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Online Gift Baskets is the international wire service division of Creative Compliments Canada Inc., a federally incorporated company in Canada. The following is our Member Operations Manual, which we call “MOM” for short, because, not unlike each of our moms, to whom we most always looked for proper procedure and guidance, we hope it will stay fresh in your mind and that whenever you need to, you can simply refer to your “MOM”. We’ll be updating it over time too, often with bulletins, ideas, etc. as well as with any notices of change in our procedures. You’re with ONLINE GIFT BASKETS and here is how it works for you!

A - Reaching Us How to communicate with us most effectively! B - Reaching You How we can communicate with you most effectively! C - Representing Us What we expect of you! D - Representing You What you should expect of us! E - Sending An Order To Us What’s involved! F - Receiving An Order From Us What’s involved! G - When Things Go Wrong How we deal with it! H - Additional Member Services We’re more than a “wire service”! I – Newsletters, Bulletins, & M.O.M Updates Keeping you informed! J – Suggestions, Recommendations & Criticisms Ways to improve!

Online Gift Baskets operates from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. As such, we function on Central Standard Time (CST) the year round. Naturally, as we become more global, introducing rather opposite time zones to our system becomes a challenge. Of utmost concern to us is that we remain as accessible to the Member in Hong Kong as we are to the Member in Kansas City. Not easy to do, given the disparity of time zones, but nonetheless essential. With so much of our business arising from, and through, the internet, not surprisingly, we will be using electronic mail (e-mail) as our main communication tool and have the capacity to respond usually between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. (0800 – 2000 hours) CST time. To assist Members, Affiliates, customers and clients to determine the time at OGB, versus your own, we have included a “World Time” clock on our website. As we grow to include other countries of destination, we will be including their respective times accordingly on the clock.

Mailing Address: Online Gift Baskets 2710 Jarvis Drive Saskatoon, Sask. Canada S7J 2V3 Internet Address: (Primary)

E-mail address: (Primary) (Blocked - Internal Use Only!)


Telephone: (Members/Affiliates) (Fax) 877-228-5855 (Toll-Free North America) 306-665-6483

Telephone - Hours of Service (Central Standard Time-CST): Monday – Friday Your Weekends/Holidays

0800 to 2000 hours 1000 to 1600 hours (will vary)

Communication is a critical part of your involvement with OGB. You’ll recall, when you made application with us, you provided complete communication information such as your mailing and street address, business telephone number, business fax number, cellular phone number if you have one, and even your residence phone number. Additionally, if you have them, you provided your internet website and e-mail addresses. All of these provide us with the means to communicate with you in our usual or routine manner as well as on short notice, or even after hours, should the need arise. Naturally, because we present ourselves as a fast and economical short notice alternative to shipping, it becomes essential that we effect fast, effective and economical communication with our Members so as to assure proper and timely order handling. Accordingly, we ask that you advise us immediately of any changes to your information and when you will be unavailable for any reason. As well, we will be keeping you posted on any changes and improvements in how you can best communicate with us as they become effective.

