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									PAGE 2A              THE NEWS-REPORTER – Washington, Georgia – May 13, 2010                                                                                                                           visit our online edition at ’

                                                                                                     he world is
                                                                                            here in t                                                              V.F.W. Post 5899 & Ladies Auxiliary
             OBITUARIES                                                                   W                    The News-Reporter ...
                                                                                                                                                                       Whole Hog Barbecue & Stew
                                                                                                                                                                            SAtuRdAy, MAy 22Nd
                Willie James Dunn                                                                                                                                           9:30 am–12:30 pm

	 Funeral	services	for	Willie	James	        50	years,	Sallie	Mae	Bell	Dunn	of	
Dunn,	75,	were	held	Thursday,	May	          Washington;	 four	 children,	 Gloria	                                                                                       Plates - $600 Meat - $800/lb. Stew - $800/qt
6,	2010,	at	Young’s	Chapel	Baptist	
Church	 with	 Rev.	 Robert	 Walton	
                                            Dunn	 and	 Phillip	 Jackson	 of	 Li-
                                            thonia,	 James	 Edward	 and	 Clara	
                                                                                                                                                                   Reserve Orders Call Now 706-678-1166
and	Rev.	Kenneth	Walker	officiat-           Dunn	 of	 Conyers,	 Linda	 Denise	
ing.	 Interment	 was	 in	 City	 West	
Cemetery.	He	died	Sunday,	May	2,	
                                            and	 Christopher	 Dunn	 of	 Fishers,	
                                            IN,	 and	 Regina	 Dunn	 Johnson	
                                                                                                                                                                                    Assessment Notices
at	his	residence.                           of	 Lithonia;	 eight	 grandchildren;	
                                            three	 step-grandchildren;	 three	
	 Mr.	Dunn	was	a	native	of	Wilkes	
County	and	was	the	son	of	the	late	         great-grandchildren;	and	two	step-                                                                                                    Received your new assessments
Fred	Douglas	and	Arnel	Norwood	             great-grandchildren;	three	brothers,	                                                                                                 notice? The CCOWC group will be
Dunn.	He	was	a	1954	graduate	of	            Daniel	Webster	Dunn	and	Adolphus	
the	Wilkes	County	School	System	            S.	 Dunn	 of	 Washington;	 three	                                                                                                     discussing assessments, appeals
and	retired	from	Dairymen	Inc.	in	          sisters,	 Maxine	 Woods	 and	 Hattie	                                                                                                and other information regarding the
2000.	He	was	a	member	of	Young’s	           Campbell	of	Charleston,	S.C.,	and	
Chapel	Baptist	Church	and	enjoyed	          Nellie	Kennedy	of	Lincolnton.                                                                                                     new assessments and how it affects you.
playing	 checkers,	 the	 guitar	 and	       	 Nephews	served	as	pallbearers.                                                                                                                      CCOWC
harmonica,	and	spending	time	with	          	 Davenport-McLendon	 Mortuary	
his	family.                                 of	Washington	was	in	charge	of	ar-                                                                                               (Concerned Citizens Of Wilkes County)
	 Survivors	 include	 his	 wife	 of	        rangements.                                                                                                                           706-678-7709 or 706-678-4249
                                                                                                  ... training on the West Coast                                              Next meeting is May 18th at 7:00 P.M.
                                                                        Lisa	Safrit	wasted	no	time	getting	her	News-Reporter	to	the	San	Diego	                                              Mary Willis Library
         Estella Barnett Browner                                        Zoo	in	California	where	she	visited,	along	with	David	Rogers	and	Rachel	
                                                                        Jones	of	Charleston,	S.C.	They	were	in	California	at	the	March	Air	Reserve	
                                                                                                                                                                             View property information at www.qpublic.net/ga/wilkes

	 Funeral	services	for	Estella	Bar- the	late	Sim	and	Robertha	Hilliard	 Base	in	Mareno	Valley	for	two	weeks	of	training	and	spent	an	extended	
nett	Browner,	69,	were	held	Sunday,	 Barnett.	She	was	a	member	of	New	 weekend	in	San	Diego.	That’s	the	May	6	issue	of	the	newspaper	and	the	
May	 9,	 2010,	 at	 New	 Springhill	 Springhill	Baptist	Church.         picture	was	made	on	Saturday,	May	8	–	a	pretty	quick	trip	for	this	News-                   FIRST WORKSHOP - MAY 15th!
Baptist	Church	with	Rev.	Reginald	 	 Survivors	include	a	brother,	Jim	 Reporter	which	is	1982	miles	from	home.                                                                9:30am - 1:00pm
A.	 Hunter	 officiating.	 Interment	 Barnett	of	Washington;	two	nieces	
was	 in	 the	 church	 cemetery.	 She	 and	three	nephews.
died	 Wednesday,	 May	 5,	 at	 Wills	 	 Nephews	served	as	pallbearers.
Memorial	Hospital,	Washington.        	 Davenport-McLendon	 Mortuary	
	 Mrs.	 Browner	 was	 a	 native	 of	 of	Washington	was	in	charge	of	ar-
Wilkes	County	and	the	daughter	of	 rangements.

