the regular season).
                                                                The Saints’ bats, coming off of 48 runs in 2 games, were
                                                           only able to muster 1 run and lost 13-1. The Saints then moved
                                                           to the finals of the losers’ bracket against Faith Tabernacle
                                                           Church. The teams split in the regular season (losing 17-16
                                                           and winning 15-3), but, this game was another gem. The
                                                           Saints were down to their last out in the Top of the 7th, and
                                                           exploded for 5 runs to take a 10-7 lead. The opponents loaded
                                                           the bases with no one out and scored 2 runs on an outfield
                                                           single. After a long fly ball and intentional walk, Faith had 1
                                                           out and bases loaded once again. Faith brought up their best
                                                           hitter and he hit into a game ending double play which
                                                           propelled the Saints to the finals.
                                                                The Saints again played Praise Tabernacle for the finals
                                                           and dropped a 21-6 game. The Saints fought hard and stopped
                                                           hitting in the most crucial games, but, a 2nd place finish for
                                                           the men from the two Armenian Churches was victory
                                                           enough. Thanks for the fan support during the season and we
                                                           hope to see you at Atwood Avenue field in Cranston for Fall
                                                           Ball. The team (2-4) is now playing, mostly against travel
                                                           teams, and is fairing quite well given the fact that the Saints
                                                           have given away a few close games.
                                                                Follow us on Facebook for game times @ Armenian
                                                           Saints Softball
                                                           Steve Megrdichian
                                                           Armenian Saints Softball
                                                           401-419-4392 cell

July/August/September 2011                    “Paros” Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church                                    15
       The Etymology, and Origin of Der Shnork
               Souin's last name.
     Many people have asked Fr. Souin why he doesn't bear a
name with the familiar "ian".
     The name Souin (actual Armenian pronunciation being
Su-veen ) is in fact an Armenian word which means
"bayonet". In its original form, going back 3 generations, the
family name was Sungujian. The word Sungu in Turkish
likewise means "bayonet". In Constantinople, prior to the
outbreak of WWI and the Genocide, Fr. Souin's great-
grandfather, a patriot and quite fed up with Turkish oppression
of the Armenians, decided to adopt the "Armenianized"
version of the family name and simply went by Sarkis Souin.
At that time, Sarkis (Souin) Sungujian, was a representative of
the Armenian Patriarchate, and received threats and warnings
by the Turkish authorities for his "disrespect" of the Turkish
nation and peoples, the basis of modern Turkish laws which in
prohibiting free speech, make it illegal to do or say anything
which the government considers anti Turkish.
     Fr. Souin's great grandfather, Sarkis Sungujian Souin,
being a prominent leader in the Armenian community at the
onset of the Genocide, therefore was hanged on April 24th,
1915 along with over 200 intellectuals of the
Constantinopolitan Armenian community.
     Following his "escape" from Turkey, Fr. Souin's
grandfather, and only son of Sarkis and Anna "Souin" entered
France with a visa that read Hagop Souine. Finally entering
Canada, having the "e" dropped from the francophone
spelling, he landed as Hagop Souin, never again to use the
official or legal name Sungujian. Of course once in Canada,
the suffix "ian" identifying the family lineage was never
added. Having discussed this with his father and his children,
the addition now of the "ian" to better identify us as Armenian
with a spelling of "Souinian" would be cumbersome having 5                       Love Thy Neighbor - Outreach
vowels. He along with his father before him believe that a
true Armenian word like Souin and the history of their
greandfather's pride and patriotism as well as martyrdom, is
better than a Turkified name with a token "ian" added to it.
     Why the family bears the name Sungujian in the first
place is not clear to Fr. Souin but it is believed that an ancestor
was most probably a swordsmith.                Fr. Shnork Souin
                        Armenian Sports
                           by PanARMENIAN

