Swap These Hot Christmas Party Favors As Winter Wedding Favors

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					Swap These Hot Christmas Party Favors As Winter Wedding Favors
The most convenient bit about Christmas party favors is they can easily serve as winter wedding party favors too. For both events, the seasonal theme of snow, fireplaces, good cheer and love are apt enough. The Christmas symbols of the Star of David or Santa Claus fit all kinds of favors for any kind of event in the winter months.

Let the warmth in your heart flow to your guests when you give away 'A winter holiday' personalized hot coffee mixes as winter wedding favors or Christmas party favors. Named after an order of Franciscan Minor friars called 'Capuccini', this coffee mix is always popular and blended to perfection. For personalizing the packets, you can choose an array of seasonal designs or even family photos. You can put in a heart handle mini-whisk that comes with a white satin bow and an equally elegant heart shaped handle. As an alternative, a muffin mix or tea mix will make warm Christmas party favors or winter wedding favors too.

If you want to choose favors in the edible category, there are cookie mixes. A huge American favorite, these cookies come in an assortment of winter designs. You can also bottle up some sweetness with favor jars containing candies and sweets. The re-usable glass containers can be used for years, by your guests, for storing candy, nuts, spices etc. They would surely do so if you decided to personalize the jars. Mint tins with modern packaging are very apt winter wedding favors and Christmas party favors. You can add special notes like 'Our love is mint to be' too.

For more of a feminine choice, both for winter wedding favors and Christmas party favors, you can spend as little as $9 for a 12-piece set of lip balms. Offer your guests a daily lip-soothing favor long after the party with these favors encased in plastic cases and screw-on lids. Shower gels and perfumed soaps as Christmas party favors or winter wedding favors will pamper your guests no end. 'Snow-cone' bath salts can be given as unique favors too.

But if winter comes, can snowflakes be far behind? There is an array of snowflake design favors available to remind your guests, year after year, the joy of togetherness. Beaded snowflake ornaments that can be used in a variety of ways throughout the winter make great favors. Sparkling snowflakes come with a white satin ribbon and colored organza bag. Don't miss the sweet 'thank you' note tagged along. You also have chrome snowflake bottle openers that come in a box covered with a snowflake shower. That surely is a breathtaking favor for your guests. Embossed snowflake boxes can be used as favors separately too for less than a dollar apiece. Elegant snowflake bookmarks are the 'write' choice for any intellectual group of guests and hosts when it comes to winter wedding favors or Christmas party favors.

Are you sentimental about snowmen? Then, snowman bookmarks, snowman bottle stoppers, snowman notebooks and snowman showpieces make delightful favors. As part of the Snowman Sentiments Collection, signature boxes comes with a winter blue/snowflake design base and clear top tied with an organza bow.

Chocolates and candles are the evergreen favors for any occasion. If it's winter wedding favors, you can pick up Hershey's 5 ounce milk chocolate bars for a huge impression on your guests. Candles come in snowmen to star shapes. The scented ones will give your guests a meditative feel and you can add your own spiritual notes to melt the hearts of your guests.

Choosing winter wedding favors or Christmas party favors is easy because the red-flushed season gives you traditional motifs aplenty. But that doesn't mean you have to stick to the beaten track. You can give something completely different like a miniature-wine bottle set. No matter what your gift of gratitude and no matter how cold the weather gets, just pick winter wedding favors and Christmas party favors carefully so that the glow lingers in the hearts of your guests.

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