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									                                                             OMB Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART)

                                                                               Block/Formula Grants

Name of Program: Service Corps of Retired Executives
Section I: Program Purpose & Design (Yes,No, N/A)

             Questions                        Ans.                           Explanation                                        Evidence/Data                Weighting Weighted Score
  1    Is the program purpose clear?          Yes    SCORE, started in 1964, is SBA's oldest Entrepreneurial       SBA's Cooperative Agreement and the         20%           0.2
                                                     Development program. Staffed by volunteer working and retired National SCORE Associations (NSA)
                                                     executives and business owners, the program provides          Mission and Vision Statements
                                                     technical assistance to support small businesses nationwide.
                                                     The program provide advanced knowledge to entrepreneurs.

  2    Does the program address a             Yes    80 percent of new business starts discontinue operations within Dunn & Bradstreet Annual Survey of        20%           0.2
       specific interest, problem or need?           five years. Among the most prevalent reasons given for the      Company Failures
                                                     discontinuance is lack of "knowledge." The program provides
                                                     business advice through a network of volunteers and provides
  3    Is the program designed to have a      Yes    The program leverages a small amount of Federal spending to      USA Freedom Corps Program                20%           0.2
       significant impact in addressing the          advance the Administration's goal of enlisting Americans in
       interest, problem or need?                    public service and mentoring new business owners.

  4    Is the program designed to make        Yes    The program is unique because it is a volunteer program. The     SBA OIG Inspection Report:               20%           0.2
       a unique contribution in addressing           volunteers are all people with actual business experience. The   "Coordination and Performance
       the interest, problem or need (i.e.,          program provides advice and mentoring of new business            Measurement in SBA's Entrepreneurial
       not needlessly redundant of any               owners.                                                          Development Programs" September
       other Federal, state, local or                                                                                 2000, SBA budget request and
       private efforts)?                                                                                              Performance Plan, 2003

  5    Is the program optimally designed      Yes    The program relies on 10,500 volunteers in 389 chapters who      SCORE Daily Desktop Guide; SCORE         20%           0.2
       to address the interest, problem or           donate more than 1.1 million volunteer hours per year. These     Operating Manual; SCORE Training
       need?                                         volunteers are supported by the National SCORE Association       Manual; SCORE Marketing Guide;
                                                     (NSA) staff of 13 to manage operations. The program is           SCORE Fundraising Guide; Cooperative
                                                     administered by two full-time SBA staff.                         Agreement

Total Section Score                                                                                                                                            100%         100%

Section II: Strategic Planning (Yes,No, N/A)

             Questions                        Ans.                           Explanation                                        Evidence/Data                Weighting Weighted Score

                                                                                                        1                                                                   FY 2002 Spring Review
  1   Does the program have a limited       No    Like the other SBA technical assistance programs, SCORE is          SBA and NSA Cooperative Agreement,       14%    0.0
      number of specific, ambitious long-         lacking in its identification of long term outcome measures. SBA    SCORE Chapter Goaling Report; MIS
      term performance goals that focus           can not currently demonstrate outcomes such as jobs created,        Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Reports;
      on outcomes and meaningfully                increase revenues and taxes, and business longevity. However,       GPRA Report, SBA OIG Inspection
      reflect the purpose of the                  the agency has worked for the last few years to develop a           Report: "Coordination and Performance
      program?                                    impact study to capture this information. The study will be fully   Measurement in SBA's Entrepreneurial
                                                  implemented for use in FY 2003.                                     Development Programs" September 2000

  2   Does the program have a limited       Yes   SBA and NSA negotiate SCORE counseling and training goals           SCORE Chapter Goaling Report; MIS        14%    0.1
      number of annual performance                annually. These goals, however, are mostly outputs (i.e.,           Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Reports;
      goals that demonstrate progress             number of clients served). Additionally, they do not support any    GPRA Report, SBA OIG Inspection
      toward achieving the long-term              long term goals.                                                    Report: "Coordination and Performance
      goals?                                                                                                          Measurement in SBA's Entrepreneurial
                                                                                                                      Development Programs" September 2000

  3   Do all partners (grantees, sub-       No    The program partners commit to annual goals that are                Form 641; Form 641A; Form 1; MIS         14%    0.0
      grantees, contractors, etc.)                negotiated between the National SCORE Association and SBA.          Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Reports;
      support program planning efforts            They do not, however agree upon long term or outcome goals          GPRA Reports, SBA OIG Inspection
      by committing to the annual and/or          and measures.                                                       Report: "Coordination and Performance
      long-term goals of the program?                                                                                 Measurement in SBA's Entrepreneurial
                                                                                                                      Development Programs" September 2000