 Armenian boxers get safety guarantee for Baku
        –hosted World Championships
   On September 22 though October 10, Baku, Azerbaijan
will be hosting AIBA World Boxing Championships.
   Armenian team, coached by Rafael Mehrabyan will be
leaving for Azerbaijani capital on September 21.
   As Mehrabyan noted in a conversation with a
PanARMENIAN.Net reporter, Azerbaijan guaranteed the                      On Monday, September 19 our parish volunteered at the
boxers' safety to Armenian Boxing Federation.                         Mary House Meal Kitchen. 8 Parishioners meet in the
   The team's in a good physical shape and will perform to the        basement at St. Patrick's on Smith Street to help serve meals to
best of its abilities,” the coach said.                               the needy in the area.
   Armenia's line-up for Boxing Championships is as follows:             Please consider joining us the next time we reach out to
Hovhannes Danielyan, Hovhannes Bochkov, Vladimir                      the needy of our community. Look in the bulletin for the next
Sarukhanyan, Hrachik Javahyan, Samvel Matevosyan,                     scheduled date.
Andranik Hakobyan, Artur Khachartyan and Armen Simonyan
   Winners of 1-8 places at AIBA World Boxing                          'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of
Championships will qualify for Olympics.                                these brothers of mine, you did for me.' (Matthew 25:40)

16                      “Paros” Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church                                   July/August/September 2011
       Junior Choir & Nazeli Dance Group's
                Block Island Trip
   The Junior Choir & Nazeli Dance Group enjoyed a summer
outing on Block Island on August 6. Organized by Maestro
Konstantin Petrossian, and Janna Guegamian, the outing was
intended to strengthen the bonds among the girls in the group
and to celebrate another successful year.
   The dance group members gathered at Point Judith, on the
southern tip of Rhode Island, to catch a morning ferry to
Block Island. The girls were also accompanied by several
parents, as well as by dance directors Lusine Ovanesyan and
Narine Amroyan. After disembarking from the ferry, the girls
headed for the beach to enjoy the water. Early in the
afternoon, they gathered for a lunch of pizza and salad at a
local restaurant. The rest of the afternoon was filled with more
beach time and exploration of the island. By the time the
group boarded the ferry for the return trip to Point Judith, all
were in agreement that they had spent a special day together.
   After a summer break, the Nazeli Dance Group & Junior
Choir began practice for the 2011-12 season on September 23.
The group meets on Friday evening and is open to all girls
with an interest in learning traditional Armenian dance, song
and spiritual music.                     By Anais Malkasian.

BAPTISMS                                                               FUNERALS
Thomas Benjamin Moore, son of Richard L. and Karen                     Marian Koshgarian (Died 7/1/2011)
(Ventrone) Moore was Baptized on August 13, 2011. The                  Robert H. Janigian, Sr. (Died 7/2/2011)
Godparents are Shant Paklaian and Leah Paliotta.                       Mary Serabian (Died 7/25/2011)
                                                                       Elizabeth Sarkisian (Died 8/15/2011)
Didiane Elizabeth Donabedian, daughter of David H. and                 Armand Suvajian (Died 8/19/2011)
Elizabeth (Reilly) Donabedian, was Baptized on September               John Z. Daniels (Died 9/3/2011)
10, 2011. The Godparents are Christopher Reilly and                    Charles S. Klanian, Sr. (Died 9/7/2011)
Suzette Donabedian Wambolt.                                            Elinor C. Daniels (Died 9/21/2011)
May these children be raised in the love and care of the Lord.         Expressions of sympathy and prayers are extended to the
                                                                       families, that their loved ones may be at peace in the care of
MARRIAGES                                                              the Lord.
Rai Preet Singh and Danielle Marie Daglieri were crowned
in Holy Matrimony on August 21, 2011.                                  Thank you
                                                                       Sue Ayrassian for your donation to the "Paros"
Ronald E. Aldana and Yelena Adlaryan were crowned in
Holy Matrimony on September 3, 2011.                                                                         Outreach
                                                                                                  The Paros is folded, tabbed, and
Michael S. Masoian, Jr. and Brandy McKenzie were                                                         labeled by the….
crowned in Holy Matrimony on September 17, 2011.
                                                                                                        Trudeau Center
Best wishes and prayers are extended to the couples for a long                                   ….as part of their pre-employment
and happy life together.                                                                              skills training for adults

