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					                                                        Chelsea College of Art and Design
                                                   Course Monitoring 2009/10: BA Hons Fine Art

Section 1: Course evaluation

Evaluative report

The course was successfully reviewed this year, and the process was very positive as it enabled a re-focus of the units. It allows for further
integration of theory and practice and the consideration of practice as research. Interdisciplinary and negotiated self-directed learning, which are key
to the course ethos, were preserved.
As part of the full integration of the PT mode, we have reviewed and clarified the roles and responsibilities of the staff team; also to facilitate the
remaining 2 stages of the evening only delivery of the Pt mode. It also included a review of allocation one to one tutorial provision, ensuring fairness of
tutorial access across all stages and between modes. New roles were defined to improve the co-ordination of the exchange programme; nevertheless
there continues to be no administrative support at Chelsea for the Exchange programme (while noting that the other 2 CCW colleges have specific
staffing support).
Studios were re-organised to include an opt-in workspace. This enabled more fluid workspace for students who do not have the traditional need for
access to an individual working space. The opt-in studio space caters for (temporary) studio practice, peer discussions/meetings and
exhibition/showing space while maintaining a sense of identity in relation to a studio group and a studio manager.
In the effort to build & develop the studio culture Studio managers arranged studio crits twice a term. Studio management aims to develop and
respond to the changing needs for the ongoing practices of the students; they remain as interdisciplinary and cross year work spaces. Cross-year
student crits of year exhibitions were successfully introduced, boosting student confidence and reflection skills.
We continued with the group assessment arrangements at formative assessment for years 1 & 2 introduced last year.
Our admissions process for selecting students onto the course was helped by a pilot scheme for identifying WP students; it will serve as a model for
the other undergraduate courses next year.
Mock interviews and a presentation workshop were put in place and made available to any students wishing to undertake preparation for MA
A PPD programme containing talks and events across UAL was published on Blackboard and disseminated to students.
We continue to build the Practice Workshop programme and the Projects programme. A new exhibition project with Bristol (at Spike Island) was very

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                                                      Chelsea College of Art and Design
                                                 Course Monitoring 2009/10: BA Hons Fine Art

Evaluative report

successful and could be used as a model for other collaborative projects with other Fine Art courses.

Staff development
 The peer observation scheme, involving all staff – which is embedded in the course – was undertaken again in 2009/10.
 Staff have attended IT, admissions/interviews, student mental health training, H&S.
 Co-leader of theory continued with research leave.
 Several staff are part of College/UAL Research groups.
 Several members of staff continued their external examiner appointments for other institutions (e.g. Slade, Nottingham Trent, Limerick Institute
  Eire, The Arts University College at Bournemouth, Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore)
 Stage 1 leader was a panel member at Plymouth College of Art and Design (BA Fine Art validation).
 A project with the Tate on dyslexia (with Christine Bowmaker) was very successful with Liz Peebles taking the lead; a group of Year 2 dyslexic
  students took part.

External Links (including WP)
 The Edenbrook (now Hitachi Consulting) exhibition Project contract was renewed; we have developed this project as an opportunity for students to
  make work in response to the location (the clients’ offices) and mount an exhibition. Ten stage 2 students were selected from their presentations to
  a panel Hitachi staff, and have successfully installed their work. We hope to create more such opportunities, which also pay for the staffing time
 We have reconsidered how Projects are offered to students (previously this was on a first come first served basis); Tutor Group leaders now
  ‘select’ suitable students.
 Other student exhibitions included: the Brenda Landon Pye prize for an image of the human form and a collaborative exhibition at the Old Diving
  School exhibition, Bristol. Also to note that students continue to make off-site exhibitions – averaging approximately 30 each year
 Phi2 award (from the British Council) to send students to the China Art Academy (CAA) in Hangzhou, China. This is a WP opportunity to build a
  sustainable link with CAA.
 BA Fine Art continues its link with Liverpool Community College and Durham Aim Higher, through the WP team. Tutors Dave Beech and Jeff
  Dennis enabled 6 WP students to be offered places through the NALN progression programme. Student ambassadors Jody Gooch, Natalie

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                                                      Chelsea College of Art and Design
                                                 Course Monitoring 2009/10: BA Hons Fine Art

Evaluative report

    Bays, Candice Gelly, Joe Easeman, Ashley Chinnock contributed to WP Summer Schools.

Practice Workshops
    AV, Photography, Metal, Casting, Ceramics, Woodwork, Digital Print, Plastic moulding continued; facilitated by the workshop technicians; with
       a sign up system for students.
    Other workshops, such as reading groups and performance, were also provided.

