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									APPRAISER 2
Job Code 20724 Pay Grade CL9

Nature of Work This is technical field and office work of moderate difficulty in the assembly of pertinent data and the analysis of facts necessary to formulate estimates of value for Real and/or Personal Property, in addition to performing work assignments of an Appraiser 1. This is Phase 2 training to become an Appraiser 3 and/or Appraiser 4. The employee performs assignments under close supervision. Within 2 years of appointment as Appraiser 2, the employee must obtain a Certified Florida Evaluator designation and complete the Property Appraiser's Certified Evaluator Training program, or be subject to removal from appraisal department, and/or Property Appraiser employment. If assigned to appraise personal property, the employee must complete the International Association of Assessing Officer’s (IAAO) #5 (Assessment of Personal Property) within the same period of time or be subject to the same consequences. Promotion from Appraiser 2 may be to Appraiser 3 or Appraiser 4, as determined by the needs of the office, and qualifications of the employee. Incumbent may be promoted noncompetitively within the approved career ladder at the discretion of the Appointing Authority. Minimum Qualification Requirements • Must provide personal properly licensed and insured automobile transportation for the performance of fieldwork plus be capable of carrying and operating a hand-held computer weighing approximately 6 pounds for up to six hours a day in the field; AND • 3 years experience in ad valorem appraising; or • Completion of 3 International Association of Assessing Officer's (IAAO) Appraisal courses, including courses #1 and #2 (Fundamentals of Real Property Appraisal and Income Approach to Valuation); or • Associate’s Degree in Business, Finance, Accounting, Public Administration, Real Estate Management or related field and 2 years experience in ad valorem appraising; or • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Finance, Accounting, Public Administration, Real Estate Management, or a related field and 6 months experience in ad valorem appraising; or • An equivalent combination of education, training, and/or experience. Appointing Authority May Also Require • Florida Driver's License or Florida Commercial Driver’s License and endorsement, if any. • Assignment to work a variety of work schedules including compulsory work periods in special, emergency, and/or disaster situations. • Must obtain a County Driver's License within 2 months of hire date. • Other highly desirable knowledge, skills, abilities, and credentials relevant to a position. Illustrative Tasks (These are examples and are not all inclusive.) • Compiles and reviews records necessary for appraisals. • Inspects new construction, alteration and repair of structures within an assigned area; completes appraisal review. • Advises property owners concerning methods and procedures used in estimating values; answers questions relative to property values and appraisal techniques; furnishes information, assistance and advice on other matters of property ownership, Ad Valorem assessments and exemptions. • Assists in the development of gross rent multipliers for analysis of apartment complexes, motels, and hotels for the income approach to property value. • Prepares, corrects, confirms and correlates detailed data base information for use in highly complex computer assisted test projects and programs. • Locates, reviews, analyzes and reassigns values to parcels of property that have changed in legal description. • Compiles detailed sales data from various sources and equalizes data by comparison with similar transactions; utilizes findings to determine sales prices. • Confirms dimensions of all properties visited by re-measuring.

• Performs related work as assigned or required.


Job Code 20724 Pay Grade CL9

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities • Knowledge of appraisal methods and techniques. • Knowledge of terminology used in the fields of appraisal and construction. • Knowledge of materials, methods, and practices of modern and obsolete building construction, and the stages of the construction process. • Knowledge of statistics and other quantitative tools of data analysis and their application to the appraisal process. • Ability to operate a hand-held personal computer to record and/or change property data. • Ability to support assessments with tact, impartiality, and firmness. • Ability to express oneself clearly and concisely, orally and in writing. • Ability to complete academic training required for the professional designation of Certified Florida Evaluator. • Ability to meet established written performance standards in quantity and quality of work.

For official use only Revised WC Code 10/08 8720

EEOC Code 3

Overtime Code A

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