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					     One Health Initiative
Global Clearinghouse for Action involving
       Rabies and Other Zoonoses

        the pro bono OHI Team
            Laura Kahn MD
          Bruce Kaplan DVM
           Tom Monath MD
           Jack Woodall PhD

       “One Health is the
collaborative efforts of multiple
   disciplines working locally,
nationally, and globally to attain
       optimal health for
  People & other animals,
plants and our environment.”
           Rabies: Perfect Example
          of how One Health is essential
•   Physicians to vaccinate & treat victims
•   Veterinarians to vaccinate & sterilize dogs & cats
•   Wildlife experts to advise on oral vaccination
•   Ecologists to tell responsible authorities why
    sterilization is better than culling
• Sanitarians to eliminate garbage that feeds strays
• Educators to teach people to vaccinate their pets
• Media to inform about risks & prevention, e.g. bats
          Benefit - Synergism
      The One Health concept is a worldwide
               strategy for expanding
• interdisciplinary collaboration &
• in all aspects of health care for
• humans, animals and the environment.
      The synergism achieved will advance
 health care for the 21st century & beyond by…
       1. Accelerating biomedical
          research discoveries
Multidisciplinary teams of veterinarians,
 physicians, virologists & wildlife ecologists
 were responsible for:
• Development of cell culture and oral-bait wildlife
  rabies vaccines
• Discovery of the Lyassavirus family of rabies-related
• Developing PCR methods for detection of rabies
• Human monoclonal antibodies for post-exposure
  treatment for rabies
 Accelerating biomedical research
         discoveries (cont.)
More examples:
• Cancer (human & animal)
  – breast, ovaries, liver, skin melanoma vaccines
• Orthopedic diseases/devices (human & animal)
  – treat human osteoarthritis, develop prostheses,
    artificial joints
• Heart disease (human)
  – treat and prevent heart attacks with intra-
    coronary arterial “stents”, new drugs
2. Enhancing public health efficacy
• Multidisciplinary collaborations of physicians,
  veterinarians, nurses, microbiologists,
  engineers, sanitarians, dentists, statisticians,
  entomologists, ecologists and others
• Collaborations between local, state, and
  national agencies
   – (including local  local & state    state) –
  to facilitate and advance disease prevention &
  3. Expeditiously expanding the
     scientific knowledge base
Historic examples:
• Discovery and naming Ebola virus
  – K.M. Johnson MD, F. A. Murphy DVM
  & others at CDC (USA), 1976.

• Nobel prize for physiology or medicine
  – collaborative research by immunologists R. M.
    Zinkernagel MD & P.C. Doherty DVM uncovers
    basic science of how body distinguishes normal
    from virus-infected cells, 1996.
    Expeditiously expanding the
  scientific knowledge base (cont.)
Current examples:
• Surveillance for bat Lyssaviruses and disease
• Quantitating rabies exposure health risks
• Defining transmission dynamics and molecular
  epidemiology of rabies strains
• Improving rabies vaccination techniques,
  e.g. intradermal inoculation
  4. Improving medical education
          and clinical care
• Significant, improved patient education
  if physicians and veterinarians advise
  patients/clients collaboratively about zoonotic
  risks from pets and wildlife.
• Knowledge sharing (comparative medicine)
  at schools of medicine and veterinary
  medicine – learning how animal and human
  health impact each other.
            One Health Initiative
  Global Clearinghouse for One Health Action
• News items - current & upcoming events
   – WORLD RABIES DAY, College One Health clubs,
     national and international One Health meetings
• Publications – relevant to One Health studies
   – One Health Newsletter quarterly (Florida Dept. of Health)
• One Health outbreak reports
• Twitter – One Health items
           One Health Initiative
              Endorsing Institutions
       • American Medical Association (AMA)
 • American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)
• American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
• U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • U.S. National Environmental Health Association
   One Health Initiative

   Join more than 500 prominent
scientists, physicians, veterinarians
        & environmentalists
         who have endorsed
             the initiative
One Health implementation will help
protect and/or save untold millions
   of lives in our generation and
          for those to come

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