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Finding the Right College - Rhode Island Department of Labor and


									                                                        My child will need financial assistance to attend
Teachable Moments -                                                                                                                        Education is expensive and time consuming.
                                                        college.  Yes           No
College Choice Assessment                                                                                                                  What if your child chooses the wrong school?
                                                        If my child does need financial assistance, his or her
Use this short assessment to help your child            “target” schools that offer financial assistance are:
find the right college.

The training program my child is interested in taking
                                                        ___________________________________________                                                         Finding the

This training is available at the following types of
                                                        ___________________________________________                                                       Right College
schools:                                                ___________________________________________
          Technical college
                                                        Once you and your child have gathered information
          Private career school                        about the criteria that are important and have selected
          Two-year college                             five to ten colleges that meet the criteria, visit each
          Four-year college or university              school, if possible, and make a final decision.

The size of school my child would like to attend:                              This is the beginning of
(Check all that apply)                                                          an exciting journey!
 Small          Medium  Large
                                                        For more information:
My child would like to attend a school:
(Check all that apply)                                  Student Aid on the Web -
        In-state                                       for information on preparing for, choosing, applying
        Out-of-state                                   to, funding, attending and repaying college.
        In a small town
        In a mid-size city                             College is Possible - for a
                                                        list of various resources that can help with the college
        In a large city
The college my child attends should offer the
following activities (for example - choir, drama,       Rhode Island Board of Governors for Higher                                                      A resource guide for families
marching band, student government, newspaper):          Education -
___________________________________________             College Planning Center of Rhode Island -
                                                                 This brochure was originally prepared by
Make a “target” school list. Five to ten schools that
                                                                America’s Career Resource Network (ACRN)
meet the preceding criteria are:                                                                                                           Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training
                                                                                                                                              Labor Market Information Unit
___________________________________________                                  Rhode Island Department of                                                1511 Pontiac Avenue
___________________________________________                                  Labor and Training                                                        Cranston, RI 02920
___________________________________________                                                                                                 (401) 462-8740 phone | (401) 462-8766 fax
___________________________________________                                                                                                            (401) 462-8006 tdd
___________________________________________                DLT is an equal opportunity employer/program, auxiliary aids & services are        
                                                                       available on request to individuals with disabilities.   4/07 MDF
          Where can my child find                                    What training options are                                  How do I help my child find
           college information?                                       available to my child?                                        the right college?
                 Choose a college based on criteria that    There are four types of colleges:                              Important factors to keep in
                are important to you and your child.                                                                       mind when choosing a college:
               When creating an educational plan,            Four-year colleges/universities offer a variety of
              think about the future, and how college       class subjects, as well as different degrees. Tuition at        In-State or Out-of-State. In-
              will help your child prepare for a career.    public colleges and universities is less than tuition at       state tuition is less expensive than
                                                            private colleges and universities. If your child wants         out-of-state. Do colleges within your
Where do I find information about colleges?                 to attend college outside of the state where you live,         state offer the degree, activities and other
Sending your child to college is a big investment.          tuition at a public four-year college or university will       criteria you and your child are looking for?
Here are some ways to help your child choose the right      be higher than if your child attended a public college or
school.                                                     university within your state.                                   Public or Private. Public schools generally have
                                                                                                                           less restrictive admission requirements and cost less
 Talk to the high school counselor. Your child’s            Community colleges offer three basic kinds of                than private schools. Publicly funded state schools
high school counselor is a great resource for               degrees/certificates:                                          are generally more accessible than private schools.
information about colleges. The counselor can also                    - Academic transfer degrees                          Private schools, however, often offer smaller class
help your child focus on his or her needs and goals                   - Professional-technical degrees and                 sizes and more personalized education.
and has information about different types of schools.                 - Certificates of achievement
The counselor may help collect or prepare college           An academic transfer allows your child to complete              School Size and Class Sizes. At large
application materials for your child as well.               the first 90 college credits at a community college,           universities, your child may be in classes that range
                                                            then transfer to a four-year college or university. The        from 25 to 500 students. At small colleges, classes
 Visit a variety of schools. Schedule visits to            professional-technical degree prepares your child directly     usually range from five to 100 people.
schools your child has an interest in, preferably while     for work. A certificate program provides skills for entry
classes are being taught. Get a feel for each school;       into the job market or career advancement. Tuition              Student Activities. You and your child should
make sure you and your child are comfortable with the       at a community college is less than tuition at a four-         determine if the colleges and universities you are
facilities, the equipment, the teachers and the students.   year college or university; therefore, attending one for       considering offer activities with which your child
                                                            two years and transferring to a four-year college or           would like to get involved.
 Ask questions. A good school will happily answer          university is a good way to save on the cost of college
your questions about its programs. Ask the school           if your child decides to earn a bachelor’s degree or a          Location. Is the college located in a rural
about life after college for its students: How many         higher degree.                                                 community, a small town or a city? This can be an
graduate? How many get jobs because of the training                                                                        important consideration when it comes to housing,
they received? What kind of job placement services           Technical colleges offer two-year degrees and                transportation and access to off-campus activities.
does the school offer students and graduates?               shorter-term certificates in technical programs. Tuition
                                                            at technical colleges is likely to be greater than that of a    Atmosphere and Physical Surroundings. Each
 Check the cost. The school should give you a clear        community college.                                             school has its own atmosphere, which includes the
statement of its tuition and fees. Remember that any                                                                       interests and attitudes of the students as well as the
federal financial aid you receive will be applied first      Private career colleges offer specialized degree             physical environment. It may be politically vibrant
to paying the school’s tuition and fees. If there is any    or certificate-granting programs. Tuition varies               or it could center on school spirit, tradition, and
money left over, the school may or may not allow            depending on the school and the program, and some              athletics. Collectively decide what atmosphere is best
you to use the remainder to help your child pay for         programs take less than two years to complete.                 for your child. Visit colleges whenever possible.
expenses such as food and housing.
                                                                                                                            Housing Options. Is on-campus housing
 Utilize your local library & the Internet as                                                                             available? If your child wishes to live off-campus,
other resources to find information on schools.                                                                            will transportation be accessible and safe?

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