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Section B. Pages 5-8 - Kingfisher Times and Free Press


									                                                                                                                                                                                                                Kingfisher (Okla.) Times & Free Press Wednesday, October 17, 2012 5B

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Sheila Morford
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          An authorized producer for BlueCross/BlueShield

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Group Or                    • Life Insurance
                                                                                                                                                                                   GILMOUR ELEMENTARY                                                                        • Worker’s Compensation
                                                                                                                                                                                   recognized         Maddox
                                                                                                                                                                                   Mecklenburg as its Read-                               Individual Medical                 • Home & Auto
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             • Business Overhead Expense
                                                                                                                                                                                   ing Rocket award winner at                                                                • Long Term Care
                                                                                                                                                                                   Jacket Roundup on Friday,                              Insurance Needs.”                  • Long Term Disability
                                                                                                                                                                                   Oct. 12. To be recognized, a
GILMOUR ELEMENTARY students receiving Great Expectation citizenship awards for                                                                                                     student must receive 75 AR
Oct. 12 include: from left, Bryant Morse, Ethan Karcher, Allie Schilde, His-sa-yots Horse,                                                                                         points. [Photo Provided]
Maddox Mecklenburg and Will Neuman. [Photo Provided]
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          10305 NORTH MAY AVE. • OKLAHOMA CTY, OK 73156 • (405) 751-8356
Voter education key to retention ballot                                                                                                                                           Best Of Press
                                                                                                                                                                                     Transition Period

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   Oklahomans may face un-                                The website also details the                              Supreme Court to advance the                                     Old age is when you find
certainty about the judicial                          state’s judicial selection pro-                               administration of justice and                                 yourself giving good advice                             �                                                           �
                                                                                                                                                                                  instead of setting bad ex-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Wednesday & Saturday Home Delivery Available
retention ballot they will en-                        cess for appellate justices and                               to foster and maintain learn-
counter when they enter the                           judges, in which a nonparti-                                  ing, integrity, competence,                                   amples.
voting booth on Nov. 6.                               san 15-member Judicial Nomi-                                  public service and high stan-                                    -Tester, Patuxent River,                                to Kingfisher, Dover & Hennessey! 375-3220
   The state bar association                          nating Commission investi-                                    dards of conduct among                                        Md.                                                     �                       ~                      �
has                introduced                         gates, interviews and evalu-                                  Oklahoma’s legal community.,            a                      ates applicants for judicial of-
website designed to explain                           fice. The commission submits
how the merit retention pro-                          the names of three highly
cess works while providing                            qualified applicants to the
background information                                governor, who makes the fi-
about the justices and judges                         nal selection. Justices and
on this year’s merit retention                        judges are retained in office
ballot.                                               “on merit” by citizen vote in
   Oklahoma Bar Association                           nonpartisan, noncontested
President Cathy Christensen                           elections by retention ballot.
of Oklahoma City said, “Right                         Those who receive approval
now, Oklahomans are being                             from a majority of the voters
bombarded with information                            may continue in office for an-
related to the elections, and                         other six-year term.
some interest groups may use                              “Judges must be free to
the retention ballot to promote                       decide cases based on the laws
their own agendas. Launch-                            and the Constitution,”
ing this website is our oppor-                        Christensen said. “This is why
tunity to educate voters that                         selection of Oklahoma justices
fair and impartial judges are                         and judges is designed to be
critical to the success of a                          nonpartisan; they must be able
strong legal system.”                                 to rule independently with-
   The website features com-                          out fear of retaliation for mak-
plete biographies and photos                          ing a decision. Our legal sys-
of the four state Supreme                             tem is only as strong as the
Court justices and seven ap-                          quality of judges who uphold
pellate judges on the reten-                          it, and this website makes it
tion ballot. Voters will also be                      clear that judges shouldn’t be
able to access court cases and                        told how to vote, and neither
legal opinions authored by                            should voters.”
those judges and justices.                                The website will be acces-
   “Our intent in creating                            sible through the Nov. 6 elec-
Court Facts is to provide vot-                        tion and is planned to be a
ers accurate, nonbiased infor-                        continuing educational out-
mation – just the facts.”                             reach opportunity for the bar
Christensen said. “I trust our                        association.
voters to make up their own                               The 17,000-member Okla-
minds. Oklahomans under-                              homa Bar Association, head-
stand that their independence                         quartered in Oklahoma City,
depends on judicial indepen-                          was created by the Oklahoma

