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									                          Module #3 – Effective Instruction - Timeline

             Topic              Activity (Participants/Presenters)                Time Allotted
                         Slide # 1
                         Rolling slides prepared to run as participants
                         are entering the room
Intros/Title of module   Intros – presenter(s) and participants
                         Slide # 2
Student Video            Slide # 3 How has ---(list CTE program)---
                         changed the way you think about your future
                         career aspects?
Facts                    Slide # 4-6 Did you know ……
Observing CTE classrooms Slide # 7
                         Bell Ringer/Opening Activity
                         What do you look for when you visit a CTE
                         classroom and observe a CTE teacher?
                         Participants write a response on chart paper at
                         their table; then circulate, writing their reaction
                         to others’ responses; table then whole group
AP Video                 Slide # 8 What do you look for when you visit a
                         CTE classroom?
IRE for DA               Slide # 9 The Five Elements for Instructional
                         Review for DA
Element I                Slide # 10 Classroom Culture and Environment
Classroom Management     Slide # 11 Classroom Management
Mentor/Mentee Initiative Slides #12-13
Mentors/Mentees          Slide # 14-15 Videos – Mentor & Mentee
Classroom Environment    Slide # 16 Classroom Environment CTE
Student Engagement       Slide # 17-19 (discuss – how do students often
                         make you think they are engaged? – but they
                         really aren’t!)
                         Slides # 20 Student Video
                         Slide # 21 Student Engagement in CTE
                         Slide # 22 Teacher Video

Element II                    Slide # 23 High Quality Instruction or
                              Instructional Delivery

                              Group Activity – on chart paper participants will
                              list what would they see in a classroom that
                              correlates to each of the four indicators listed

Effective Instructional       Slide # 24 Effective Instructional Delivery
Delivery                      (compare slide to charts created by participants
                              – anything missing?)

Teacher Video                 Slide # 25 Why is CTE important to the
                              students in you ---(list CTE program)---?
Higher Order Questioning     Slide # 26 Higher Order Questioning (compare
                             slide to charts created by participants –
                             anything missing?)
Cartoon                      Slide # 27 Does this happen in your school?
Student Video                Slide # 28
Rigor                        Slide # 29 Rigor (compare slide to charts
                             created by participants – anything missing?)
Differentiated Instruction   Slides # 30-32
                             Differentiated Instruction

Student Video                Slide #33
Differentiated instruction   Handout – Comparison of Traditional and
                             Differentiated classroom, Slides # 34-35

Student video                Slide #36
Element III                  Slide # 37 Content Area Literacy
Teacher Video                Slide # 38
Element IV                   Slide # 39 FCIM and MTSSS
Element V                    Slide # 40 School and District Leadership
Activity                     Slide # 41
                             Activity – Human Bar Graph

AP Video                     Slide # 42 Why is Lesson Study an important
                             component of CTE programs?

What is Lesson Study         Slide # 43
Lesson Study is ….           Slide # 44-45
AP Video                     Slide # 46 How can Lesson Study be
                             incorporated into the CTE programs when they
                             do not have common planning?
Lesson Study for CTE         Slide # 47
teachers?                    Even with different content, all CTE programs
                             contain Essential Skills (embedded throughout
                             the courses in a program)
                             Handout – Essential Skills – print out from
                             http://www.fldoe.org/workforce/dwdframe (CTE
                             Essential Skills under Related Documents)
Think About ….               Slide # 48 In order to implement Lesson Study
                             successfully ---- Discuss
Wrap-Up                      Slide # 49
                             Umbrella Activity (see speaker notes and
                             instruction document)

Credits for videos           Slide # 50

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