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									                                                                                 Provider Division HQ
                                                                                     St Michael’s Site
                                                                                          Gater Drive
                                                                                    Enfield EN2 OJB
                                                                        Web: www.enfield.nhs.uk
                                                                     Intranet: nww.enfield.nhs.uk

                                                                             Tel:     020 8375 2841
                                                                             Fax:     020 8375 2830

      Minutes of the meeting of ENFIELD PROVIDER DIVISION BOARD
               held on Friday 27th February 2009 at 3.00 p.m.
                       Holbrook House, Cockfosters

Sue Palmer – 020 8375 2841

John Simons (Chair)          Non Executive Director
Julia Brown                  Chief Operating Officer
Barry Chandler               AD Adults and Older People
Loyola Weeks                 AD Children and Younger People
Gill Bransby                 AD Provider Division Governance
Niel Niehorster              AD LD Integrated Community Service
Lynn Smith                   AD Human Resources
Andrew Fraser                Assistant Director, Children and Families, LBE
John Lynch                   LINKS Representative EPCT Board
Jack Williams                Lay Representative EPCT Board

In attendance:
Anton Obholzer               Project Manager DPO
Sue Palmer                   Board Secretary - Minutes

1.       Apologies                                                                        ACTION
         Apologies were received from Bernice Stronach, Ian Winning and
         Bindi Nagra

2.       Minutes of the last meeting
         The minutes of the meeting held on 3 rd December 2008 were
         approved as an accurate record.

3.       Matters arising not elsewhere on the agenda
         There were no matters arising.

                                                                 Acting Chair:           Caroline White
                                                                 Interim Chief          Stephen Conroy

4.            Chair’s Report

4.1           JS gave a verbal report and the following actions were agreed:

4.2           Provider Board Organisation
              The following changes will be made in order to improve the                 JB/SP
              effectiveness of Provider Board meetings:

                   1. Minutes should be as brief as possible noting decisions, actions
                      and results.
                   2. A meetings cycle and reporting time table will be put in place.
                   3. Reports for submission to the Board will be a synopsis of the
                      key issues and presented on a standard template of no more
                      than 2 sides A4 paper.
                   4. Supporting documents will be submitted as an annexe to the
                      agenda and acronyms avoided.

4.3           Vote of thanks to Staff
              The Chair asked for a vote of thanks from the Provider Board to be
              passed on to all staff who braved the difficult weather conditions in
              February in order to get to work and keep services running.

4.4           Public Meeting
              At some time in the future the Provider Board will become a public
              meeting and JB/JS will decide when this should begin.                      JB/JS

5.            Terms of Reference

5.1           Main points noted and actions agreed:

              1. The Provider Board should have two Non Executive Directors and a
                  Chair by April 2010 and the membership should be restructured to
                  ensure the correct ratio representation.
              2. The possibility of having an additional Non Executive Member of          JS
                  this Board would be discussed outside this meeting.
              3. London Borough of Enfield representation names to be included in
                  the list of attendees: Andrew Fraser, Assistant Director, Children      SP
                  and Families and Grainne Siggins, Assistant Director of Older
                  People and Carers.
              4. It should be noted that the frequency of meetings may change while
                  the organisation is in transition.
              5. A statement from the patient perspective e.g. safety, complaints
                  and compliments, risk issues either direct or considered near
                  misses, or other issues should be included as a standing item at
                  the beginning of each Provider Board agenda.
              6. JL asked for any conflicts of interest to be noted. SP to ensure all     SP

Confirmed Provider Division Board Minutes 270209

                  new ECS Board Members have completed conflict of interest

5.2           Draft Terms of Reference for Provider Board Sub Committees

              AO circulated draft terms of reference for the Sub Committees of the
              Provider Board and it was noted that they would continue to be
              developed outside this meeting.

6.            Review and Confirmation of Current Governance Procedures
              AO – A Governance model and detailed organisational structure had
              been completed. The model will ensure that the new organisation has
              systems in place to give assurance that Provider Board risks are being
              managed and standards complied with.

7.            Executive Director and Assistant Directors’ Report
              JB presented the report, which provided an update on key
              development areas, current initiatives and key pieces of work for the
              Provider Division.

              3.2 Health Visiting
              Concerns about continuing Health Visiting staff shortages were noted
              and it was agreed that LW would prepare a briefing paper for the         LW
              information of the Provider Board outlining what is needed to improve
              the situation.

              4.3 Lymphoedema
              BC will provide JS with a copy of the service model for the Enfield      BC
              Lymphoedema Service, which has an excellent reputation and is
              gaining additional income.

8.            Performance
              Quarter 3 Board Assurance Framework was circulated with the
              agenda. JS asked for the risks described on the Framework to be          GB
              more clearly recorded and defined.

9.            Finance Report

9.1           The Finance Report for Quarter 3 had not been received.

9.2           JB briefed the Board that the Senior Executive Team were in
              agreement with the CIP (Cost Improvement Plan) which was in its final
              stages of development and would be discussed at the Challenge
              Session with NHS London on 5th March. The Cost Improvement Plan          IW
              (CIP) would be signed off at the next ECS Board in April.

Confirmed Provider Division Board Minutes 270209

10.           IM&T and RiO Report
              GB presented the Information Management and Technology and RiO
              update Report on the re-engagement with BT and work to move
              services to Version 5.1 RiO.

              GB reported concern that LPfIT and BT have pushed back the
              implementation date for RiO Version 5 by another 3 weeks which will
              result in increased costs for Provider Division.

11.           Moving to DPO an externalised provider organisation
              AO presented the papers submitted to NHS London on 19 th February.
              All documents are complete or near completion in preparation for the
              Formal Challenge Session with NHS London on 5th March.

              It was agreed that Estates management must be worked through in           JS/JB
              order to provide an operating base and core enterprise capability for
              the DPO. Commissioning currently lead on Estates and it was noted
              that a due diligence review of Provider estates is underway and an
              estates strategy planned.

12.           Risk Management
              JS would like one Provider Board a year to focus specifically on how      JB/SP
              to manage serious risks.

              LW is to be Clinical Director in the new organisation and it was agreed   JS/JB
              to consider appointing a GP who is not involved with Commissioning
              to become a member of the Provider Board.

13-16         Items for Information
              The Provider Board noted and approved the following items for
              information 13-16:

              13.     Information Governance Minutes – 13/1/09

              14.     Provider Division Governance Committee Action Notes –

              15.     EPCT ICT Board – 18/12/08

              16. PCT Provider Services Annual Plan Commentary Template

17.           Any Other Business
              A revised schedule of dates for Provider Board meetings would be           SP

Confirmed Provider Division Board Minutes 270209

18.           Date of next meeting
              Wednesday 29th April 2009
              3.00 – 5.00 p.m. Cedar House Conference Room, St Michael’s Site.

Confirmed Provider Division Board Minutes 270209

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