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					(September, 2006)

IMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH WEDDING POLICY for MEMBERS This policy is to serve as an assist and a guide for the use of the facilities of Immanuel Lutheran Church of Boise Idaho for the purpose of a wedding service and related activities by members of Immanuel Lutheran Church, their dependants and close relatives. To have your wedding at Immanuel Lutheran Church is to ask this congregation to offer a service of worship and praise in which you make your vows and ask the Lord’s blessing on your marriage covenant and your life together. Accordingly, it is expected that members of the wedding party will conduct themselves appropriately within this place of worship. All arrangements concerning the ceremony must be consistent with the wedding being a service of worship. The Facility All weddings performed in the Immanuel Lutheran Church sanctuary or Augustana Chapel are subject to the church’s Facilities Use Policy, and any other policies of Immanuel Lutheran or the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America unless expressly made exception to in this wedding policy. The sanctuary space and furnishings may not be moved or changed unless approved by the church Pastor(s) and/or the wedding facilitator. The altar furnishings have liturgical meaning, and will not be changed for color preferences. Additional banners or decorations may be added to the space in consultation with the Pastor(s) and/or the wedding facilitator. The narthex, including displays regarding church activities, may be rearranged only by the wedding facilitator. Requests regarding the narthex should be directed to the wedding facilitator. Requests regarding lighting or heating should also be directed to the wedding facilitator. The use of alcohol on the church campus is prohibited except for the communion elements. Smoking is not permitted within the facility or closer than 20 feet from any entrance. Confetti and regular rice are not permitted inside or outside the church. Birdseed or bird friendly rice are permitted outdoors only and only if agreed to by the Pastor(s) and/or wedding facilitator. Any damage done to the facility is the responsibility of the wedding party.

(September, 2006)

The Service The church Pastor(s) should be contacted first in order to discuss the nature of marriage, the design of the service, to set the dates of the wedding, rehearsals, and any other matters of concern. The Immanuel Lutheran Church Pastor(s) shall officiate in at least part of the service unless he/she at his/her discretion chooses to assign that responsibility to another individual. Marriages will not be allowed in the facility during Holy Week (the week prior to Easter). If a wedding is requested during the celebration of Lent, care should be taken to conform to the solemnity of that church season. The Marriage Service is prescribed as a formal liturgical setting from an Evangelical Lutheran Church in America approved worship service. The church Pastor(s) will assist the wedding couple in the selection of desired scripture readings, prayers and vows for use during the service. Music and Sound Amplification Wedding service music selected should embody the quality and standards required for a church worship service and the understanding of a union in marriage of a couple with the blessing of God. It is the tradition of Immanuel Lutheran Church not to use the Lohengrin Wedding March. The church organist will be happy to advise on musical selections. If there is a question as to the appropriateness of a selection, the Pastor(s) will make the decision according to the standards and guidelines in this paragraph. The church organ is the preferred instrument for the providing of music for the service. The church organist has a right of first refusal for providing music for the service. If he/she is unable or choose not to participate, another musician(s) may be chosen with the approval of the organist(s). The wedding party may request other musical instruments, other musicians, and music selection but the final decision lies with the church music staff. Recorded music is not permitted. The sound system used in the Immanuel sanctuary for voice amplification may be operated only by persons provided by the church and for whose assistance a separate fee is charged. Flowers and/or Decorations Professionally prepared or garden flowers can be used in either sanctuary. Flower arrangements may not be placed on the altar, but may be placed beside or behind the altar or outside the altar rail. Either live or silk flowers may be used. Silk flower petals are preferred during the processional, but fresh flower petals may be used only with a wedding runner and an additional custodial fee.

(September, 2006)

Decorations placed on the pews should only be fastened so as not to damage the wood. The church provides pew candle stands upon request that can be placed along the center aisle in the Immanuel sanctuary. Requests for these pew candle stands should be made to the wedding facilitator. All candles used during the service must be “drip-less”, with the exception of the pew candles, and must be provided by the wedding party. If the candelabras of the church are used then those candles should be purchased through the church with advice from the Altar Guild. Discuss candle needs with the wedding facilitator. If a unity candle is desired as a part of the wedding service it must be supplied by the couple. Photography/video recording Photographs may be taken before or following the service. However, the church will not be available for photography more than four hours before the service. The nave (altar area) is to be free at least 30 minutes before the time of the service. The candelabra are not to be moved for the taking of photographs and no poses are to be made inside the altar rail. Under no circumstances is artificial light or flash to be used during the wedding service. A video by a stationary camera using natural light may be made of the service. The balcony is the preferred location for this video equipment. The sound technician will assist in tapping into the church sound system for sound recording. Wedding Facilitator A member of Immanuel Lutheran Church serves as a wedding facilitator to assist the wedding party or any other wedding planners within the church facility. There is a fee for this person’s services. Contact with the wedding facilitator should be made as soon as clearance has been secured from the Pastor(s) and the church office for the wedding date. The wedding facilitator will handle all details concerning rehearsals, changing rooms, etc.

Wedding Reception (This section is still under review) The fellowship hall is available upon request for a wedding reception. A reception fee charged covers the use of all dishes, silverware, silver coffee and tea service, table cloths, punch bowl, cups and ladle, cake knife and server. If church personnel are requested to set up and clean up an extra fee will be charged. Personnel to serve refreshments are the responsibility of the wedding party. All refreshments are the responsibility of the wedding party. All decorations, (other than provided table cloths), napkins, flowers, table center pieces, etc. are the responsibility of the wedding party. As mentioned earlier, smoking and alcohol are not permitted. Live or recorded music is allowed at the reception.

(September, 2006)

FEES These charges are for personnel and services provided by the church. If other personnel are used the wedding party decides upon the honorarium or fees; these fees can serve as a guide. Church No charge for members Clergy Honorarium $200.00 For Pastor Collins, the amount goes into the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund. Checks for this clergy honorarium should be made payable to Immanuel Lutheran Church. Other honorarium is paid to the individual(s) involved. Wedding Facilitator $100.00 This person assists the wedding party in preparation for the wedding day and is present at the wedding rehearsal and wedding service. Organist - wedding and rehearsal $100.00 Soloist(s) $75.00 Sound Technician $25.00 Custodian (extra fresh petal fee - $25.00) $50.00 Set up and removal of pew candle stands $50.00 Bulletin preparation by church secretary $25.00

RECEPTION FEES (These fees are still under review) Fellowship Hall $100.00 Church set up and clean up personnel (if requested) $150.00 Custodian $50.00