  4   Does the program collaborate and      Yes   SCORE volunteers are actually located in many SBA sites. They       SBA OIG Inspection Report:               14%    0.1
      coordinate effectively with related         coordinate with other entrepreneurial development programs,         "Coordination and Performance
      programs that share similar goals           especially utilizing resources of BICs. However, the OIG found      Measurement in SBA's Entrepreneurial
      and objectives?                             that the SCORE's referral system is not optimal.                    Development Programs" September 2000

  5   Are independent and quality           Yes   The Agency conducts district level Quality Service Reviews          Periodic QSRs (every 2-3 years); CSI     14%    0.1
      evaluations of sufficient scope             (QSRs). SBA, as of last year, contracted with the Univ. of          Customer Satisfaction Survey
      conducted on a regular basis or as          Michigan to conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey. SBA's
      needed to fill gaps in performance          OIG is conducting an audit of the program currently. It will not
      information to support program              be completed until later this Fall.
      improvements and evaluate

  6   Is the program budget aligned with    No    SBA spends $2m to administer $5m in grants. It is not clear    SBA's FY 2002 and FY 2003 Budget              14%    0.0
      the program goals in such a way             how the administrative expenses would be impacted by different Request and Performance Plans --
      that the impact of funding, policy,         levels of funding or by policy or legislative changes.         Congressional Submissions, Cooperative
      and legislative changes on                                                                                 Agreement; MIS Reports; Quarterly
      performance is readily known?                                                                              Reports; Final Report

  7   Has the program taken meaningful      Yes   SBA is taking steps to develop long term outcome goals agency                                                14%    0.1
      steps to address its strategic              wide and the impact study should help in directing the SCORE
      planning deficiencies?                      planning.

Total Section Score                                                                                                                                            100%   57%

                                                                                                       2                                                              FY 2002 Spring Review
Section III: Program Management (Yes,No, N/A)

            Questions                       Ans.                             Explanation                                           Evidence/Data                   Weighting Weighted Score
  1   Does the agency regularly collect     Yes    Under existing agreements between the SCORE association              MIS reports; Quarterly Narrative Reports     11%           0.1
      timely and credible performance              and SBA, each SCORE chapter provides monthly and yearly
      information, including information           data. This information is used for management reporting
      from key program partners, and               purposes.
      use it to manage the program and
      improve performance?

  2   Are Federal managers and               No    The managers of the program are not rated on their                   Project manager Performance                  11%           0.0
      program partners (grantees,                  performance with respect to accountability for costs or program      Management Appraisal System
      subgrantees, contractors, etc.)              performance.
      held accountable for cost,
      schedule and performance

  3   Are all funds (Federal and            Yes    The annual SCORE appropriation is obligated by SBA's Office          Form 1223, Approval documentation,           11%           0.1
      partners’) obligated in a timely             of Procurement and Grants Management after review and                Notice of Award
      manner and spent for the intended            commitment by the program office.

  4   Does the program have incentives       No    The program does not have procedures or incentives to                                                             11%           0.0
      and procedures (e.g., competitive            measure cost effectiveness or efficiencies achieved. It is a
      sourcing/cost comparisons, IT                yearly grant to one organization, so there is no competition.
      improvements) to measure and
      achieve efficiencies and cost
      effectiveness in program

  5   Does the agency estimate and           No    The appropriated cost of this program is $5m, but according to       SBA's FY 2002 and FY 2003 Budget             11%           0.0
      budget for the full annual costs of          SBA's cost allocation study, the program costs an additional         Request and Performance Plans --
      operating the program (including             $2m a year to administer. The budget estimates for the               Congressional Submissions, SBA's Cost
      all administrative costs and                 program do not directly link the program level to the overhead       Allocation Study
      allocated overhead) so that                  expenses (i.e., changes in administrative/overhead expenses
      program performance changes are              resulting from changes in program level are not transparent).
      identified with changes in funding

  6   Does the program use strong           Yes    Strong financial management controls and procedures are in           Audited financial statements. Board of       11%           0.1
      financial management practices?              place. Quarterly financial reports are readily available. Internal   Directors Report. OMB Circular A-110.
                                                   and external CPA audits are conducted annually.