         William Earnest Harwell
	 William	Earnest	(Ernie)	Harwell,	         ticipate	 in	 debates	 and	 classroom	
92,	 died	 Tuesday,	 May	 4,	 2010,	        discussions,	 he	 had	 overcome	 the	
in	 his	 apartment	 at	 Fox	 Run	 Vil-      handicap	by	the	time	he	graduated	
lage	and	Retirement	Center	in	the	          from	Emory	University.	He	began	                                                                                                            www.thefitzpatrickhotel.com
Detroit,	 Mich.,	 suburb	 of	 Novi.	A	      his	 pursuit	 of	 a	 career	 in	 sports	                                                                                                       ONE DAY, THREE DAY
private	family	funeral	service	was	         broadcasting,	 primarily	 baseball,	                                                                                                               & FOUR DAY
planned	for	later.	He	had	been	di-          and	 became	 one	 of	 the	 most	 suc-
agnosed	with	inoperable	cancer	in	          cessful	and	best-loved	broadcasters	
                                                                                                                                                                        JOE BARNETT WORKSHOPS & CLASSES
September	2009.                             in	the	past	100	years.	                                                                                                AS SEEN ON:     ı
                                                                                                                                                                                                ENROLL TODAY!
	 Mr.	 Harwell	 was	 born	 January	
25,	 1918,	 in	 Washington-Wilkes,	
                                            	 Harwell	spent	42	of	his	55	years	
                                            in	 broadcasting	 with	 the	 Detroit	
                                                                                                                                                                   The Martha Stewart Show
the	 youngest	 of	 Gray	 and	 Helen	        Tigers.	 He	 was	 their	 play-by-play	                                                                                 The Food Network’s
Harwell’s	 three	 sons.	 His	 father	       radio	 voice	 from	 1960-1991,	 and	         Donation to benefit adult education                                       Throwdown with Bobby Flay
owned	a	furniture	store	in	Washing-         1993-2002.	It	was	said	of	him	that	        Patricia	Shell	(left)	and	Rodney	Jones	(right)	with	United	Insurance	Com-   •
ton	with	his	brother.	The	store	had	        “This	son	of	Georgia	was	the	voice	        pany	of	America	present	Dr.	Flora	Tydings,	president	of	Athens	Technical	   People’s Choice Winner -
to	be	closed	when	the	boll	weevils	         of	the	Detroit	Tigers	and	one	of	the	      College,	with	a	$500	donation	from	their	company	to	the	Athens	Technical	
                                                                                       College	Foundation.	The	contribution	will	be	used	to	provide	GED	testing	
                                                                                                                                                                   Georgia Wild Shrimp Festival
devastated	the	cotton	crop	and	the	         game’s	 iconic	 announcers	 to	 fans	
farmers	who	had	bought	their	fur-           across	America,	 always	 represent-        scholarships	for	adult	education	stu-
niture	on	time	could	not	pay	their	         ing	the	best	of	our	national	pastime	      dents	at	Athens	Technical	College’s	
bills.                                      to	his	generations	of	listeners.”	He	      Adult	 Education	 Center	 in	 Wilkes	
	 The	 family	 moved	 west	 to	At-          was	 named	 to	 baseball’s	 Hall	 of	      County.	Jones	is	a	former	resident	of	
lanta,	Ga.,	but	the	elder	Harwell’s	        Fame	and	in	2008	was	named	to	the	         Wilkes	County	and	his	sister,	Corey	
paralysis	after	brain	surgery	pushed	       Georgia	Baseball	Hall	of	Fame.             Miller,	is	an	instructor	with	Athens	
his	sons	and	wife	to	earn	a	living.	        	 Survivors	include	his	wife	of	68	        Technical	 College’s	Adult	 Educa-
Ernie	delivered	The Atlanta Geor-           years,	 Lulu	 Harwell	 of	 Fox	 Run	       tion	Center	in	Wilkes	County.
gian	newspaper	for	10	cents	a	week	         Village;	two	sons,	Bill	Harwell	and	
He	was	born	with	a	speech	defect	           Gray	Harwell;	twin	daughters,	Car-
that	left	him	tongue-tied.	Through	         olyn	and	Julie;	seven	grandchildren;	      GSP investigates
therapy	and	forcing	himself	to	par-         and	seven	great-grandchildren.             crashes, injuries
                                                                                       in month of April
      Mildred Russell Mansfield                                                        	 State	Troopers	from	the	Washing-
                                                                                       ton	Post	of	the	Georgia	State	Patrol	
	 Funeral	services	for	Mildred	Rus-         years,	and	served	in	other	capacities	     investigated	 seven	 traffic	 crashes	
sell	Mansfield,	87,	of	Colbert,	for-        in	the	Georgia	Baptist	Association.        during	the	month	of	April	in	Wilkes	
merly	of	Rayle,	were	held	Wednes-           	 Survivors	include	her	husband	of	        County.
day,	May	12,	2010,	at	Moon’s	Grove	         66	years,	Marion	E.	Mansfield;	two	        	 Sergeant	First	Class	Andrews	said	
Baptist	Church,	Colbert.	Interment	         daughters,	 Sandra	 Lapczynski	 of	        the	traffic	crashes	resulted	in	10	in-
was	in	Resthaven	Cemetery,	Wash-            Colbert,	and	Shirley	Nye	of	Spar-          juries.	There	were	no	traffic	deaths.
ington.	She	died	Sunday,	May	9.             tanburg,	 S.C.;	 five	 grandchildren	      	 SFC	Andrews	said	troopers	from	
	 Mrs.	Mansfield	had	lived	in	Rayle	        and	seven	great-grandchildren.             Post	17	also	issued	188	traffic	cita-
for	35	years	and	was	a	member	of	                                                      tions	in	the	county	during	the	month.	
the	 County	 Line	 Baptist	 Church,	        	 Lord	and	Stephens	Funeral	Home	          The	 total	 includes	 four	 arrests	 for	
Rayle,	 She	 was	 also	 a	 member	 of	      Madison	 Chapel	 was	 in	 charge	 of	      driving	 under	 the	 influence,	 121	
Georgia	Campers	on	Mission	for	30	          arrangements.                              citations	 for	 speeding,	 36	 seat	 belt	
                                                                                       violations,	 and	 two	 child	 restraint	
                                                                                       violations.	Troopers	also	issued	187	