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6B Wednesday, October 17, 2012 Kingfisher (Okla.) Times & Free Press
Commissioners Proceedings
(Published Wed. Oct. 17, 2012 in the            Treasurer/Unemployment ........... $2.45             Comm/Supplies ......................... $40.76          Dist.1/Lease Payment .......... $1,128.52             421 Ok Employment Security Comm.                 District I, II, and III. Motion approved with
Kingfisher Times and Free Press.)               34 Ok Employment Security Comm.                      352 O G & E                                             395 Welch State Bank                                  Dist.3/Unemployment .............. $398.68       the following votes cast: Schroder-yes;
Minutes of the Regular Meeting of               911/Unemployment ................... $62.69          Comm/Usage ........................... $312.56          Dist.1/Lease Payment .......... $3,486.82             SALES TAX 2012-2013                              Shimanek-yes; Wilczek-yes.
Kingfisher      County         Board       of   35 Pioneer                                           353 City of Kingfisher                                  396 Security National Bank                            129 Boevers, Keith A.                            A motion was made by Shimanek and
Commissioners held on October 9,                911/Monthly Bill ......................... $77.23    Comm/Usage ........................... $353.16           Dist.1/Lease Payment ......... $2,053.09             Extension/Travel ..................... $316.35   seconded by Schroder to approve
2012. Advance notice of the meeting             35 Pioneer                                           354 Cimarron Electric                                   397 Security National Bank                            130 Pioneer                                      monthly appropriations and transfers for
was posted on the bulletin board next to        Treasurer/Monthly Bill ............. $246.84         Comm/Usage ........................... $244.26          Dist.1/Lease Payment .......... $2,471.06             Extension/Monthly Billing ........ $263.36       Kingfisher County. Motion approved with
Commissioner’s office, north and west           43 Crandall & Sanders, Inc.                          355 City of Hennessey                                   398 Dub Ross Company                                  131 Ok Employment Security Comm.                 the following votes cast: Schroder yes;
entrances on October 5, 2012.                   Sheriff/Repairs ......................... $129.99    Comm/Usage ........................... $108.30          Dist.1/Culverts ...................... $7,776.00      Sheriff/Unemployment .............. $91.32       Shimanek-yes; Wilczek-yes.
Chairman Wilczek called the                     44 Ok Employment Security Comm.                      356 Pioneer                                             399 Ok Employment Security Comm.                      132 Kingfisher Office Supply                     A motion was made by Schroder and
Commissioners meeting to order at 9:34          Sheriff/Unemployment .............. $24.48           Comm/Monthly Bill .................. $920.91            Dist.1/Unemployment ............. $403.48             Extension/Supplies .................... $39.36   seconded by Shimanek to approve the
a.m. Roll call was read with the following      56 Main Street Lube                                  357 Pioneer                                             400 Kingfisher Office Supply                          133 Kingfisher Office Supply                     Correction Deed from Kingfisher County
responses:           Schroder-present;          Sheriff/Service on Units ............ $90.51         County Clerk/Monthly Bill ........ $168.63              Dist.2/Supplies ........................ $157.92      Extension/Supplies .................. $162.06    to Rocko Mills, LLC to correct the legal
Shimanek-present; Wilczek-present.              57 O’Reilly Automotive, Inc.                         358 Ok Employment Security Comm.                        401 Culligan Water Softener                           134 Okla. State University                       description. Motion approved with the
Also in attendance were the following;          Sheriff/Supplies ........................... $8.99   Court Clerk/Unemployment .... $123.49                   Dist.2/Service ............................ $36.00    Extension/Salary .................. $5,607.00    following votes cast: Schroder-yes;
Don Russell, Russell Engineering, Inc.;         58 Pioneer                                           359 Pioneer                                             402 CCP Industries, Inc.                              135 Kingfisher Times & Free Press                Shimanek-yes; Wilczek-yes.
Max Gerber, County Engineer; Barbara            Sheriff/Monthly Bill .................. $165.75      Assessor/Monthly Bill .............. $173.18            Dist.2/Supplies ........................ $634.05      Chisholm Museum/Publication . $30.80             A motion was made by Shimanek and
Walter, Hennessey Clipper; Gary Reid,           59 Kingfisher Office Supply                          360 Sanders Funeral Service                             403 Alcohol & Drug Test, Inc.                         136 Ok Employment Security Comm.                 seconded by Schroder to approve a
Kingfisher Times & Free Press; and              Sheriff/Supplies ......................... $21.37    Charity ..................................... $600.00   Dist.2/Testing .......................... $128.60      Free Fair/Unemployment ......... $25.80         pipeline crossing submitted by Blue
Teresa Wood, Kingfisher County Clerk.           60 Kingfisher Office Supply                          361 City of Kingfisher                                  404 Welch State Bank                                  137 City of Kingfisher                           Ridge Oilfield starting from Section 34,
A motion was made by Schroder and               Sheriff/Supplies ....................... $141.14     Gen Gov/Monthly Billing ...... $1,361.00                Dist.2/Lease Payment .......... $2,624.60             Free Fair/Monthly Payment . $2,178.28            Township 17N, Range 5W to Section 36,
seconded by Shimanek to approve the             61 Merritt, Jasper                                   362 City of Kingfisher                                  405 John Deere Credit                                 138 Pioneer                                      Township 17N, Range 5W. Motion
following: Agenda, minutes for regular          Sheriff/Service ...................... $1,040.00     Gen Gov/Monthly Billing ......... $743.65               Dist.2/Lease Payment ......... $3,292.95              Free Fair/Monthly Payment .... $333.13           approved with the following votes cast:
meeting held October 1, 2012: warrants          62 Ok Employment Security Comm.                      363 City of Kingfisher                                  406 Welch State Bank                                  139 Answering Unlimited                          Schroder-yes; Shimanek-yes; Wilczek-
for fiscal year 2011-2012 and warrants          Sheriff/Unemployment .............. $99.48           Gen Gov/Monthly Billing ...... $3,138.07                Dist.2/Lease Payment ......... $2,116.58              Okarche Fire/Monthly Billing .. $100.00          yes.
and purchase orders #1254 thru #1500            63 Pioneer                                           364 Amsan                                               407 Earnheart Oil                                     140 Page Plus Inc.                               A motion was made by Schroder and
for the fiscal year 2012-2013. Motion           Sheriff/Security ........................ $268.28    Gen Gov/Supplies ................... $270.60            Dist.2/Fuel .......................... $25,758.71     Big 4 Fire/Pager Bill ................ $101.95   seconded by Shimanek to approve a title
approved with the following votes cast:         78 Arms, Juanita                                     365 Ok Employment Security Comm.                        408 Enid Mack Sales, Inc.                             141 Page Plus Inc.                               sheet for proposed county bridge federal
Schroder-yes; Shimanek-yes; Wilczek-            Health/Mileage ........................ $129.32      Gen Gov/Unemployment ..... $1,399.30                    Dist.2/Parts .............................. $332.94   Loyal Fire/Pager Bill ................. $49.20   aid project #STP-137D(093)CI, bridge &
yes.                                            79 Kingfisher Office Supply                          366 Pioneer                                             409 Garfield Glass                                    142 Page Plus Inc.                               approaches over Campbell Creek,
GENERAL/OTHER 2012-2013                         Health/Supplies ....................... $191.94      Gen Gov/Monthly Billing ......... $155.41               Dist.2/Repairs .......................... $369.12     Okarche Fire/Pager Bill ........... $127.80      submitted by Russell Engineering, Inc.
8 OK Employment Security Comm.                  80 Arnold Outdoor                                    367 Pioneer                                             410 Ok Employment Security Comm.                      143 Pioneer                                      Motion approved with the following votes
Law Library/Unemployment ....... $2.16          Health/Billboard ....................... $325.00     Gen Gov/Monthly Billing ........ $149.17                Dist.2/Unemployment .............. $547.39            Loyal Fire /Monthly Bill .............. $50.00   cast: Schroder-yes; Shimanek-yes;
13 Redwood Biotech                              81 Okeene Record                                     368 Global Comm. Technology                             411 Kingfisher Office Supply                          SALES TAX 1/4 2012-2013                          Wilczek-yes.
Drug Court/Supplies ................ $380.02    Health/Advertisement .............. $368.55          Emrg. Mgmt./Supplies ............. $239.00              Dist.3/Supplies ........................ $153.65      30 Special-Ops Uniforms, Inc.                    A motion was made by Schroder and
14 Redwood Toxicology Laboratory                82 Pioneer                                           369 U.S. Postmaster                                     412 Alcohol & Drug Test, Inc.                         Kgf Fire/Uniforms .................... $352.98   seconded by Shimanek to approve
Drug Court/Lab Test .................. $10.00   Health/Monthly Bill ................. $397.21        Election/Stamps ...................... $500.00          Dist.3/Testing ........................... $69.60     31 City of Kingfisher                            Kingfisher County District Attorney’s
15 Kingfisher Office Supply                     83 McNair, Lanoma K.                                 370 Pioneer                                             413 Chisholm Trail Tech. Center                       Kgf Fire/ Lease Payment .... $1,596.55           office request to add Brittany Gassner as
Drug Court/Supplies ................ $108.15    Health/Mileage .......................... $35.52     Election/Monthly Bill ................ $148.23          Dist.3/Training .......................... $44.00     32 Empire Companies                              Receiving Officer and remove Ashley
16 OK Employment Security Comm.                 84 Castellanos, Diane Rogers                         HIGHWAY 2012-2013                                       414 Security National Bank                            Big 4 Fire/ Lease Payment .... $253.75           Chlouber as Receiving Officer. Motion
Drug Court/Unemployment ....... $60.00          Health/Mileage ........................ $497.28      388 Kingfisher Office Supply                            Dist.3/Lease Payment ......... $2,053.09              33 Empire Companies                              approved with the following votes cast:
27 Kingfisher Office Supply                     85 McNair, Lanoma K.                                 Dist.1/Supplies .......................... $37.99       415 Welch State Bank                                  Big 4 Fire/ Lease Payment ..... $250.00          Schroder yes; Shimanek-yes; Wilczek-
Court Clerk/Supplies ................. $65.98   Health/Mileage ............................ $8.88    389 Walker Tire                                         Dist.3/Lease Payment .......... $1,204.18             34 Empire Companies                              yes.
28 Kingfisher County General Fund               346 Pioneer                                          Dist.1/ Tires .......................... $2,692.00      416 Security National Bank                            Big 4 Fire/ Lease Payment ..... $343.25          A motion was made by Shimanek and
Court Clerk/Reimbursement ... $123.49           District Attorney/Billing ........... $172.14        390 Dub Ross Company                                    Dist.3/Lease Payment .......... $4,391.14             35 Empire Companies                              seconded by Schroder to adjourn.
29 OK Employment Security Comm.                 347 Plains Partners LLC                              Dist.1/Culverts ......................... $556.14       417 Welch State Bank                                  Big 4 Fire/ Lease Payment .... $250.00           Motion approved with the following votes
Court Clerk/Unemployment ...... $59.60          Sheriff/Fuel ........................... $4,055.20   391 Alcohol & Drug Test, Inc.                           Dist.3/Lease Payment .......... $1,166.00             36 Welch State Bank                              cast: Schroder-yes; Shimanek-yes;
31 TM Consulting                                348 Ok Employment Security Comm.                     Dist.1/Testing .......................... $128.60       418 Welch State Bank                                  Big 4 Fire/ Lease Payment .. $1,431.74           Wilczek-yes.
Treasurer/Service & Repairs .. $108.01          Sheriff/Unemployment .............. $65.80           392 Chisholm Trail Tech. Center                         Dist.3/Lease Payment .......... $1,071.83             A motion was made by Shimanek and                Meeting adjourned at 9:55 a.m.
32 ACH Direct888                                349 Pioneer                                          Dist.1/Training ........................... $44.00      419 Welch State Bank                                  seconded by Schroder to approve                  Edward Wilczek, Chairman
Treasurer/Supplies .................. $160.00   Sheriff/Monthly Bill .................. $456.11      393 Welch State Bank                                    Dist.3/Lease Payment .......... $2,207.29             monthly reports submitted by: Assessor,          Keith Schroder, Vice-Chairman
33 Reserve Account                              350 Embassy Suites                                   Dist.1/Lease Payment ............. $807.80              420 Schwarz Oil Co.                                   County Clerk, Court Clerk, Health                Ray Shimanek, Member
Treasurer/Postage ............... $5,000.00     Comm/Lodging ........................ $154.00        394 Welch State Bank                                    Dist.3/Fuel .......................... $23,197.91     Department, Sheriff, Treasurer, and              Teresa Wood, Kingfisher County Clerk
34 Ok Employment Security Comm.                 351 Kingfisher Office Supply