You are already a very successful gift basket operator in your city, and surrounding trading area, and you no doubt already ship a good many gift baskets to out-of-town destinations, for your clients and customers. That’s good business for you and we don’t want to take that away from you but, rather, want to add to your “out-of-town” service capability. Usually, your customers and clients will want gift baskets of your design, shipped within a reasonable period of time to their recipients, however, from time to time, you will have a client wanting a gift basket to arrive fast . . . next day, even if they could, the same day it’s ordered. Usually, overnight courier delivery involves significant charges, a cost to prepare the basket for shipping and, often, can’t include food items sensitive to temperature extremes (fruit, chocolates, etc.), freight handling (wine, etc) or perhaps cross-border customs restrictions. Through OGB, you can offer your client next, even same, business day delivery, of most all kinds of gift baskets, in another city, and for as little as 1/3 the cost of conventional overnight courier services. Although it won’t be one of your specific basket designs, it will be close to it and it will be delivered as an attractive gift basket, not a shipping container! Most of all, you become even more important to your client and, immediately, you’re on an equal footing with their florist, who has been able to offer them fast delivery of flowers through FTD®, Teleflora® or other such floral wire services, for so long. What’s more, you can make money doing it! In fact, depending on how much effort you put in to promoting it, you can make a lot of money. Many, indeed, pay their telephone, store utilities, even rent, every month, just with the referral fees they earn. It is in this regard that you are representing OGB and there are many ways you can represent OGB in your marketplace which probably won’t cost you a nickel more than what you are spending now but they can pay off big! For example, you probably already communicate regularly in one manner or another with your customers and clients (if you don’t, you should!) so suppose in that communication, you simply included the “Wire Service” Member’s logo and spoke of our “environmentally send-ly” ways to have a gift basket delivered in another community for so much less than the cost conventional shipping. There, now even if you only take up about an inch of space across the page with the message, and put a thick border around it, it can’t help but be read. Next thing you know, you have an order for delivery in another city, and it’s just that simple! Do it more often and you get more orders, more often and, often . . . you’ll be surprised how many of them you can ship! Consider this: Invoices, Letters, Newsletters, Flyers – Whatever the communication, simply add a bordered box containing our “Wire Service” Members’ logo and a brief explanation of our service, to the form and soon your phone will ring with orders. Small cost, and you see at least 15% of each order to OGB, the greater likelihood of receiving orders back and another reason for your customers and clients to come to you and you to them! Inserts – You have a potential customer in every gift basket recipient so why not include your business card and a small presentation insert discreetly at the bottom of each basket you produce (except sympathy & bereavement baskets). Then, not only do they have an excellent example of your creativity but they also know more about your goods and services and how to reach you. Again, a simple bordered box containing our “Wire Service” Members’ logo and a summary explanation of our service advantage will do much to increase your orders. Small cost, big return! Business cards – Consider having the “Wire Service” Members’ logo on the front and a short service description on the back. It’ll pay for your business cards by itself!

Faxing – A simple, inexpensive way to broadcast your message to businesses throughout your city. In fact, if you have a computer with a fax modem in it, you can be faxing tomorrow by simply hooking up your telephone line to it. Before each event or occasion (Valentine’s, Christmas, etc) you can seriously increase your basket orders. In fact, you can increase your awareness so substantially that your regular business goes up too. While you’re at it, put a small box on the material you’re faxing, again talking up the “Wire Service” and next thing you know, you’ve got orders! E-mail – Not unlike faxing, e-mail can be an excellent method of conveying your message to customers & clients (take care to have their permission first however – so as not to break your ISP’s spam regulations). In fact, if you have a brochure or flyer you’ve produced in MS word or publisher and want it converted to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file for full color clarity and easy mailing, simply send it to us and if it includes our “Wire Service” Members’ logo and our message in a thickly bordered box, we’ll reproduce it into a PDF file for you – no charge – and return e-mail it to you within minutes, same day! Advertising – No matter what form your advertising takes, whether TV, radio or print, the mere mention or inclusion of the “Wire Service” will generate immediate orders. Why? Because everyone has someone, in another city, celebrating a birthday, anniversary, wedding, newborn, or perhaps going into or coming out of in hospital, or regrettably, suffering the loss of a loved one, friend or colleague. You know all the reasons and all the seasons but you can now announce that you can do out-of-town, what you do so well, intown! Website – On your internet website, have a page devoted to “Out-Of-Town” gift basket orders, stressing how you can ship their favorite designs pretty much anywhere they wish, as fast as they wish and at whatever cost! Then, on that same page, introduce them to the “Wire Service” and link our members’ logo to a special page on our website that will explain the service to them (don’t worry, they can only be returned to your site when they finish reading!) You’ll be amazed at the response and, members who do this enjoy another benefit with us (we talk about it later in the section following called “Representing You”)! Our LOGOs: To make it simpler for you, you will receive the Members’ logo in two forms. One logo is suitable for inclusion on your website, and the other formatted for printed materials or for computer application to your forms and materials. Keep in mind that the logos do not specifically identify OGB but rather indicate that you are a member of the Creative Compliments™ “Wire Service” network enabling you to have their gift baskets delivered in other cities next, even same, business day. Accordingly, as we spoke of above, we recommend that you have our logo in at least two places on your website. First, appearing prominently on your homepage where you may also have other organizations to which you belong appearing (Alphabetical order is best if you have several appearing there!), and then on your “shipping” and/or “delivery” page. Then, each of these logos should be “hyperlinked” to a special “page” on the OGB website, which will describe our service as your “short-notice alternative” to shipping. In this page, we emphasize having their order handled on short notice, in a speedy manner, and at a very reasonable cost. We caution you, however, when hyper linking your Member logo to our website, to link it to the special page we have designed for just such a purpose rather than to our website “homepage”, because you will have simply introduced your customer to OGB and they may then no longer order through you but rather come to us directly. We’d prefer that that not happen because our mandate is to serve our Members by bringing them more business, not taking it away! The Logos are included here in the “Member’s Only” area and the page to which they hyperlink to, on our website, is:

