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The Gift of Creativity is Always in Season Crayola Offers Affordable Innovations
EASTON, PA – October 22, 2008 – This holiday season, parents will be tickled pink and maybe a little magenta, mulberry and mauvelous, too, with the many ways they can affordably give their children the gift of Crayola creativity this holiday season and stretch their holiday shopping budgets. Already sitting atop many of the season‟s “must-have” toy lists, Crayola creative activities speak to the latest trends in combining color, light and sound with the way children play and bring affordable innovation to gift giving at prices ranging from $3.99 to $29.99. According to toy industry expert Chris Byrne, with parents concerned about the economy, value is a high priority this year. “Crayola's products consistently deliver innovation, engaging play and an extraordinary platform for selfexpression, while allowing parents to give their children excitement and 'wow' without breaking their budgets. When exceptional play value and great financial value meet, everyone wins, especially the kids who ultimately bring the most valuable element to these toys -- their unique imagination." From the Crayola Glow Station, that lets kids create with the magic of light, and the Color Wonder Magic Light Brush, a brush that magically knows and glows the mess-free colors kids are painting with, to the Crayola Beginnings TaDoodles Scribble & Sing Art Station, an art activity specially designed for toddlers to make their first marks on the world. Crayola has a full range of high value gift ideas that take creative play way outside the lines. Bringing Creativity to Light The Crayola Glow Station illuminates children‟s imaginations through the magic of drawing with light on a large-size glow-in-the-dark canvas. Using a light wand, children can either draw freehand or use stencils and texture sheets to create more realistic drawings. A diamond-shaped tip can be snapped on the end of the light wand for stamping unique starburst designs on the canvas. Drawings magically disappear over time, or can be “erased” by turning on the lights, so kids can create again and again for limitless fun. The Glow Station was named “Toy of the Year” by FamilyFun magazine and captured the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio‟s “Platinum Award.” For children six and up; suggested retail price is $29.99. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included). - more-

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The Color Wonder Magic Light Brush is a mess-free painting activity featuring a light-up fiber-optic paint brush that knows, and glows, the mess-free colors kids are painting with before they magically appear on the Color Wonder paper. The clear, colorless paints will only appear on the paper, not on skin, clothing, carpet or furniture, making painting an anytime, anywhere activity with little to no cleanup or mom supervision needed. For children five and up; suggested retail price is $24.99. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). The Crayola Illumination Station is a 3-in-1 light-up art desk that lets young artists trace, draw and project images to create picture-perfect scenes that would be a challenge to create freehand. Kids can mix and match 120 projectable images and 10 background scenes to create unlimited masterpieces that boost self-confidence and inspire on-going creative expression. For children six and up; suggested retail price is $29.99. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included). The Color Explosion Glow Board lets kids create artwork with glowing, neon effects on two reusable backlit screens. Using glowing ink markers, kids can draw on each surface and then create surprising moving animations by switching between different light settings. For children six and up; suggested retail price is $24.99. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Celebrating the Scribble Designed to encourage toddler creativity, the Crayola Beginnings Scribble & Sing Art Station lets tiny tots 18 months and up discover the joy of making their first marks by drawing lines, dots, zigzags, waves and squiggles to a symphony of sounds and flashing lights. The set comes with five TaDoodles Washable First Marks markers, uniquely shaped for a child‟s first palm grasp. When a child places any of the five markers into the center circle, the Art Station recognizes the TaDoodles colors -- “orange bear,” “blue chipmunk,” “pink duck,” “yellow squirrel” and “green owl” -- activating unique songs and activities. Featuring 15 fun activities, toddlers can scribble to the sounds of music and lights for endless hours of imaginative play. For children 18 months and up; suggested retail price is $29.99. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Crayola Beginnings TaDoodles Washable Easy Stampers are easy-to-hold character stampers specially designed for toddlers‟ first palm grasp. There‟s a crocodile, beaver, duck, donkey, parrot and cow that stamps an image of itself when pressed on paper. Each stamper is capless and is reactivated by simply depressing them; no stamp pad is needed. TaDoodles Washable Easy Stampers come in two assortments of three each, in six different colors of washable ink: red, purple, orange, green brown and yellow. For children 18 months and up; suggested retail price is $5.99. With the Crayola Beginnings TaDoodles Rainbow Tower, babies‟ first color exploration activity available only at Toys “R” Us, children 6 months and up can explore colors, lights and music by stacking and nesting the easy-to-grasp - more -