Legal notices
(Published Wed. Oct. 17, 2012 in the            (Published Wed. Oct. 17, 2012 in the                 OKLAHOMA                                                subject to taxes and tax sales; said                  Judy A. Lightie; InterBank; Chesca               sion.
Kingfisher Times and Free Press.)               Kingfisher Times and Free Press.)                    PATRICE DOUGLAS, Chairman                               property being duly appraised at                      Annette Walta Mecklenburg; Shanna                     NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that
     BEFORE THE CORPORATION                          BEFORE THE CORPORATION                          BOB ANTHONY, Vice-Chairman                              $60,000.00.                                           Gish; Charlotte D. Lawler Gish; Sandra           this cause will be heard before an Admin-
     COMMISSION OF THE STATE                             COMMISSION OF THE                           DANA L. MURPHY, Commissioner                                 Sale will be made pursuant to an                 A. Briggs; Donna R. Walta; Yvonne                istrative Law Judge on the Initial Hearing
              OF OKLAHOMA                                STATE OF OKLAHOMA                           ATTEST:                                                 Order of Sale issued upon a judgment                  Velasquez; Emma Louise Brown,                    Docket at the Corporation Commission,
APPLICANT: BRG PETROLEUM LLC                    APPLICANT: BRG PETROLEUM LLC                         Peggy Mitchell, Secretary of the                        entered in the District Court of Kingfisher           Trustee of the Emma Louise Brown Re-             Eastern Regional Service Office, Suite
RELIEF REQUESTED:                               RELIEF REQUESTED:                                    Commission                                              County, Oklahoma, in Case No. CJ-                     vocable Trust; Monica L. Breckenridge;           114, State Office Building, 440 South
LOCATION EXCEPTION                              POOLING                                              LPXLP                                                   2012-11, wherein Deutsche Bank Na-                    Christopher W. Moery & Kristin Jill              Houston, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127, at
LEGAL DESCRIPTION: SECTION 30,                  LEGAL DESCRIPTION:                                                                                           tional Trust Company, as Trustee for                  Moery; Estelle T. Simmons; Denise                8:30 a.m. on the 5th day of November,
   TOWNSHIP 19 NORTH, RANGE 7                   SECTION30, TOWNSHIP 19 NORTH,                                                                                Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc.,                  Wedel c/o Jeffrey C. Trent; Brian M.             2012, and that this notice be published
   WEST, KINGFISHER COUNTY,                        RANGE 7 WEST, KINGFISHER                          (Published Wed. Oct. 17 and 24, 2012 in                 Asset-Backed Pass-Through Certifi-                    Pickett and Herbert L. Pickett II; Shirley       as required by law and the rules of the
   OKLAHOMA                                        COUNTY, OKLAHOMA                                  the Kingfisher Times and Free Press.)                   cates, Series 2005-R10 is Plaintiff and               Kathleen Brinkley, Kathleen Ann Painter          Commission.
             CD 201206642-T                                  CD 201206643-T                               NOTICE OF SHERIFF’S SALE                           Shane Lukasek and Kelly Lukasek is/are                and James Michael Binkley, Trustees of                NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that
          NOTICE OF HEARING                              NOTICE OF HEARING                                           CJ-2012-31                              Defendant(s) to satisfy said judgment in              the Revocable Inter Vivos Trust of               the Applicant and interested parties may
     STATE OF OKLAHOMA TO: All per-                  STATE OF OKLAHOMA TO: All per-                       Notice is given that on the 20 day of              the sum of $72,397.29 together with in-               Shirley Kathleen Brinkley, u/a/ October          present testimony by telephone. The
sons, owners, producers, operators,             sons, owners, producers, operators,                  November, 2012 at 10:00 a.m., at the                    terest at 10.5% per annum or at the                   24, 2000; Mike D. Pribyl; Kimberly Kae           cost of telephonic communication shall
purchasers and takers of oil and gas and        purchasers and takers of oil and gas and             front lobby of the County Courthouse, in                current adjustable rate from September                Hawk; Rebecca Ann Pribyl; Chesapeake             be paid by the person or persons re-
all other interested persons in Kingfisher      all other interested persons, particularly           the City of Kingfisher, Kingfisher County,              1, 2011, including late charges,                      Exploration, L.L.C.; and if any of the           questing its use. Interested parties who
County, Oklahoma, and more particu-             in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma, and                  Oklahoma, the Sheriff of said County will               $1,800.00 for attorney’s fees, $250.00                above are deceased, the unknown heirs,           wish to participate by telephone shall
larly Prime Operating Company; and if           more particularly InterBank; Denise                  offer for sale and sell, with appraisement,             advances for title search, taxes, insur-              executors, administrators, devisees,             contact the Applicant, or Applicant’s at-
any of the above are deceased, the un-          Wedel c/o Jeffrey C. Trent; Rebecca Ann              for cash, at public auction, to the highest             ance, property preservation and all cost              trustees and assigns, immediate and re-          torney, prior to the hearing date and
known heirs, executors, administrators,         Pribyl; Chesapeake Exploration, LLC;                 and best bidder, all that certain real es-              of this action accrued and accruing.                  mote, of the above-named parties; and if         provide their name and telephone num-
devisees, trustees and assigns, immedi-         Ada M. Wendell McCall, dec’d.; Henry                 tate in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma, to-                     WITNESS MY HAND this 15 day of                   any of the above-named entities is a             ber.
ate and remote, of the above-named              Richard Wendell, dec’d.; Lola Mae                    wit:                                                    October, 2012.                                        dissolved partnership, corporation or                 NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that
parties; and if any of the above-named          Wendell, dec’d.; Iola Elliot, dec’d.; and if            Lot Two (2), in Block Seventeen                           By: s/Dennis Banther                             other association, then the unknown              all interested persons may appear and
entities is a dissolved partnership, cor-       any of the above are deceased, the un-                  (17), in BEADLES ADDITION to the                          Sheriff, Dennis Banther                          successors, trustees and assigns, both           be heard. For information concerning
poration or other association, then the         known heirs, executors, administrators,                 Town of Cashion, Kingfisher                          SHAPIRO & CEJDA, L.L.C                                immediate and remote, of such dis-               this action, contact Stephen R.
unknown successors, trustees and as-            devisees, trustees and assigns, immedi-                 County, Oklahoma;                                    770 NE 63rd St                                        solved partnership, corporation or other         McNamara, attorney for Applicant, Boul-
signs, both immediate and remote, of            ate and remote, of the above-named                   subject to unpaid taxes, advancements                   Oklahoma City, OK 73105-6431                          association.                                     der Towers, Suite 1210, 1437 South
such dissolved partnership, corporation         parties; and if any of the above-named               by Plaintiff for taxes, insurance                       (405)848-1819                                             NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the              Boulder Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma,
or other association.                           entities is a dissolved partnership, cor-            premiums and expenses necessary for                     Attorneys for Plaintiff                               Applicant is requesting that the Commis-         74119-3609, (918) 599-0300, or Steve
     NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the            poration or other association, then the              the preservation of the subject property,               File No. 12-111636                                    sion:                                            McNamara, Jr., BRG Petroleum LLC,
Applicant in this cause is requesting the       unknown successors, trustees and as-                 if any, said property having been duly                  LPXLP                                                     (a) Extend existing 640-acre drilling        7134 South Yale Avenue, Suite 600,
following special relief:                       signs, both immediate and remote, of                 appraised at $110,000.00. Sale will be                                                                        and spacing units for the following Com-         Tulsa, OK 74136-6338, (918)496-2626.
   To drill an off-pattern well 660 feet        such dissolved partnership, corporation              made pursuant to a Special Execution                                                                          mon Source of Supply from Section 25,                 DONE AND PERFORMED this 12th
   from the north line and 990 feet             or other association.                                and Order of Sale issued in accordance                  (Published Wed. Oct 10 & 17, 2012 in the              Township 19 North, Range 8 West, King-           day of October, 2012.
   from the west line of Section 30,                 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the                 with judgment entered in the District                   Kingfisher Times and Free Press.)                     fisher County, Oklahoma into Section                  CORPORATION COMMISSION OF
   Township 19 North, Range 7 West,             Applicant in this cause is requesting that           Court of Kingfisher County, Oklahoma,                       NOTICE OF HEARING ON FINAL                        30, Township 19 North, Range 7 West,             OKLAHOMA
   Kingfisher County, Oklahoma as an            the Commission pool the interests, des-              in Case No. CJ-2012-31, entitled Wells                         ACCOUNT, PETITION FOR                          Kingfisher County, Oklahoma, as fol-                  PATRICE DOUGLAS, Chairman
   exception to the following Orders:           ignate an operator, and adjudicate the               Fargo Bank, N.A., Plaintiff, vs. Eddie                      DETERMINATION OF HEIRSHIP,                        lows:                                                 BOB ANTHONY, Vice Chairman
   52977 dated October 1, 1963 as               rights and equities of oil and gas owners            Jeffcoat, Heidi Jeffcoat, Bank of                         DISTRIBUTION AND SETTLEMENT                           Common Source of Supply: Red Fork                   DANA L. MURPHY, Commissioner
   redesignated by Order No. 104380             in the Mississippi (Solid), Red Fork                 America N.A. f/k/a NationsBanc                                          OF ESTATE                               Sand                                                ATTEST:
   dated April 9, 1974) Mississippi             Sand, Hunton Lime, Manning, Oswego                   Mortgage Corporation, being all the                             CAUSE NO. PB-2012-35                          Classification & Anticipated Depth: GGC               Peggy Mitchell, Secretary of the
   (Solid) (Order to issue in CD                Big-Lime, Skinner, Prue and Inola Lime               Defendants and persons holding or                             IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF                           6,700’                                        Commission
   201206640-T), Red Fork Sand,                 Common Sources of Supply underlying                  claiming any interest or lien in the subject                     KINGFISHER COUNTY,                           Unit Shape and Size: 640                              LPXLP
  Hunton Lime, Manning, Oswego-                 and comprising the 640-acre drilling and             property.                                                        STATE OF OKLAHOMA                            Extension Order: 50051
  Big Lime, Skinner, Prue, Inola Lime,          spacing unit consisting of Section30,                     Dennis Banther, Sheriff                            In the Matter of the Will and Estate of                    (b) Extend existing 160-acre drilling
   and to authorize the Applicant the           Township 19 North, Range 7 West, King-                    Kingfisher County, Oklahoma                        Bernice L. Themer, Deceased.                          and spacing units for the following Com-         Stolen fuel
   right to drill and produce said well         fisher County, Oklahoma.                                  s/Dennis Banther, Sheriff                               NOTICE is hereby given that Jerry                mon Sources of Supply from the North-
   without penalty upon the allowable                NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that                    JOHN D. Weaver-#20364                                   Kuntz, the duly appointed and qualified               east Quarter (NE/4) of Section 36, Town-         reported to sheriff
   and possibly make the Order                  the Applicant is requesting the following            BAER, TIMBERLAKE, COULSON &                             Personal Representative of the Estate of              ship 19 North, Range 8 West, Kingfisher
   effective on a date prior to the             special relief: (1) to designate the Appli-          CATES P.C.                                              Bernice L. Themer, Deceased, has filed                County, Oklahoma into Section 30,                   Oct. 10 — Kingfisher
   signing thereof.                             cant or some other party as Operator of              Attorneys for Plaintiff                                 in this Court the Final Account and report            Township 19 North, Range 7 West, King-           County Deputy Sheriff Justin
NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that the                the unit; (2) to pool the captioned lands            P.O. Box 18486                                          of the administration as such Personal                fisher County, Oklahoma and reform
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Conner took a report from
requested location will be moving toward        as a unit; and (3) to provide for the                Oklahoma City, OK 73154-0496                            Representative and the Petition for De-               into 640-acre drilling and spacing units
the Section19 of Township 19 North,             development of the unit including the                Telephone: (405)842-7722                                termination of Heirs, Distribution and Fi-            as follows:                                      Rodney Mueggenborg of
Range 7 West and Sections 24 and 25 of          pooling of the proposed well and all sub-            Facsimile: (405)848-9349                                nal Settlement, and that Monday, the 5th                 Common Source of Supply /                     Kingfisher concerning the
Township 19 North, Range 8 West, all in         sequent wells where applicable.                      BTCC File No.: 83092                                    day of November, 2012, at 9:00 A.M. in                   Classification & Anticipated Depth /          theft of 110 gallons of gaso-