You will notice that when the visitor follows the link to this page, they can only return to your website to leave!

As you know, OGB is your representative, outside of your city, and as such we work to present the advantages of the OGB network, comprised of you and each other Member in their respective city, to corporate and individual consumers the world over. This is an ongoing process for OGB and a very integral component is your city’s product web page, as it appears in your cities of local representation, on our website. City Product Web Page (PWP) - This is your opportunity to present your products to the world marketplace through the internet. If you don’t have an internet website, your city’s product web page gives you the benefit of internet exposure. If you already have an internet website, it serves as even more exposure for your products. Part of our service to our Members is to position the city product web pages, with the internet search engines, so that should someone be pursuing a gift basket in a particular city, your product web page on the OGB website will be presented to them. Your city’s product web page designs enable the consumer to better appreciate the gift basket they are sending and for you to be able to produce a basket very much in keeping with their expectations and your own ingredient product inventory and pricing regime. This radically reduces the likelihood of customer dissatisfaction while it enables you to enjoy the margins you are most accustomed to on your product. As well, you can have your products on the city product web page updated whenever you wish to reflect a change in your every day designs or to focus on a particular occasion or event such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc., without cost, if you employ and hyperlink our “Wire Service” Members’ logo, as we discussed in the previous section. Furthermore, your PWP will be increased to provide for up to 12 designs, as opposed to our usual 8. Nominal charges apply otherwise and a schedule of fees for additions or changes to your product web page will appear in the Members’ Only section of our website soon. Additionally, as you know, your product web page plays an important part in the awarding of incoming orders for delivery in your city (we discuss that in the forthcoming section dealing with “Receiving an order from us”). In addition to your city’s product web page, its constant updating as well as its placement with the search engines, OGB undertakes a continuous marketing initiative with various business, trade, professional, and governmental, organizations throughout each country within which we function. Ultimately these initiatives result in gift basket orders destined to our members throughout our system. When combined with the efforts of each of our members to promote the wire service in their own cities and trading areas, it creates a synergistic effect, ultimately generating a strong and constantly increasing order flow volume, to the benefit of all within.

Even the most modest promotional effort will result in you having orders to refer to OGB for completion and the procedure of placing an order becomes very important. Fortunately, it is a very simple process too. Basket Design: First, we suggest to those Members and Affiliates, who have an internet access readily available to them in their business, to go to our website, select the country, then state or province, and lastly the city of the order’s destination to see if there are product web pages to be viewed. If so, then perhaps a particular design will serve their customer’s needs best. Immediately following Member products (or when there are no Member products available yet) in that city, then the OGB generic page will appear. This is to assist you, and other visitors to the website, to making a decision, in a very general way. It is important to understand that the absence of Member product web pages does not mean there is no OGB representation in that city but rather that either that particular Member’s product web pages have not yet been completed or it is served from a near-by Member, until a Member is established specifically in that city. All prices are shown in the currency of the country of destination and include delivery. Members and Affiliates who do not readily have internet access in their place of business are encouraged to proceed with their customer’s order requirements in as complete a manner as possible and then to convey the details to OGB with the order itself. Delivery Charges: All prices on the OGB website include delivery. Orders not taken from the website designs should reflect the inclusion of a realistic amount for delivery with the understanding that should it be too much or too little, then the basket’s value will be adjusted accordingly. Handling Charges: Members need understand that OGB will charge them the standard OGB handling charge, as it applies in the country of delivery (unless additional charges are advised owing to the nature and/or distance of the delivery), however, this does not preclude them from charging an amount greater than that sum for the service rendered. For example, while OGB standard Handling & Processing charges might be $3.95 plus 4% of the basket value, the Member may charge their own fee of, for example, $9.95 plus 4%, resulting in the Member or Affiliate receiving an additional $6.00. In such cases, OGB will only anticipate receiving only the OGB applicable standard fee from the Member, with the balance being additional revenue to the Member. Some Members have set their fee to be more representative of their local market area or have tied it to the speed of delivery such as $6.95 for next business day service and $9.95 for same business day. It’s up to you but we do recommend that you “up-charge” to some extent because you are bringing the service to your customer and if for no other reason but to cover off unexpected costs that may arise from such things as currency conversion, telephone charges, etc. Taxes: When taking an order for referral to OGB, you charge taxes just as though the customer were walking out your door with the order. You then submit your state or provincial taxes as you always do, to your taxing authority, NOT to OGB. OGB is only paid each country’s federal GST as it applies in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. No taxes apply on orders going to other countries. Ordering Procedure: Specific Design: The easiest is to go to the OGB website and go to the city of destination and then simply select the design of choice and carry through using the shopping cart. In the cart’s form, you will be asked to make an entry in an “Operator Referral Code” box where you need type as one long word, ) all in upper case, OGBUNITEDSTATES (substitute your own country’s full name for UNITEDSTATES and then proceed as that will deduct your referral fee automatically from the order. An order Invoice will be generated and automatically sent to your email address to confirm.

