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									Office 365 Beta Webinar:
Office Professional Plus
Brian Shiers
January 6th, 2011
     Word                    Publisher

     Excel                   Access

PowerPoint                   InfoPath


     •   Excel     •   PowerPoint
     •   OneNote   •   Word
                              Office Professional Plus                    Office Volume License

Download location     • Office 365 Portal                        • VL Software Center

Software              • Office Professional Plus                 • Office Standard 2010
                                                                 • Office Professional Plus 2010
Product Key /         • Subscription based activation            • Volume License technologies
Activation            • Term – 30 days (monthly)                 • MAK perpetual activation,
                      • No keys to manage – only users             KMS 180 days
                                                                 • Manage KMS and /or MAK keys
When Reduced          • In 60 days since last activation         • MAK: N/A
Functionality Mode    • “hard” RFM                               • KMS: within 180 days
(RFM) starts                                                     • “Notification mode”
Deployment options    • Office 365 Portal                        • Unmanaged & Managed Options
                      • Unmanaged & Managed options              • App-V
                                                                 • Terminal Services
# of copies allowed   • 5 active installs on different devices   • Single device per license/activation
                        per user                                 • Downgrade rights
                      • No downgrade rights

          Office 365
                                      Office Subscription Service & Office
                                               Activation Service

                  Office Pro Plus


                                           Office Pro Plus Activation                No KMS or MAK key activation!

                 Office prompts the user for credentials, “phones home” to obtain a 30-day product key
                 from Microsoft, and activates Office with the key. During each 30 day period, OPP
                 checks to make sure the user is still subscribed.
Managing Office Pro Plus
                       Office 365 Portal                                  Network Share
                                                        • Limited IT skill required
            • Easiest for companies with little or no   • Limited infrastructure required
              IT help                                   • Network share and network access are the only
            • No internal organization resources are      infrastructure requirements.
   Pros       required                                  • Single download - more efficient for slow
            • Full user self-service approach             connections
            • Office 365 provided functionality and     • Supports customized installs
              administration                            • Some deployment controls
                                                        • Allows 32/64 bit control
          • Each download is 650MB
          • No customization                            •   Requires IT Admin activity
          • Users make select of 32/64 bit              •   Requires some internal infrastructure
            options                                     •   Difficult to control and manage
          • No IT Administrator control                 •   May impact local network performance
          • Difficult to track deployment
          Isolated and mobile users who don’t
          have ready access to an internal share        Customers who have limited bandwidth
Suggested location or organizations that do not         connectivity to internet resources or want to have
 Scenario have share location or technical              added controls of the deployment and have an IT
          resources to support a centralized            Administrator to manage the setup process
                                               Managed Install

            • Leverages Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) and Group Policy infrastructure.
            • Administrators can use a similar scripting process to apply security updates and
              service packs.
   Pros     • Applications are deployed to thousands of workstations in a short period of time.
            • Centralizes control, monitoring, reporting, and issue resolution of deployment.
            • Reduces the need of sending helpdesk personnel to workstations for

            •   Per-user licensing has administrative overhead
            •   Cannot achieve silent install
            •   Requires supporting infrastructure
            •   Expertise is required to manage the change and configuration management software

          Customers who have a large installed base and Federated ID. Existing VL customers,
Suggested customers with IT staff, and those seeking to leverage existing deployment
 Scenario infrastructure should deploy VL rather than OPP. Customers seeking Virtualization
          should deploy VL.
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