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									Roger Doherty and Zach Owens, Technical Evangelists Data Platform Evangelism Team (dpevan@microsoft.com) Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelism Division

Multiple heads Scale and Performance Designing for Operations Backup/Disaster Recovery Pre-Production and Release Management Compatibility Governance Economic models

Consistent, seamless experiences across multiple PCs and devices Choice of on-premise, partner-hosted or Microsoft-hosted delivery Composition of multiple applications and services Federation between enterprises and cloud services Enable multiple business models



Rich Storage; Search; Insight; Collaboration Delivery Client Side to Internet Scale; Manageability; Composition Flexible Data Conversations; Coordination; ETL; Global Data Federation Data Protection; Auditing; Performance; Hardening; Business model Advertising; Upselling; Billing; Metering; Tracking; Value-Added Reporting / Analytics; Multi-Tenancy;

Data Delivery

Powerful Search

Data Composition

On Any Device

SQL Server™ 2008
Developer Users

Data Federation

Gain Insight

Data Programmability


SQL Server: Best of Breed RDBMS SQL Server 2005 Additions
XML SQLCLR User-Defined Types (UDT) Encryption

New in SQL Server 2008
Date, Time, Datetime2, Datetimeoffset varbinary(max) with FILESTREAM
File system data managed by SQL Server Supports Win32 file streaming for performance

UDT’s and .NET client libraries for:
Spatial Types (geography / geometry): GIS, location aware apps HierarchyId type:

Sparse Columns / Wide Tables, Sparse Cubes Data Compression Transparent Data Encryption

Indexed Search Across Rich Data Types
XML: Primary and secondary index options New Spatial: Multilevel, tunable grid index New HierarchyId: Depth or breadth options

New Integrated Fulltext Search
Indexes and catalogs maintained inside engine Dramatic performance and manageability improvements Supports FILESTREAM

Other Enhancements
Filtered Index, Filtered Statistics, Multiple Bitmap Filters

Data Is An Asset: Exploit Hidden Opportunities
On-Demand / Subscription Based Reporting Explorative Reporting and Analysis

SQL Server 2008: Built-In Business Intelligence
Integration Services: High Performance ETL Pipeline Analysis Services: Powerful OLAP and Data Mining
New design guidance, time series data mining algorithm

Reporting Services: Enterprise Reporting Platform
New scalable architecture, improved report design

Solution Development Opportunities
Automated Data Mining Operational Reporting Solutions Value-Added Reporting and Analytics Solutions Data Warehouse Solutions

Word 2007
Render rich, visual SSRS reports as word documents

Excel 2007
Explorative and visual analysis client, Data-Mining Addins

Visio 2007
Visualize data mining with Visio

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
Publish findings to Excel Services Create rich dashboards Reporting Services SharePoint Integration

New Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server
Plan and project key business drivers Monitor with rich dashboards and KPI’s Analyze performance with advanced visualizations

Mobile Devices
SQL Server Compact Edition

Desktops / Laptops / Tablets
SQL Server Compact Edition SQL Server Express SQL Server Developer Edition

Servers: On-Premise or Hosted
SQL Server Workgroup Edition SQL Server Standard Edition SQL Server Enterprise Edition

Programmatic Management
SQL Agent, SQLCMD SMO / AMO PowerShell

Interactive Management of Servers
SQL Server Management Studio New IntelliSense support

Scale and Conform
New Policy-Based Management with DMF New Performance Data Collection Framework Define Centrally, Apply Across Datacenter(s)

S + S “Applications” blend data sources
Local Stores
SQL CE / Express, ADO.NET DataSet, PST, Cookies

Server Stores
SQL Server, Exchange Server, File Server, SharePoint, Other RDBMS

Cloud Services
Web Services, RESTful Services

Clients have different capabilities
Browsers, Mobile Devices, Smart Clients

Data is global
Encoding schemes, collation, time zones, presentation formats

Synchronous data conversations

Asynchronous data conversations
SQL Server Service Broker

Cloud data conversations
Windows Communication Foundation – stateful web service New ADO.NET Data Services – RESTful / stateless

Data store coordination
Partitioning SQL Server Replication, SQL Server Integration Services New Microsoft Synchronization Framework

Support for global data
Rich support for encoding schemes and collations New dateimteoffset type supports time zones New SQL Server tablix report definition language support

Data Protection
Strong authentication, Kerberos, ADFS Granular authorization DDL Triggers Encryption
Connections, Data Values New Transparent Data Encryption New External Key Management

Auditing and Compliance
New Policy Based Management (DMF) New Enhanced Data Auditing

Online / Parallel Operations, Caching, Concurrency
New Partitioned Table Parallelism Enhanced Partition Aligned Indexed Views New Pluggable CPU / Memory

Resource Consumption
New SQL Server Resource Governor, SSAS Resource Monitor

New SQL Server Backup Compression New SSAS Scalable Backup

Database Mirroring
New Log Stream Compression New Automatic Page Repair

Failover Clustering on Windows Server 2008

Data Composition / Federation is challenging Developers need to blend local, server and cloud data sources
Processing in the engine Performance, Security, Isolation Benefits

Data Access
Request data, process results, submit changes 2-Tier, N-Tier scenarios

Inter-Database XML Web Services Workflow

Transact-SQL Enhancements
New Table-Valued Parameters New Grouping Sets New Merge New IntelliSense More!

New Large UDT’s New Large Aggregates

Data Programmability Needs
data: ODBC, OLE-DB, ADO.NET, T-SQL, MDX data: New ADO.NET Entity Framework data: New LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Entities data: New ADO.NET Data Services data: New Microsoft Synchronization Framework data: SMO, AMO

Data Platform Services
Store and manage data: Database Services Understand data: Analysis Services Visualize data: Reporting Services Integrate data: Integration Services

Distributed Transactions / Two-Phased Commit SQL Server Replication
Server to Server Sync: Snapshot / Transactional / Merge Oracle Interop

New Change Data Capture
Expose Transaction Log for Changes

New Microsoft Synchronization Framework
Client to Server Sync 2-Tier, N-Tier, Service Based, Provider Based New Support for SQL Server 2008 Change Tracking

SQL Server Integration Services
High Performance ETL Pipeline New VSTA Support, Source/Destination Adapters, Improved Performance, Data Profiling

XML Web Services
WCF Service Broker
New Conversation Priority, Diagnostic Tool, External Activation

WWF BizTalk Server


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