Custom Design: Fastest of all is to simply click on “In the Biz?” on the left navigation panel on the country page and then click on “Operator Order Form”. If you are already in a city’s Product Web Page, then click on “Custom Design” at either the top or bottom of the page and the same “Operator Order Form” will appear. CAUTION . . . Operators should not mislead their customer into thinking their designs will be what is delivered to the recipient, as such is NOT the case, so advise your customer that YOUR gift basket designs are not available for preparation and delivery anywhere but in your own area and that the only way to assure them of your precise design and ingredients is to have it shipped. OGB Members will make every effort to come as close as possible to your precise design and ingredients, when requested, however OGB cannot assure such and accordingly, both the design and ingredients will, not might, differ. Confirmation: As a rule, OGB will respond to orders received, with a confirming invoice immediately if ordered through the shopping cart or otherwise, generally as simply an acknowledgement within two (2) daytime business hours on the same day, and it will be sent in the same manner the order was received. That is, orders received by fax will be confirmed by fax, and those received by e-mail, will be confirmed by e-mail. The confirmation may, but not always, reflect any corrections to mathematical errors or cost adjustments to the order as may apply. Additionally, any delivery complications may be noted. Should a Member or Affiliate not receive such confirming order invoice or acknowledgement, as called for, within two (2) daytime business hours following the order’s submission to OGB, they should telephone OGB to ascertain if their order was received. It is essential to never assume OGB received an order referral until it is confirmed. Payment Receipt: Only the confirming order invoice as generated by the shopping cart is sent to the submitting Member, for their records, and while every effort is made to provide follow-up receipts, promptly, for orders received in an otherwise manner, they can sometimes be delayed for a variety of reasons, as first priority is always order handling. In most cases, should the exact final dollars be required so as to charge the customer accurately for the order, the order’s invoice or acknowledgement will draw to the attention of the Member or Affiliate any changes of substance to the dollars as they were indicated on the order, as submitted.

When a Member receives an order from OGB for completion, it will come as an OGB “purchase order” information on the left side relating the recipient, delivery, gift basket design and card message information, however, the right hand side, in “green”, will depict the identification of the Destination Member (DM) and the financial information pertinent to the order including the order payment particulars. Award Process: When an order comes in for preparation and delivery in your city, we first determine if it is for a Member’s design on that city’s product page and if it is, they automatically receive the order. That’s fair because it was their design that was so appealing, so they should see the order! Now, if that order wasn’t chosen from a Member’s product web page, and, it’s for a city having multiple Members, the order will go to the Member in that city who has yet to receive an order for each order they have referred to our system. That’s fair too! After all, shouldn’t those who put the most in, get the most out? Of course they should. Lastly, if neither of the first two criteria apply then we simply award orders on a rotating basis, which also keeps things fair for all. Confirmation: At the outset, the Member should review the order to be certain they are able to fulfill it as expected and if not, to immediately convey any such inability to OGB while keeping in mind that some variations are permitted given that Members have the reserved right to substitute product of equal or greater value. OGB Members are asked to call us at 1-877-228-5855 or email us at: within one (1) daytime business hour, after an OGB purchase order has been received. It is very important that this be done within that time, as it is both costly and time consuming for OGB to follow up on orders.

