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Live - TAC Productions by wangnianwu


at   National Harbor
Disclosure Statement

The data enclosed in this package contains information that is
confidential and proprietary to TAC Productions, LLC and
may not be disclosed or divulged without TAC
PRODUCTIONS, LLC’s express prior written consent. This
PACKAGE is submitted to you in confidence, and may not be
reproduced or copied in whole or in part, and may not be
furnished to others. Should additional copies be needed, a
written request must be made to TAC Productions, LLC.
           THE PLATEAU
                 SECTION 1

at   National Harbor
              THE PLATEAU is a 50,000 square
              foot entertainment plaza, located
              Northeast of downtown National
              Harbor, complete with a 6,000 seat
              outdoor theater, parking,
              entertainment village, upscale
              cuisine, spirits, and a VIP lounge.

              THE PLATEAU will host a
              summer concert series of diverse
              musical genres, dance theater,
              comedy, and family festivals.

              THE PLATEAU offers “close to
              home” entertainment at National
              Harbor, MD and will operate
              weekdays and weekends
              throughout the summer season.
               Local demographics

                    o Median age: 36.9
                    o Median income: $85,223
                    o Target population: approximately 4 million*

               National/International Reach

               The National Harbor website and its affiliate hotel
               chains serve as additional marketing tools for National
               Harbor’s mixed use property, which is a major resort
               and convention center destination

               Return on Investment (ROI)

                    o Eyes on Impressions (EOI )
                      for billboard and print advertising
                    o Targeted radio advertisement
                    o Impressions – websites and social media
                                            * November 2010 – Census Bureau
Our immediate target market is the approximately 4 million people who reside

     The District of Columbia; the City of Alexandria and Arlington and Fairfax counties in
     Virginia; and Charles, Prince George’s and Montgomery counties in Maryland.

     The target market is composed primarily of Asian, African American, Caucasian and Hispanic
     consumers with a median age of 36.9. (Census Bureau – November 2010).

     According to our target market spends considerable disposable dollars on
     entertainment; they are socially active, educated, career minded and internet driven.

     As hardworking citizens our target market is looking for entertainment “close to home” that is
     both sophisticated and diverse.

     LIVE at NATIONAL HARBOR on THE PLATEAU offers sponsors the opportunity to gain
     access to this diverse group of consumers.
What you get
                                          National Harbor
                National Hotel Chains                          Dining/Retail
                       2,942 hotel beds                325,000 sq. ft. of retail/dining space

       Gaylord National Resort and                  McCormick & Schmick’s
       Convention Center                            Bond 45
       Wyndham Vacation Resorts                     Grace’s Mandarin
       Westin                                       Rosa Mexicana
       Aloft                                        Cadillac Ranch
       Residence Inn by Marriott                    Bobbie McKey’s Dueling Piano Bar
       Hampton Inn                                  Harley-Davidson Store
   2011 projected annual visitors = 8 Million

                          TARGET MARKET Demographics

      Census Bureau – November 2010
the Plateau
THE PLATEAU concert experience began in June 2010 with stellar sell out
concerts showcasing Grammy Award winning artists:

       Maze featuring Frankie Beverly
       Chaka Khan; Angie Stone; Rashaan Paterson
       BeBe and CeCe Winans; Take 6; Byron Cage; Kirk Whalum
       La Nueva Radio Station Latin Festival featuring El Trono

National Harbor is located on 300 acres of prime real estate along the scenic
Potomac River in Prince George’s County, MD. It was developed by The
Peterson Companies and debuted in 2008.

National Harbor is the new gateway to the National Capital Region. This
spectacular urban-waterfront community offers stunning views of downtown
Washington, D.C. and Old Town Alexandria, and is just a 15 minute drive – or
water taxi ride- to the heart of the nation’s capital.
2010 EVENT Highlights
 “My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves
  while attending the BeBe and CeCe Winans
  concert at National Harbor. What a stellar
lineup that was presented, and to top it off, we
     saw numerous friends who were also
           in attendance. It was great!
 Thanks for creating and putting together an
event that will live on in the memories of those
who were there. We will be repeat customers for
 sure; all we need is a schedule of events so we
       can plan accordingly. Great job!”

