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					Unit 1 Chapter 1
Providing a safe and secure environment
This chapter gives students an understanding of            show how effective display of children’s
the physical development of the child as well as the        work can make the environment
importance of providing a secure and stimulating            stimulating
environment for children in all early years settings.      understand the importance of the links
Children need to feel happy and reassured in their          between home and the early years setting
surroundings in order to develop.                           in maintaining a secure and reassuring
                                                            environment for children
All settings where children play and learn need            show an understanding of procedures
to be safe. This includes indoor and outdoor                that must be followed to keep children
environments. Adults working with children                  safe on outings
need to be aware of possible hazards and                   describe basic first aid procedures
organise the environments to reduce these                  identify the procedures to follow when
risks. Even in the best planned environments,               dealing with accidents including
accidents can happen. It is therefore important             reporting procedures
that early years workers know how to deal with             outline the contents of a first aid box and
any minor accidents that might occur.                       procedures for replacing used materials.

Students must be able to:                               Managing the assignment
 appreciate the stages and sequences of                Work from this chapter will contribute to the
   physical development                                 unit 1 assignment ‘The physical care and
 understand what is meant by the term                  development of the child’. The assignment
   ‘developmental norms’                                requires students to describe the stages of
 understand what is meant by a ‘safe and               physical development in children in two specific
   secure environment’ and how to                       age ranges chosen from the following: one to
   promote one                                          three years, two to six years or four to seven years.
 identify potential hazards and put
   appropriate safety measures in                       Students will need to make sure that their
   place                                                description of the role of the adult in providing a
 appreciate the health and safety                      safe and secure environment and supporting the
   requirements linked to working in early              physical care of children is relevant to the chosen
   years settings                                       ages and their developmental stage. Students
 explain the role of the adult in promoting            also need to be able to describe, clearly and in
   and maintaining a safe and secure                    detail, how to deal with basic first aid situations.
 appreciate the importance of routines                 Students should be reminded of the importance
   in maintaining a secure environment                  of showing an awareness of equal opportunities
   for children                                         and anti-discriminatory practice throughout
 discuss how the physical layout of                    the assignment. In order to pass, students must
   the environment can encourage                        present the assignment as a whole and not in
   learning                                             separate sections.

                                                               Chapter 1 Providing a safe and secure environment   1
                                                                   appreciate the responsibility of the
       Stages and sequences of                                      early years worker in providing a safe
        physical development                                        environment
        STUDENT BOOK PAGES 2–7                                     be aware of safety issues linked with the
                                                                    provision of care.

           TEACHING CHECKLIST                                   There is a danger that some students will not
For this topic, students need to:                               appreciate the responsibility they have for
 understand the difference between growth                      keeping children safe. Students need to
   and development                                              appreciate that as a childcare worker, they
 appreciate how growth is measured                             assume the responsibilities of the parent/carer
 be aware of the milestones of physical                        as soon as the child is left with them. They need
   development between birth and seven years.                   to be able to look at an environment and
                                                                anticipate the dangers for children. They must
Worksheet 1: Growth and                                         be aware of the steps they need to take to make
development quiz (p.6)                                          an environment as safe as possible, as well as
Use this worksheet to consolidate students’                     appreciating the importance of supervising
understanding of the terminology linked with                    children effectively. While you do not want to
the physical development of the child. It will                  stop children exploring their environment, it is
help them to appreciate how centile charts are                  important that children can do this in relative
used as well as consolidating how development                   safety. A good level of supervision means having
can be stimulated by appropriate activities.                    adequate staffing to watch what is going on.

Worksheet 2: Assessing stages of                                Worksheet 3: Safety in the nursery
development (p.8)                                               (p.10)
This worksheet will help students increase their                Use this worksheet to get students to think about
familiarity with the different stages of fine and               the potential hazards that exist in a nursery
gross motor skills development. The worksheet                   environment. The students should circle the
can be photocopied and cut out into individual                  danger areas on the picture and think about the
cards. These can then be used to develop                        potential accidents that could result. Ask the
students’ understanding of the difference                       students to feedback their comments to the class.
between fine and gross motor skills by asking                   Students should consider who else could be at
them to put them into the appropriate category.                 risk as well as the children. It is also worth getting
The activity can then be extended to ask                        them to consider the effect of a serious accident
students to match the ages with the appropriate                 to one of the children on the nursery as a
description of fine and gross motor skills.                     business. To extend the discussion, ask students
                                                                to list other potential dangers not shown in the
                                                                picture and suggest how they can be avoided. The
         Providing a safe and                                   students should consider if the dangers identified
         secure environment                                     could be applied to other early years settings.

