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					Grocery List
     Chicken Breasts (20)
     Skirt Steak/Fajita style Meat (15lbs total)
     Lean Ground Beef (15 lbs) [those burgers last year were gross; get real meat]
     Hamburger Rolls
     Bacon (5 packages)
     Black Beans/Refried Beans
     Broccoli
     Bell Peppers
     Cinnamon Toast Crunch
     Corn x 10
     5 lb Bag of Onions
     I need some fucking cookies
     S’more supplies (yes, a costco pack of s’more supplies; we’re disgusting, remember?)
     Roast Beef/Turkey meat
     Some fucking awesome cheese
     10 lb red potatoes
     Tortillas (20+)
     “Mixers” for liquor/Some Soda (Coke Zero, Sprite, Club Soda)
     Eggs/Egg whites
     Costco sized taco seasoning
     “Snacks”
     Boneless Beef Short Ribs (20 lb)
     Avocados

Grocery Store
     Tomatoes
     Garlic Bulbs
     2 Bottles of Jerk Chicken Marinade
     Goya-Sazon Flavor packets
     Milk/Juice
     Head-o-Lettuce
     Apples/Bananas
     5 lb Carrots
     White Rice (decent, not shitty) 10lb bag

The Meal Plan

      June 8th
      We’re in downtown Toronto. Swiss Chalet/Sushi/Whatever
June 9th
Skirt Steak/Vegetarian Burritos

        Steak
    o    Saffron Rice/Bell Peppers/Onion/Black Beans/Cheese/Fajita Steak/Salsa
        Vegetarian
    o    Saffron Rice/Bell Peppers/Onion/Black Beans/Cheese/Salsa

June 10th
Marinated Jerk Chicken Breasts
       Chicken
              o Chicken, Broccoli, White Rice with Reduced Jerk Chicken sauce
       Vegetarian
              o Dunno, but it comes with Broccoli and rice

June 11th
Burgers, Baked Potato, Corn

        Ground Beef
    o    Butterburgers, Baked Potato, Corn
        Vegetarian
    o    Veggie burgers, Baked Potato, Corn

June 12th
Satarius wanted to make something, so it’s up to Satarius to come up with something

June 13th
We might as well forage. Eat/cook anything that’s left

June 14th
Rcon is over 

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