February 2013

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					                                                                  February 1, 2013

Dear Parents,
          Is that the theme to “The Love Boat” I hear? Yes, friends, we are entering the month of love and
have begun to sing all the songs with love and/or heart in them. When Miss Lin’s prompt of “Hands on
skinny little hips, and zip those _____ lips, Dean, the line leader, said “Valentine”. We are more than
ready to celebrate the month. I’m certain the children feel it has been eons since Christmas while I think
it was about a week ago!
          Officially we have entered the state of rolling enrollment for the fall of 2013. Wipe those tears,
parents of the Seniors. I remember how it felt knowing my girls would no longer attend Mt. Carmel.
However, speaking from experience, Mt. Carmel remains their alma mater and they support our school
in prayer. I can also tell the news that two graduates of Mt. Carmel Preschool have had babies in the
last month! Someone got old and it isn’t me. Annie Hicks had baby Corbin and Mandy Trentini Haecker
had Brian Arthur less than a week ago! We send prayers of thanksgiving for healthy babies and first-
time parents who are entering a new and exciting time in their lives. We also pray they squeeze in a
little nighttime sleep. And all the parents said . . .
          The calendar for the month is next on the agenda, so get out your red pens and let’s get to
work. The first dates on the calendar are Wednesday and Thursday, February 13 and 14 which are our
Valentine’s Day parties. The festivities begin at 12:30 and we ask that your child has a valentine for each
person in his class. Our Toddlers, Two’s and Three’s do not need to write names on each card, but we
encourage the Four’s to practice writing and label a valentine for each of their friends. We will be
making the mailboxes here at school and the program for the party is to deliver the mail. That and a
little treat makes this celebration an easy one. There might be the appearance of the Kissing Bandit who
lands a red one on the hand or cheek of every child who is willing to participate. Parents are invited to
attend and room mothers should have sign-up sheets posted on the bulletin boards outside the
          Right after Valentine’s Day we have a long weekend with Friday, February 15 and Monday,
February 18 being off. These are two scheduled snow make-up days on the Gwinnett County Schools
calendar and since we have had no called snow days, the two aforementioned days are holidays.
          On Wednesday, February 20 our dear friend, Terri Boettcher will be with us to provide speech
and hearing screenings. Terri asks that children be verbal in order to have a reliable result, so children
 2 ½ and older are encouraged to be tested. Terri provides the state hearing form that is necessary for
kindergarten registration for the Four’s, so please take advantage of this service. You will receive a
thorough evaluation of the testing about 10 days after the screening. Paperwork will be sent home prior
to the exam.
          Our next big happening will be the visit of royalty. Queen Glitter will fly into Hartsfield on
Wednesday, then drive from the airport to us on March 6 at 10:30 in the sanctuary, so please be sure to
be here for her arrival. She is our most favorite friend and is a certified librarian and a member of the
Southern Order of Storytellers, The National Storytelling Association and the Atlanta History Center
Storytelling Guild. Kathy Bennett is a staunch supporter of reading and tells us the best stories ever!
You really need to be here to enjoy her program before she has to fly back to Glitterland.
          March 11 is a student holiday for Gwinnett County Schools students, so we will not have school
on that day.
          Dads, mark your calendar for Thursday, March 28 at 12:00. “Pizza with Dad” and an Easter egg
hunt are on the agenda for you. This is a celebration for all the men in our lives, so Ladies, you are
banned from the Fellowship Hall or playgrounds. We don’t have the opportunity to celebrate Father’s
Day so we use this time to have an early party and a special luncheon with our guys. If Dad is unable to
attend, please find a male escort (ha) for your child. We welcome grandpas, uncles, older brothers, boy
cousins, or neighbors who are of the male persuasion to have lunch of pizza, lemonade, and cookies
followed by the Easter egg hunt. The entire fete lasts one hour and fathers can take the children home
following the hunt or bring them back to class where moms can pick them up a little after 1:00. Ballet
will be as usual! If you have no one to accompany your child to the luncheon, please let me know
because we have guest escorts available to help your child.
         Friday, March 29 we will not be in school due to it being Good Friday.
         Whew, we are way into the future and are not even through the first day of February. Don’t
forget that tomorrow is Ground Hog Day! Miss Lin is doing a lesson on probability to support the day!
         We seem to be hurtling through the year yet I am reminded that the months are short but the
days sometimes last forever. I know you are just recovering from the Christmas holidays, have finally
gotten a schedule, and look forward to normal days. I think normal days are my very favorite. I love
coming to school and greeting the children, finding out how their evenings before passed, and what is in
their lunchboxes. I enjoy seeing the art projects that our stupendous teachers are doing with the kids,
and like listening to the conversations they have with one another. It is really easy to eavesdrop on the
Four’s as they make their way to the potty. It’s good to be the queen. I want to share a poem that I
have on my bulletin board. It may be old to some of you, but well worth reading again.

                          Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are.
                      Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart.
                  Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow.
                        Let me hold you while I may, for it may not always be so.
                               One day, I shall dig my nails into the earth,
                          or bury my face in the pillow, or stretch myself taut,
                                 or raise my hands to the sky and want,
                                  more than all the world, your return.
                                             Mary Jean Iron.

                                                                         In joy and love,


Birthdays                                            Special Days
February 5 – Trenton Mullen                          February 13 & 14 – Valentine’s Day parties, 12:30
          10 – Ryu Takeuchi                                    15 & 18 – No school, snow make-up days
        17 – Noah Lynch                                             20 – Speech/ hearing screenings
        19 – Christina Dean
        23 – Miss Marie                              March 6 – Queen Glitter, 10:30, sanctuary
                                                          11 – No school, student holiday
                                                          28 – Pizza with Dad, 12:00
                                                          29 – Good Friday, no school

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