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					Born in about 1925 in Oak Park, Illinois, Adams grew up in a big family, which originally had
connections to the Episcopal church. His mother showed interest in Jehovah's Witnesses and gradually
the children also became interested. His father initially showed no interest, but involved himself in a
legal case when one of Don's younger brothers was not exempted from military service; he eventually
became a baptized Witness.
From this it can be surmised that possibly they became Jehovah's Witnesses in an effort to avoid
military service, it should be kept in mind that the date of the court case was in 1944 which would have
been the height of the second World War.
After serving as a full-time preacher, Adams was invited in late 1944 to serve at the world headquarters
of Jehovah's Witnesses in Brooklyn, New York, where he was secretary to Society president, Nathan H.
Knorr. By the 1960s, Adams served directly under the Governing Body as a zone overseer a duty that is
usually only reserved for members of the GB, the duties included visiting various countries to audit
branch offices and meet with Witness missionaries. Later, Adams directed world missionary activities,
and served on the "Bethel Home Committee".
In 2000, the New York Daily News described Adams as "a longtime the world headquarters
in Brooklyn Heights". The Washington Post described Adams as "a 50-year veteran of the
organization," which has been restated in subsequent publications. He is the very first president who is
not anointed and literally holds more power then even the current anointed.

Watch Tower presidency

Adams became president of the Watch Tower Society after Governing Body member Milton G.
Henschel stepped down from the position in 2000. In that year, members of the Governing Body
resigned from their executive positions of the corporations of Jehovah's Witnesses, although the
periodical Christianity Today reported that the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses would continue
its "oversight" role.
Adams’ presidency is said to be purely administrative, and he is not considered to have impacted the
organization's ministry as have past Watch Tower Society presidents. But in reality Adams' along with
the other Adams' brothers affected the largest silent coup ever and are now the real force behind the
Organization as they are strategically placed in all the departments that would give them total control of
the direction and policies of the Organization itself. Don Adams is part of the most powerful family in
the organization. He is part of what is known as the “Adams Boys”. Don was a member of the
Executive Office, his personal office in Brooklyn was directly beside TED JARACZ office and he
became Jaracz right hand man and protege.

Very quickly, a new Bethelite comes to understand the term BETHEL HEAVIES. Bethel Heavies are
the major players within the Organization. They are considered the Ultimate SOCIETY MEN.

Joel Adams was a major player in the Service Dept and was a member of the Service Dept.
Committee. Joel Adams also was and possibly still is responsible for creating the guidelines to
disfellowshipping someone, meaning he creates and defines, nearly on a whim, the criteria and grounds
for being able to disfellowshipping someone.

Then there is Karl Adams who was the most powerful man other than the GB in the Writing dept, Karl
gave out Writing assignments. Together, these 3 brothers sat on the 3 most powerful committees at
Bethel; Writing, Service and Executive office, which in effect gave them near total control of the
Organization itself.

Karl Adams died in 2005 which leaves the question of who exactly filled his shoes within the
headquarters. It can easily be assumed that whoever was assigned to his old positions would be
someone that would be apart of their network.

It is now very clear that there are two factions within the Organization, and the Adams Boys are in
control of the most powerful faction with no one to stand in their way. Their decisions are rule of law.

It is equally apparent that there is a power struggle at the headquarters, one that has been going on for
some time, it is calculated that the power struggle began near 2000, this is the time when various
corporations were formed and much of the GB's powers were delegated out to these departments. This
was done in response to a legal situation that arose with regard to a pedophile case. It was thought that
by delegating a lot of the GB's powers to other departments, it would make them less liable and less
vulnerable to any legal actions. Sadly, in delegating much of their power, it would seem as if the GB
lost a great deal of control. The Watchtower wanted to remain in their non profit status as the GB felt it
was about spiritual guidance and not about corporate affairs. It would appear as if the GB has spent the
last several years trying to distance itself from anything of a corporate nature. This would of course
leave a void that was obviously filled by the Adams Boys. If it can be thought to be true that there is a
power struggle going on at the Society headquarters, it would also seem a viable possibility that the GB
more or less are hostages of their situation. They cannot openly announce a separation from the
Organization but yet they could no longer stand by as the Watchtower was being CORPORATIZED
and made into more of a corporate entity and business, then as a beacon of spiritual guidance and

For legal reasons, the Organization was divided into three sections, each autonomous but part of a
whole each actually separate entities, for our purposes we will only concentrate on two of the three
groups and see how they connect and in many cases overlap, notice closely, the names of the parties
involved with the separate entities.