Student Feedback
Opportunities for obtaining the view of students included:
    Course Committee representation (meetings were well attended by reps)
    student focus group meetings as part of revalidation
    ongoing weekly Tutor Group meetings offer opportunity to raise issues;
    Course Director meetings with student representatives (twice a term);
    all year group meetings (years 1, 2,3) with year leaders and cohorts.

Standards of student achievement, internal moderation and support to students
Similarly to last year, extremely positive reports were received from both Theory and Practice external examiners, confirming the excellent
(“exceptional” in the case of Theory) standards of student achievement and the robustness and rigour of internal marking, moderation, and feedback
to students.
To note that the support for students is complex and various. Tutor Group leaders act as personal/pastoral tutors; often serious cases are shared with
Year leaders and the course Director. UAL procedures for such support are followed. Language and study support is provided for students on a
voluntary basis. However, uptake of the Language classes is low; to be revised by the CD & language tutor for next academic session.

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                                                         Chelsea College of Art and Design
                                                    Course Monitoring 2009/10: BA Hons Fine Art

Data on progression and achievement
 The overall ratio of applications to target has remained strong at in the last 3 years at around 5 applications per place (5.1 for the FT mode (10:1
  through UCAS) and 5.5 for the PT mode in 2009/10). This was for “Home” applications.
 Overall retention rates continue to be excellent across all years (FT: 99%, 94% and 98% for years 1, 2 and 3 respectively, PT (90%, 93%, 100%
  and 100%). The pass rate at first attempt in the final year was also excellent, at 93% (FT and PT).
       Year 1 retention rates (99% for FT, 90% for PT) compare favourably with the available UK (90%) and UAL (89%) data.
 Together, the overall proportion of firsts and upper seconds remain strong for the FT mode (70% in 2009/10, 81% in the previous year). This
  compares favourably with both UAL data (62%) and UK data for Creative Arts and Design (63%).
 To note that the course receives many requests from other colleges for transfer; these are accommodated where students leave or take years out.
  Transfer applicants are also interviewed (approx 20 applicants for 1 place).
Progression to MA:
         Two students selected for Slade MFA Media; one accepted onto Chelsea MA; two onto the RCA Painting course.

    Prizes and other graduate achievement:

         Three graduates were included in Jerwood Contemporary Painters at Norwich University of the Arts Gallery (touring from Jerwood Space,
          London); one of them also exhibited at Billion Watt Bulb, Marc Foxx, Los Angeles, USA (2010) and 2009 mounted a solo presentation at The
          Armory Show 2009, New York, USA
         One graduate was selected to be artist of the day at Flowers Gallery London Monday 5 July; three others were selected for the New
          Contemporaries 2009/2010
         One graduate featured on The Culture Show BBC 2 17th June 2010, about the Royal Academy Summer Show
         Young participants residency at the European Centre for Ceramics, The Netherlands
         Barbara Elting (grad 2010) won a year internship at Chelsea Space; Shaun McDowell (grad 2005) was showcased in ‘Visible Invisible: Against
          the Security of the Real’ at the Parasol Unit, London, 25 November 2009 – 7 February 2010.

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                                                         Chelsea College of Art and Design
                                                    Course Monitoring 2009/10: BA Hons Fine Art

Widening participation indicators
 In 2008/9 the year 1 retention rate for low SEC home students (94%) was higher that that for high SEC home students (93%).
 All students known as coming from a low SEC achieved either a first or a 2:1 in 2008/9. Two out of the 3 graduates from a Black Ethnic Minority
  achieved a 2:1 in that year.

 PMi2 award; 5 students participating.

 WP initiative (with Suzie Wright) for admissions process; very successful. Note that interviewing staff were able to make positive identification.

Other indicators of diversity
 As in previous year, a significant proportion (30%) of new FT students declared a non-white ethnicity.
 Data on provenance seems to indicate cultural diversity, with 31% of new FT students coming from outside the UK (9% from non-EU countries).
 Around 16% of new students were over 24 years old, which shows that the course continues to recruit mature students.

NSS outcomes
      For the FT mode, “overall satisfaction” dropped by 5% since 2009 and 7% since 2008, but at 73% it still is well above UAL (62%), CCW
       (69%) and Chelsea (61%) averages.
      Similarly, the 83% satisfaction rate for “teaching” represents a drop of 7% but it is still notably high and well above the equivalent rates for
       CCW (78%), UAL(70%). The same pattern can be observed in the area of “personal development”.
     When asked an additional question, 85% of respondents considered their final year as a “positive experience”. This rate is well above the
      rates for CCW and UAL (75% and 63% respectively).
     It is hoped that the introduction of marking criteria for final year (stage 3) in 2010 will improve the satisfaction rate for Assessment and
      Feedback in future years (it has remained at 62% since last year).