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TaDoodles puppy, kitten and mouse characters on the musical base. These friendly faces combine to make new colors and music when one is placed on top of the other in this skill-building toy. The TaDoodles Rainbow Tower was named to the Toys“R”Us “2008 Hot Toy List,” representing the definitive selection of toys that holiday shoppers will be searching for. For children 6 months and up; suggested retail price is $14.99. Requires 3 “AA” batteries (not included). Colorful Stocking Stuffers Drawing with markers is taken to a whole new level of bright with Crayola Color Surge, a special marker and paper set that together creates super-bright colors on dark paper. Unlike regular markers that look “ho-hum” on colored paper, when the supercharged Color Surge markers touch down on the brilliantly-colored double-sided paper, the result is intense, eye-popping brightness. A variety of “crazy tips” allow kids to draw, sketch and create with thick, thin, double and triple lines for cool effects. Color Surge captured an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio 2008 “Platinum Award,” a Parents‟ Choice “Fun Stuff” award and Creative Child Magazine‟s 2008 “Seal of Excellence.” For children five and up; suggested retail price is $7.99 for the basic set of 8 markers and 20 double-sided sheets of paper, up to $19.99 for the Mega pack which includes 28 markers and 70 sheets of double-sided paper. Crayola has taken two of the messiest activities—paint and glitter—and made them mess free with Color Wonder Glitter Paint. Young artists can now freely add glitter to their masterpieces with clear, mess-free glitter paint that magically appears when it meets the Color Wonder paper. A gentle squeeze of the paintbrush releases clear, sparkling paint into the bristles and then glides onto extra-large Color Wonder paper, where bold strokes magically appear with sparkle and shine. The paint dries almost instantly and doesn‟t rub off or smudge, so there‟s never any loose glitter to clean up. For children three and up, the set of 3 glitter-paint-filled brushes and 3 mega sheets of Color Wonder paper has a suggested retail price of $9.99. Built-in erasers let Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils do what most colored pencils can‟t--ERASE. This advancement in colored pencil erasability makes it easy for children to make changes to their masterpieces. The colorfully decorated pencils are available in a 24-ct. pack in bold, long-lasting colors. For children 8 and up; suggested retail price is $5.99. Pip-Squeaks Mix ‘Ems markers are interactive, washable markers that provide unique and original color fusion with every marker-cap click. With a simple threestep process -- cap „em, click „em, mix „em—kids can create an original color in a matter of seconds. For children three and up, suggested retail price is $3.99 for a 6-ct. pack and $9.99 for a 16-ct. assortment.

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Ever-popular Classic The Crayola 64 Box is celebrating its 50th birthday this year and to mark the colorful milestone, Crayola is bringing back the original 1958 colors in a commemorative holiday tin. The outside of the tin highlights what was happening in history back in 1958 when Elvis was king and the first U.S. satellite was launched into space. Inside is a 64 Box with original graphics and the built-in sharpener that made it an icon. Retired colors like raw umber, maize and lemon yellow are making their return in a box that collectors won‟t want to miss. Suggested retail price is $9.99.

About Crayola LLC Crayola LLC, a subsidiary of Hallmark, Inc. based in Easton, Pa., is the worldwide leader in children‟s creative expression products. Known for the iconic Crayola crayon first introduced in 1903, the Crayola brand has grown into a portfolio of innovative art tools, crafting activities and creativity toys that offer children innovative new ways to use color to create whatever they can imagine. Consumers can find the wide array of Crayola products in the “Crayola Aisle” at all major retailers. For more information visit # # #

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