mfl and tech by xiaoyounan


									 Session 12
Technology and MFL
   Watch the clip of Oscar and make notes
    about the practicalities.

   (tutors, look at the conference tag and do
    the Oscar Stringer clip)
    What kind of technology?
 E-mail
 Video
 Uploading
 Videoconferencing
 Learning platforms
 Second life etc
 Animations
So, what have you seen in schools?
 What do you feel confident using?
                Activity One
   In small groups list the advantages and
    disadvantages of the listed technological
   Easy and quick access
   Faster than snail mail
   Creativity in a technologically advanced world
   Quicker to create resources when you know how
   Better presentation
   Face to face contact
   Real artifacts/people visible
   Communication for real purpose
 Can be costly
 Makes you lazy?
 Use of slang?
 When it breaks down….
 Too reliant on it all, becomes nothing
 IWB, flat and one dimensional
 Steals creativity?
    What can technology give..
 Tools for developing creativity
 An opportunity to communicate with
  somebody that they may not have met
 Instant response.
   Cheaper than you think?
   What do you need?
   Can be a mismatch of equipment when
    videoconferencing with another country.
   Children communicate for real purpose.
   Children meet new people.
   Children can develop intercultural
   Children realise that they need to speak in a
    certain way to be understood, i.e. not using
 International Schools
 Exchanges
 Global gateway
 Making school links
        Creating animations
 Digiblues or webcams.
 Can enable children to use vocab learnt
 Equipment not expensive.
 It doesn’t take too long.
                  Activity Two
   Your first job in a school is in a school with a
    partner abroad. You have been asked to
    develop technological links to enhance MFL
    learning and to develop Intercultural
    Understanding. What could you do with:
   E-mail and websites.
   Webcams
   Video.
   How would this fit into cross curricular learning?

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