July/August/September 2011                            “Paros” Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church                                        17
         Membership / Stewardship                                Have You Paid Your 2011
Let’s Start Building Our Future! Become a member                 Membership?
and/or a steward of Saints Sahag and Mesrob Armenian                If you have not paid your dues for 2011,
Church of Providence, RI.                                        please complete the form below and send your
It only takes a few minutes to complete the Membership           donation to the church office.
form and $175.00 ($125.00 for students and senior                   Now you can pay your membership and/or
citizens) to become dues paying member of Saints Sahag
                                                                 stewardship with your MasterCard or Visa
and Mesrob Church of Providence.
While many churches of other faiths use the method of               2011 Membership Application Saints Sahag
tithing, Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church simply asks a            and Mesrob Armenian Church of Providence,
minimum fixed amount to be a dues paying member of               RI
the church, and that amount is $175.00. That’s only                 I/WE would like to be year 2011 dues-paying
$3.37 a week! Membership for senior citizens and
                                                                 member(s) of Saints Sahag and Mesrob
students is even less $125.00 a year or $2.40 per week.
Please fill out the form, print it out and mail it, along
                                                                 Amenian Church of Providence.
with a check (unless you choose to use your credit card),        ($175.00 per person, seniors/students $125.00)
to the church office:
                                                                 Members #1 Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms:
         Please mail this completed form and
         payment information to the church                       _______________________________________
         office:                                                 Members #2 Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms:
         Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church                          _______________________________________
         70 Jefferson Street
         Providence, Rhode Island 02908                          Address:
     You can now pay Dues/Stewardship on-line at:
      Just select Dues/Stewardship from the menu
                                                                 City: ______________________ State: ______
                                                                 Zipcode: _______________________________
The logo depicting a stylized                                    Phone: (______) _________________________
  Armenian Cross with the
    threefold elements of                                        Email: _________________________________
stewardship was created by
 Fr. Shnork Souin, showing                                            Check enclosed
   that all 3 elements are                                            Charge my MasterCard/Visa/Discover/AE
 required of the life inChrist.
  (DSS Der Shnork Souin)                                         Credit Card Number:
                                                                 _________ _________ _________ _________

   Membership and Stewardship of Time and Talent and             Expiration Date: ____/____
Treasure, are the building blocks of your commitment to the
church. By your membership you are an architect in the life      (Membership and/or Stewardship donations are tax
and building of the church and community
   Your dues are not only essential, but facilitate the          For Office Use Only:
realization of the day to day operations of the mission of
Saints Sahag and Mesrob Armenian Church. In conjunction          Account No(s): ________________________________________
with your dues, your annual stewardship pledge is a way to
express support of, involvement in and concern for the welfare   Date Received: ____________ Amount Received: ___________
and growth of our church with her many ministries offered.
   As you are aware, we are nearing the end of our 2011          Check # __________________ Amount: ___________________
calendar year and need to make the necessary provisions for
the closing of the books.
   We kindly ask that you that you fulfill your dues and
stewardship pledges now.
18                    “Paros” Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church                            July/August/September 2011
                                                     The Newsletter Committee
Rev. Fr. Shnork Souin, Pastor                                                   Advertise in "Paros"
                                    Full Page       $500/4 Issues                      Half Page                 $300/4 Issues
Editor                              Quarter Page    $150/4 Issues                      Business Card             $75/4 Issues
Leonard J Arzoomanian                                   • 1100+ newsletters mailed 4 times a year
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David Griego                                            • Predominantly Armenian Subscribers
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Layout and Design                      For more information please call the Church Office 401-272-7712
Leonard J Arzoomanian                 No promotional material for credit cards, commercially available insurance & travel arrangements accepted per USPS

The Saints Sahag & Mesrob Church Newsletter is a publication of Saints Sahag & Mesrob Church of 70 Jefferson St., Providence, RI
02908. Submission of news articles, photos, essays, poetry, book reviews, and letters is welcomed and should be sent to the church
office ( All text must be submitted in electronic format, preferably in Microsoft Word, as a text file or as e-
mail. Please note that the editorial board reserves the right to modify and/or reject articles, photos, etc. All materials must be received
no later than the published submission deadlines per issue as published in the church bulletins.

Church Office Hours
The Church Office is open from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
If you would like to meet with the Pastor or submit items for the Sunday Bulletin, please contact the office at 401-272-7712 or If you call after hours, please leave your requests on the answering machine, and the administrative assistant
will be happy to process them promptly. For emergencies, please contact Armen Janigian @ 401-578-5816.

