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					Holiday BOOKING Tips by Lisa Hall 9/09
You will need the following: Phone Calendar Contact List Mirror Positive Attitude and a SMILE

GOAL: to get as many spas booked as possible in a short amount of time
and do this NOW as businesses and clients are already planning for the Holidays! Earn lots of $$$ this holiday season! !!! Start challenging yourself with new goals to make yourself a super spa diva. Take advantage of the great rewards that are coming to you. DREAM BIG!!!!!!!!!!!


Make as many calls as possible to get your Holiday calendar full. LET”S MAKE THIS FUN!!!!! Everyone will be shopping during the next 3 months – we have what everyone is looking for: great products/gift ideas, an opportunity to get together with friends to shop/relax, and the opportunity to make money this season. Have your contact list ready. Start out with calling your family, friends, and past hostesses. Tell them how excited you are about our great products and gift ideas. Host your own Holiday Mystery Hostess SPA and invite a couple family, friends & past hostesses and ask them EACH to bring a friend.


Follow the simple steps below to help you get started. Use the verbiage suggestions on the following page as a guide for you. If you feel more comfortable writing your own, feel free.


Achieve a Booking Attitude! Your attitude must be focused on doing something for the hostess and her friends. Never say, “Would you have a spa escape for me?” Always say, “I would love to treat you and your friends to a wonderful Holiday shopping Spa. When is better for you? Weekdays or Weekends? I hold spas escapes on (Say the two days that you want to book). Which would be better for you? Never ask for a booking with a question that can be answered with a

“yes” or “no”. Always ask with two alternatives… weekdays or weekends, etc.

STEP 2: Step 3:

Always maintain a Hostess Contact List! Have at least 25 to 30 names. Remember every time you get a no you are closer to a yes!!! As you’re making your calls:

Option 1 – contact answers the phone: Hi, __________this is __________ with BC SPAS or BeautiControl do you have a second? I was so excited to call you and tell you about a fun and relaxing option for shopping this Holiday season. Wouldn’t you love to have a fun get together with all of your friends and get all of your holiday shopping done without even leaving your house? We are currently offering a FREE Sugar Cookie Show of hands or our brand new hot item that is for Under eye dark circles & puffiness when you schedule your spa in November/December – that is in addition, to my normal hostess rewards (Free gel neck wrap, skin care at 40% off, plus free & discounted treatments depending on the success of our spa). How does that sound? If YES: Are weekdays or weekends better for you? I typically do spa escapes on_________ and___________. If NO: I am also offering complimentary instant facelift facials this month. I would love to come and treat you and a friend to a very exclusive spa treatment. You’ll see the results instantly! Does that sound better for you? If NO: I also have a “traveling Holiday Spa Basket” this is a basket filled with great products for you to sample and share with any co-workers, friends or neighbors. I simply deliver it to you and then pick it up within 3-5 days and then deliver the orders to you. It is a great way to try any of the products before you buy them. Would you like to set up a time for me to deliver the basket during the Holiday Season? If YES: Great – I have these dates currently available_________ and ___________, which is best for you?

If NO: Do you know any friends, neighbors, or co-workers who might be interested in the Holiday Shopping Spa, Free Facial, or perhaps anyone who also could take the basket into their office? OR I would love for you to attend my Mystery Hostess Spa where I’ll feature Holiday gift ideas at really great prices! One lucky winner will be my hostess for the evening. You will receive a gift for coming, and for bringing a guest, plus tickets throughout the spa and the guest with the most tickets will get all the hostess rewards. Does that sound like something you’d like to attend? Let me confirm your address:______________ and I will also send an e-vite – could I please get your e-mail address? Always SMILE and be sure to end the call very positively and thank them for their time! Option 2 – Answering Machine/Voice Mail LEAVE A MESSAGE: Hi_____________, this is ____________the Spa Lady with BC SPAS. I am so sorry I missed you! I am currently giving complimentary instant facelift facials for you and a friend. I would also like to tell you about our fun, Holiday Shopping Spa Experience and the FREE product offer we are having this month. You won’t believe all of the great new Holiday Gift Collections we have this season, so please call me as soon as you get this message so I can give you the details! I can be reached at_____________________. If I don’t answer please leave a message so that I can be sure to return your call. I look forward to talking to you soon!!! Option 3 When they call you back – see Option 1 again

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