Kingfisher County, Oklahoma.                         NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that                    LPXLP                                                   the Courtroom of the District Court in                   Unit Shape and Size / Extension               line. Mueggenborg advised
     NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that               this cause be set before an Administra-                                                                      Kingfisher, Kingfisher County, Okla-                     Order:                                        that when he arrived at his
this cause shall be set before an Admin-        tive Law Judge for hearing, taking of                                                                        homa has been duly appointed by the                      Oswego-Big Lime / GGC 6,500’ /                property he noticed the tank
istrative Law Judge for hearing, taking of      evidence and reporting to the Commis-                (Published Wed. Oct. 17 and 24, 2012 in                 said Court for the final settlement of said              640 / 165280
evidence and reporting to the Commis-           sion.                                                the Kingfisher Times and Free Press.)                   account, and for hearing of the Petition                 Pure / GGC 6,550’ / 640 / 165280              cap laying on the ground.
sion.                                                NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that                    DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST                            for Distribution, and determination of                   Skinner / GGC 6,600’ / 640 / 165280              Oct. 11 — Deputy Conner
     NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that               this cause will be heard before the Ad-              COMPANY, AS TRUSTEE FOR                                 heirship, at which time and place any                    Inola Lime / GGC 6,800’ / 640 /               took a report from Sherry
the Applicant and interested parties may        ministrative Law Judge on the Initial                AMERIQUEST                  MORTGAGE                    persons interested may appear and file                   165280                                        Murray, Rt. 3, Kingfisher, con-
present testimony by telephone. The             Hearing Docket at the Corporation Com-               SECURITIES INC., ASSET-BACKED                           exceptions and show cause, if any they                   Manning / GGC 7,200’ / 640 /                  cerning unlawful entry to her
cost of telephonic communication shall          mission, Eastern Regional Service Of-                PASS-THROUGH CERTIFICATES,                              have, why said account should not be                     165280
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    home. Murray advised that
be paid by the person or persons re-            fice, Suite 114, State Office Building, 440          SERIES 2005-R10                                         settled and allowed and the said estate                  Hunton Lime / GGC 7,950’ / 640 /
questing its use. Interested parties who        South Houston, Tulsa, Oklahoma74127                  Plaintiff                                               distributed and the Personal Represen-                   165280                                        while she was showering,
wish to participate by telephone shall          at 8:30 a.m., on the 5th day of Novem-               v.                                                      tative discharged.                                         (c) Establish a permitted well loca-        someone opened her screen
contact the Applicant, or Applicant’s at-       ber, 2012, and that this notice be pub-              SHANE LUKASEK; KELLY LUKASEK;                                IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have                     tion on said drilling and spacing unit of        door and then the front door.
torney, prior to the hearing date and           lished as required by law and the rules of           JOHN DOE, OCCUPANT; DEALERS                             hereunto set my hand this 5th day of                  not less than 1,320 feet from the bound-         She said she heard the door
provide their name and telephone num-           the Commission.                                      FINANCE CO., L.L.C. AND MIDLAND                         October, 2012.                                        ary of Section 30, Township 19 North,            open and shut, but when she
ber.                                                 NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that                    FUNDING, LLC                                            /s/ Robert E. Davis                                   Range 7 West, Kingfisher County, Okla-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    looked, no one was in the
     NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that               the Applicant and interested parties may             Defendant(s)                                            Judge                                                 homa;
this cause will be heard before an Admin-       present testimony by telephone. The                            Case No. CJ-2012-11                           Randy Mecklenburg (OBA #6110)                              (d) Establish the allowable amount of       house. The front door and
istrative Law Judge on the Conservation         cost of telephonic communication shall                    NOTICE OF SHERIFF’S SALE                           Harrison & Mecklenburg, Inc.                          production for each drilling and spacing         screen door were dusted for
Docket at the Oklahoma Corporation              be paid by the person or persons re-                      NOTICE IS GIVEN to Shane                           202 North 6th Street, P.O. Box 658                    unit established thereby;                        fingerprints and evidence was
Commission, Eastern Regional Office,            questing its use. Interested parties who             Lukasek; Kelly Lukasek; John Doe, Oc-                   Kingfisher, Oklahoma 73750                                 (e) Unitize all royalty interests within    photographed and collected.
Kerr Building, 440 South Houston, Suite         wish to participate by telephone shall               cupant; Dealers Finance Co., L.L.C.;                    Attorney for Personal Representative                  each drilling spacing unit established              Oct. 14, 10:35 a.m. —
114, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127 at 8:30              contact the Applicant, or Applicant’s at-            Midland Funding, LLC that on November                   LPXLP                                                 hereby so that each royalty owner shall
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Deputy Mark Sterling was dis-
a.m. on the 5th day of November,                torney, prior to the hearing date and                20, 2012 at 10:00 o’clock, a.m., at front                                                                     share in all production from any well
2012, and that this Notice shall be pub-        provide their name and telephone num-                lobby of the County Courthouse in King-                                                                       thereon in the proportion that the acre-         patched to Rt. 3, Box 91-S,
lished as required by law and the rules of      ber.                                                 fisher, Kingfisher County, Oklahoma, the                (Published Wed. Oct. 17, in the                       age owned by such royalty owner bears            Kingfisher in reference to a
the Commission.                                      NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that                    Sheriff of said County will offer for sale              Kingfisher Times and Free Press.)                     to the entire acreage in the drilling and        stolen weapon. Upon arrival,
     NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that               all interested persons may appear and                and sell for cash at public auction to the                   BEFORE THE CORPORATION                           spacing unit;                                    he met with homeowner Jer-
all interested persons may appear and           be heard. For information concerning                 highest and best bidder, with appraise-                          COMMISSION OF THE                                 (f) Provide that when there are two or      emy Snyder, who advised that
be heard. For information concerning            this action, contact Stephen R.                      ment, all that certain real estate in King-                      STATE OF OKLAHOMA                            more separately owned tracts or undi-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    between 11:30 a.m. Oct. 13,
this action, contact Stephen R.                 McNamara, Boulder Towers, Suite                      fisher County, Oklahoma, to-wit:                        APPLICANT:                                            vided interests separately owned within
McNamara, attorney for Applicant, 1437          1210, 1437 South Boulder Avenue,                        A TRACT OF LAND BEGINNING                            BRG PETROLEUM LLC                                     a drilling and spacing unit established          and 10:15 this date, someone
South Boulder Avenue, Suite 1210,               Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119-3609, Tele-                       AT A POINT 541 FEET WEST OF                          RELIEF REQUESTED:                                     hereby, the owners thereof may validly           entered his residence through
Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74119-3609, (918)              phone (918)599-0300, or Mr.Steve                        THE NORTHEAST CORNER, (NE/                           DRILLING & SPACING UNITS                              pool their interests and develop the drill-      the rear sliding glass door,
599-0300, or Steve McNamara, Jr., BRG           McNamara, Jr., BRG Petroleum LLC,                       C) OF THE NORTHEAST                                  LEGAL DESCRIPTION:                                    ing and spacing unit as a unit; that where,      which was pushed off its track.
Petroleum LLC, 7134 South Yale Av-              7134 South Yale Avenue, Suite 600,                      QUARTER (NE/4) OF SECTION                            SECTION 30, TOWNSHIP 19 NORTH,                        however, such owners have not agreed             The only item known to be
enue, Suite 600, Tulsa, Oklahoma                Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136-6338, Tele-                       THREE (3) TOWNSHIP SIXTEEN                              RANGE 7 WEST, KINGFISHER                           to so pool their interests and to develop
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    missing at the time of the re-
74136, (918) 496-2626.                          phone (918) 496-2626.                                   (16) NORTH, RANGE EIGHT (8)                             COUNTY, OKLAHOMA                                   the drilling and spacing unit as a unit,
DONE AND PERFORMED this 12th day                DONE AND PERFORMED this 12th day                        WEST OF THE INDIAN MERIDIAN,                                      CD 201206640-T                           their rights and equities shall be pooled        port was his Phoenix Arms
   of October, 2012.                               of October, 2012.                                    KINGFISHER                COUNTY,                              NOTICE OF HEARING                           and adjudicated as provided in 52O.S.,           HP22A .22 semi-automatic
CORPORATION COMMISSION OF                       CORPORATION COMMISSION OF                               OKLAHOMA; THENCE SOUTH                                    STATE OF OKLAHOMA TO: All per-                   87.1(e); and                                     pistol, which was in a box on a
   OKLAHOMA                                        OKLAHOMA                                             314.4 FEET; THENCE WEST                              sons, owners, producers, operators,                        (g) Provide that the order to be is-        countertop. The serial num-
PATRICE DOUGLAS, Chairman                       PATRICE DOUGLAS, Chairman                               277.10 FEET; THENCE NORTH                            purchasers and takers of oil and gas and              sued herein be made effective on a date          ber was provided to the of-
BOB ANTHONY, Vice-Chairman                      BOB ANTHONY, Vice Chairman                              314.4 FEET; THENCE EAST                              all other interested person, particularly in          prior to the date of issuance thereof.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ficer. It was later determined
DANA L. MURPHY, Commissioner                    DANA L. MURPHY, Commissioner                            277.10 FEET TO THE POINT OF                          Kingfisher County, Oklahoma, and more                      NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that
ATTEST:Peggy Mitchell, Secretary of             ATTEST:                                                 BEGINNING.                                           particularly Allen L. Melendy & Bertha M.             this cause be set before an Administra-          that the subject who took the
   the Commission                               Peggy Mitchell, Secretary of the                        PROPERTY ADDRESS: Route 1,                           Melendy; Nicholas K. Boettler &                       tive Law Judge for hearing, taking of            weapon was known to Ster-
LPXLP                                           CORPORATION COMMISSION OF                               Box 64, Kingfisher, OK 73750                         Maribeth Boettler; Billy L. Lightie and               evidence and reporting to the Commis-            ling.
                                                                                                                                                       Kingfisher (Okla.) Times & Free Press Wednesday, October 17, 2012 7B
Legal notice
(Published Wed. Oct. 17, 2012 in the         Estate of Jima Lee Smart; Estate of         Lucille Sigmon; Lyn Sommer;               Walter Lewis Miller Jr; Wanda                et al; Jeffrey J. Horn, et ux; Johnny     this cause be set before an Administra-
Kingfisher Times and Free Press.)            Nicholas A. Nichols; Estel W. Miller;       Lynda Mears; M Wayne Fields Trst          Forbes; Wanda June Snyder;                   Tice, Jr.; Julia Ann Emrick, et al;       tive Law Judge for hearing, taking of
     BEFORE THE CORPORATION                  Esther A. Blehm Jochim; Esther M.           Lucille Fields Tr; M. Carolyn             Wanda Kay Hill; Wanda Louise                 Kristi L. Gant Revocable Living           evidence and reporting to the Commis-
          COMMISSION OF THE                  Neal Trust, c/o Joan M. Williams,           Blankeship; Mable Burch; Mada B.          Dickerson; Ward Petroleum                    Trust; L & S Pollard Farms, LLC;          sion.
         STATE OF OKLAHOMA                   Trustee; Eual Miller; Eugene                Johnston; Mae Helen Dean; Mamie           Corporation; Wilbur Smith Miller;            Lance E. Berry, et ux; Larry D.                NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that
APPLICANT: OKLAHOMA ENERGY                   Hately; Eugene Longwith; Eunita             Lorraine Wheeler; Marcia Meredith         Wiley Oil & Gas Partnership;                 Hixon, et ux; Larry L. Horn, et ux;       this cause will be heard before an Admin-
   ACQUISITIONS, LP                          Jackson; Eva Golden; Evelyn M.              Knobloch; Margaret Ann Copeland           William Edward Anderson; William             Lisa Gay Uhlenhake; Lois Janelle          istrative Law Judge on the Initial Hearing
RELIEF SOUGHT: UNITIZATION                   Post and Albert W. Post; Evelyn             Hixon & Donald Lee Hixon;                 Michael McBroom; William N.                  Fetty, et al; Marsha Pierce, et vir;      Docket at the Corporation Commission,
LEGAL ALL OF SECTIONS 7 AND 8; W/            Moore Staten; Everett R. Lajoie             Margaret Anna Fent; Margaret              Stephens; William S. Martin;                 Marvin & Pamela Wilcox Family             Jim Thorpe Building, Oklahoma City,
   2 AND                                     Irrev Tr, Robert C. Lajoie, Trustee;        Fluke; Margarite Lucille Chapman;         William W. London Inc; Willie                Revocable Trust; Melvin W. &              Oklahoma, at 8:30a.m., on the 5th day