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                                                      Chelsea College of Art and Design
                                                 Course Monitoring 2009/10: BA Hons Fine Art

Achievement PT students
 Only 6 out of the 14 final year PT students achieved either a first or a 2:1, which compares unfavourably with the FT mode.

 Students in stage 1 have requested more attention as a distinct group; to be organised next academic session. Note that part-time mode students
  do require more attention.

Widening participation issues
 2008/9 data on social economic class (SEC) of new students shows that the SEC background of some 76% was known. Of those, 23% were from
  a low SEC, a fall by 7% in relation to previous year, and below the UAL average of 31% and the UK average of 30%.

   Generally speaking, after remaining more or less stable in the previous 2 years, satisfaction rates for the FT mode went down in 2010, in
    some cases to levels that are below the UAL and CCW averages. The lowest satisfaction rates for the FT mode in 2010 were given to
    “Academic Support” (61%) and Organisation and management (51%). The latter may be related to the course team’s ongoing concern
    about administrative support to the course; the team needs to pay particular attention to the very demanding attention which is needed to
    monitor the part-time mode students now that we are integrating them into the full-time programme.
   Results for the PT mode were very disappointing as the course team has been taken measures to further integrate the two modes of study.
    Generally speaking satisfaction PT rates for all areas covered by the NSS have dropped dramatically since the previous year. However, it
    should be noted that the sample of students covered by the survey (10 final year students) was very small. The low rates contrast with the
    previous year’s exceptional results, so we will continue to monitor future trends closely.

Resource issues:
 Blackboard organisation continues to be problematic to some students; to ensure new intake attend appropriate training.
 AV Technical support – now workshop moved to CG08.
 Bookable Project space availability; suffers when allocated to MA courses when over enrolled. To presence extremely important facility for our

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                                                        Chelsea College of Art and Design
                                                   Course Monitoring 2009/10: BA Hons Fine Art

 Language support; to be rethought – not effective.
 Inadequate number of lockers; student reps taken to Dean; costly items.
 Access to IT services by PT students; problematic open hours.

Priorities for action
 To continue to develop links with WP feeder courses and NALN team to ensure stronger presence of low SEC students on the course.
 Thesis workshops: more research and writing sessions requested from year 2/3 students.
 Thesis presentations in Tutor Groups to be structured better.
 Part-time mode students in Stages 1 & 2 to have detailed group meetings with Stage leaders.
 Studio Management priorities to be re-thought.
 Student Feedback forms; could revert to student mailboxes for distribution; identify where need administrative support.
 Tutor Group leaders to continue to give written reports at their term tutorial (once a term) with their tutees (use triple form system).
 Language classes to be made more effective.
 Student Reps to be encouraged to be more effective in identifying and resolving student issues. To create a Blackboard site. Student reps to take
  appropriate items to Dean (from chart) from meetings with CD
 Part-time mode (day-time) to be scheduled for ongoing group meetings with named staff
 Continue to promote the integration of FT and PT mode and monitor feedback from PT students, while recognising that the PT mode students need
  an enhanced support structure.

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                                                        Chelsea College of Art and Design
                                                Course Monitoring Report 2010 BA Hons Fine Art

Section 2: Responses to external examiners

Name of examiner: Peg Rawes
Comments                                                                                Responses
The standards of assessment in the Unit continue to be excellent, demonstrating the     Noted, with thanks.
attention to detail and delivery of the unit.

The internal marking process is scrupulous, and clearly allows for rigorous 1st and     Noted, with thanks.
2nd marking evaluation of students work throughout the grades. The staff notes on
work are exemplary.

The internal moderation, both as presented to me in the sample, and in discussion       Noted, with thanks.
with the staff present at the moderation meeting was also of very high quality.

As in previous years, I was sent a well-judged sample of work across the marking
range from the full-time and part-time degrees, demonstrating the breadth, focus        Noted, with thanks.
and ambition of the unit, exceptionally evident in dissertations awarded firsts, but
also apparent in some of the lower graded work. The staff’s work was also reflected
upon positively by student feedback at the interim visit.

Assessment requirements for the unit are accurate and well-judged by staff              Noted, with thanks.
employing them. From the sample, students are clearly working with the support of,      Nevertheless the dissertation is a source of great anxiety for
and training in, excellent methodological and conceptual materials and learning         quite a few students and they have requested more workshops
                                                                                        on research methods and thesis planning.
skills, clearly delivered by the teaching team. Even students who are at the lower
scale of award demonstrate an ambition to achieve these requirements. The quality
of the work also indicates some extremely good tuition on drafts and feedback of
submissions, and students reported positively about the teaching process in the unit
when I spoke to them at the interim visit.

