FPGA Process Flowchart - Edge by malj



    FPGA Configurability

    • Basis of configurability
         – Nature of transistor based FPGA
    • Physical limitations
         – Through header on PCB using Xilinx provided
           development tools

    FPGA Configurability

    • Customer configurable
         – Configuration languages
            • Knowledge of VHDL/Verilog
         – Development packages
            • Xilinx provided development tools
         – Physical configuration requirements
            • Connect programmer and download data file, restart

             Processing Elements
 • Transistor based
 • VHDL/Verilog

                      • CPU based
                      • C Language

                              Customer Needs
•   Use Supplied Components                       •   Make data overlay and processing possible
     –   10MP Visual Camera                           on-board
     –   IR Camera                                •   Output data from the supplied OEM Board
     –   1 of the 2 Inertial Navigation Systems       connection for real-time viewing
         depending on availability                •   Store data internally during flight using a SSD
           •   NovAtel OEM Board OEMV3
           •   NovAtel OEM Board OEMV2
                                                      SATA drive.
     –   OEM Camera Processing Board              •   Package must include mounting and space
                                                      necessary for four cameras.
•   Interface to single 10Mpixel Camera through
    proprietary “D3 Camera” connector.            •   Package everything (except for the IR
                                                      camera) to protect it against the
•   Interface to single Thermal Camera through        environment and to minimize the size.
    Camera Link Interface.                            “Everything” Includes:
•   Capture 10MP data at 1FPS                          –   (4) visual cameras and their lenses
•   Capture the Thermal Camera data                    –   (1) INS sensor
    synchronized with the 10Mpixel camera.             –   (1) OEM Camera Processing Board
•   Capture INS data and store to match                –   Any other components necessary for
    corresponding photos.                                  operation
•   Accept data from auxiliary external cameras   •   Position images for ground observations
    and INS units                                 •   Make cameras separable from the processing
                                                  •   Interface package to a light passenger
         Backup slide: Final Output

                                  Color Aerial Photograph

IR Camera with INS Data overlay
      Customer provided devices
•   OEM Digital Signal Processing Board
•   CameraLink® to D3 Conversion Chips
•   Novatel OEM Board
•   IMU System
•   Cameras
    – (2) Using D3 Connector interface
    – (1) IR using Camera Link
Appendix: Radiation
                Assumptions: Treat enclosure as a
                black box
                       Neglect Convection
                       Neglect Conduction
                Temperature at surface of chassis
                = temperature inside of chassis
                All Power consumed by
                electronics is output as heat
                radiating out
                = .89
                qc = .5qb
                     Appendix: Humidity

• Dew point temperature is                      • Variables:
  given as:                                        – Td - Dew point (C)
                                                   – T - Ambient temperature
                                                   – RH - Relative humidity (%)
   – Constants defined as follows:                 – m - Temperature range
               constants                             dependant constant (non-
  temp range       Tn (°C)          m                dimensional)
  0 to 50                  243.12       17.62      – Tn - Temperature range
  -40 to 0                 272.62       22.46
                                                     dependant constant (C)

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