DESCRIPTION: W/2 NE/4 OF SECTION             Fannie Bradley; Fern Robinson;              Marguriete Shobert; Marie                 Brooks; XTO Energy Inc; Cross                Jacqueline G. Bollenbach                  of November, 2012, and that this Notice
   9; ALL OF SECTIONS 16, 17, 18, 19,        Foster Family TrustRodney &                 Crawford; Marie Patterson; Marie          Timbers Royalty Trust; Earl Warren           Revocable Living Trust; Mollie Faye       be published as required by law and the
   20 AND 21; W/2 OF SECTION 27; ALL         Kathryn Foster, Trustees; Frances           Roberson; Marie Thompson Miller;          Graff; Isaacs Family Limited                 Gentry Trust, et al; Phillip M.           Rules of the Commission.
   OF SECTIONS 28, 29, AND 30, ALL           Worthington Lipe; Francis Dale              Marion Wilcox; Marshall James             Liability; Jean A. Graff; Martha Sue         Talbott, et ux; Pool Family 2004               NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that
   IN TOWNSHIP 17 NORTH, RANGE 5             Shaw; Francis J. Borelli III; Francis       Bartlett; Martha Ann Lansden 1987         Graff Newman; Mary L. Graff Davis;           Living Trust; Randy C. Grape;             Applicant and interested parties may
   WEST; AND THE NE/4 AND E/2 SE/4           J. Borelli; Frank Barker; Frank S.          Trust; Martha L. Munson; Martin/          Pamela R. Graff Post; Peter York             Richard Kanaly Homes, Inc.;               present testimony by telephone. The
   OF SECTION 12; E/2 E/2 OF                 Brocchus; Franklin J. Halbert; Fred         Helsel Trust Pursuant to Revocable        Ying Wong, MD; Quail Creek                   Rosalie Tice, Life Estate; Scott A.       cost of telephonic communication shall
   SECTION 13; AND E/2 NE/4 AND SE/          D. Turner; Fred Henry Barker; Fred          Trust Agreement dated July 24,            Royalty,        LLC;      Sandcreek          Wilcox; Shawn Walker, et ux;              be paid by the person or persons re-
   4 OF SECTION 24; AND E/2 NE/4             W & Barbara Borrelli Brown; Frost           2012; Martin/Helsel Trust Pursuant        Petroleum Company, LLC;                      Sherry Kubat; Steve Allen                 questing its use. Interested parties who
   AND SE/4 OF SECTION 25, ALL IN            Natl Bk San Antonio Tte, Uwo                to Revocable Trust Agreement              OVERRIDES: Armstrong Living                  Richards, et ux; Steve Burpo, et ux;      wish to participate by telephone shall
   TOWNSHIP 17 NORTH, RANGE 6                Richard A. Hall; Ganner Family Rev          dated July 24, 2012; Marvin D.            Trust, Thomas and Carolyn                    Tammy LaFaye Reed; Terrance R.            contact Applicant or Applicant’s attor-
   WEST, KINGFISHER COUNTY,                  Trust, Bert & Norma Ganner,                 Turner; Mary A. Turner; Mary Ann          Armstrong, Trustees; David and               Rice, et al; Tim Gentry; Toni             ney, prior to the hearing date, and pro-
   OKLAHOMA                                  Trustees; Gary Dean Vandever;               Jennings; Mary Basl; Mary Beth & A        Monetta Fields; H. Huffman & Co;             Shipley; W. Nelson Cue, et ux;            vide their name and telephone number.
       CAUSE CD NO.201206622                 Gary J. Lackey; Gary Vandever &             N Tyson Jr Ttee; Mary Borelli             Hinkle Oil and Gas Inc; James B.             Wesley Shawn Hixon, et ux; Wilcox              NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that
          NOTICE OF HEARING                  Jody Vandever, Jt Tnts; Gayle               Mcneil; Mary Colburn Jones; Mary          Kite Jr; Larry Gentry; Lloyd E.              Family Revocable Trust;                   all interested persons may appear and
     STATE OF OKLAHOMA TO:All per-           Grant Stephens; George E. Terrell;          Ellen Smith; Mary I Smith, Trustee,       Gentry; Mark A. Chapman;                     OPERATORS: 101 ENERGY                     be heard. For information concerning
sons, owners, producers, operators,          George Elmer Robinson; George J.            Charles D. Smith Co-Trustee; Mary         McKown Point LP; Oklahoma                    CORPORATION; BROWN &                      this action, contact Brent Barton, Tele-
purchasers and takers of oil and gas and     Francher; George Michael Borelli;           Jo Torgerson; Mary L. Svejkovsky;         Energy Acq, LP; Robert W. Stroud             BORELLI INC ; CHESAPEAKE                  phone (405)2323722, OR ERIC L.
all other interested persons, particularly   Gerald John Waller; Glen Dale               Mary Lansden Swafford Trust Dtd           Living Trust, Robert W. Stroud,              OPERATING INC; CIMARRON                   HUDDLESTON, Attorney, Two Leader-
in Okmulgee County, Oklahoma, and            Finley; Glen M. Perdue Rev Trust,           1987; Mary Yvonne Frates; Maude           Trustee; Tina Gentry; Unit                   PRODUCTION              CO       INC;     ship Square, 211North Robinson, Suite
more particularly to the parties named on    Glen M & Betty J. Perdue Co-                M. Morgan; Maxine Robinson                Petroleum Corporation; Willis                CRAWLEY               PETROLEUM           1300, Oklahoma City, OK 73102, Tele-
Exhibit “A” to the Application attached      Trustees; Grace Katherine                   Macklin; Maxine Taffy Brodie;             Drilling;                                    CORPORATION;                  EAGLE       phone (405)2323722.
hereto including:                            Gebhart; Graff Family Revocable             Mckown Point LP; Melvin                   WORKING INTEREST OWNERS:                     PETROLEUM CORPORATION;                         CORPORATION COMMISSION OF
   ROYALTY OWNERS: Mary Jo                   Trust, Earl Warren Graff, Trustee;          Bollenbach; Melvin F. Terrell; Merle      Benson Montin Greer Drlg Corp.;              ENERVEST OPERATING LLC;                   OKLAHOMA
   Parrott; A Scott & Barbara G.             Grant D. Adams; H & J Energy LLC;           A. & Wanda M. Houck Jtwro; Merle          Benson Oil Properties Inc.;                  HINKLE OIL & GAS INC; HUSKY                    Patrice Douglas, CHAIRMAN
   Bollenbach; A Scott Bollenbach; A         H W Worthington; Hamer Trust                G. Brock; Michael and Lisa Brody          Boothbay Royalty Co.; Coastal                VENTURES           INC;       JAMES            Bob Anthony, VICE CHAIRMAN
   W & Evelyn Winborne Trust, A W &          dated 12/18/81, Austin F. Hamer             Trst, Michael and Lisa Brody Ttees;       Plains Energy, Inc.; David L.                LAWRENCE E.; KIRK DAVID; L C B                 Dana L. Murphy, COMMISSIONER
   Pat A. Prichard, Trustees; Ada            Sole Trustee; Harlow Royalties,             Michael E. Link; Michael William          Reisdorf;        Devon         Energy        RESOURCES LLC; MORGAN                          DONE AND PERFORMED THIS 11
   Francis Swason c/o Carol Swason           Ltd; Harriette E. Hess Revocable            Graham; Miramar Properties LLC;           Production, LP; Donald H. and                DAVID        E     INC;      RANGE        DAY OF OCTOBER, 2012.
   Legal Guardian; Adolphus F.               Liv Tr Harriette E. Hess Trstee;            Mlr Inc; Monica M. Walters; Nancy         Edna Fern Benson Trust; Ellsworth            PRODUCTION              COMPANY;               BY ORDER OF THE COMMISSION
   Bailey; Agnes R & Rickey Joe              Helen Biggs Willingham Trust;               E. Isaacs; Nations Bank of Tx NA Co       C. Alvord, Jr. Estate, Nancey D.             SPESS OIL COMPANY INC;                         Peggy Mitchell, Secretary
   Baker; Aileen Kwai-Sim Sheets Life        Helen C. Baker Revocable Trust,             Ttee, John Biggs Estate #3012;            Alvord and Ellsworth C. Alvord III           TESSERA ENERGY LLC; WEBB                  LPXLP
   Estate; Alan Rigdon; Albert Glen          Douglas L. Boyd, Successor                  Norma Lee Lambert; Norman                 Co-Personal Reps; ELR Production             DONNA D; WELLCO ENERGY
   Shelton Est; Albua M. Logan; Alice        Trustee; Helen L. Brodie; Helen             Shutler Trust, Norman D. Shutler,         Ltd; Excelco Energy, Inc.; Harry             INC; FAULKNER EXPLORATION
   Bouchee Senter; Alice M. Thomas;          Musick Meier Liv Tr, c/o Co-Ttes            Trustee; O G Downing; Odeal               Dean Benson; Hinkle Oil & Gas Inc;           II, LLC;
   Alvord Holdings, LLC; Amanda              Pauline      E.    Hubbards        &        Richardson; Oklahoma Energy               John Otis Winters; Laglenda Lee           and if any of the individuals are            Public records
   Leach; Amberdine Banks; Ann L.            PatriciaJ.Musick; Helen Parigi;             Acq, LP; Ollie Bell Chapman; Otto         Bohannon; Linn Energy Mid-                deceased, or if any of the companies are         (NOTE: The following records per-
   Dunning; Anna Dunning; Anne H.            Henry Thomsen Speice; Herbert J.            Simmons Estate Jewell Simmons,            Continent Holdings LLC; Linn              no longer in existence, the unknown          tain to Kingfisher County only. Original
   Cleary Steninger; Anne Marleen            Neal; Horn Family LLC; Huff Family          Trustee U/W/O; Pamela J. Vinson;          Energy, LLC; MOR Holdings LLC;            heirs, executors, administrators,            documents can be seen in the office of
   Douglass Henderson Rev Tr., Anne          Trust, Everett L & Barbara J Huff,          Patricia Ashby Reynolds; Patricia L.      MOR Holdings, LLC; Oakwood                devisees, trustees, successors and           the Kingfisher County Clerk, Kingfisher
   Marleen & Carol S. Douglass as            Trustees; Ida Harris; J C House; J C        Smith; Patricia McClellan Barr;           Capital Management, Inc.;                 assigns, immediate and remote, of the        County Courthouse, Kingfisher, OK).
   Trstees; Armstrong Living Trust,          Swason; J W Worthington Jr; Jack            Patricia Nadine Travis; Patsy Ann         Oklahoma City Community                   named parties.                                   OIL AND GAS LEASES
   Thomas & Carolyn Armstrong Trs;           B. Munn; Jack Dunning Living Trust,         Ferguson; Patsy Carnes; Patsy             Foundation; Oklahoma Energy                    NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that                 Michael Edward St. Martin to
   Arnold L. & Donna R. Jech; Arthir         Jack Dunning Trustee; Jack                  June Sanders; Paul Calloway;              Acquistions, LP; Payne Exploration        Applicant in this cause is requesting that   Griffith Land Services Inc., SW/4,
   Basl; Arthur William Anderson;            Dunning; Jack Harold Graham;                Paula Bell; Pauline Harrison;             Co.; Revocable Inter Vivos Trust          the Commission: (a) find and determine       section 6-19N-8W.
   Auldie K. Blankenship; Barbara A.         Jack Lusk; Jack S, Chatterson Jr;           Phoenix Petroleum Partners, LLC;          Agmt, c/o Everett P. Ingalls,             that it is desirable, necessary and re-          John Dudley St. Martin to Griffith
   Griffith; Barbara Bollenbach;             Jacob Evan Gucker; James A                  Precious Miller Adams; Pro Mineral        Trustee; Robert W. Alvord; Stoabs         quired to authorize approve and provide      Land Services Inc., SW/4, section
   Barbara J. Tenbrink; Barbara Jean         Terrell; James D. Miller; James             Partners, LLC; Ralph L. Sade              Oil Corporation; Thomas D.                for the unitized management, operation       6-19N-8W.
   Nightengale; Barnard Robinson;            David & Roberta Foster; James               Revocable Trust, Ralph & Effie            Collingsworth; W C Payne Energy           and further development of that part of          Noble Investments Inc. to Griffith
   Basil Miller; Ben Musick Trust, Jack      David Foster; James E. Dorothy L.           Sade Co-Trustees; Ralph Lewis             LLC; William R. Loweth, William R.        the Cottage Grove, Big Lime and Os-          Land Services Inc., NE/4, section 7-
   L. Musick & Kathleen M. Gancer            Chapman Revocable Trust Dtd06/              Anderson; Ramona K. Douglass              Loweth Living Trust;                      wego common sources of supply (here-         19N-8W.
   Suc Trstees; Benjamin M. Neal Jr;         18/01; James E. Hall; James H & Iva         Rev Tr, Ramona K & Brian C.               SURFACE OWNERS: Ben F.                    inafter “subject common sources of sup-          Jesse Foster Sr. to Griffith Land
   Betty Barnum; Betty C. Mitchell;          V. Durbin Revoc Living Trust;               Douglass As Trustees; Rancho Oil          Corsswhite, et ux; Beth L.                ply”) utilizing enhanced recovery meth-      Services Inc., NE/4, section 9-19N-
   Betty J. Perdue Rev Tr, Betty J &         James J. Sigmon; James Marvin               Company LLC; Ray Gill; Raymond            Brueggen; Betty J. Perdue                 ods in the “Lincoln Southeast Unit.” (b)     8W.
   Glen M. Perdue, Co-Trustees; Betty        Kester; James P. Bath, Laurine L.           J. Kennedy; Raymond Miller Est;           Revocable Living Trust; Bonnie S.         issue an order approving the Plan of             Charles Smith to Griffith Land
   J. Wert; Betty Lou Applegate; Betty       Bath & Vincent H. Bath Co Ttees;            Reba L. Waterston; Rebecca Jane           Thomas Trust; Brenda Kaye Bredy,          Unitization attached to the Application      Services Inc., NE/4, section 9-19N-
   Pitts Lowrie; Betty Sue Turner; Bill &    James Robert Hill; Jan Fahrenholtz;         Mcbroom Rhone; Rebecca Sue                et al; Carl L. Ashley, et al; Charles &   and finding that such enhanced recovery      8W.
   Thelma Pool Trust, Bill Pool,             Jana Lynn Miller Jensen; Jane B.            Cable; Reita Mae Walker; Reliant          Janice Emmerich Family Trust;             methods are reasonably desirable, nec-           Henry Foster to Griffith Land
   Trustee; Bill B. Halbert; Billy Dale      Hinton Trustee Under; Janet Grant           Resources, LLC; Rhonda Crane;             Charles D. Smith Revocable Trust;         essary and required to effect and            Services Inc., NE/4, section 9-19N-
   Horn; Billy F. & Carrie J. Moore          Bailey; Janet Trenary; Janet                Richard A. Terrell; Richard Allen         Coon Creek Royalty Co. Ltd.; Eric J.      achieve the purposes of Okla. Stat. tit.     8W.
   Family Trust; Billy Wayne Gorman;         Worthington Casey Trust, Janet              Swanson; Richard W. Brock; Ricky          Barker, et al; Fred Barker, et ux;        52, §§287.1 et seq., and all amendments          James Murray to Griffith Land
   Boatmens First Natl Bank of O Fao         Worthington Casey, Trustee; Jean            A. Gorman; Robert & Julie Pool;           Fred Henry Barker, et ux; George R.       thereto, with respect to the Cottage         Services Inc., NE/4, section 9-19N-
   Harrison E Nathan; Bobby J. Lusk;         Ann Holland; Jean Chapman; Jean             Robert C. Barker; Robert C.               Cerny, et ux; Georgia M. Beck; Glen       Grove, Big Lime and Oswego common            8W.
   Bobby’s Piggy Bank, LLC; Bonney           M. Shumate; Jeanette Berry;                 Blankenship; Robert E. Greiner            M. Perdue, et al Trustees; Gloria O.      sources of supply underlying the Unit            Janes Willey to Griffith Land
   Mineral Company LLC; Boys Club            Jeptha W. Dalston; Jeremiah D.              School for The Handicapped;               Thede; Grover D. Grape, et ux, Life       Area as described in the caption hereof;     Services Inc., NE/4, section 9-19N-
   of Wichita Falls; Brenda Lee Audia;       Adams; Jerry and Janet Barker;              Robert J. Stephens; Robert Joe            Estate; Harold L. Ebers, et al; J. W.     and, (c) possibly make the order effec-      8W.
   Brendon J. Burpo; Brinkman                Jerry Dale Richards; Jerry W.               Stephens; Robert L. Martin; Robert        Terrell Land Co., LLC; James David        tive on a date other than the date the           Vera Ruth Holcomb to Griffith
   Revocable Family Trst; Bu Mar             Lamle; Jill L. Wilson; Jill Mobley;         L. Miller; Robert L. Prince; Robert       Foster Real Estate Trust; James           order issued.                                Land Services Inc., NE/4, section 9-
   Company Lynne Sherwood,                   Jima LLC; Jimmie Ray Miller; Jody           Lynn Swanson; Robert Randolph             David Foster; James David Foster,              NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that            19N-8W.
   Managing Ptnr; Carl Katschor              Burner; John A. Tillott; John Alvin         Graham; Robin J. Sisney; Robro
   Trust; Carl Logan; Carla J. Scott;        Steen; John C. Martin Trust, John           Royalty Partners, LTD, dba RRP