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                                                           Chelsea College of Art and Design
                                                  Course Monitoring Report 2010 BA Hons Fine Art

Name of examiner: Peg Rawes
Comments                                                                                    Responses
Further teaching resources – of staff hours and of library resources - would                Noted, with thanks.
undoubtedly enable even more students achieving higher grades in the unit.

The wider value of the unit to the degree/graduates: Specific and transferrable skills      Noted, with thanks.
in visual-textual expression and conceptual ambition, and self-reflective analysis of
arts practice are clearly demonstrated in student dissertations, and complement the
evidence of these skills in students’ visual practice. In addition, the combined
transferrable scope of these skills underpins the value of the unit for students’ post-
degree aptitudes. I would strongly support the unit’s work for providing an unique
context through which the degree enables original artistic contributions to the UK’s
visual arts ‘knowledge’ culture; for example, by equipping students both in their
ability to develop insightful visual practices, and enabling them to actively contribute
to the broader discursive and curatorial practices involved in contemporary visual
arts cultures and ‘industries’. I very much hope that the College continues to support
the staff’s work in enabling such graduates.

I’d like to congratulate the staff on the consistently excellent standard of work that      Noted, with thanks.
I’ve examined over the past 4 years.

I am satisfied that the comments I have made in my previous report have been                Noted, with thanks.
adequately considered.

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                                                        Chelsea College of Art and Design
                                               Course Monitoring Report 2010 BA Hons Fine Art

Name of examiner: Amanda Ure
Comments                                                                    Responses
The quality and standards of the assessment processes for the units         Noted, with thanks.
sampled were found to be transparent and fair. The assessment               Internal parity meetings of the two separate cohorts of students takes
                                                                            place before the agreed marks (between the two examining teams) are
procedures regarding internal marking were good, rigorously adhered
                                                                            selected for moderation sampling.
to and the process for any internal moderation was clear and upheld
assessment guidelines and university regulations.

The programme continues to support a wide variety of practices              Noted, with thanks. The team had some anxiety that the media based
through the delivery of strong tutorial guidance in both practice and       work was suffering in recent years particularly due to lack of equipment
theory elements, and appropriate and well-designed curriculum               and experimentation with the technology.
content. The marking bands had been employed correctly and
judiciously, and levels of achievement are comparable with similar
courses nationally. At the higher end of the marking scale there
continued to be innovative moving image / AV work as well as some
excellent installation / object-based work. It was also clear that
students at the lower end of the marking bands had been closely
supported to develop their work well since the interim visit, and had
made good progress.

Assessment requirements and methods of assessment are                       Noted, with thanks. The selected work presented for assessment by the
                                                                            students for the Unit 3A (supportive research material) is placed by the
appropriate to the level of award and commensurate with levels and
                                                                            student in their exhibition space. More work had been done this year by
processes nationally. All work was easy to access and there was             the Year 3 tutors to stress the importance of unit 3A and help the students
greater opportunity to view students’ support and research material         to select and present appropriate work in an accessible way for
alongside self-evaluations of progress. The availability of this material   examination.
allowed for clearer evidencing of students development over the
course of the units and their levels of awareness and engagement

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                                                     Chelsea College of Art and Design
                                             Course Monitoring Report 2010 BA Hons Fine Art

Name of examiner: Amanda Ure
Comments                                                                 Responses
with the aims of the units.

Learning outcomes are clearly communicated through unit briefs to        Noted, with thanks.
students and the implementation of more clearly defined assessment
criteria linked directly to LOs on assessment feedback forms will
strengthen students understanding of the assessment process and
requirements for levels of achievement.

Blackboard / online resources are clearly being used more widely and
                                                                         Noted, with thanks. Blackboard site has been improved this year and most
innovatively across the majority of Fine Art units. As relayed by
                                                                         students are now using it; there is still some resistance from a few
students from across year groups at the interim visit this year, this    students. The course still also uses the glass notice boards for notices.
was clearly valued by most students but could be more equitably
employed across all units and throughout the staff team where

The structure of the programme’s curriculum, the delivery of theory      Noted, with thanks.
and practice elements, the diversity of media use and support for a
wide range of Fine Art practices are clearly valued by students. These
provide the programme with a currency and relevancy and should
continue to be supported and strengthened.

