tallest_buildings_in_the_world by xiaoyounan


1. Explain or draw the difference of how the World Trade Centers were built compared to earlier
skyscrapers (focusing on the inner columns and outer walls.

2. What was the benefit of this design (above question).

3. What two items must the outer walls counter?

4. What building items were contained in the inner core?

5. The inner core could have been enveloped in concrete or sheetrock. Compare and contrast the two.

6. Which was used (concrete or sheetrock) in the World Trade Towers.

7. What significant event happened in 1993 to the World Trade Center?

8. The buildings were made to be able to absorb the impact of a Boeing 707, but was hit with a Boeing
767. What was the significance of this?

9. Did the two towers collapse in the same manner? Explain why or why not.

10. Explore the “Why the Towers Fell” website (resources page on the techlab website). Write down
three items you have learned from the site (must be different than your partner).
List the five tallest buildings in the world and their height in meters and feet (refer to agenda to convert
meters to feet). (world’s tallest buildings at skyscraperpage.com)

       Building                                               height in meters        height in feet

1. _______________________________________                    ______________          ____________

2. _______________________________________                    ______________          ____________

3. _______________________________________                    ______________          ____________

4. _______________________________________                    ______________          ____________

5. _______________________________________                    ______________          ____________

Continue to view the “world’s tallest buildings” page at skyscraperpage.com. Why are the Petronas
Towers considered taller than the Sears/Willis Tower? (search for Petronas Towers at www.pbs.org)

What is the difference between a spire and an antenna?

How tall will the Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center be when it is completed in 2013? How much
taller will this building be over the previous World Trade Center towers?

Calculate how tall a “story” is for each of the five tallest buildings in the United States. Do not use the
spire or antenna for your calculation. (calculate in feet)

What is the average story height in feet using the previous data.

Of the skyscrapers being built or from those already built, which design do you prefer and why?

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