                                                                                                                                   PUBLIC AUCTION
   Carla Jean Yost; Carol A. Smith;          C. Martin, Trustee; John C. Terrell;        2010, LTD; Roger L. Palmer;
   Carol F. Swason; Carol N. Moss            John E. & Louise B. Lippold; John           Roland E. Lamle; Rollin E. Drew;
   Trust, Carol N. Moss, Trustee; Carol      Melvin Allen; John Milton Speice III;       Ronnie Miller; Rowena A. Lobley;
   S. Douglass Revocable Trust, Carol        John Otis Winters; John Patrick             Roy L. Bollenbach; Royse-Smith
   S. Douglass, Trustee; Carolyn             Borelli; John Robert Hard; John W.          L.L.C; Ruby Tate Miller; Ruth
   Rose; Carolyn Sue Van Wieren;             Borelli Jr; Johnnie Lee Finley;             Hickey; Ruth P. Hickey Revoc
   Carrie Jane Moore; Carylie Virginia       Johnson Family Rev Tr, c/o Co-Trst          Trust, Ruth P. Hickey, Trustee; Sam
   Lawson; Casey A. Richardson;
   Catherine Lansden Rattan;
                                             Terry A Johnson & Norma Delrayne
                                             Johnson; Joseph & Avis L. Terrell
                                                                                         Woody Allen; Samuel Todd
                                                                                         Wheeler; Sandra Charles; Sandra
                                                                                                                                        Keith Shipley Revocable Trust
   Catherine Rogers; Charla Gleave;          Trust, Marvin D. Terrell Succ Ttee;         Lois Kirchinger; Sarah E. Rosen
   Charlene Van Kirk; Charles
   Clement; Charles F. Doornbos Rev
   Trust, Darian Doornbos Kedy &
                                             Joseph Longwith; Joseph W Carter
                                             Estate; Josephine A. Curls; Joyce
                                             K. Feagins Family Trust, Tom L.
                                                                                         1987 Trust, Sara E. Gurley,
                                                                                         Trustee; Scott W. Draughon Rev Liv
                                                                                         Tr; Scotty and Pamela Barker;
                                                                                                                                        Saturday, November 3rd, 2012
   Diane E. Doornbos Suc Co-                 Feagins, Trustee; Joyce Marie               Sergie Z. Richardson; Sharon
   Trustees; Charles G. Shelton;             Holloway; Juanita M. Rigdon; Judith         Addis; Shellie Eve Miller Gonder;                                       —Sale Starts at 10:00 a.m.—
   Charles L. Hall; Charles Leroy            A. Fleming; Judith E. Sullivan; Judy        Shelly Dawn Ross Brooks; Sherrill
   Crook; Charles McBarker; Charles          Mae Tomanka; Judy Self and                  Grant Neff; Sherry L. Kay; Shirley                                                      SURFACE ONLY
   Musick Estate, Catherine M.               Kenneth W. Self; Julianna P.                Jean       Spencer;       Simpsons
   Musick, Prsnl Rep; Charles T.
   Speice; Charles Thomsen Speice;
   Charlie L. & Lola B. Stephens Liv
                                             Adams; Junior Martin Travis; Justin
                                             Lamle; Karen Borchardt; Karen Lee
                                             Berry; Katherine Looney; Katherine
                                                                                         Descendents’ Trust; Southwest
                                                                                         Petroleum Company; St. Mary’s
                                                                                         Episcopal Church; Stacie Snavely;
                                                                                                                                           100.79 Acres More Or Less
   Trust, Charlie L. & Lola B. Stephens      Sternhagen; Kathlyn E. Caldron;             Starla D. Ritchie; Stephen Dan
   Co-Ttree; Chesca S. Baily; Chester        Kathryn A, Sharp; Kathryn Rae               Richards; Sue Ashby; Sue M.
   M. Neal; Christi Lewis Trustee of the     Brandenberg; Katie M. House; Kay            Calleo; Susan Worthington
   Herschel Zachgo Heirs Trust;              Ann Fenley; Keith H. Terrell; Kelley        Sorensen Tr, Susan Worthington
   Christina Mcbroom Peavler; Cindy          Smoot; Kelly L. Stark; Kenneth              Sorensen, Trustee; T M Weaver;
   Goralewicz; Claire DenDooven              Bates; Kenneth Charles Musick;              Tam B. Miller; The Bollenbach
   Hoecherl;       Clara      Berniece       Kenneth Ray Shaw; Kenneth                   Family Trust, Brian L. Bollenbach,
   Wainscott; Clarence and Earlene           Richards; Kenneth W. Sade;                  Trustee; The Protestant Episcopal
   Logan Revocable Living Trust              Kenneth Waller; Kent Ryan; Kerry            Church Foundation of the Diocese
   dated March 12, 2008, Clarence            A. Stark; Kevin Miller; Kevin W.            of Oklahoma; The Rees Family
   Logan, Jr., Trustee, Earlene J.           Stark; Kevin Williams Allen; KLN            Trust dated 05/31/1991, David
   Logan,       Trustee;      Clarence       Legacy LP; Kristi Gant; Kym                 Rees, Trustee; The Rees Family
   Anderson Estate; Claude L.                Snyder; La Deana Crosswhite;                Trust dated 05/31/1991, Douglas
   Bollenbach; Claude Preston North;         Larry D. Kennedy; Larry Gentry;             Rees, Trustee; The Rees Family
   Claudette M. Barker; Cleta Faye           Larry Lee Horn; Larry Neal Shaw;            Trust dated 05/31/1991, Sandy
   Rivers; Clint A. Chatterson; Clump        Laura June Cerny Tenant in                  Swift, Trustee; The Robert W.                                                                                                    15.49
   Family, Llc; Clyde Bates; Clyde D.        Common; Laura Lee Apley; Laura              Stroud Living Trust, Robert W.
   Travis Rev Trust, Clyde D. Travis         Whitaker; Lavet and Joe Cook;               Stroud, Trustee; Thelma Hansens;                                                                                                                                 Walmart
   Fiduciary; Cobra Petroleum                Laveta Lee; Leland Eugene                   Theo Pool; Theora Robinson
   Company;             COMMUNITY            Copeland and Janet Louise                   Weems; Thom Ashby; Thomas D.
   RESOURCES OIL & GAS INC;                  Copeland; Leland W. Brock; Leo              Clump Jr; Tina Gentry; TMHFG,
   Copeland Farms Llc; Coral Avisa           Robinson Est; Leon Terrell;                 LLC; Tommy Edwin Graham;
   Hately Koogler; Cornelia Manager;         Leonard E. Miller; Leonard E.               Tommy Wayne Martin; Troy Don
   Coy Dean Horn; Coye Lee Barker;           Waller; Leonard Leroy Copeland &            Miller; Union Oil Co of California, Oil
   Custer Logan; Cynthia Ann Corley,         Carolyn Ann Copeland; Leslie                and Gas Division; Unit Petroleum
   Trustee of the Cynthia Ann Corley         Martin Helen B. Martin Guardian;            Corporation; United States
   Tr dated 10/4/06; Cynthia Lynn            Linda and Layton Wilson; Linda              Treasury; University of Oklahoma
   Wheeler; Cynthia Nelson; Dale             Gray; Linda Hogan; Linda K. Borelli;        Fdn Inc; V Kay Curtis; Vendetta
   Basl; Daniel Ivo Waller; Darla            Linda K. Prock; Linda Porter; Linda         Royalty Partners, Ltd; Verda
   Washington; Dave Kiedrowski;              Sue Grable; Linda Worthington Bell          Glover; Vernon & Mary Copeland
   David & Monetta Fields; David             Trust, Linda Worthington Bell,              Family Trst; Vickie R. Francher;
                                                                                                                                   This farm has approximately 100.79 Acres, 52.2 cultivated and 43.5 grass. We will
   Miller Berry; David N. Ashby; David       Trustee; Lisa Ann Mcbroom; Lloyd            Victor Wayne Miller; Vida                 offer 8 tracts of land individually, and then offer the entire farm as 1 unit (100.79
   R. Svejkovsky; David Waller; Debra        E. Gentry; Lockey M. Miller; Lois M.        Blankenship; Vieda Zachgo Short;          Acres). Whichever way said farm brings the most money, said farm will be sold
   L. Schuck; Debra S. Dawson;               Rosevelt; Lonnie G. Brodie; Loren           Virgil Earl Downing Jr; Virginia L.
   Delvin Bob Richards; Dennis Roy           L. Or Karen E. Fuqua Joint Caring           Gibson; Virginia M Jackson;
                                                                                                                                   that way.
   Waller; Dennis W. Grant; Diana            Trust Dtd9/8/99; Lorna Sue                  Virginia R. McCollom; Vivian Jo
   Lynn Hooley; DMS Reserves, LLC;           Harrison; Louise Scarborough;               Baker; Walter Lewis Miller Jr;            Terms: Ten percent (10%) of the purchase price is to be placed in escrow the day of
   Don L. Ray Don L. Ray Trustee of                                                                                                the auction, with the balance due at closing, no later than December 3, 2012.
   the Don L. Ray 1992 Rev Trust;                                                                                                  2012 taxes to be prorated.
   Donald B. Ross; Donald Eugene
   Crook; Donna M. Barnhurst; Doris
                                                            Contact Us...                                                          Possession to be given as soon as wheat is harvested.
   Lee Smith; Dorothy Aleene Perdue;
   Dorothy G. Zachgo; Dorothy L.
   Spencer Revocable Living Trust;
                                                                                 EARNHEART                                         Also For Sale At Auction: 1951 Ferguson 30
   Douglas & Katrina Grant Trust,                                                      PROPANE                                     Tractor and Mower.
   Douglas & Katrina Grant Ttees;
   Douglas B. Cleary; Doyle H. & Netty                                                                                             Auction Site and Location: Just South of King-
   June Schaal Trust, Doyle H Schaal
   & Netty June, Trustees; E G Energy,                                                                                             fisher Wal-Mart (South and West of Hwy 81 &
   LLC; E Louise Polizzotto Living                                                                   Starlite Dr.).
   Trust, E Louise Polizzotto, Trustee;
   Earl Clinton Glover; Ed Mauler K E
   (Buster) Martin Limited; Edna
                                               For All Your Fuel, Oil & Propane Needs!                                             Any announcements day of Auction supercede any previous advertisements. In
   Carson; Edna L. Banning; Edward
                                                                                                                                   case of bad weather, Auction will be held at 10:30 a.m. the same day at the King-
   A. Brock; Edward Dale Burner;               Crescent                      Marshall                 Covington                    fisher Elks South Room, located West of Kingfisher on Highway 33.
   Edward Donivan Leach; Edwin R.              Bulk Fuel & Oil        Conv. Store & Tire Sales             Propane
   Tillott; Edwin S. Wright c/o
   Boatmen’s Trust Co; Electra Biggs
                                                Hrs: M-F 8am-5pm
                                                Sat. 8am-12 noon
                                                                           Hrs: M-Sat. 6am-7pm
                                                                              Sun. 8am-5pm
                                                                                                       Hrs: M-F 8am-5pm
                                                                                                       Sat. 8am-12 noon
                                                                                                                                                         H&B Hill Enterprises, Inc.
   Moulder Trust; Elizabeth Carson;
   ELSR LP a TX Ltd Partnership,
                                               405-969-2485                 888-536-8703              866-270-1279                 DBA Hill Real Estate and Auction Co.                                                       Keith Shipley Trust
   Everett R. Jones Jr, General                405-969-2480                 580-935-6665              580-864-7454                 Col. Bob Hill, 405-202-1713                                                              Glen Shipley, Trustee
   Partner; Eric Gregory Swason;
8B Wednesday, October 17, 2012 Kingfisher (Okla.) Times & Free Press
                                                                                                                                                                                        Absentee ballot forms
                                                                                                                                                                                        available for Nov. 6 election
                                                                                                                                                                                           Voters in Kingfisher                                 O'Hern said that any regis-                       to nursing homes in the county
                                                                                                                                                                                        County who want to have ab-                         tered voter may vote by ab-                           may vote absentee. An Ab-
                                                                                                                                                                                        sentee ballots mailed to them                       sentee ballot in any election in                      sentee Voting Board actually
                                                                                                                                                                                        for the Nov. 6, special election                    which he or she is eligible to                        goes to the nursing home a
                                                                                                                                                                                        for the Town of Hennessey,                          vote. However, a voter must                           few days before the election,
                                                                                                                                                                                        and the general election, for                       be registered and reside at an                        sets up a small polling place
                                                                                                                                                                                        Kingfisher County, should                           address within the geographi-                         and allows these persons to
                                                                                                                                                                                        apply now, County Election                          cal boundaries of a school dis-                       vote under circumstances
                                                                                                                                                                                        Board Secretary Sharon K.                           trict or a municipality to be                         similar to those at a regular
                                                                                                                                                                                        O'Hern said. Although the                           eligible to vote in school dis-                       precinct polling place. They
                                                                                                                                                                                        county election board can ac-                       trict or municipal elections. It                      may apply only by mail or by
                                                                                                                                                                                        cept applications for absentee                      is not necessary to give a rea-                       fax.
                                                                                                                                                                                        ballots until 5 p.m. on Wednes-                     son---or excuse---for voting                              •Military personnel and
                                                                                                                                                                                        day, Oct. 31, O'Hern urged                          absentee. "While anyone can                           residents of the county living
                                                                                                                                                                                        voters who want to vote by                          vote absentee without giving                          overseas and the spouses and
                                                                                                                                                                                        absentee ballot to apply early.                     a reason, the law still provides                      dependents of each group are
                                                                                                                                                                                           Absentee ballot application                      several excuses, and it is to the                     eligible to vote absentee with-
                                                                                                                                                                                        forms are available at the                          advantage of some voters to                           out being registered. These
                                                                                                                                                                                        county election board office                        use one of them," O'Hern said.                        voters may apply by mail, by
                                                                                                                                                                                        located at 101 S. Main St. Room                     By stating one of the follow-                         e-mail, or by fax. Military per-
                                                                                                                                                                                        No. 8. The absentee ballot ap-                      ing reasons on their applica-                         sonnel should contact the Vot-
                                                                                                                                                                                        plication forms also can be                         tions, these voters can acti-                         ing Service Officers in their
KINGFISHER HERITAGE School recognized its G.E. Students of the Month at Jacket                                                                                                          downloaded and printed from                         vate some special conditions                          units for application forms
Roundup on Friday, Oct. 12. Pictured are, front row, from left, Kase Simon, Maverick                                                                                                    the         Internet          at                    that make it easier for them to                       and additional information.
Ridenour, Dynton Townsend, Justin Farrell and Olivia Wilcox; and, back row, Anthony                                                                                                                          use absentee ballots. The rea-                        Residents of Oklahoma living
Hendryx, Demi Roden, Sydney Purintun, Mason Snider and Prairie Kaya. [Photo                                                                                                                "At least two mail transac-                      sons are:                                             overseas can obtain the same
Provided]                                                                                                                                                                               tions must be made," O'Hern                             •Voters who are physically                        materials from any United
                                                                                                                                                                                        said. “The County Election                          incapacitated and voters who                          States military installation and
OSU NEWS                                                                                                                                                                                Board must mail the ballots to                      care for physically incapaci-                         from United States Embassies
                                                                                                                                                                                        the voter and the voter must                        tated persons who cannot be                           and Consulates. Military per-