Communication between external examiners and Academic Registry
                                                                          It is not clear whether this is a reference to Academic Affairs or the
could improve with more timely information, acknowledging examiners      Quality Office. In the appointment letter from A Affairs it was made clear
other commitments and constraints on time.                               to Mandy that she would be expected to attend (and get paid) for five visit
                                                                         dates. Dates are provided by Course Directors to Exs Ex at the beginning
                                                                         of the academic year.

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                                                      Chelsea College of Art and Design
                                              Course Monitoring Report 2010 BA Hons Fine Art

Name of examiner: Amanda Ure
Comments                                                                Responses

                                                                        Confirmation of dates by the Quality Office was circulated in March for a
Emails regarding Examination Board timing were at times abrupt and      meeting in June. In response to an email on 21 March 6pm, a reply was
an email response from me was not responded to, resulting in a lack     promptly sent to Mandy on 22 March at 9. The email said: “Dear Mandy, I
of clarity that it had been acknowledged that I could not attend the    would be grateful if you could discuss this with the course director, Mo Thorp. I
board.                                                                  have copied her in on this email; unfortunately she is away this week, but will
                                                                        return next week. If you need to call her direct her number is 0207 514 7756. Best
                                                                        Wishes” Mandy’s response was that she would email Mo and wait to hear
                                                                        from her when she returned.

                                                                        This year we arranged the examination timetable to give more time to
Any decision taken regarding the timing of the Examination Board
                                                                        internal markers; the timetable is very intense especially for time-based
needs to consider the lengthy process preceding it undertaken by        work. The External Examiners for units A & B see the complete show
external examiners and internal staff, alongside examiners              together in order to get an overview of the complete cohort. The timetable
commitments at this time of final assessments, boards and degree        is very demanding.
exhibitions across the country.

I would like to congratulate the Fine Art staff and students for the    Noted, with thanks. Mandy has been an excellent examiner; her
quality of their work and thinking and for their excellent efforts in   comments have been very helpful.
making the examination process run so efficiently over the past four

Comments made in previous reports have always been considered
                                                                        Noted, with thanks.
very well in both discussion with the staff team and through the course

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                                                        Chelsea College of Art and Design
                                               Course Monitoring Report 2010 BA Hons Fine Art

Name of examiner: Amanda Ure
Comments                                                                   Responses
monitoring documents.

Fine Art staff have been receptive, have given careful consideration to    Noted, with thanks.
any observations and have acted where appropriate and permissible
within university regulations.

Over the course of the last two years in particular it is clear that the
integration of the part-time programme with the full-time route is         Noted, with thanks.
operating well for those studying during the day-time in particular and    Note that there are still 2 cohorts to graduate.
the transition period has been managed very well.

A request that external examiners had more access to students’ self-
evaluations and support material has been acted on, and has
                                                                           Noted, with thanks. As noted above; this has been given more attention
provided clearer information on students’ awareness of contextual
                                                                           by the Year 3 tutors and Year 3 leader.
issues and pertinent reference points.

Access to more flexible studio space / installation space has also
                                                                           Note that this is always a very difficult and anxious process. We are aware
been provided, as much as is possible within the constraints of the        that the students receive half their examination marks on this one
site, and students are now able to test and document more ambitious        exhibition and is dependent on getting enough space in the college and in
installations of work.                                                     good time to allow sometimes very complex installation for the students.
                                                                           Note that the year 3 leader and tutors give this their rigorous attention for
                                                                           each student.

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                                                      Chelsea College of Art and Design
                                             Course Monitoring Report 2010 BA Hons Fine Art

Name of examiner: Helen Baker-Alder
Comments                                                                        Responses
The quality and standard of the internal marking was good and there was         Noted, with thanks.
good attention to detail. I was impressed with the organisation and care
shown by staff.

I found the staff receptive to discussion regarding their decision-making
processes. The evidence required for marking was clear to students.             Noted, with thanks.
Exhibition work and research files offered good confirmation of the grades

The exhibition of work was easy to access and I had time to look at the work
                                                                                Noted, with thanks. This time the schedule allowed more time to
of all the students with the marks and to look at the samples given for         the Externals.
moderation purposes in detail.

The internal moderation was thorough and there was parity evidenced across      Noted, with thanks. Parity sampling is carried out scrupulously
all the teaching groups. Staff referenced the criteria for assessment through   after the sample is selected by the Course Director.
the learning outcomes.

The conduct of the examination board was sound and fair and there was           Noted, with thanks.
attention to all aspects of the process to ensure equality.

The paperwork in all the examination procedures was clear and I was able to     Noted, with thanks. Students are encouraged to exhibit outside the
compare and resolve any questions that I might have had. I was impressed        college in their first term of the course. Noted that experience in
with the work offered for moderation. The standard was high and students        exhibiting their work to a professional standard is of great
were professional in their approach to presentation. Many students had          importance.