       STUDENT BOOK PAGES 7–15                                  Students should also be aware of how to check
                                                                toys and other equipment to make sure they are
                                                                safe. They need to be aware of the kind of
                                                                damage that can happen to toys, such as eyes or
For this topic students need to:
                                                                buttons coming loose on dolls, plastic
 understand the importance of creating a                       splintering or wood getting broken and having
   caring, reassuring environment
                                                                the potential to cause splinters.

   2    Unit 1 The physical care and development of the child
Worksheet 4: Safety equipment (p.12)                   ACTIVITY
This worksheet should be used to make
                                                       Get the students to read the list on page 11
students aware of the range of safety gadgets on
                                                       of the student book and discuss how these
the market. It will help consolidate the reasons
                                                       considerations affect any early years settings
for checking toys for safety regularly. It also        they have been in.
introduces the idea of choosing toys with safety
marks attached.
                                                    It is important that students appreciate that not
                                                    all early years settings are purpose built. Many
   ACTIVITY                                         groups have to set up their sessions in church
   Ask students to identify the different safety    halls or community settings. These often have to
   gadgets that are in use in their placement       be set up and cleared away at the beginning and
   setting.                                         end of each session. Even in the poorest quality
   ● Do they consider them to be necessary?         accommodation, a good display can brighten the
   ● Do the staff regularly check toys to ensure    place up. A good display shows children that
        they are safe?                              their work is valued and important. It enables
                                                    them to develop a sense of pride in their work,
                                                    as they are able to show it to parents and carers.
                                                    It is also an opportunity for early years workers
         Layouts and displays                       to highlight some of the good work they are
                                                    doing with the children – something parents
      STUDENT BOOK PAGES 15–25                      and carers cannot always see when they drop off
                                                    or pick up their children. Good displays can be
           TEACHING CHECKLIST                       very simple but students need to be taught a few
                                                    basic skills such as mounting and lettering.
For this topic students need to:
 appreciate the importance of layout in the
   smooth running of an early years setting
 be aware of how a well planned layout can            CASE STUDY
   make the environment more attractive                Tiny Tots Playgroup runs three
 understand health and safety considerations          morning sessions per week in
   that affect the layout of a setting                 Colefore Village Hall. This means
 appreciate the importance of good display            that they have to set up and clear
 be aware of the different types of display in        away every day. They are looking
   early years settings including interest tables
                                                       for some new ideas on the layout
 practise the skills of good lettering and
                                                       and have asked your advice.
   mounting and be able to produce an
   effective display.
                                                       You will need to present your
Students need to be aware of the fact that             ideas to the playgroup committee.
many early years settings have different ‘areas’       During the presentation, you will
within them, which allow for different types of        need to outline your ideas and
play. They need to appreciate the fact that            explain why you have made the
children will feel happier in an environment           decisions you have. (Suggest to
that meets their needs. They also need to              the students that they use the
understand that there is not a right or wrong          room they are in as the space
way to lay out a setting, but there are health         available. This will help them
and safety regulations which may impinge on            visualise the space.)
what can be done.

