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									                 Weekly Updates
  *Be sure to ask your child about the Super Special
    Surprise today!!!! We’re kicking off our first
 expository essay based on the amazing life cycle of
this phenomenal species!  This is always a wonderful
             unit…filled with excitement!

   *The Book Talks with the first graders were a huge
 success! Not only did the third graders do a wonderful
   job of locating the literary elements, but also a
  fantastic job of presenting, too! Well done! It was
clear that the first graders were eager to go check out
              the books from the library!

*We have been working hard with the reading strategy of
 making connections! Whether it be text-to-text, text-
 to-self or text-to-world; the children are constantly
 encouraged to make connections based on what they have
  read. We are so proud of the way that they have used
 multiple graphic organizers such as Venn Diagrams, T-
    Charts and templates to help them capture their
         connections! Way to go, third graders!

   *This week our spelling and grammar units revolve
  around plural nouns. We will be reviewing the common
  rules in making a singular noun plural! And, for all
those exceptions, (we call them jail bird words!) we’ll
  be locking them up for not following the rules! (For
         example, mousemice or goose geese!)

 * Tuesday is our Planting Day! Hooray! In honor of our
new science unit on Plants, our classes will soon begin
to bloom! (In more ways than one way!  ) Students are
   welcome to use their smocks during this time! This
  hands-on project will help to show the children the
                 life cycle of a plant!

 *Do you think that if you sang to a plant, it would
 grow taller than one that you simply ignore? Well,
   we’re about to put that question to the test! On
Thursday we will kick off our plant control groups! Be
 sure to ask your child all about this interesting in-
                   class experiment!

 *A bag will be sent home tomorrow in order to collect
leaves for our Leaf Art Projects on Friday! Your child
   is welcome to bring in as many as they would like!
  Ideally, they will need at least five leaves for the
          plant unit-related projects! Thanks!

  *The students have done a wonderful distinguishing
 between the simple subject and simple predicate. We
   will continue to work with compound subjects and
            compound predicates this week!

 *Our Chapter #2 math test on comparing, ordering and
 rounding numbers is scheduled for Wednesday! A study
guide was sent home today! Please encourage your child
 to complete the study guide and bring any questions
   that they have to class for our study session on
  Wednesday! We had a blast with Estimation Stations

 *The third grade service-learning project. “Collecting
Change to Make a Change!” started today! Please send in
 any monetary donations that you would like to make to
 JDRF! From decorating posters & canisters to speaking
  in other grade level classrooms, we are getting the
  word out! We are confident that our coin collection
           drive will be a complete success!

 *All are welcome to attend the JDRF Walk this Sunday,
October 3rd! An informative note regarding this special
 opportunity was sent home last week!  We would love
your company! If you have any questions, please contact
 your child’s teacher! If you plan to attend, wear red
              in spirit of Red Oak Schoo!

 *October Volunteer calendars were sent home last week.
If you would like to volunteer and had not signed up at
 Open House, we would LOVE to have you! Please contact
   your child’s teacher! Everyone is welcome in third
 grade!!! We appreciate and value all the support that
          you’re willing to provide!  Thanks!
*MAPS data will be sent home from our central office on
 October 7th. If you have any questions after receiving
   the information, please feel free to contact your
                child’s teacher! Thanks!

     *Happy Birthday to Sydney, Alexa & Jenna!!!!

 *Have you had a chance to check out the third grade
 blogs? We will be adding information pertaining to
activities, lessons, etc. to our blog! In addition, a
student “blogger” will capture the highlights from the
        week that will be posted each weekend!
       Please feel free to visit our blogs at:


 *As always, please feel free to contact us with any
  questions, comments, suggestions and feedback. We
           really appreciate your support!

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