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                                                       Chelsea College of Art and Design
                                               Course Monitoring Report 2010 BA Hons Fine Art

Name of examiner: Helen Baker-Alder
Comments                                                                          Responses
exhibited already outside the institution and this was obviously of great value
to them.

The research files evidenced an excellent curriculum of seminar topics that       Noted, with thanks.
had offered a challenging programme for students and a depth of knowledge.

The strength of the programme, as always, is in the staffing and there is firm    Noted, with thanks. The weekly seminar structure is of great
evidence that students have benefitted from well informed and research            importance, expanding the tutorial provision for one to one
active staff that enjoy dialogue and offer challenging ideas.                     teaching.

The production values of the work are of a very good standard and technical       Noted, with thanks. Technicians are now contributing to
staff should be applauded for the excellent achievement in this area. In          workshops of small groups of students as appropriate. The
discussion with a student group they emphasised the immense value of both         relationship with the technicians is of prime importance to the
                                                                                  achievement of the students.
the seminar programme and the technical support.

There was a clustering of marks in the 2:1 range, which concerned me, but in
                                                                                  Noted, with thanks.
comparing and analysing across the course I found the marks to be correct.

The marking system at UAL is different to other programmes nationally in that
it offers the possibility of a first class degree within a smaller range of marks. Noted, with thanks.
This means that the other classifications offer a broader distribution. This
offers a very good model of practice for other institutions.

The assessment requirements and methods were appropriate to the level of
                                                                                  Noted, with thanks. The structure in place now for the last five
the award. It is important with specialist subjects that the integrity of the     years makes no distinction in grouping students by a particular

CMR BA FA                                                                          Page 15 of 23
                                                        Chelsea College of Art and Design
                                               Course Monitoring Report 2010 BA Hons Fine Art

Name of examiner: Helen Baker-Alder
Comments                                                                           Responses
subject is maintained, while offering students good employment prospects by        medium; this has been of great importance and served as a
assessing a good range of skills. I am convinced that Chelsea fulfils both of      positive model which many other Fine Art departments are keen to
                                                                                   adopt. The course teaching team are having regular meetings
these criteria and that the graduate skills and intellectual challenge of the
                                                                                   once a term to evaluate the programme and approached to
programme is appropriate. This is a distinctive programme enhanced by staff        teaching. Excellent teamwork has been key.

The students follow individual learning pathways that are supported by a           Noted, with thanks. Course structure, as described about is
programme that offers a broad range of knowledge. The input of visiting            continuously re-evaluated and updated largely in response to
artists is an essential part of this feature. They are assisted towards an         student discussions and feedback. Year leaders have regular year
independent area of research in their final year and are helped to develop         meetings with their students for feedback.
their individual focus for their ideas.

Feedback from a group of students representing the cohort indicated that
they all felt suitably challenged by their learning and felt able to demonstrate   Noted, with thanks.
their achievements.

The exhibition of work was of a very high standard overall.                        Noted, with thanks.

The assessment criteria is being reviewed and I recommend that the                 Noted, with thanks. Especially important on self-evaluation forms
academic tutors ensure that the language used is in line with the language of      and tutorial feedback forms. Chelsea continues to develop these
fine art practice and offers a clarity and enhancement of understanding for        pro formas.
the students. So often university procedures create criteria that fail to
recognise the importance of risk taking and failure as part of the learning
programme. Often generic language used to accommodate a range of
programme aims becomes meaningless. By involving teaching staff in the

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                                                        Chelsea College of Art and Design
                                               Course Monitoring Report 2010 BA Hons Fine Art

Name of examiner: Helen Baker-Alder
Comments                                                                          Responses
process an ownership of the programme is maintained.

The final exhibition remains the important learning experience for the            Noted, with thanks. As described above; space for examination of
students as well as offering a public flagship for the programmes. I              fine art students’ work is very important; it is a complex and
recommend that priority continues to be given to the exhibition spaces and        difficult task to arrange. Thanks to Space Managers.
the students and staff continue to be given time to ensure that the exhibitions
take place in a professional way.

I am very satisfied that all my (previous) comments have been taken on            Noted, with thanks.
board. A review of the criteria is taking place and the organisation of the
assessments has been reviewed and facilitated procedures.

I have found the staff enormously cooperative. The Course Leader should be
                                                                             Noted, with thanks.
congratulated for the development of an excellent and distinctive programme.