                                                      Administrative Information
Pastor                            Advisors                                    Organizations                             Cultural Committee
Rev. Fr. Shnork Souin,            Leonard J Arzoomanian                       ACYOA                                     Konstantin Petrossian
401-272-7712                      Home 401-349-0813                           Stephen Megrdichian                       Home 401-861-3573                                 Home 401-464-9004               
Administrative Assistant          Ara Boghigian                                                Investment Committee
Fran Armstrong, 401-272-7712      Home 944-2211                               Arts Education Program                    George Chakoian                            Janna Guegamian                           Home 401-726-1697
Parish Council                    John R. Kazarian                            Home 401-861-357                
Chairperson                       Home 861-2064                                              Memorial Dinner Committee
Armen Janigian                                     Altar Guild                               Sonya Taraian
Home 353-0351                     Paul Surabian                               Ann Ayrassian                             Home 508-761-4600
Cell 578-5816                     Home 884-1181                               Home 401-272-4743                                                    Newsletter
Vice Chairperson                  Sonya Taraian                               Bazaar Committee                          Leonard J Arzoomanian,
Hermond Ghazarian                 Home 508-761-4600                           Call Church Office                        Home 401-349-0813
Home 821-2549                                  Home 401-272-7712               
Cell 487-9022                                                                                                           Ladies Aid           Diocesan Delegates                          Building Rentals
                                  Ann Ayrassian                               Ara Boghigian                             Doris Avedisian
Secretary                         Home 401-272-4743                           Home 944-2211                             Home 401-353-1039
Jason Martiesian                                              Senior Citizens
Home 401-455-3975                                                                                                       Peter Jamgochian            Stephen Megrdichian                         Choir & Junior Choir
                                  Home 401-464-9004                           Konstantin Petrossian                     Home 401-739-3866
Assistant Secretary                                  Home 401-861-3573                         Sports Committee
David Griego                                                                                 Terrance Martiesian
Cell 401-338-8049                 Stephanie Masoian
                                  Home 467-6202                               Church Library                            401-272-0269                                                                                              
                                                     Hosanna Derderian
Treasurer                                                                                Membership/Stewardship
Steven Zaroogian                  Gary Taraian
                                  Home 508-761-4600                           Sunday School                             To Be Announced
Home 401-885-2253
Szaroogian@markarian-                           Debbie Onanian                            Women’s Guild                        Hagop Ghajanian                             Home 401-615-5583                         Melanie Krikorian
                                  Home 401-467-2582                                           401-353-4519
Assistant Treasurer
Stephen Megrdichian                             Armenian Language School                  Men's Club
Home 401-464-9004                                                             Hagop Ghajanian                           Armen Janigian                                                               Home 401-467-2582                         401-353-0351

July/August/September 2011                                “Paros” Saints Sahag and Mesrob Church                                                           19
1    Arts Education Program begins, 10 am
1    Cultural Committee - Musical Extravaganza
3    Senior Citizens, 10am
3    NO Church History Class, 7 pm
4    Acolyte Training, 5-6 p.m.
4    Armenian Language School, 6 pm
7    Bible Study with Der Shnork 2:00-3:00pm
7    Nazeli Dance Group, 6 p.m., Jr. Choir 7:30 pm
8    Arts Education, 10 am                                     OCTOBER (Continued)
10   Holiday, Office Closed                                    23 Nazeli Dance Group starts at 6 pm
10   Church History Class, 7 pm                                24 Senior Citizens, 10 am
11   Senior Citizens, 10 am
                                                               24 Church History Class, 7 pm
11   Armenian Language School, 6 pm
11   Parish Council Meeting, 7 pm                              25 Armenian Language School, 6 pm
13   Women’s Guild Manti Night - Demo & Dinner                 25 Parish Council, 7:00pm
14   Ladies Aid St. James Church Bazaar/Watertown shopping r   27 Safe Driving Course by AARP 10 a.m. - 2:30 pm
14   Bible Study with Der Shnork 2:00-3:00pm                   28 Bible Study with Der Shnork 2:00-3:00pm
14   Nazeli Dance Group, 6 pm., Jr. Choir 7:30 pm
                                                               28 Nazeli Dance Group, 6 pm
15   Arts Education, 10 am
16   Church Name Day & Parishioner of the Year Event           28 Junior. Choir 7:30 pm
17   Senior Citizens, 10 am                                    29 Arts Education, 10 am
17   Church History Class, 7 pm                                31 Senior Citizens, 10 am
18   Acolyte Training, 5-6 p.m.                                NOVEMBER
18   Armenian Language School, 6 pm
                                                               4 No Bible Study
19   Choir Rehearsal, 7 pm
                                                               4-5-6 Annual Church Bazaar
21   Bible Study with Der Shnork 2:00-3:00pm
                                                               11 No Bible Study
21   Nazeli Dance Group 6 p.m., Jr. Choir 7:30 pm
                                                               11 Veterans Day Observance, Vet Cemetery, Exeter, 10 am
22   Arts Education, 10am

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