  7   Has the program taken meaningful      Yes    The program does not have any severe management                      SBA     budget     request           and     11%           0.1
      steps to address its management              deficiencies. SBA's CFO reviews the program annually to              Performance Plan, 2003
      deficiencies?                                ensure that the proper cost controls are in place.

                                                                                                         3                                                                        FY 2002 Spring Review
8 (B 1.) Does the program have oversight            Yes     Weekly face-to-face meetings between the program and the            MIS Reports; Quarterly Narrative Reports;     11%           0.1
         practices that provide sufficient                  agency, weekly memo updates, quarterly reports, and the             OBCI Weekly Reports to the
         knowledge of grantee activities?                   presence of the SBA Manager at board meetings and annual            Administrator
                                                            national meetings informs the agency about grantee activities.

9 (B 2.) Does the program collect grantee           Yes     The SCORE program collects data monthly, quarterly and              SBA OIG Inspection Report:                    11%           0.1
         performance data on an annual                      annually. The SCORE program is different because of the             "Coordination and Performance
         basis and make it available to the                 relationship with the Association. The Association reports          Measurement in SBA's Entrepreneurial
         public in a transparent and                        annually to a board of directors. This report is available to the   Development Programs" September
         meaningful manner?                                 public.                                                             2000, annual report to the Board of

Total Section Score                                                                                                                                                           100%         67%

Section IV: Program Results (Yes, Large Extent, Small Extent, No)

               Questions                           Ans.                              Explanation                                           Evidence/Data                    Weighting Weighted Score
   1    Has the program demonstrated                 No     The SCORE program currently has no long term outcome                                                              20%           0.0
        adequate progress in achieving its                  measures or goals.
        long-term outcome goal(s)?

                           Long-Term Goal I:

             Actual Progress achieved toward
                          Long-Term Goal II:
             Actual Progress achieved toward
                          Long-Term Goal III:
             Actual Progress achieved toward
   2    Does the program (including              Large extent SCORE has approached or achieved its annual goals. SBA      budget    request    and       20%                               0.13
        program partners) achieve its annual                   However, they are not in support of any long term Performance Plan 2003, FY 2001
        performance goals?                                     outcome measures.                                 Performance     and Accountability
                                 Key Goal I:    Clients counseled and trained                                    Report
                        Performance Target:     FY01 -- 406,300                FY02 -- 399,576                      FY03 -- 462,257         FY04 -- 510,000
                        Actual Performance:     FY01 -- 387,938               FY02 -- 440,293
                                Key Goal II:    Customer satisfaction
                        Performance Target:                                                                           FY 03 -- 87%             FY04 -- 87%
                        Actual Performance:     FY 01 -- 87%                    FY02 -- n/a
                                Key Goal III:   Cost of providing services per client
                        Performance Target:                                     FY 03 -- $29.19
                        Actual Performance:     FY 01 -- $30.57                 FY02 -- $30.87

                                                                                                                  4                                                                        FY 2002 Spring Review
                                           Footnote: Performance targets should reference the performance baseline and years, e.g. achieve a 5% increase over base of X in 2000.
  3   Does the program demonstrate         Large extent The program costs $2 million in overhead for $5 million SBA       budget     request                          and          20%    0.13
      improved efficiencies and cost                    in grant, which is not an efficient use of administration Performance Plan, 2003
      effectiveness in achieving program                funding. However, since it is a volunteer program, it is
      goals each year?                                  fairly cost efficient in achieving annual performance
  4   Does the performance of this          Large extent The customer satisfaction rating is above the federal average.        GPRA Goaling and Report                             20%    0.13
      program compare favorably to                       However, as these programs have yet to establish long term
      other programs with similar                        outcome goals, it is difficult to compare the performance.
      purpose and goals?

  5   Do independent and quality            Small extent   No comprehensive, independent evaluations have been            SOSR; CSI Customer Satisfaction                          20%    0.07
      evaluations of this program                          conducted. However, SCORE submitted to a Federal cross-        Survey; QSRs
      indicate that the program is                         agency Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted by the Univ. of
      effective and achieving results?                     Michigan in which SCORE's satisfaction index was above the
                                                           federal average. In addition, the OIG is currently producing a
                                                           report on the SCORE program.

Total Section Score                                                                                                                                                                100%   47%

                                                                                                                5                                                                         FY 2002 Spring Review

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