                                                           Chapter 1 Providing a safe and secure environment   3
Worksheet 5: Playground survey                                       know how to minimise anxiety in children
(p.14)                                                                when their routines need to change.
Sometimes, early years workers will want to use                   Routines are an important part of all children’s
outdoor settings. These need to be visited and                    lives. They help them make sense of the world
monitored for suitability.                                        around them and give them security as they
                                                                  know what they are doing and feel happy with
Use this worksheet to get students to look at a local             it. Students need to appreciate the range of
playground in their area in terms of the potential                routines that can exist in the day-to-day life of
for play opportunities for different age groups. Use              a young child and also understand how changes
it as an opportunity to highlight the importance of               in routines can upset a child.
checking any new area for safety factors before or
as soon as the children arrive. It may be worth                       ACTIVITY
discussing different things which may be found in
                                                                      Divide the class into groups. Ask the students to
playgrounds such as broken bottles, dog                               identify different routines that are common in
excrement or used needles or condoms and the                          early years situations, e.g. story time before
dangers these present to children. Students do not                    going home form nursery or the bedtime routine
always think about the range of things which may                      at home.
be found in playgrounds.                                              ● Discuss the range of routines identified by
                                                                           the students as a class.
    ACTIVITY                                                          ● Allocate a routine to each group of students
    Ask the students to discuss what is meant by                           and ask them to identify the stages in detail.
    ‘display’ and identify how it can be used in the                  ● Ask the students to identify a situation where
    early years settings. Encourage students to think                      the routine may be disturbed – how could an
    about the value of displaying children’s work in                       early years worker deal with this?
    relation to their personal development.                           ● Ask each group to report back, identifying
                                                                           why the routine is important and explaining
                                                                           how they would deal with disruption.
    Students need to practise the art of display, in
    particular lettering and mounting a piece of work.
    Ask students to undertake a piece of artwork                        Keeping children safe and
    that they might carry out with children in an early                      basic first aid
    years setting such as a string painting or
                                                                         STUDENT BOOK PAGES 28–36
    marbling. They could then practise displaying and
    mounting this piece of work.
    Encourage students to look at other students’
                                                                             TEACHING CHECKLIST
    work and assess what makes a good display.
                                                                  For this topic students need to:
                                                                   appreciate the role of the early years worker
                                                                     in promoting and ensuring the safety of
                        Routines                                     children in their care
       STUDENT BOOK PAGES 26–27                                    understand emergency procedures
                                                                   know how to deal with minor accidents
                                                                   acknowledge the importance of reporting
                                                                     accidents to parents and carers.
For this topic students need to:
 understand what is meant by a routine                           One of the most important responsibilities of any
 appreciate common routines that occur in                        early years worker is the safety of the children in
   early years settings                                           their care. When a parent or carer leaves a child

   4      Unit 1 The physical care and development of the child
with any early years worker, they are expecting          Worksheet 6 can be used as a way to consolidate
them to act in ‘loco parentis’. This places huge         learning about first aid after the students have
responsibility on the individual and students            taken a basic first aid course.
need to fully appreciate their role in this situation.
                                                         All accidents or near misses need to be reported.
Students need to be aware of emergency                   It is easy not to report small incidents, as they
procedures, which although they will vary from           are not seen as important. Students need to
setting to setting, will follow the same                 appreciate that a near miss for one person could
principles. This does not only mean fire drill,          be an accident waiting to happen for another,
but also incidents such as bomb scares or                and therefore it is their responsibility to report
intruders in the building. Students need to              these things. Students need to be aware of
appreciate the importance of staying calm in             reporting procedures and forms and the
any situation and reacting with thought.                 importance of recording full details, especially if
                                                         there is a query at a later date.

    ACTIVITY                                             It is also important that students understand why
                                                         accidents need to be reported to parents or carers.
    Ask students to imagine that the fire alarm has
    gone off and get them to outline what they           When the parents or carers resume responsibility
    would do.                                            for their children they need to know what has
                                                         happened to them to be able to put any unusual
    ● How do they know what the procedure is?
    ● How would this differ if they were                 complaints of feeling unwell into context.
       responsible for a group of young children?
                                                            Ask students to consider the following scenario.
Early years workers often have to deal with
accidents. Young children frequently have                   Sevi, a three-year-old child, bumped his head at
accidents because they are overinquisitive and              nursery. As he seemed OK, the nursery did not
                                                            record the accident and forgot to tell the parent
cannot judge danger effectively because
                                                            when they collected Sevi. Sevi later complained
something in their environment is not safe and
                                                            of a headache at home. Initially the parent put it
the adults haven’t noticed it.                              down to a minor ailment. Sevi was then sick.
                                                            ● What could be happening?
All early years settings should have a first aid
                                                            ● What are the effects of the nursery not
box and a qualified first aider. Most early years                informing the parent?
workers have at least a basic first aid award. It
                                                            As Sevi did not seem to improve, the parent
is worth re-emphasising at this point the
                                                            called the Doctor who diagnosed concussion and
importance of wearing gloves when dealing                   referred Sevi to hospital for observation.
with any bodily fluids and the need to know
                                                            ● What might be the implications for the
about children’s allergies.
                                                                 nursery at this stage?

Worksheets 6 and 7: Dealing with
accidents and first aid (p.16 and 17)                    Worksheet 8 (p.19)
Use these worksheets to consolidate learning             Use this worksheet to consolidate the
about the contents of the first aid box and              importance of reporting accidents. It gives
simple first aid procedures. It is important that        students the opportunity to try out completing
students realise that there are requirements in          an accident form and a chance to discuss the
terms of the contents of the first aid box and           level of detail that is needed. It can also be used
that it is their responsibility to report any            to confirm the importance of sharing the
missing items to the appropriate person.                 information with the parent/carer.

                                                                Chapter 1 Providing a safe and secure environment   5

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