susan by xiaoyounan


									Meet Susan Costagliola

Two years ago Susan decided to leave her job as Project Manager in the electrical
contracting division of a major electric supply firm where she felt the daily stress was
excessive & non-productive. After spotting an ad from Karas, she called for an interview.
That interview with Joey Karas and Kathy Scherer left little doubt that Karas & Karas
was for her. She thoroughly enjoyed talking with both of them and sensed that this would
be a great place to work. She left hoping that she would get the job and was pleased when
she did.
Susan, who lives in Quincy, graduated from UMASS Boston with a degree in fine arts.
Her areas of interest were and still are painting and photography. When she holds a paint
brush, it’s for abstract art and when she holds a camera it is usually an old Nikon. She
owns a digital which she uses for family gatherings and parties with friends but loves the
ability to develop her own films and tend to her craft.

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