                                                                                                                                                                         ht here at
               Clement Albert West                                                     warnings.
	 Memorial	 services	 for	 Clement	         Plantation	for	25	years.	He	enjoyed	
                                                                                       Blue’s Box                                                             We’re rig of your
                                                                                                                                                                ome for a small
Albert	West,	83,	of	Pawley’	Island,	        gardening	and	fishing.	His	first	wife	
S.C.,	 were	 held	 Saturday,	 May	 8,	      was	the	late	Flora	Mae	West.
2010,	at	the	Georgetown	Chapel	of	          	 Survivors	 include	 his	 wife,	 Pa-
                                                                                            Lost: Blue, a true and trusted family
                                                                                                                                                                   rsonal an
                                                                                        friend. Golden Retriever mix. Feathered tail
Mayer	 Funeral	 Home	 in	 George-           tricia	 Presnell	 West	 of	 Pawley’s	       with black smudge. Reward offered. If you

                                                                                                                                                               pe                       .
                                                                                                                                                                              ing needs
                                                                                        know of any information concerning the
town,	 S.C.,	 with	 Rev.	 John	 Rea	        Island;	a	son,	Michael	C.	West	and	         disappearance of this pet. Please call.
officiating.	 He	 died	 May	 3,	 at	 his	   his	wife	Janice	of	Hampton,	S.C.;	a	
                                                                                                                                                                siness ba
                                                                                           Lab Retriever, black male, one year old.
home	after	an	extended	illness.             step-daughter,	 Lee	 Kuduzs	 of	 San	       Missing from Metasville area. Reward!
	 Mr.	 West	 was	 born	 in	 Wilkes	
County,	 Georgia,	 and	 was	 the	 son	
                                            Antonio,	 Texas;	 a	 stepson,	 Clay	
                                            Shehan	of	Hawaii;	a	granddaughter,	
                                                                                           Lost male Black Lab, wearing yellow
                                                                                        John Deere collar, missing from Stoney
                                                                                        Ridge Road area. 706-678-2138.
of	 the	 late	 Percy	Alexander	 West	       Michelle	Evelyn	Parnell	of	Thom-               Beagle, female, tri-color wearing black