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                                                    Chelsea College of Art and Design
                                            Course Monitoring Report 2010 BA Hons Fine Art

Course Development Plan

Issue                             Response/action            Target     Responsibility      Comments/Evidence of Progress
                                                             date       for action

Curriculum design and organisation

Induction Unit management         Stage One year leader to   Oct.2010   Stage One           Planning with non course workshops to be
                                  co-ordinate.                          leader and          facilitated more by the college rather than the
                                                                        stage one           individual courses. ONGOING
                                                                        seminar leaders

Lectures. Replacement by          Has been unsuitable this   Oct 2010   CD, Dean, Dean      ONGOING
Research staff                    year in the ‘trial’.                  of Research

PPD programme now on              Contains talks & events    done       Yr 3 leader, NN     Programme to be updated yearly
Blackboard                        across UAL

Electives unit                    Redesigned by CCW for      Oct 2010   CCW                 Now being held on Fridays
                                  next ac.year
Teaching, learning & assessment

Cross year exhibition crits       Implementation of cross    March      Stage Leaders       A great source of both peer and cross stage
                                  year (student) crits of    2010                           learning, thus enabling students to feel
                                  interim show.                                             confident about critical skills and utilise own
                                                                                            experience. ONGOING

Theory tutorials Yr 3             Students requested more    2010/11    CD & Theory         To consider; also to consider the delivery of
                                  tutorials for thesis                  team                the Thesis presentations.

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                                                   Chelsea College of Art and Design
                                           Course Monitoring Report 2010 BA Hons Fine Art

Issue                            Response/action              Target    Responsibility      Comments/Evidence of Progress
                                                              date      for action

Student progression and achievement

Mock interviews and              Implementing M.A mock        April     Stage three         Presentation workshop has already been
presentation workshop for Yr 3   interviews schedule along    2010      teaching team       written, schedule for M.A mock interviews
students                         with presentation                                          included in year overview. Positive uptake; to
                                 workshop                                                   continue

New Interview procedure          To complete a new            Summer    DB (admissions      Very time-consuming process; acceptance
                                 selection process;           term      tutor) & CD         just below target; clearing process: 3 further
                                 students now can apply to    2010                          offers.
                                 5 Colleges.
Student support and guidance

Blackboard use by Students       To ensure that all           May       Student reps &      To ask all students if need extra training.
                                 students are fully using;    2010      Tutor group         Make sure new intake all attend relevant
                                 some students still unable             leaders             training
                                 to use.

Exchange Co-ordination           Exchange team to             Impleme   Staff Team          We will now have the following roles and
                                 organise and co-ordinate     nt Oct                        cross year team to co-ordinate and develop
                                                                        Year 2 Leader
                                 exchange programme           2009                          the exchange programmes: International
                                                              ongoing                       exchange liaison, different exchange co-
                                                                                            coordinators for both incoming and out going
                                                                                            students, cross year exchange team to
                                                                                            discuss applications. Chart kept listing all
                                                                                            destinations, dates and Assessment notes.
                                                                                            ONGOING. A PROPOSAL HAS BEEN

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                                                    Chelsea College of Art and Design
                                             Course Monitoring Report 2010 BA Hons Fine Art

Issue                            Response/action               Target    Responsibility      Comments/Evidence of Progress
                                                               date      for action

                                                                                             MADE TO HoC FOR CENTRAL CCW
                                                                                             MANAGEMENT OF EXCHANGES. STILL

Widening participation and       Dedicated staff to work       Ongoing   CD & course         Continue to develop links with WP feeder
NALN projects                    with both WP and NALN                   team                colleges and NALN team to ensure stronger
                                 teams                                                       presence of Low SEC student on the course.
                                                                                             Good project with WP at admissions this

English Language support         Closer links between          Ongoing   CD and staff        More effective use of vital support service,
                                 seminar leaders and EFL                 team, ELF team      greater degree of communication between
                                 tutor (team) to ensure                                      teaching and support team. Need to meet
                                 appropriate students are                                    with Language tutor to devise more
                                 identified and supported.                                   appropriate support. A stage 2 student has
                                                                                             started student led group for Intern. students
Learning resources

Studio re-organisation. To       Re-organisation of studios    Impleme   Studio               ‘Opt In’ space enables a more open and
evolve the studios into both a   to include ‘opt-in’           nted      managers            discursive work space, while maintaining a
place of work and discussion.    workspace. The initiation     Sept 09                       sense of belonging to a studio group and
                                 of twice monthly studio                                     leader. THE SYSTEM IS IN PLACE BUT
                                 crits as arranged by studio                                 FURTHER DEVELOPMENTS ARE
                                 manager                                                     ONGOING.

