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Fundraise for Colon Cancer Awareness - Colon Cancer Alliance by zhouwenjuan


									                                 Fundraise for Colon Cancer Awareness

If you are a school, business or
individual looking to fundraise and
                                          Type of Fundraiser:
promote awareness for a great
cause, then the Colon Cancer
Alliance’s Dress in Blue Day is for       Number of People Participating:
you! Help us raise awareness about
the importance of colon cancer            Your Name:
screening by wearing blue and
collecting donations in March. Your       Your affiliation to colorectal cancer:
gift will support the Colon Cancer
Alliance’s national awareness,
education and support programs.

It’s easy to get started:                 Phone:
1. Organize a fundraiser – go to
                                          E-mail: and
   click on the tab “Get Involved”
   for a list of ideas or come up         Name of Organization (if workplace fundraiser):
   with your own.
2. Download or order materials –
   go to
   and click on the tab “Resources”
                                          Address of Organization:
   for a list of materials available to
   help you promote Dress in Blue         Street
   Day and your fundraiser.
3. Fill out this form and send the        City, State, Zip
   Colon Cancer Alliance your gift.
                                          Total donation:

  Please mail donations to:
                                          Thank you in advance.
  Colon Cancer Alliance
  1025 Vermont Ave., NW,                  We hope your Dress in Blue Day fundraiser
  Suite 1066                              is a true blue success!
  Washington, DC 20005
                                          The Colon Cancer Alliance is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Tax ID #86-0947831.
  For more information, please
  or call (202) 628-0123.

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