                                                                                                                                                 F&M Bank
and	Lilian	Gertrude	Taylor	West.	He	        son;	and	two	great-grandchilden.            collar in Newtown Rd. area. 706-678-
was	a	United	 States	Navy	 veteran	                                                     5410.
                                                                                           Lost cat, from 216 Alexander Drive.
of	World	War	II	and	was	employed	           	 The	 family	 suggests	 memorials	         15-year-old long-hair male, orange and
in	 road	 and	 bridge	 construction	        to	Regency	Hospice,	11943	Grand	            white, red and grey collar with bell. 706-
in	 the	 Southeast	 for	 30	 years.	 He	    Haven	 Dr.,	 Ste.	A.,	 Garden	 City	        401-1875.
                                                                                           Large white Pyrenees female, just spayed,
then	 worked	 for	 Lower	 Waverly	          Beach,	S.C.	29576.                          lost on Lincolnton Hwy. near Washington.
                                                                                        706-359-3860. REWARD.
                                                                                           Boxer mix, ears & tail docked, fawn color
                                                                                        with white chest, female, lost on Thomson                         A friend and neighbor for 60 years
                 Alvin Gary Taylor                                                      Hwy., REWARD. Call 706-401-5337.
                                                                                           Boston Terrier, black and white with one
                                                                                        eye, wearing red collar, named Sam, call
	 Funeral	 services	 for	Alvin	 Gary	       National	 Homes.	 He	 retired	 as	 a	
“Pete”	 Taylor,	 67,	 of	 Thomson	          sheet	metal	fabricator	from	Dawk-
                                                                                           Boston Terrier named Barney, black and
                                                                                        white with black spot of top of head, lost
were	held	Saturday,	May	8,	2010,	           ins	Sheet	Metal	Co.	He	was	of	the	          near corner of Madison and Lincolnton
at	the	Beggs	Funeral	Home	Chapel,	          Baptist	faith.                              Rds., brown collar, call 706-678-6328.
                                                                                           Black female Chow got out during storm,
Thomson,	 with	 Dr.	 Phil	 Bray	 and	       	 Survivors	 include	 his	 son	 and	        Metasville area, if seen call 706-318-
Leroy	Bufford	officiating.	Interment	       daughter-in-law,	 Shane	 and	 Nikki	        0970.                                                     Six convenient F&M Bank locations to serve you!
was	 in	 Savannah	 Valley	 Memo-            Taylor	 of	 Thomson;	 a	 daughter,	            FOUND: Fluffy cream male dog. Leather
                                                                                        collar. Trained. Found near Sandy Cross
rial	 Gardens,	 Thomson.	 He	 died	         Shannon	 Marie	 Taylor	 of	 Sparta;	        Rd.
Thursday,	May	6,	at	the	McDuffie	           a	brother,	William	Larry	Taylor	of	            Black and white female, possible Lab            706-678-2187   Main Office
                                                                                        mix, found on Lundburg Road. 706-990-
Regional	Medical	Center.                    Thomson;	and	three	grandchildren,	          8621.                                              706-678-3201   Downtown Branch
	 Mr.	Taylor	was	a	native	of	Wilkes	        Braxton	 Taylor,	 Gage	 Taylor,	 and	                    PLEASE CALL                           706-285-2195   Tignall
County	and	was	the	son	of	the	late	         Gavin	Taylor.                                          ALiCE GrEEN At
William	 C.	 and	 Elizabeth	 Bufford	       	 Pallbearers	included	Leroy	Buf-
                                                                                                   Or thE ShELtEr
                                                                                                                                           706-456-2361   Crawfordville
Taylor.	 He	 had	 lived	 in	 McDuffie	      ford,	Harold	Bufford,	Jimmy	New,	                          706-678-2287                        706-359-6283   Lincolnton               Member
County	 for	 many	 years	 and	 had	         Taurus	 Ivey,	 Jessie	 Bufford,	 and	
                                                                                           tO ADD LOSt Or FOUND PEt.
                                                                                                   Washington- Wilkes                      706-863-5500   Martinez                 FDIC

worked	as	a	purchasing	agent	with	          E.D.	Torkkola.                                       humane Animal Shelter

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