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					                                 Section 4


4. 1 Web Access

   While email access within PNG is relatively cheap, access to
   the World Wide Web is considerably more expensive due to
   the use of graphics.
   Access to the Internet will be through the company leased line
   account for all Personal Computers attached to the corporate
   network. Access through a dial up circuit, whilst considered
   necessary in some situations, is discouraged due to the higher
   costs involved.
   It is mandatory to read the @datec Internet and Email Policy in
   conjunction with this. See Error! Reference source not found.
   Air Niugini forbids inappropriate and non-business-related
   Internet usage. It must be remembered that PNG has very
    severe penalties for the possession of inappropriate adult
    material and that all access is under the name of Air Niugini
    Limited. Air Niugini also prohibits employees from running a
    business using corporate resources.
    Air Niugini requires all of its employees to sign a document
    prohibiting inappropriate, excessive and profit-making from
    Internet use before they are given access.
   A suitable clause preventing inappropriate and illegal use of the
   Internet must be included in the contracts of any contractors,
   consultants etc who require, or who may require, Internet access
   through ANG equipment, lines and/or facilities.

4.2 Internet File Transfers

   All files transferred over the Internet must be scanned for Virus
   infections. Large file transfers wherever possible should be
   performed after-hours. A check should be made with IT before
   making any transfer as much of the information or the files
   required may already be held by ANG.
   Large file transfers may be made by using the Information
   Technology FTP Server.
   Patches and Upgrades to programs must be authorised in
   writing by Information Technology before downloading as IT
   could already hold the relevant patch/upgrade or the
   patch/upgrade might be deemed to be unnecessary.
   Before attempting to download files from the Internet all users
   must check with Information Technology as Information
   Technology already holds many files.
   The downloading of music files is prohibited using Air Niugini
   Internet facilities.
4.3 Web Site

  Air Niugini operates a web site which allows all people with
  access to the World Wide Web to access Air Niugini
  information. The Uniform Resource Locater (URL) of the
  website is
  The maintenance of the web site is the responsibility of the
  Information Technology Department. The ITD requires timely
  information to maintain the web site and the following
  departments must provide material with a lead-time of at least
  five working days.
           ♦     Commercial - Marketing
           ♦     Commercial – Schedules
           ♦     Commercial – Tariffs
           ♦     Commercial – Cargo
           ♦     Human Resources
           ♦     Executive – Public Relations
           ♦     All Other departments

4.4 Instant Messaging Programs

  The use of Instant Message programs such as but not limited to
  ICQ, MSN Messenger etc is prohibited unless approved by the
  Information Technology Manager. The installation of such
  software on company Personal Computers without approval
  will result in disciplinary action.
   Normally the Internet Port used by these programs will be
   blocked at the Router level of the Internet connection.

4.5 Intranet

   Information Technology maintains an Intranet Web Site located
   at with an internal IP address
   The Intranet provides ready access to telephone and email
   addresses of Air Niugini employees anywhere around the
   world. . It is the responsibility of all employees to advise
   Information Technology of any mistakes in this database.
   Access to Air Niugini e-mail is available from the main page of
   the Intranet web site. This allows employees to check their
   email from any computer in the world connected to the Internet.
   If an individual or a department has a need to hold information
   on the Intranet then they are to contact the IT Manager for the
   correct procedures.

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