Composting can help reduce                                                                                                                                                              return the voted ballots by
                                                                                                                                                                                        mail." Ballots must be in the
                                                                                                                                                                                        hands of the county election
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            left unattended may vote ab-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            sentee. They may apply only
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            by mail, by fax, or by tele-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  sonnel and overseas citizens
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  also can download the appro-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  priate application form from

yard and household waste                                                                                                                                                                board by 7 p.m. on election
                                                                                                                                                                                        day in order to be counted.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                •Voters who are confined
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  the Internet at

        By Trisha Gedon                           organic materials. Organic                                 etable scraps, coffee grounds                                              Public records
                                                                                                                                                                                            (NOTE: The following records per-               Kennedy Gladden Interest LLC. to                      V. Sturgeon Jr., and Ada Ruth Stur-
   Landfills across the state                     materials include leaves, grass                            with filters, eggshells, tea bags
                                                                                                                                                                                        tain to Kingfisher County only. Original            Griffith Land Services Inc., the SE/                  geon 2002 Revocable Trust, to
are quickly filling up and some                   clippings and vegetable and                                and shredded newspapers.                                                   documents can be seen in the office of              4, section 7-19N-7W.                                  Griffith Land Services Inc., the NW/
have closed because there is                      fruit scraps.                                              Despite all the items used for                                             the Kingfisher County Clerk, Kingfisher                 Bonney Mineral Co., LLC., to                      4, and W/2, NE/4, section 11-19N-
no more room. Yard and food                          Composting has many en-                                 compost, some items includ-                                                County Courthouse, Kingfisher, OK).                 HCB Production Co., LLC., an undi-                    9W.
waste take up a good chunk of                     vironmental benefits. It re-                               ing meat scraps, dairy prod-                                                   OIL AND GAS LEASES                              vided 3 net mineral acres in and to                       Sandra Lee Linton aka Sandra
available landfill space.                         duces the amount of chemical                               ucts and animal and human                                                      William Levi St. Martin to Griffith             the SE/4, section 35-17N-5W.                          Lee Carruth to Griffith Land Ser-
   One way to help reduce the                     fertilizers needed by adding                               waste should not be                                                        Land Services Inc., SW/4, section                       Kimberly Kae Hawk to BRG                          vices Inc., NW/4 and W/2, NE/4,
                                                                                                                                                                                        6-19N-8W.                                           Petroleum LLC., the NW/4, NW/4,                       section 11-19N-9W.
amount of material going into                     plant nutrients to the soil. It                            composted because they can                                                     W. Loren Prim to Griffith Land                  section 30-19N-7W as described in                         James Donald Salisbury to
the landfill is to compost, said                  improves soil drainage and                                 attract rodents, transmit dis-                                             Services Inc., Lots 1 and 2 and the                 Book 2542, page 27.                                   Griffith Land Services Inc., NW/4
David Hillock, Oklahoma                           helps hold soil particles to-                              eases and-or create odor prob-                                             S/2, NE/4, section 4-19N-8W.                            Mike D. Pribyl to BRG Petro-                      and W/2, NE/4, section 11-19N-9W.
State University Cooperative                      gether. Composting also re-                                lems,” he said.                                                                Vernon L. Stevens and Hazel M.                  leum LLC., the NW/4, NW/4, sec-                           Thomas Eugene Salisbury to
Extension consumer horticul-                      duces the amount of wastes                                    Factors such as weather, the                                            Stevens as trustees of the Revo-                    tion 30-19N-7W as described in                        Griffith Land Services Inc., NW/4
ture specialist.                                  dumped into landfills.                                     type of bin, items in the bin                                              cable Trust Agreement of vernon L.                  Book 2452, page 29.                                   and W/2, NE/4, section 11-19N-9W.
                                                                                                                                                                                        Stevens and Hazel M. Stevens to                         Bonney Mineral Co LLC., to JRH                        Rowena Lobley, trustee of the
   “If you drive through some                        Hillock suggests building                               and whether you turn your                                                  Griffith Land Services Inc., Lots 7                 Production & Exploration Company                      Rowena Lobley Living Trust to
neighborhoods you may see                         or purchasing a composting                                 bin will determine how long                                                and 8, and the S/2, SW/4, section                   LLC., an undivided 10 net mineral                     Griffith Land Services Inc., SW/4,
special containers for recy-                      bin in which to throw all of                               the process takes to make fin-                                             36-20N-8W.                                          acres in and to the SE/4, section 35-                 section 2-19N-9W.
cling plastics, paper and glass.                  your organic waste. Compost                                ished compost. Finished com-                                                   Paul G. Prim to Griffith Land                   17N-5W.                                                   becky S. Cable to Griffith Land
Composting is a natural form                      bins are relatively easy to build                          post has about half of its origi-                                          Services Inc., Lots 1 and 2 and the                     Arlene Margaret Atwater Knight                    Services Inc., SW/4, section 2-19N-
of recycling and it’s easy to                     and can be constructed from                                nal volume, is dark brown or                                               S/2, NE/4, section 4-19N-8W.                        aka Arlene Margaret Atwater Hanna,                    9W.
                                                                                                                                                                                            Janice Foster McCue to Griffith                 to Tread Energy LLC., Lots 1 and 2                        Debra Jane Stubblefield-Suter,
do,”       Hillock         said.                  materials such as chicken wire,                            black and smells earthy. Once                                              Land Services Inc., NE/4, section 9-                and the S/2, NE/4, and SE/4, sec-                     heir of Wilma Aline Brown and Joe
“Composting organic materi-                       wood boards or wood pallets.                               the process is finished, you                                               19N-8W.                                             tion 1-16N-8W.                                        F. Brown (now deceased), to Griffith
als puts these materials back                     Metal garbage cans also make                               can apply it to your lawn or                                                   Sally Kennedy Richardson,                           Marvin L. Wilcox and Pamela J.                    Land Services Inc., the NE/4, sec-
into the ground instead of tak-                   great composting bins.                                     mix it with soil in your gar-                                              member/manager of the Sally                         Wilcox to Ward Petroleum Corpora-                     tion 13-19N-9W.
ing up space in a landfill.”                         “Consumers can add many                                 den.                                                                       Kennedy Richardson Oil Company                      tion, River Lot 5, section 28-17N-                        Terrell Sturgeon aka Terrel Stur-
                                                                                                                               –                                                        LLC. to Griffith Land Services Inc.,                5W (less and except the Oswego                        geon, trustee of the Terrell Stur-
   During the composting                          common household wastes to
                                                                                                                Trivial matters can prove                                               the SE/4, section 7-19N-7W.                         Formation).                                           geon Revocable Trust to Griffith
process, bacteria, fungi and                      their compost bins including                                                                                                              Marilyn Kennedy Gladden,                            Roy V. Sturgeon Jr., and Ada                      Land Services Inc., SW/4, section
                                                                                                             fatal when not kept in per-
other organisms decompose                         grass clippings, fruit and veg-                                                                                                       member/manager of the Marilyn                       Ruth Sturgeon, trustees of the Roy                    2-19N-9W.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 See Our Complete Inventory Online...
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  2600 Frontage Road,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Highway 81 South,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Kingfisher, OK

