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									A to Z for your wedding to be…………. Congratulations! You're engaged to be married. Now comes the wedding challenge - the planning. By breaking down the elements to visualize the big picture of your day, you will be stunned at how the multitude of details will come together………

The list of wedding accessories may be overwhelming but these are the small details that will make your dream wedding a reality. Consider wedding favors, cake toppers, bridal accessories, gifts, candles and theme collections. 0

Bridal Fashion
Admit it. The wedding has a lot to do about the bride. Choose from tiaras, bridal headpieces, bridal tiara, veils, wedding veils, bridal jewelry, bridal purses and bridesmaid gifts. Select accents that reflect your personal style as supposed to following the latest trends.

Considered as part of the whole theme of the wedding, the cake, cake topper and cake serving accessories can reflect the couple’s personalities, tastes or even their hobbies. Cakes continually take on new twists and so do the cake accessories.

Set the stage for a wonderful celebration. Combine decorative elements that reflect your personal style, theme, and choice of venue. There is an extensive range of colorful and versatile decorating components on the market. Your attention to details will make all the difference. Let your creative juices flow!

To add to the festivities of your special day you will need entertainment to get your guests up and celebrating. Consider a DJ, live band, or musician. Check the reputation of prospective entertainment. You want to hire people with charisma that matches the style and tone of your wedding reception.

Wedding favors are tokens of appreciation for your guests for sharing your wedding celebration. Choose from complete all in one favor concepts, favors matching your wedding theme, or even contemporary candle favors. Mix and match. This is your opportunity to reflect your personality.

Though your wedding day is all about celebrating your committment, your wedding guests are the meaningful people in your lives. Your guest book, where your guests record not only their attendance but their funny, loving and heartfelt messages, will serve as poignant reminders of your special day for years to come. Bind these important memories with your own sense of style.

Enjoy life as Mr. and Mrs. and let everyone know you are on your honeymoon! Before heading off for the sun and relaxation, make sure that you include fun accessories in your luggage.

There are numerous wedding inspiring sources to choose from. Maybe there is a favorite color or theme that defines you as a couple. Perhaps there is a wedding magazine that catches your eye with ideas to use with your own wedding.

Once you have found your dream gown and veil, it is time to complete the look with the perfect jewelry. Attract attention with sparkle. Be sure to choose jewelry that complements your outfit without competing with it.

Not just the bride and groom want to remember the wedding! There are many wedding keepsakes that can be given as gifts or bought by the wedding couple as a remembrance of their special day.

Lighting is a huge underlying element in setting the tone for your wedding. When well planned, it will make every component of your wedding look even more stunning. The way a location is illuminated can take the identical site from standard to picturesque.

Weddings tend to summon thoughts of those special people that have passed away and are unable to participate in the celebration. Many couples choose to acknowledge these loved ones during their ceremony with the use of a memorial accessory.

Nuptial is the adjective of wedding. It is anything pertaining to marriage; done or used at a wedding; as, nuptial rites and ceremonies. A wedding's particular customs may be varied, mixed, or invented to suit the personalities, interests, and cultural backgrounds of the couple.

Finding the right person to perform your marriage is an important decision – after all, they will have a huge influence on the tone of the ceremony. You'll want to make sure that you find someone who is willing to perform the kind of ceremony you are envisioning, or who has a style and belief system similar to your own. And of course, if you want to make it legal, you'll need to make sure that they are legally able to marry you.

The key to personalization is not to overdo it. Subtle, meaningful touches that make the day special and honour your own personal memories are what you are aiming for. Both monograms and personalized items can kick up your wedding a notch, in a most sophisticated way. Personalize all your wedding documents and make your mark on everything from wedding programs to place cards. Put your monogram on your wedding accessories too!

Unable to put your thoughts into words for this very special day? Quotes can be a very good starting point. Or if there is someone close that you would like to include in your wedding, then have that person read a special quote, poem or biblical reading during your ceremony, bridal shower, or reception.

Celebrate your "Just Married" status with a reception filled with love. Attention to every detail will serve to contribute to the wonder and beauty of this very special event. A wedding reception is a party held after the completion of a marriage ceremony.

Wedding stationery is an important part of your celebration both prior to and during the event. Whether you are looking for bridal shower invitations, wedding invitations or thank you cards, each wedding stationery piece starts with a design concept and romantic inspirations.

With a formal wedding ceremony, there are several other people involved - parents, bridesmaids, the best man, relatives, and guests. The wedding day is the occasion for them to make a toast to each other. Whether dazzling silver or sparkling glass, there are many shapes and styles of toasting sets to choose from. Cheers to a married life...

Unity Ceremony
The underlying message of a unity ceremony is "joining together of two into one". The "two" can reflect the bride and the groom, the family of the bride and the family of the groom or even mother, father and respective children. Decide if a traditional unity candle ceremony or modern unity sand ceremony is more your style.

Traditionally, the veil is worn over the bride's face while she walks down the aisle and then lifted when she has reached the alter to symbolize the unveiling of a new woman as she transits from a maid to married.

Wedding Party
Show your wedding party members that you appreciate their support and advice throughout your wedding day preparations. Pinpoint the perfect personalized gift that not only expresses your gratefulness but also serves as a thoughtful memento of your special day.

Xs and Os

Prepare for many hugs and kisses on your special day.

Your Day
Your wedding day should be a reflection of you, customized to suit your own tastes and imagination. After all of the creative planning and a willingness to be open minded, you can achieve the wedding of your dreams. Relax and enjoy yourselves!

Zzzz! Lastly do not forget your beauty sleep to look radiant on your special day!

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