As follows:

Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, Inc. is located at 2821 Route 22 Patterson, NY
12563. The officers include Charles I Woody, Joel C Adams, Leon Weaver, Merton V Campbell,
Stanley F Weigel, William H Nonkes. Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, was incorporated
on Thursday, March 02, 2006 in the State of FL and is currently active. Jim H Moody represents
Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, as their registered agent.
As one can see corporate interest are vast and controlled by the same names, so on paper only does this
all appear as if they are separate corporations but in reality with the overlapping members, its easy to
see that its really one large corporation that has interests other then spiritual.

Whoever all of these individuals are its should be obvious that either all or some are knowledgeable of
our present legal situation or actively had a hand in it, with either logistical support or with carefully
placed contacts used to undermine our efforts, of course in the name of protecting the brotherhood, but
aside from all of this, if you connect the dots, to the players involved, what you really see is one very
large bank and the means to launder any amount of money.

So we can easily take for granted that whoever is behind this legal attack has to be one of the Adams
Boys, as they obviously are the ones in control and make the real decisions and since the GB went out
their way to separate themselves from anything corporate, we are only left with the conclusion of the
Adams Boys. If the Writing Department is writing articles and publications based upon their teachings
and understandings and NOT the guidance that the GB is supposed to provide from being anointed, you
have to question the interests of the corporate side of the Organization.

Also, research clearly shows the Adams Boys seem to fear only one exposure.
In the past when cases arose that would have in some way implicated them they would back off and
write a check and make sure the party who received the check would have a gag order placed.

The analysis is clear, the legal case we are now embroiled in has nothing really to do with procedure
and everything to do with actions, namely the actions of the parties involved. For so long they have
acted with impunity and could pretty much operate as they wished with no one questioning their
alleged authority. The legal case overall, is more about questioning their authority and right to dictate
policy to the local Kingdom Halls.

It's also about money and control. The RBC is nothing more then a clearing house for funds, a private
Western Union for transferring and laundering funds and as such rather then being concerned about the
truth they are more concerned about whether or not this whole affair will unravel the threads of their
money machine. Don Adams is also a lawyer and being the son of a lawyer it can easily be assumed
that all the so called Adams Boys have a good working knowledge of legal law and procedures.

Due to the intricate nature of this type of fraud, it's clear that they themselves may very well be the
architects of this situation. As of now, this situation is most likely an anomaly to them, with the
pervasive question did they find out? How do they know what they know and
how close to us will this get? To this end their normal pattern of operation is to fight hard until a
situation seems to involve them directly. Then their normal method of operation is to sign a check and
buy the silence of all parties involved.

This was done in a case involving the Napa Valley law firm of Love & Norris, which were handling a
pedophile case and part of the strategy they were using was to call into question procedures and how
things are handled with regard to elders reporting wrongdoing and illegal conduct. They planned to
subpoena Don Adams as a witness to provide logistical testimony about what procedures should be.

Once Adams realized he was being forced to come to court, he then opted to settle out and write a
check to the victim to avoid any courtroom drama. He only seems to fear exposure and the media,
utilizing this point could very well end up being the Achilles heel of this current situation.

The usual weapon of choice for the Adams Boys is to accuse someone of being an apostate and then
seeking a means to disfellowship them, usually using the “causing divisions” clause. As such it is clear
that this current legal situation presents unusual circumstances that in this case for them cannot be
easily explained away or overcomed, its clear that they are out of their usual comfortable depth,
especially in light of the fact that we have acted as whistleblowers trying to correct a wrong that they in
fact have purposely ignored.

In my analysis, they have already separated themselves from Brede and company here and are
preparing their excuse/alibi should the need arise to explain their involvement in this situation as
undoubtedly someone will say they were instructed to do this as per the direction of Shuster and then
by extension Joel Adams who I feel based upon the information is the actual architect of this fraud.