   - BeBe & CeCe Winans Concert Attendee

                                           “Very pleased that your company brought "distinguished
                                                 events" to the National Harbor in Maryland.”
                                                          - Maze Concert Attendee
              THE PLATEAU
                      SECTION 2

at   National Harbor
return on Investment (ROI)
As a primary sponsor you will reach an exclusive audience of over 60,000 people
who will attend as many as fifteen events from June 2011 to September 2011.

   Our marketing campaigns, which will include radio, print and online advertising,
   will reach in excess of 1 million people.

 We will spend approximately:
           $500,000 on radio advertisements
           $75,000 on print and billboard advertisements
           $25,000 on online advertisements targeting specific demographic groups

   Weekly print advertising reach projected at approximately 1.8 million people

   Weekly billboard advertising reach projected at approximately 500,000 (E.O.I.)

   Weekly social media impressions projected at approximately 2.5 million people
radio partners

Ranking provided by Arbitron 2010
PRINT MEDIA partners
The PLATEAU print media partners include a National daily paper and local community papers.
The Washington Post
     Unmatched daily readership – highest level of any major Demographic Market Area (DMA) daily readership
     Unmatched Sunday readership - highest level of any major DMA Sunday readership
     51% of Washington’s twenty-something’s read the Washington Post at least once a week
     Approximately 1.3 million Washington metro market daily readers
     Approximately 1.8 million Washington metro market Sunday readers
     Median age of readers is 52
     Average Household Income (HHI) of readers is $154,101
City Paper
     52% of readers are between the ages of 18 and 44
     38% of readers are between the ages of 45 and 64
     35% of readers have HHI over $100,000
     22% of readers have HHI over $150,000
The Examiner
     Weekly cume including print and online paper is 1,572,376
     Average HHI is $134,857
     Monthly gross unique visitors to Examiner Digital Network is 2,764,000
     300,000 plus readers targeted in Prince George’s County, MD
     Delivered to over 100,000 homes in Prince George’s County, MD
 The Plateau
THE PLATEAU advertising will engage in Social Media Marketing and special promotions to generate sales, expand
brand awareness and influence purchase decisions of our potential patrons. TAC Productions’ Social Media Marketing
will consist of:

        THE PLATEAU YouTube Channel – View snippets of concert highlights and event

        TWITTER – Follow TAC Productions as we develop the summer concert series 2011; link to
        participating artists and follow their experience on THE PLATEAU

        FACEBOOK & MYSPACE – Engage in conversations with TAC Productions and
        participate in concert ideas, venue activity ideas and after the show comments

        LIVE at NATIONAL HARBOR on THE PLATEAU BLOG – Read comments from TAC
        Production and guest entertainment writers about the upcoming concerts and artists’ updates

Our marketing accomplishments will be tracked by a professional digital media marketing company which will
provide quantifiable results to help TAC Productions maximize brand exposure to our target audience and measure
the ROI.
             THE PLATEAU
                      SECTION 3

at   National Harbor

 DISCLAIMER: Sponsorship packages are not exclusive unless otherwise
 indicated. For package or category exclusivity please contact us. Please
 assume that other brands have shown interest in each package and are
 simultaneously considering their participation. All payments are due at
 contract signing (except as may be expressly provided in the subject
 package), unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. If (any) payment is
 not received by the applicable date, your package will be disqualified from
 (further) participation, and we will reserve our rights with respect to any
 such non-payment and disqualification.
  For all events during the summer concert series:

