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Insane Home Fat Loss Review Special Bonus


Lionel is a professional product reviewer and has reviewed and recommended countless products. He is also very active in the resistance training area of focus and knows the importance of usable information which can be applied at the most basic of fitness levels .

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									                Lionel is a professional product reviewer and has reviewed and recommended countless
                products. He is also very active in the resistance training area of focus and knows the
                importance of usable information which can be applied at the most basic of fitness levels .

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Product: Insane Home Fat Loss

Creator: Mike Chang

The Insane Home Fat Loss Review You’ve Never
You’re here because you’re interested about the Insane Home Fat Loss system by Mike Chang.
Like you, I too was curious to learn more about this system after hearing about it through
YouTube and other mediums. I was already familiar with
Mike from his other program Six Pack Shortcuts which I also
did a review on recently. Insane Home Fat Loss promises
to get you absolutely ripped without using any equipment
other than a towel. Obviously I was skeptical but I kept an
open mind as Mike did a good job with his previous
If you’re familiar with any of my other reviews then
you know I like to keep things as “Hype Free” as
possible. I will address the claims made by the
program as wells as some of the pros and cons.

Sneak peak inside the back office
with my Insane Home Fat Loss
The program is broken down into 9 workouts and is designed to get you ripped
over the course of 60 days without using any weights.. The first workout is the
“Fit Test” which is designed to determine your overall fitness level. It should take
you around 10 minutes or so to complete the fit test and should give you an
overall measurement of where you are from a physical fitness stand point. There
are no phases with this program as with other systems just all out cardio. Each
workout builds upon the next and is designed to burn the maximum amount of
fat in the shortest time frame. I would personally combine this system with a
heavy weightlifting plan to prevent any muscle loss.

Day 1: Fit Test
Day 2: The Fatal Assassin: Chest/Back/Core
Day 3: Maximum After-burn: Legs/Core
Day 4: The Super Hero: Shoulders/Triceps/Core
Day 5: The Fat Destroyer: Abs/Core/Cardio
Day 6: Upper Body Blaster: Chest/Back/Delts
Day 7: The Knock Out: Legs/Core
Day 8: The Kamikaze: Delts/Triceps/Core
Day 9: Cores Galore

Insane Home Fat Loss makes bold claims
Some of these claims include:
The best piece of equipment you can use to burn fat is your body
 Traditional cardio is effective compared to his program
Most home workout programs are just glorified dance routines
Most cardio routines don’t build muscle but rather cause you to lose muscle
The calories your metabolism burns is more important that the calories burned during cardio workouts.
His program can burn more calories in 20 minutes than most do in 1 hour.

These are some pretty bold claims so I had to do a little research to validate these claims. As it turns out,
long slow steady state cardio is ideal when increasing your stamina is the main goal but has little effect as
far as body shaping goes. You will begin to lose muscle over time because your metabolism will slow down
and weight gain will eventually happen.
Equipment is ideal if building muscle is your goal but body weight exercises are much more suited for fat
     The Good, the bad, and the ugly in my review of Insane
     Home Fat Loss
      The Good
     Each workout can be completed in 20 minutes or less
     Simple exercises that are easy to learn
     This system is designed to make pushing yourself easy
     Entire system is video based. No boring PDF’s to read
     Designed by an ISSA Certified personal trainer with a proven track record
     NO gym equipment needed whatsoever
     Can be done right in the comfort of your living room or bedroom
     Instructional video that shows you how to perform each exercise

      The Bad
  Honestly, the only bad thing I can think of is probably the workout music.
  You may need software to burn the videos to a DVD if you don’t want to watch on your

     Who Insane Home Fat Loss is for
 Anyone who wants to burn fat without using equipment
 Anyone who wants a slim fitness model style physique
 Anyone tired of buying silly ab machines that do nothing for your six pack
 Anyone who does not have hours to spend at the gym
 Anyone who does not wont bulky muscles but an even well rounded body
 Anyone who is simply looking to lose weight without the hype and rah rah of infomercials
     Who this system is not for
 Anyone looking to bulk up
 Anyone looking for an overnight transformation
 Anyone looking for a magic weight loss pill
 Anyone looking to see results without putting forth the effort.

     What you get with Insane Home Fat Loss
 8 20 minute fat loss workouts
 10 minute “Fit Test”
 15 minute exercise instructional video
 Simple fat loss diet mini ebook
 Zero Will Power Eating System
     I personally think Insane Home Fat Loss would be perfect for beginners, stay-at-home moms, people who
     don’t have access to a gym, and anyone who is simply looking to shed fat. The instructional videos are
     stupid simple and the eating system is just as easy.
My Final Verdict of Insane Home Fat Loss

This system has given me an addition to my muscle building program with high intensity intervals. I believe
this system can give anyone who follows the workouts along with the eating system the body they’ve
always dreamed of. Its just as advanced and effective as any of the top fitness products you see advertised
on television. This system is a great stand alone system which anyone can use to burn a serious amount of
This system seams to be close to perfect but if I could make any changes, I would probably change the
workout music and also offer the system in a DVD package. Other than that, I would not change a single

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