Newtons Laws Worksheet

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					Newtons Laws Worksheet.

Directions: Look up each web address and either fill in the blank or answer the question about
each address.

1. We have an intuitive idea of what a "force" is. We may think of a force as a

2. That is the very ________________________that is described by Newton's First Law. An object
continues in motion simply because it was in motion if there are no forces acting on it to change its

3. A force of _________ unit will give an object of 1.0 kg mass an acceleration of 1.0 m/s/s ; this
force is known as: ONE NEWTON (1.0 N) 1 N = ( 1 kg ) ( 1 m/s/s )

4. A surface can always supply a ___________force, perpendicular to the surface. However, a
surface quite often also supplies a fiction force parallel to the plane. Friction forces always oppose
the motion -- or prevent the motion.
1. Examples in the "inertia" section state____________________________________.

2. "How is force measured?" section states __________________________________
3. Answer the Force Challenge! Section question
More information here:

1. A rocket in its simplest form is a ___________________a gas under pressure. A small opening
at one end of the chamber allows the gas to escape, and in doing so provides a thrust that propels
the rocket in the opposite direction.

2. If you are ___________in a chair, you can be said to be at rest.

2. An __________________must be exerted for a rocket to lift off from a launch pad or for a craft in
space to change speed or direction (first law)

1. The law of inertia is most commonly experienced when_________________.

2. What happens to the guy in the car and the wall picture?
3. If the motorcycle were to___________, then the rider in motion would continue in motion.

4. What happens to the ladder in the ladder and truck picture? (Sorry, the owner of this website has removed

1. Force is measured in ____________. A Newton is the amount of force needed to push 1 kg with
an acceleration of 1m/sec2.

2. This explains why a rocket works in__________________.

1. In equation form, if we call the force "F", the object’s mass "m" and the acceleration "a", then
Newton's Second Law is simply ______________________________________. (Sorry, the owner of this website has removed it)

1.Newton's Laws - a tale of _______________and ______________________________.

2. Every body continues in its state of ______________or of uniform motion in a straight line
unless compelled by some external force to act otherwise.

1. Read and take the quiz2. (Sorry, the owner of
this website has removed it)
1. write down five of the demos that you viewed on this page. (just the name) (Sorry, the owner of this website has removed it)
1. Why did Mr. Olsen not die?
1. Or this crazy guy?

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