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					                                                    Sha Tin College
                                             ICT Development Plan 2001 – 2002
Evaluations + INSET
What                                              When                    Who          Funding
Evaluation of IT in Art                           By December 2001        JD/APD       N/A
Evaluation of use of laptops in English           By March 2002           JNT/APD      N/A
Evaluation of IT in Drama                         Summer term 2002        NH/APD       N/A

Staff ICT INSET                                   Continuing              i/c APD      ESF
Staff INSET DTP/Graphics                          By June 2002            APD
Staff INSET Excel                                 By June 2002            APD

What                                              When                    Who          Funding
Implementation of IT in DT                        By June 2002            JMP/Dept     SC
Multimedia Learning Centre in Maths Dept          Installed by Feb 2002   PJD/Derek    QEF + SC
Upgrade of Business Studies Computers             Installed April 2002    Dept/Derek   Government Grant + SC
Video projection system in two departments        By June 2002            APD/Derek    SC +ESF
Laptop computers for Humanities                   By June 2002            PJD/APD      SC + ESF
Database and program for Interim reports          By November 2001        PJD          SC
Database and program for Subject reports          By March 2002           PJD          SC
Database and program for Examinations             By Feb 2002             PJD          SC
On-Going and Future

What                                              When           Who       Funding
Staff INSET                                       On-going       APD/PJD
Increasing staff ICT facilities                   On-going       PJD/APD   SC + ESF
Development of Intranet                           On-going       PJD/APD
Development of ICT in Administration              On-going       PJD
ICT (Teaching and Learning for all departments)   On-going       APD
Video projection system in all departments        By June 2004   PJD/APD   SC + ESF
Website development                               On-going       PJD       SC
Laptops in all departments                        On-going       PJD/APD   SC + ESF

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