Next, proceed to communicating with the recipient to arrange a mutually convenient delivery time BEFORE the Member undertakes to prepare the gift basket (there is no point making up a fruit basket until you are certain the recipient will be there to receive it because you just know that’ll be when they’ve gone out of town for a few days!). When that’s established, proceed to prepare and deliver the gift basket. Preparation to value: At this point, the Member is expected to prepare the gift basket to, at least its full value less your applicable delivery charge, that being the amount before the deduction of the Sending Member or Affiliates’ referral fee of 15%. Should a Member prepare and deliver a gift basket to a value less than the full price paid by the customer, OGB will have payment reversed by the credit card company and the Member will be immediately removed from the OGB roster with future membership disallowed. OGB cannot tolerate such a practice as it constitutes a criminal act wherein the customer has paid full dollar and received less than and, additionally, reflects directly upon the morals and integrity of OGB and the involved the Sending Member or Affiliate. Delivery: All OGB orders are to be delivered at the delivery charge as specified in their initial Membership application unless the delivery destination is outside of the Member’s service area as indicated in their initial Membership application. Additional charges can apply in such circumstance, however, the Destination Member is responsible for confirming the recipient’s delivery address and delivery arrangements, with the recipient, prior to any delivery attempt and OGB cannot accept any additional delivery charges that arise from the Member’s failure to do so, in advance of failed delivery attempts. Members are encouraged to finalize their delivery arrangements accordingly so as to permit for a timely delivery in keeping with the Sender’s expectations, as indicated on the purchase order. Alternate delivery arrangements, established between, and satisfactory to, the Member and recipient will however take precedence in those circumstances where the recipient was unable to accept delivery in keeping with that specified on the purchase order. When delivering, unless so authorized by OGB, never leave a gift basket unattended at the delivery destination and ALWAYS get a confirming signature (and printed name) from the recipient, or anyone taking delivery on their behalf. If delivery is ever disputed, OGB will be looking to the Member to provide “legible” proof of delivery, otherwise, the Member will be expected to take financial responsibility for the “undelivered” gift basket, reverse the charges as applied to the OGB credit card and make restitution to OGB for any additional charges associated to the failed order, such as the applicable OM referral fee and the OGB handling charge. Upon delivery completion, the Member should then process the appropriate charge to the OGB credit card, but only for the amount as indicated, and upon transaction approval, simply sign and specify the transaction approval number, where required, on the purchase order form in the lower right corner. Then, all that remains is to fax the validated purchase order back to OGB right away. This procedure has a benefit to both OGB, and the involved DM, as both parties have their payment receipts, as required, for accounting purposes. Taxes: Because the very nature of wire services is such that applicable state/provincial sales taxes have been paid at the order’s originating point of purchase, no such taxes apply to the order at delivery (it would otherwise result in double taxation!). In the case of value added taxes, however, such as with federal Goods and Services Taxes (GST) in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, OGB must pay them on the delivered price. In Europe and the United Kingdom, all orders originating from outside are exempt of Value Added Taxes (VAT). In every case, OGB maintains records so as to justify the applicable tax criteria to any taxing authority, upon their written request for same. Your Payment: OGB pre-authorizes you to process, to the OGB credit card when provided, only those charges specific to each individual OGB purchase order, as provided. Amounts other than those specified are not to be processed without written approval from OGB. Additionally, the credit card is not to be processed until the order is about to go to delivery Charges and Refunds: OGB places no restriction upon Members and Affiliates with regard to the amount they may charge their customer for Handling/Processing of the order, however, no amount greater than the usually applicable OGB Handling/Processing charges will be refunded should such a refund become necessary.

