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The Immune System - Pacific Christian School



An allergy is when you’re very sensitive to a

If you’re allergic to something, it acts as an
antigen. When your immune system kicks in, you
will get an allergic reaction.

Anything that causes an allergic reaction is called
an allergen.

An allergen could be food, cats, pollen or dust.
Histamine is chemical your body uses when
you have an injury or when you need to fight
off things such as allergens.

You get symptoms such as watery eyes or a
runny nose because it’s a side effect of

To reduce the symptoms of the histamine you
can take an antihistamine but is does not
cure the allergy itself.
  Taking Care of the
   Immune System
To keep your immune system healthy you can:
   Have a well-balanced diet

  Personal hygiene (shower/bathe, brush teeth, wash hands
  often, etc.)

  Have a clean home

  Avoid tobacco and other non-perscription drugs

  Get lots of rest and exercise

  Have up to date vaccinations

  Don’t share body fluids with others (saliva for example)

  Try to keep a low stress level
   Infection of immune system that leads to
   various health complications, and often

   So far, AIDS had resulted in more than 11
   million deaths, and currently is affecting 40
   million people.
    The Cause of AIDS
The cause of the AIDS is the human immunodeficiency virus

HIV is a powerful pathogen that attacks the immune system.

HIV can destroy the immune system by infecting the helper T
cells, which means when other pathogens or antigens enter the
body, the immune system is unable to activate killer T cells or B

People infected with HIV can die from other less serious
infections like pneumonia.

There is no known cure for AIDS because HIV keeps changing it’s
structure slightly which makes it difficult to identify the antigens
on the virus.
Auto-Immune disease happens when
the body mistakes it’s own cells for
pathogens and attacks them.
       Celiac Disease
Celiac disease is a type of auto-immune disease.

Gluten becomes an enemy to people that have celiac

When people with celiac disease eat gluten, a protein
found in barley, wheat and rye, their immune system will
attack their small intestines.

The disease makes it very difficult to absorb nutrients.

Untreated celiac disease can lead to infertility,
osteoporosis, neurological conditions, and, very rarely,

Celiac disease is very tricky to diagnose because it
doesn’t have many obvious symptoms.
Rheumatoid Arthritis damages the cartilage and bones.

It affects the hands, wrists, feet, knees, ankles, shoulders,
neck, jaw, and elbows.

It causes pain, swelling, inflammation in joints, and
restricts motion.

It happens when the body rejects it’s tissue cells and
there is inflammation of synovial that lines joints.

It makes it so that there is more releasing of the synovial
fluid which makes it thicker and causes swelling.
Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis is a disease where the immune
system attacks nerve tissues and the central nervous

It usually causes damage to the central nervous
system occasionally, so you can still live a pretty
normal life.

If the disease is very severe it could result in blindness,
paralysis, and premature death.

It is the most common disabling disease of the
nervous system for young adults.
        Test Questions
What is an allergy?

What is one of the effects of rheumatoid

What is the cause of AIDS?

What is the name of the protein found in
wheat, barley, and rye?

What are three ways to care for your immune


       Sander Lionel, Donald Lacy, Josef Martha,
James Milross, BC Science 8


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