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         Stock #12505A. LT, 26,774 Miles                    Stock #12506A. LT,27,415 Miles.                     Stock #12332A. 4WD, 4-Door, 1500 SLT, 19,097 Miles                          Stock #12502A. Sedan, LTZ, 29,731 Miles        Stock #12507A. AWD, LT with 1LT, 28,523 Miles        Stock #12533A. Only 5,051 Miles. Premium FWD.

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 2010 Chevy Traverse.....$24,975 2010 Cadillac CTS....$26,450                                                  2010 Chevy Camaro...$29,997                                              2010 Chevy Avalanche...$29,995                     2009 Chevy Silverado...$17,450                       2009 Chevy Silverado...$23,966
 Stock #12468A. Front Wheel Drive. LT with 1LT.          Stock #12451C. V6, RWD. Luxury.                        Stock #13011A. Coupe 2SS, Only 15,307 Miles                               Stock #11785B. 2WD LT,CREW CAB, 49,850 Miles     Stock #12155A. Ext. Cab, 4WD Short Box Work Truck     Stock #12489A. Crew Cab Short Box 4WD. LT.

   2009 Chevy Cobalt...$10,838                    2008 Chevy Silverado...$14,986                               2008 Chevy Silverado...$19,900                                            2008 Chevy Corvette.....$32,591                      2007 Chevy 1500..$18,875                           2007 Chevy 1500 Classic...$13,895
    Stock #12457B. Coupe LS, 25,688 Miles          Stock #12497A. 2WD Ext. Cab. Short Box Work Truck.        Stock #12285A. 1500, 4WD Extended Cab Short Box Work Truck, 51,000 Miles     Stock #12534A. 2-Door Coupe. 65.261 Miles        Stock #13069A. 2WD Ext. Cab, Short Box Work Truck.    Stock #12495B. Silverado 2WD, Ext. Cab. Standard Box

    2007 Honda CR-V...$15,900                          2007 Chevy HHR...$9,215                                  2007 Chevy Silverado...$14,565                                           2007 Chevy Tahoe... $20,989                       2007 Chevy 1500 Classic... $21,675                    2003 Chevy Tahoe.....$9,995
    Stock #12277A. EX 4WD, 76,135 Miles.           Stock #11724B. LT1, 2WD, 4-Door, 110,809 Miles               Stock #12473C. 2WD Reg. Cab Standard Box, 58,498 Miles                    Stock #12452A. 1500 LTZ, 97,010 Miles             Stock #12111A. 4WD Crew Cab Short Box LT1           Stock #12530B. 4-Door 1500 LS. 99,926 Miles.

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