It can be said that OGB, its system, Members and Affiliates, do indeed strive for perfection and most always achieve near perfection. Absolute perfection, on the other hand, is not consistently attainable and therefore it can be assured that from time to time something will go wrong and we will have a Member, Affiliate, and their customer or client let down in the course of the events. You know that a fax will be mislaid, an e-mail will go astray or unread, that chocolate melts on really hot days, delivery vehicles breakdown in traffic, that all kinds of things can and will, from time to time, happen. As true as that is, it’s rare when it occurs intentionally! It’s most always unforeseen, unexpected or plain old human error! Now, having said that, the integrity of the Online Gift Baskets system will often be challenged and OGB has established the Customer Satisfaction Guarantee to instill the consumer with complete confidence in the OGB system or when it fails, the assurance of satisfaction. Not if, but when it happens, first priority is, and must be, the customer of the Member or Affiliate, who ordered the gift basket. Unless it can be demonstrated that the error results from the customer’s information, a rare but not totally unheard of cause, the first expectation of OGB is that the Originating Member or Affiliate must provide their customer with something of a refund that is proportionate to our failure. The OGB Customer Satisfaction Guarantee is plain and simple so a replacement basket is in keeping with the expectations of OGB, and quite probably the customer, and the OM, or OA, must make such an offer immediately. In many instances, however, the customer may not feel that complete replacement is necessary or even desirable. Indeed, the remedy often depends totally upon whether the gift basket in question has been delivered to the recipient at all or if it must yet be delivered. Error at order destination: If a basket has been delivered later than requested by the sender for a “date-sensitive” occasion such as a birthday, anniversary etc., the customer will be advised that they will not be charged for handling and delivery. If it has yet to be delivered, it should still be but with an apologetic note from the Destination Member. In both instances, the Destination Member will be expected to “refund” their delivery charges as on record with OGB or as they applied, whichever is the greater, and OGB’s Handling/Processing Fee, to OGB for refund to the sender. Such is the case because the customer, the Originating Member, or Affiliate, nor OGB, are in any manner responsible for the late delivery. Should a gift basket be delivered a day later than requested when it’s delivery was not datesensitive, for whatever event, the Destination Member will still be expected to volunteer the delivery charges, and the OGB handling/Processing fee, as they apply. The customer will be so notified of the late delivery, and offered “free” handling & delivery on their next order, which OGB will stand for. In cases where the delivery will be more than ONE day late, the order must not be delivered without first confirming the sender still wishes it to be. Again, the Destination Member will be automatically expected to refund to OGB, at minimum, the OGB handling and delivery charges, as they apply, as a “free” Handling/Processing & Delivery on their next order will have already been awarded the customer in keeping with the Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Should the sender cancel the order then the DM will also be expected to refund an amount equal to the OM’s referral fee, as the OM should not suffer the loss of their referral fee for no fault on their part. Should it be that the failed or late delivery is the responsibility of a courier service contracted by, or under hire to, the DM, it is assumed that the DM will have some success seeking remedy with them, to whom the DM’s business is important. It follows that the same policy will apply should the gift basket be delivered in a condition other than that as it was when it left the DM’s premises (i.e. the melted chocolate scenario). In some circumstances, the basket may be substantially other than what was ordered or felt to be of a value less than that ordered. Should this arise, OGB will request that the Destination Member provide a complete ingredient summation enabling a proper evaluation of the nature and value of the gift basket in question. Regardless, the DM will be expected to replace the basket but only upon recovery of the previously provided basket with its remaining ingredients unopened and in a condition equivalent to that when delivered.