     Your company name and logo in the event title for all events
           (company name) presents LIVE at NATIONAL HARBOR on THE
     Recognition on all advertising as title sponsor
           radio, TV, print, social media
     Private Box Suite and access to VIP Lounge
     Logo, name and URL link on THE PLATEAU website
     Your company name and logo on THE PLATEAU billboard
     Product sampling and/or placement
     Opportunity to collect data from patrons
     Opportunity to run sponsor logo or commercial on Jumbotron
     Other opportunities to be negotiated
The title sponsor is the featured company named as the presenter of all TAC Productions’ events during Live at
National Harbor. The company name will be placed first in all advertising efforts and the rights listed above are
reserved exclusively for the title sponsor.
Category SPONSOR
  For events produced by TAC Productions only:

      Recognition as the official category sponsor on specific (TBD) 
      marketing materials
      Logo, name and URL link to THE PLATEAU website
      On site opportunities for brand building and product sales
      Exhibit area on THE PLATEAU site
      Product placement and/or sampling
      Talent trade opportunity possible

 The category sponsor will receive exclusive rights in promoting their products on site and in advertisements
 designated by TAC Productions. The categories available for sponsorship include (but are not limited to);
 sports beverage, soft drinks, water, liquor, beer, hotel, automobile, communications and restaurants.
  For events produced by TAC Productions only:

      Recognition as the official Beverage Sponsor
      Logo, name and URL link to THE PLATEAU website
      On site opportunities to sample your product (s)
      On site opportunities to introduce your new brands
      Signature drink station
      Possible promotional opportunities with other restaurants @ National Harbor
       Restaurants interested in partnering will be identified by TAC
       Possible extended offerings can be arranged
      Opportunities to distribute discount coupons
      Purchase of VIP seating available

 The beverage sponsor will receive exclusive pouring rights of their product (s) during the summer concert series
 or these rights can be purchased on a per show basis. A special VIP tent for beverage sampling and showcasing is
 a part of this package.
The plateau

For events produced by TAC Productions only:

  Recognition as the official Plaza Stage sponsor on designated print
  Logo, name and URL link to THE PLATEAU website
  Opportunity to promote product from the Plaza Stage
  Opportunity to collect data from patrons at the Plaza Stage

 The plaza stage is an auxiliary performance stage located in the general food and beverage court of the venue.
 The stage will showcase local talent to patrons upon entrance before the main stage concert begins and during
 intermission. The plaza stage sponsor can display a stage banner and conduct activities from this stage as
 described above.
The plateau

 For events produced by TAC Productions only:

     Exclusive Product give away opportunity (10’ x 10’) space
     Product sales opportunity (10’ x 10’) space
     Logo, name and URL link on THE PLATEAU website
     Opportunity to collect data from event patrons

 The exhibitor has the opportunity to set up an exhibit location on site during all TAC Productions’ events for
 approved product give away or approved product sales. The product cannot be in conflict with a category
 sponsor product.

 For events produced by TAC Productions only:

    Opportunity to run sponsor logo on Jumbotron
    Opportunity to run commercial on Jumbotron
       (times to be determined)
    Logo, name and URL link on THE PLATEAU website

 The Jumbotron or large screen will primarily show the live performances from the main stage. Sponsors can
 purchase commercial air time or logo placement on the screen during designated times. The sponsor can
 purchase time or placement for the summer concert series or per event.
     Kids’ Events
     Country Western
     Caribbean Festival
     Smooth Jazz
The Plateau
Concert Series Contact
         For more information and the opportunity to partner signature events
                                       LIVE at
                         National Harbor on THE PLATEAU
                                   please contact:
                                Shiba Freeman Haley
                           Director, Talent and Marketing
                               TAC Productions, LLC

TAC Productions, LLC was founded in 2008 by President and CEO Ron Adolph. Seizing the opportunity to get involved with
entertainment for the growing city of National Harbor, Adolph developed a seasoned management team to operate THE PLATEAU
Summer Concert Series.

Bill Parsons, industry veteran specializing in facilities management and a pioneer in crowd control services as General Manager; Shiba
Freeman Haley, industry veteran specializing in artist management, promotions and special events as Director, Talent and Marketing;
and Derek Lewis, industry veteran specializing in production and stage management as Director of Production.

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