Principal's Report 2011 - Sha Tin College by xiaoyounan


									          Sha Tin College

                     PRINCIPAL’S REPORT - PTA AGM October 2011

1. Student Enrolment

                      Target Enrolment       Aug 2010         Aug 2011

Year 7                176                   176               176
Year 8                176                   176               176
Year 9                176                   175               176
Year 10               180                   180               179
Year 11               180                   174               177
Year 12               165                   156               172
Year 13               155                   159               143
TOTAL                 1,208                 1,196             1,199

2. Personnel
       a. Newly appointed staff:
          Ms Fiona CHARNLEY – Teacher of Business Education
          Mr Paul CLARKE – Head of Technology and ICT
          Ms Rebecca COTTAM – Teacher of Design Technology & Coordinator of Food
          Ms Joanne DAVIES – Head of Chemistry
          Mr Brian HAGAN – Teacher of Mathematics
          Mrs Sian MAY – Teacher of Philosophy & Religious Studies
          Ms Lucy OGILVIE – Coordinator of TOK and iPSE
          Ms Meiling TSANG – Teacher of Business Education

          b. Appointments since August 2011 (support staff)
             Mr CHAN Yiu Kiu – Cleaner
             Ms Heidi CHEUNG Hoi Yan – Administrator Resources
             Ms Claudia CHING Sze Kei – Administrator Activities
             Ms Sonia HANSEN –Librarian
             Mr Issac LAI Chung Him – Library Assistant
             Ms LEE Tsz Yan – Lab Technician III

             Resignations since August 2011 (support staff)
             Mr Tommy LEUNG Chi Hung – Lab Technician II
             Ms Camby WAN Kit Wah – Administrator Middle School
       c. I am very grateful to Chris Rowlands for the organisation of a comprehensive
          induction programme that built on the excellent initial induction by ESF.
          Colleagues have been able to focus on the following areas: Guidance and
          Achievement, One-to-One laptops, SMART, Library and Information Systems, IB
          Diploma Programme, Student Support, Learning Support, Performance
          Mangement and CPD, CAS activities, Assessment, Reporting and Recording and
          BTEC alternative pathways.

3. Developments
   In my presentation to the PTA AGM I intend to address the following issues:
            A summary of issues raised from my meetings with individual colleagues
            The work and focus of the Extended Leadership Team
            An update on the completed and on-going building work
            The visual impact of the school environment
            Examination results

4. I have arranged or attended the following meetings:

   9th August          ESF induction day – ESF Centre
   10th August         ESF treasure hunt – an introduction to Hong Kong
   11th August         Sha Tin College New Staff induction - STC
   16th August         ESF reception – Happy Valley Racecourse
   18th August         Chris Durbin – STC
   25th August         Perry Tunesi (Principal SJS) – SJS
   26th August         Outstanding GCSE result celebration – ESF centre
   5th September       Fair Committee – SJS
   7th September       Vivian Cheung, Chris Durbin and Diane Bohm – STC
   9th September       Applied Learning Meeting – South Island School
   12th September      SLT focus day – Hyatt Regency Sha Tin
   14th September      Student Council meeting – STC
   14th September      Ann Pearce ESL – STC
   15th September      Committee of Principals meeting – ESF centre
   15th September      Karen Smith ESL – STC
   16th September      Perry Tunesi (Principal SJS) – STC
   16th September      ESF reception (Principals) - HK Football club, Happy Valley
   22nd September      Perry Tunesi (Principal SJS) – SJS
   22nd September      Chairman’s Award for Excellence – South Island School
   23rd September      CAS activity – Guitar Group – STC
   24th September      Fair Committee – SJS

5. Forthcoming events
   4thOctober          Charity Rock Concert (part of Pink Week: HK Breast Cancer
   10th– 14th October CAS Week
   17th – 21st October Half-term Break
   25th October        Year 13 Parents’ Consultations
   26th October        PTA AGM at 7:00 pm in School Library
   10th November       Year 11 Parents’ Consultations
   10 November         Year 13 Cambridge & Oxford/UK Medicine Interview Practice
   16th November       Young Musician Festival final at 3:45 pm in the School Hall

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