Should the recovered basket’s contents be substantially less than as originally accepted by the recipient, or have been altered so as not to be of like condition to when first delivered, the DM will be only expected to replace a gift basket to the value of the original basket less the retail values of the items either consumed or deemed non-returnable. Should the gift basket as delivered be found to be of a value less than that ordered and paid for by the customer, the DM will be expected to replace the original gift basket and take whatever remains of it, regardless of condition, in return. The latter circumstance has Membership consequences, as discussed previously. Error at order origination: In many instances, an error can occur at the front-end of a transaction where the Originating Member, or Affiliate, may inadvertently mislead, or in a manner cause, the customer to anticipate, that a basket of certain content or value is being ordered when the submitted order form does not reflect that such a basket either by composition, or value, was ordered. In such cases, the Originating Member or Affiliate will be expected to satisfy their customer with, at very least, a “free” replacement or next order, as provided for in the OGB Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, however, such an initiative to satisfy the customer will be without any expectation of financial support or reimbursement from OGB, or the involved DM. CAUTION . . . Operators should not mislead their customer into thinking their designs will be what is delivered to the recipient, as such is NOT the case, so advise your customer that YOUR gift basket designs are not available for preparation and delivery anywhere but in your own area and that the only way to assure them of your precise design and ingredients is to have it shipped. OGB Members will make every effort to come as close as possible to your precise design and ingredients, when requested, however OGB cannot assure such and accordingly, both the design and ingredients will, not might, differ. Additionally, inaccurate recipient or delivery information, as provided by the customer and/or Originating Member, resulting in the ordered gift basket’s failure to be delivered or it being delivered late, then accordingly, neither OGB, nor the Destination Member, will be expected to “make good” on the supply of another gift basket as a result of such misinformation resulting in an affect on delivery as expected nor will an offer of “free” Handling/Processing and Delivery be made. Indeed, should such erroneous information cause additional charges, then the additional charges will be charged back to the OM involved. Error in OGB communication: In keeping with our referral order process, the Originating Member submits the customer order to OGB and OGB then awards the order to the appropriate, or deserving, Member at the destination. If for any reason, OGB forwards, submits, or otherwise communicates, erroneous information to a Destination Member that results in the preparation and/or delivery of a gift basket, other than as specified by the referral order as received from the Originating Member, Online Gift Baskets will take full responsibility and will underwrite the cost of a replacement gift basket, in keeping with that of the original order as submitted by the Originating Member, and will reimburse the Originating, and Destination, Member for any additional costs, for preparation and delivery, as may be necessary to meet the promise of the Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Failure to communicate We have all come to realize that e-mails, faxes, even telephone messages, can often be misplaced, lost or simply not arrive, as anticipated, and accordingly, it will be the responsibility of the sender in each case to assure that the recipient of the information has received it. OMs must confirm their order has been received by OGB and, OGB and DM’s must confirm receipt of orders. Failure to so confirm will in each case result in the party responsible making the necessary restitution for either, the entire basket, the handling & delivery charges and the OM’s referral fee when appropriate. Uppermost . . . It is the policy of Online Gift Baskets that the customer shall always be of the first consideration, and because we are also dedicated to serving our Members and Affiliates, we believe these policies, above all others, do indeed serve them well. It is appropriate to reflect honesty and fairness in our dealings from within, and outside of, Online Gift baskets. We believe that those who do not share such a business philosophy are destined to fail or, at very least, to suffer in conscience.

The following services are currently available with, or thru, OGB for Members only: Website Development – OGB currently offers complete website design and development services of several types and price points. Please visit the appropriate topic here in your Member’s Only area for more information. Website Hosting – Members can have their website hosted under a registered Domain Name of their choice such as: www. or as a part of the OGB website address such as: Please visit the appropriate topic here in your Member’s Only area for more information. Merchant Account Program – (Currently only available in Canada but soon to be offered in the U.S. as well as with other member countries when established). The program offers OGB Members significant reductions in VISA and MasterCard Merchant fees and doesn’t require that Members change banks or open any additional accounts with other banks. As well, other products and services are under discussion with several major companies that will bring to Members discounts on goods and services they employ in their day to day business operations. Software Reviews – OGB is currently examining a number of software programs for review so as to bring to our Members a better understanding of these programs and their possible inclusion in your business operation. Should it be possible, it is hoped that this will also enable Members to purchase the programs at a discounted price. OGB is constantly examining other avenues through which we can offer our Members additional services at significantly reduced cost and will be updating you as such services are introduced.

From time to time, OGB will be introducing updates to this information or the introduction of new services to our system Members. On each occasion, updates will come in the form of an entire replacement of this Manual, in PDF file format, and will bear the date of the update so as to avoid confusion. We recommend that Members replace (delete) the previous manual with the updated version in order to avoid confusion or misunderstanding.

OGB is very open to suggestion, recommendation and criticism. We’re thick-skinned and dedicated to our Members so should you have a contribution you feel you can make to our policies, practices or procedures, we urge you to advance it. You won’t hurt our feelings and you may bring about changes of significance, which will benefit us all!

Thank you for taking of your time to familiarize yourself with the OGB procedures herein.
OGB is short for Online Gift Baskets But stands for "Only Good Business"! "Where The World Shops For Gift Baskets!"

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