IT computers in library          Very slow                     asap      Student reps        To complete library feedback forms

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                                                    Chelsea College of Art and Design
                                            Course Monitoring Report 2010 BA Hons Fine Art

Issue                            Response/action               Target     Responsibility       Comments/Evidence of Progress
                                                               date       for action

Bookable Project Spaces          Re-instigation of project     Oct 2009   Dean/Course          To ensure adequate provision. REMAINS
                                 spaces by college.                       Director &           PROBLEMATIC.
                                                                          Space manager

Inadequate number of lockers     To find cheap source of       asap       CD & reps to         No progress with 2nd hand furniture. Now to
                                 2nd hand lockers                         find source.         put bid to Dean
                                                                          Failing that to
                                                                          make bid to

IT opening hrs 09.30 – 10.30 not To request more flexible      asap       CD                   ONGOING
accessible for p/t students      access

AV technical support             To be reviewed and new        Oct 2010   Technical            Agreed to action move of AV workshop to
                                 model of support, hire and               manager/CD           CG08 during summer recess.
                                 access to workshops
                                 implemented. Relocation
                                 of provision into course
                                 residential space.

Practice Workshops: request      Techs to arrange sessions     Oct 2010   CD to ask Tech       AV responded. Still to arrange: Photograhy at
sessions by Technicians on       for their workshop; sign up              Manager;             Camberwell; Metal: Falcon; Casting:
skills.                          sessions                                 Amanda to            Ceramics Tech; Basic woodwork: John;
                                                                          facilitate lists.    Digital Print: Geoff; Plastic moulding: ?
                                                                                               STILL TO ARRANGE WKSHOPS FOR NEXT

PT Theory Tutorials to be held   Students find location        Oct 2010   Theory tutors        To liaise with Rob (room bookings)
in seminar & bookable project    unsuitable

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                                                     Chelsea College of Art and Design
                                            Course Monitoring Report 2010 BA Hons Fine Art

Issue                             Response/action               Target    Responsibility      Comments/Evidence of Progress
                                                                date      for action

spaces, rather than canteen

Quality management & enhancement

Student Self-Evaluation reports   Some Students unclear of      Next      Reps & EP           Yr 2 rep to make clear to EP which groups
for assessments                   purpose. (Yr 2 students       academi                       had problem
                                  especially). Is Tutor Group   c year
                                  leaders responsibility

Introduction of student Unit                                                                  Quality Office to advise
feedback across the College

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    Course Monitoring Statistics
    REPORT STATUS (Interim or Final):                    Final
    AREA OF STUDY : 10010 A31_2                     Full time
    COURSE TITLE:             BA (Hons) Fine Art
    YEAR                      10/11
    1. SUMMARY
                                                                  07/08              08/09                  09/10             10/11
    Recruitmen      Applications : Targets                   475 : 101          546 :     95           510 : 100         1237 : 103

                    Applications : Targets (ratio)               4.7 :     1     5.7 :       1          5.1 :       1     12.0 :       1

                    Actual                                       92             115                    103                112

    Profile         Male : Female                          41%           59%   30%       70%          37%       63%     31%        69%

                    Overall % declaring non white                        16%             30%                    35%                34%
                    Home/EU % declaring non white                         3%              3%                     2%                 4%

    Entry Quals     Degree                                   10 :        11%    12 :     10%           18 :     17%        3 :        3%
                    A Levels                                    :               13 :     11%           13 :     13%        2 :        2%
                    Foundation                               43 :        47%    11 :     10%            3 :      3%          :
                    GCSEs                                       :                  :                      :                  :
                    Other                                    10 :        11%    19 :     17%           15 :     15%        4 :        4%

    Retention       Year Retention Rate - Yr                          98.9%            96.5%                  98.1%                100.0
                    Year Retention Rate - Yr                          92.2%            97.9%                  93.6%                100.0
                    Year Retention Rate - Yr                           100.0           95.6%                  97.9%               99.0%

    Results         Pass Rate                                         98.9%            100.0                  93.7%                    0

                    1st                                      22 :        24%    30 :     34%           17 :     18%           :
                    2.1                                      45 :        48%    41 :     47%           49 :     52%           :
                    2.2                                      21 :        23%    12 :     14%           21 :     22%           :
                    3rd                                       4:          4%     4:       5%            2:       2%           :
                    Unclassified                                :                  :                      :                   :
                    Other                                       :        0%        :     0%               :      0%           :
                    Refer                                       :        0%        :     0%             2:       2%           :
                    Defer                                       :        0%        :     0%               :      0%           :
                    Fail                                      1:         1%        :     0%               :      0%           :

                    Total                                    93 : 100%          87 : 100%              95 : 100%              :

    Results Comparator                                                   98%             98%                    96%

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